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Paul Preston Author Bio

Paul Preston Author Bio

I am a former actor living in Los Angeles and thanks to Fiona recognizing and nurturing my talent; I currently have 2 novels published by Pink Flamingo, with six more on the way. So, who am I and why am I writing these erotic stories spiced with a BDSM flavor?

I grew up in a small town in Maryland. For a period of my youth, in order to fit in with my peers, I fell in with a group of Born Again Christians. Later, when I became enamored with the Theater, my sensual side took over, freeing me to discover my true nature. I suppose my writing is an attempt to reconcile these two powerful, seemingly opposing psychological forces within all of us, the spiritual and the sensual. The characters in my novels, once released from their feelings of shame, are compelled, as I am, to express the sacred fire of sexuality bottled up within.

 After college I moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. Through I did numerous plays and appeared in small roles in the films Awakenings and New Jack City; I never could make a living as an actor. I went through a divorce and moved restlessly around the country, living in Maryland, Colorado, Arizona and Hawaii. I settled in Southern California, working for a regional theater in the Marketing Department. I remarried and am raising two lovely children with my wife, a boy and girl, ages 5 and 9 years old.

About four years ago, I started reading erotic stories and felt inspired to write again. I made a decision not to feel ashamed of the sexually explicit content of the novels by using my actual name, as author. The characters in my novels, both male and female, Dom and sub, all exist as psychological forces within me. I see writing erotic fiction as an act of rebellion, of courage. It expresses who I am and I will no longer hide or feel ashamed of the sensuality within me.

Published by Pink Flamingo so far:

The Awakening of Laura, Book 1 of the Adam and Eve Series - an adult version of Sleeping Beauty

Bella Lisa and Her Beast, Book 2 of the Adam and Eve Series – an adult version of Beauty and the Beast

Soon to be published by Pink Flamingo:

The Phantom Phillipe, Book 3 and the conclusion of the Adam and Eve Series – an adult version of The Phantom of the Opera

The Harem, an erotic story set in Rockville, Maryland of a writer, attempting to write an erotic novel while going through a mental breakdown, after the death of his Father and infidelity of his wife

The Memoir of Veronica Wells, an erotic story set in Tucson, Arizona that reveals the sexual fantasies of woman recovering from a car accident

The Property of Edward James, an erotic story set in San Diego, California of a dying former actor, reminiscing about the love of his life Elizabeth Rose, and the two pornographic videos they starred in together

In the works:

Obsessions, Part One “The Reluctant Dom” and Part Two “The Good Dom”, two interconnected erotic novels set in the Chicago area, of two men and their obsessive attraction to a conflicted woman, Grace Madsen

I welcome reaction to these books and will respond to any inquiries at paulepreston@hotmail.com.