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July 18, 2014

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Redemption For Two


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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Redemption For Two


Author: Tobias Tanner

Category: Maledom

The pivot points in life are not always dramatic, but they can be. It happens that way for Mickey McCord, who sets himself on a new path with a single act of violence. Born of frustration and outrage, this moment provides a sense of purpose that he has never truly felt before. And it gives him back some self-respect. However, it’s just the first step.

Taking control is a cumulative effort involving all facets of Mickey’s life. The learning curve is steep and occasionally painful, but he must take responsibility for his failures of the past. It is no longer acceptable for him to be the charming boy he has always been, letting things slide and waiting for a better day. People depend on him and he has let them down. There is repair work to be done. Lots of it.

Especially with his wife.

Surprise Visit

Author: Austin Alexander

Category: Femdom

In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and gorgeous twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia during a treacherous summer storm, one month into the summer break.   His girlfriend, Abigail, immediately recognizes the danger of his arrival and pleads with him to leave.  Bewildered, Evandro heeds her advice, but not before getting a taste of the danger his girlfriend so greatly feared for him.  After his hasty departure, he was thought to be safely away, but fate had other plans for the beautiful boy. Escape from the family web of female domination would not be so easy.

Over the next five days, Evandro increasingly sees and experiences the odd and perverted lifestyle from which Abigail had so desperately tried to shield him.  The Brazilian is introduced to bondage, forced masturbation, chastity, whippings, cock and ball torture and strap-on penetration.  As he is put through sexual tribulations, the young stud finds himself oddly enjoying aspects of his ordeal.  He is left alone to grapple with the conflict between fleeing to safety and the budding desire to further explore the possibilities of a thrilling new lifestyle.

The mystery of Abigail's homestead thickens when a nocturnal visitor silently slips into his bed each night to have her way with the Brazilian.  Inexplicably, Evandro finds that initially, he's chained to the bed, but several nights in, he is left unrestrained, trusted not to follow his visitor upon her exit. 

Evandro delves further into the household mystery by secretly visiting forbidden parts of the farm.  He is horrified when he discovers the truth about what lies in the darkest corner of the barn.  If he doesn't escape soon, this truth could be his future as well.

With a momentary clarity of mind,  Evandro attempts a daring escape to avoid a lifetime of sexual slavery to Abigail’s family.  But the Brazilian model quickly learns that escape does not necessarily mean freedom

The Phantom Philllipe: The Adam & Eve Series, Book Three


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

Recovering from a self-inflicted wound, multimillionaire entrepreneur Phillipe Williamson feels insecure about the sexual connection with his lovely young submissive, Bella Lisa Mauricio and is unable to engage in intimacy with her without physical pain. After their intense and sensual week together, Phillipe and Bella Lisa both realize the nature of their relationship is changing. Afraid of the growing bond between them and confused about entering into a deeper emotional commitment to Phillipe due to their age difference, Bella Lisa meets Raoul Martinez, a young social worker, at her new job. Sexually drawn to one another, they act upon their mutual attraction and Raoul falls deeply in love with her. Bella Lisa admits to her affair and Williamson accepts it at first, willing to share Bella Lisa with the younger man rather than lose her completely. Bella Lisa becomes torn between the conventional sexual relationship and married life offered by Raoul and the forbidden pleasures in the West Wing only Mr. Williamson can provide.

After a terrible and traumatic accident burns his skin beyond repair, Phillipe must cover his face with a mask. Phillipe stops taking his anti-psychotic medication, closes himself away in his condo and considers suicide. A close friend and adult movie star, Carlotta, comforts Phillipe in his pain. After Phillipe rescues Christine, a prostitute who was abused as a child, Phillipe discovers that Joseph Buquet, the sadistic foster father who inflicted the physical and psychological scars on both Phillipe and Christine 32 years ago, is still alive. Phillipe hears the Voice of the Beast once more, summoning him to action. With the help of Carlotta, Williamson retreats into the subterranean bowels of his theater, The Adam and Eve Club, and plots his revenge against the man he holds personally responsible for the tragedy that shattered his life.

Lost & Found


Author: Nat Cameron

Category: General

Samantha had disappeared into the predictability of her life. She felt as if she had been sleepwalking through the last years of her marriage. Walking away, had been the right decision, but it had been hard on her family, and on her.

