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Dan Moran Author Bio

Dan Moran Author Bio


Dan Moran has been a published writer of erotic fiction since the late 1990s. His stories have been published in a variety of print and online magazines, and in recent years he has also had books available in print and in e-book format. He has also worked as a reviewer of adult movies for AdultMaven.com.

   In addition to being a writer, Dan is an artist, and his works have appeared in numerous print and online magazines, in galleries, as illustrations, and on the CDs and T-shirts of metal bands. His series of drawings of historic Nantucket sites are sold in the Museum Shop of the Nantucket Historical Association. Some examples of his work can be seen at www.dan-moran-art.com, at www.facebook.com/DanMoranArt, and at http://dan-moran.deviantart.com. A website specific to his horror-related art is currently under construction.

   Dan holds an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, and currently works as an editor of medical journals. He also does freelance work as an editor, a proofreader, an artist, and a model. His tastes tend toward the dark, and he has always loved horror movies and heavy metal music. His very first job was at a haunted house at an amusement park, where he lurked in the dark and terrified people. His other interests include history, philosophy, religion, geography, magic, art, cuisine, and wine. He spends much of his free time reading, writing, drawing, cooking, and working out. He has taught himself passable German and some minor guitar skills, and after turning 30 he took up skiing, sailing, and fencing. He lives in Vermont with his beautiful and talented wife Christine.

   Dan’s current writing projects include more BDSM stories, both femdom and maledom, as well as a novel of vampire erotica with a BDSM flavor. He is also working on more BDSM-themed artwork.