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Artists & Photographers

This page is a tribute to the many photo artists whose fine work appears on the Pink Flamingo website. We thank them for their contributions and invite you to browse their own websites for more quality erotica.


Note: Artwork on our Pink Flamingo Website is copyrighted by the artists and may only be used by permission.

Tony Ryan

I stumbled on the erotic photo art of Australian photographer, Tony Ryan, in 1997, just after we first put the Pink Flamingo website on the internet. Tony's work is filled with delight, surprise and a unique erotic vision that has evolved over time. I've been pleased that he's shared his vision with me as well as allowed us the generous use of his photography. His work appears throughout our websites.

Website: www.Beauty-Reality.com

Tony was one of my first internet friends, and I will always be grateful to him for giving our website the classy erotic look I was after when we first began. Tony, I wish you well... Lizbeth


Powershotz has recently provided us with unique cover images specifically tailored to BDSM erotica. He specializes in themes of capture and restraint, his images created look as if they are lifted from real life.

Custom photo-shoots can be arranged for customers interested in capturing their own fantasy. For information, write to steve@powershotz.com

Website: www.powershotz.com

Roman Kasperski

I fell in love with Roman's website and find is photography daring, delightful, erotic and a real pleasure to browse...Lizbeth

"Kasperski's photos range between classic nude photography and modern Pin-Up, opulent orgiastic and minimalist – and often with a discreet pinch of humor. The trivial and the sublime in his work lie very close together as it should be in real art."

Website: www.romankasperski.de

Ludovic Goubet

Ludovic Goubet has created an extraordinary gallery of unique erotic images ... In the last couple years he's expanded his work to include numerous collections on various sensual and sexual themes, with everything from graphic sex to one of the best

photo shoots of a Femdom scene I've seen anywhere. I'm still most intrigued by the way he captures the varying essence of women.

Website: www.ludovicgoubet.com

Wendy Neeham

Wendy Needham is a self-taught photographer who seeks to depict the power and sensuality of the human form. She enjoys the exploration of symbolism and emotion through light, shadow and color in her work, forging a connection between the viewer and the eroticism of the taboo. Wendy owns Beautifully Chaotic studios in Southwest Michigan and works as a portrait, fetish and fantasy photographer.

Website: BeautifullyChaoticStudios.imagekind.com


Samarel creates unique, bold and sensuous erotica, using vivid color and unusual imagery. His work is exciting to look at for the statement it makes about women, love and sexuality. His website includes many of his images, art and cards for sale, as well as erotic stories and other changing features. It's always worth a look to see what's new. 

And if you're really daring, I'd recommend Samarel as a web designer for a design that's a cut above the Internet's common fare.

Website: www.samarelart.com

Richard Savage

Richard Savage, a figurative artist, who strives to make his art work challenging and thought provoking. His work is as diverse as human nature itself, his aim, to capture a celebration of life in all its wonderful shades.  He is always open to new ideas and loves the challenge that erotic art brings.

Lizbeth ... I was amazed by the subtleties in his work, the attention to detail as well as the erotic feeling his images provoke.

Website: www.swage.net

Erick Seben-Meyer

We're delighted for the opportunity to use Erick's photography for upcoming book covers. To view more of his work, check out his website:

Website: www.photographe-de-mode.com


Victoria's photography is stylish and classy, her art maintaining a fluid rather than static quality. She creates strong sometimes daring erotic images that can both enchant and please the eye. Most of all what I like is how she can tell an entire story in a single image. In addition to her erotic photography, Victoria also does fashion and product photography, model portfolios, photographer workshops and boudoir photography. Her websites are filled with her vibrant images.

Websites: www.victoriasphoto.com, www.victoriasphoto.com/Erotic  

Ben Marcato

“My pictures emerge from the passion, the overwhelming insatiable desire, to visualize moods, feelings and elusive moments and to make them imperishable”

Ben's stunning work caught my eye for the way it tells a story within just a single image. His photography is featured on the cover of my latest novel, Submissively Addicted To You

Website: www.ben-marcato.com

Lara Addams

Lara's remarkable drawings are sexy, sensuous and provocative, celebrating the eroticism of the female in many unique, even unusual ways. Her art caught both my attention and imagination.

To view her expanding gallery of original pieces, or obtain one for yourself, you'll enjoy browsing her website.

Website: www.lara-addams.co.uk

Thomas Roche

Thomas Roche has been well known for many years as a talented erotica writer and editor of numerous collections of erotic short stories. More recently he's branched out into photography and proven to be an artist in this field as well. I was delighted when he allowed me the use of his photographs for our book covers.

If you'd like to know more about Thomas, his writing and his unique vision, you'll want to browse his website. There's always something fascinating there to entice the imagination.

Website: www.skidroche.com

David Williams

Born in New England, David Williams now makes his home in Ft Myers, Florida. He has been selling his digital and erotic art for just over 7 years now and his erotic writing for just over 7 years. You can see David's artwork in person at the Carnal Desires erotic art exhibit at Thunder In The Mountains this July in Denver Colorado.

Website: www.myeroticart.net