‘I’d been way too vulnerable,’ she said to herself as she tried to understand and forgive herself for the disastrous relationship she jumped into shortly after her divorce. From day one, Bobby was so attractive, intense, seductive, yet incapable of connecting with the people in his life. Although he had trusted her enough to tell her why, she had known he was incapable of any kind of emotional intimacy. But they connected so beautifully when they had sex. She loved the sex, the lust that had been missing from her life for so many years. Eventually with Bobby, she began to explore her fantasies. When the inevitable happened, when the sex stopped and Bobby withdrew, Sam had felt more pain than the divorce had caused. ‘The brightest light causes the darkest shadows’ had been her way of summing up that tumultuous time with Bobby; the beautiful stranger.

After all of these events, Sam’s decision to try on-line dating brings cautious optimism and many friends with all kinds of advice. She hopes to find a man who will combine Bobby’s passion with the emotional connection she knows she will always have with her ex-husband Jeff, even though they had slowly grown apart.

Captive Twins


Author: Denise la Croix

Category: Maledom

Two beautiful Senegal female twins, a lovely young English nun and a newly ordained young English priest are all captured by some of the Senegal Rebels, a band of men run by a rogue English Peer, who call themselves The Senegal Peoples’ Freedom Fighters. The girls along with several others are crated and shipped on to Naples, mainland Italy, after having been captured, examined, and then eventually sold on to various merchants dealing in female and male flesh.

Despite the dramatic consequences, the twins, Fire and Flame, ultimately find strength and loyalty in each other and they remain forever connected by their bond as sisters. They try to help the young nun but to little or no avail. This story is complex and at times a little disturbing, though many of us read about such things everyday and see it on television, but when it actually happens, perhaps, to one of your own kin, then you will realise how evil the world is. Fire and Flame, the twins, are kidnapped by the Senegal Rebels from the hills, they are then handed on to a merchant who runs the markets in the south of Italy and also several whore houses; one in Dakar, one in Morocco and two in Naples. The nun is handed over to a vicious, perverted, brothel owner. Now read on and follow the happenings of those involved.

The Club Owner's Troubles

Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Dara Dupree was a Caribbean street girl and prostitute who rose to wealth and power running the most popular fetish club in the islands. To treat herself upon reaching such success, she buys an adolescent male to conceal in an underground apartment below her estate.

She settles in to live out all her dreams of slavery and domination, and to slowly expose Drew, a virgin raised in ignorance of anything but his training, to all the amazing challenges and rewards his life will demand. So it goes with emotional up and downs, until competition with a rival nightclub owner escalates into a conflict that sees her club burned to the ground and Dara kidnapped by gangsters.

While she faces death and all the torture and sexual abuse she’d been inflicting on Drew, he is left alone bound and secreted underground to face a lingering, even more grisly end. In their separate desperate straits they resolve the personal issues that had been afflicting them, and escape to find eventual triumph and love together.

Bondage a la Carte


Author: Jurgen von Stuka

Category: Maledom

Prepare yourself!

Things are never quite what they seem to be and here are nine different stories of domination to prove it.

In each tale, some poor, unsuspecting females encounter men who have really only on thing on their mind: to subjugate the females and to enjoy doing it.

However, in more than one episode, the women involved either know from the outset or soon discover that being a bottom is not necessarily a bad thing. While consent may be long in coming, the idea of being tied, chained, gagged and tormented while under someone else’s absolute control can be appealing, especially if your prior life was less than spectacular.

So, herein is a short tale about a young German model who apparently has plenty of Euros, but wants a very special session with an exclusive BDSM firm. She wants to be tied, strapped, plugged, gagged, blindfolded and sealed in a cocoon. She gets what she wants. Maybe more than she wants.

Having It All


Author: Jurgen von Stuka

Category: Maledom

Bondage Brokers

Frank and Ellen broker bondage experiences like realtors broker property. They will capture and hold women who seek the ultimate BDSM experience, regardless of the price. Their cellar is full of young, eager females who have consented to be chained and locked away indefinitely, unaware of the true outcome of their erotic sex adventure. Ellen is not immune to this situation and Frank has his own ideas about how their relationship will wind down.


The perfect erotic scenario? One creative man in a house with three kinky women who need constant discipline and correction. Sandy has recurring, ultra realistic dreams of bondage and torture as a woman throughout history. She is a totally submissive woman with pressing needs to be kept in slavery and servitude. Jim decides to help her out. Sandy's lesbian sister and her friend visit and this changes the household dynamic considerably. The women are subjected to anything Jim can devise and he finds himself faced with adapting to an environment with three sub women who may be able to take more than he can give.