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Olivia M. Ravensworth Author Bio

Olivia M. Ravensworth Author Bio

I have been writing erotica since the mid 1990s, exploring the pursuit of human sexuality in all manner of times, places, and situations -- within both body and mind, inside the confines of marriage and outside of them, from the mammoth-haunted forests of prehistoric Europe and the fabled towers of Atlantis to the seedy brothels of the secret caverns of the colonized Moon, from the forests and Gypsy camps and London back-alleys of Elizabethan England to the swashbuckling lesbianism of the old Spanish Main, from the grounds of a modern Gothic castle to the dorm rooms of hesitant young co-eds of the American Midwest to the secret menage a trois of a seemingly staid suburbia.

As several thousand readers can attest, my books are lovingly explicit yet well written, with many a long, lingering tease.  Sex in any of my writings may be pleasantly perverse, sometimes shocking, even confusing for my characters as they try to find their way, but it also is, ultimately, healthy and necessary and fulfilling, perhaps the very foundation of humanity itself.

To date, my novels include…

The Magic Box (Pink Flamingo, forthcoming)

The Supremacy of Samantha (Pink Flamingo, 2014)

The Classic Olivia M. Ravensworth** (Pink Flamingo, 2014)

**Includes: Domestic Service (Masquerade, 1998), The Desires of Rebecca (Masquerade, 1997), The Mistress of Castle Rohmenstadt (Masquerade, 1996).

The Collector (Pink Flamingo, 2013)

The Ring of the Giants (Pink Flamingo, 2013)

Slave to Six Worlds (Pink Flamingo, 2012)

Sarah’s Girlfriend (Pink Flamingo, 2012)

The Discipline of the Governess (Pink Flamingo, 2012)

The Island of Marquis Gallance (Pink Flamingo, 2011)

Rachel’s Re-education (Pink Flamingo, 2011)

Alyssa’s Needs, vol. III (Femdomcave, 2011)

Alyssa’s Needs, vol. II (Femdomcave, 2011)

Alyssa’s Needs, vol. I (Femdomcave, 2010)