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Peter Moon Author Bio


Peter Moon Author Bio

Hi and thanks for stopping by.

I am Peter Moon and live in England, where I used to be a sports reporter. However, nothing lasts forever and a lifetime love of books has led me here, amongst other places.

When I am not writing for Pink Flamingo, I make ends meet by editing and copywriting on a freelance basis.

So, I have written Night Classes, which started life as a short story and ended up as a novella. Once I decided to write erotica, I was determined to produce work that measured up to the standard of a conventional novel. Just because we are tackling sexy subjects, there is no excuse for slapdash material. Whether I have succeeded in that goal is for readers to decide. I hope I have, but wishing and achieving are worlds apart.

Writing is like playing the guitar. There are plenty of capable exponents of both arts, but unless you are a Hemingway or a Hendrix, making a living can be tough. Even so, if you can manage it, writing professionally in any form is a real privilege.

I am in the process of completing the slightly more ambitious and lengthy Strictly Business, which should be ready at my end fairly shortly. If you have made it this far, I hope you give it a spin and find it enjoyable.  

For those of you that may wish to know, my home is a modest one in the countryside, not far from London.

Apart from books, I love film, music, cooking and the odd glass of wine.

It would be good to hear from you if you feel like getting in touch.

You can reach me by email at peterdavidmoon@sky.com