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M.J. Rennie Author Bio

M.J. Rennie Author Bio

M. J. Rennie is a prolific West Coast author of fictional erotica, mainstream fiction, and non-fiction. Under both his real name and his M. J. Rennie pseudonym, the author continues to probe internal and external sexual realities, issues, conditions, and alternatives.

He is the author of many singular erotic novels and story collections, including HOW TO ADORE AN OLDER WOMAN, PLUS SIZE SIGNE, PERMISSION, and the landmark Femdom novels, MALE CHASTITY and WORSHIPPED WIVES.  

Since its paperback success in 1999, Rennie's legendary Masquerade Books classic PERMISSION has become a recommended title on dozens of adult literary web sites, including Aimee's List, The Erotic Book Society, Planet Eros, Fiction on the Fringe, Artemis Creations, Femdom Links, Odress Suggestions, QSM, The BDSM Bookshelf, and Sole.

One reviewer said that M. J. Rennie's stories are "haunting and well-written, chronicling the relationship between an eager, submissive man and a dominant, sophisticated woman."


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“Darlene’s Permission - Part 2,” WEST COAST SWINGERS, July, 1996.
“Lacy Sunday,” SEXY LETTERS, June, 1997.
“In Front of Others,” KINKY, August, 1997.
“Down Home Girls,” PENTHOUSE LETTERS, December, 1997.
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“To Be Properly Trained,” PINK FLAMINGO FREE STORIES, December, 2000.
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"The Thrill of the Chaste," PINK FLAMINGO FREE STORIES, May, 2011.

"My Own Little Alcatraz," BONDAGE BY THE BAY Anthology, RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, July, 2011.

Novels – Story Collections
“Permission/The Perfect Wife,” MASQUERADE BOOKS, April, 1999.
“How to Adore an Older Woman,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, January, 2001.
“Plus Size Signe,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, November, 2003.
“Permission,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, (republished) December, 2003.
“The Perfect Wife,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, (republished) March, 2004.
“How to Manage a Man,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, July, 2004.
“Slit Pantie Honeymoon,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, August, 2004.
“Submit, My Lovely,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, November, 2004.
“Hold Nothing Back," RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, January, 2005.
“Absolute Submission,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, May, 2005.
“Male Chastity,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, October, 2006.
“Worshipped Wives,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, February, 2007.
“Alternate Eros,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, March, 2008.
“The Alien Aphrodisiac,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, September, 2008.
“Sex And Sexibility,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, December, 2008.
“Menage A Troll,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, June, 2010
“Total Femdom,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, May, 2011.
"Best of M. J. Rennie Volume 1," RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, October, 2011.
"Best of M. J. Rennie Volume 2," RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, October, 2011.
"Manhandling," Pink Flamingo Publications, XXX, 2012.