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April 24, 2015

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A Wicked New Author, JoAnne Wiley, Presents Us With:

Shutter-Buggered: Women Shattered Under The Lens

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Shutter-Buggered: Women Shattered Under The Lens


Author: JoAnne Wiley

Category: Maledom

Three Sexy Novellas

Victim of a Victimless Crime – Her husband is downsized, the savings gone, and her home on the auction block. Ann is out of options – until a friend suggests one of those 'Office Temp' places; a secretarial service, but with a difference.  And they don't care if you can type! The idea is humiliating, going against everything she holds dear…but the money is good to pass up.

Everything works out fine and the money rolls in, until someone is blackmailing clients and all eyes turn to Ann. Once her boss has her photographed ‘in the act’, they own her soul and she must work for free. But when one of the girls is murdered, it’s time to fight fire with fire – literally. Fifteen gallons of gasoline and book a matches!

In My Husband's Private Playground, a newly wedded woman takes a provocative photo of herself and makes it into a Valentine for her husband. Great idea at the time. Though the picture eventually disappears, ten years later she learns her husband lost it in a poker game! Now a young man shows up on her doorstep, photo in hand, expecting sexual favors – which leads to a whole new kind of sexual fun.

And in Hard Cover, after a brief affair with the town’s ‘bad boy’, the sexually frustrated librarian Becky sets her sights on a mature, older gentleman who frequents the library. Though he resists her advances, one day she snuggles into his lap and is caught on camera by her biker bad boy, Danny. Danny will return the photos, but only if she agrees to serve beer and sandwiches to his friends wearing nothing more than her high heels. Not about to let Danny get his way, she plots a cunning revenge with the help of a savvy big city girl, who will have no problem taking down the unsuspecting Danny.



Author: Daphne Chennault

Category: Maledom

Sibyl O'Shaughnessy thought she had it all: police chief of a major city, high approval ratings, and a husband (Mike) who kept their bed warm with BDSM and hot sex tricks. However, Sibyl’s life suddenly unravels, when at the end of a hot sex scene, Mike suddenly announces that he wants a divorce. Accusing her of sabotaging his political career, he plans to dump Sibyl for a richer, more well-connected woman.

Unbeknownst to them both, the shrewd and infamous cat burglar, known as “The Blink” is hiding in the dungeon closet, witnessing the entire scene. Once Mike leaves, the thief – who shares their interest in BDSM – reveals himself to Sibyl. He takes over where Mike left off, engaging in a stunning kink ride she’ll never forget. Truth is: she enjoys him more than she does her husband.

Vowing revenge on Mike, Sibyl enlists the help of the burglar, and he’s only too happy to help. The two strike a deal – exchanging the info he has on her husband for more BDSM sex.

As his demands increase, Sibyl finds herself in an all-consuming relationship with a man who satisfies her every need, while fueling a growing hunger for an ever-darker lifestyle. But the thief demands absolute loyalty, even to the betrayal of everything she holds dear. Can a trusted aide save her from herself, or will she become too entangled in her new life of passion and conflicted loyalties to find a way out?

The Artist


Author: Lee Dorsey

Category: General

Adele Noel, daughter of self-made billionaire Reginald Noel, is studying art at a University in Paris. As a confirmed bisexual, she’s enjoyed plenty of sexual encounters with both sexes, during her University years.

Now in her final year, she attends a film class where she views the infamous film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Inspired by this sexually graphic movie, she gives up her own art, and becomes obsessed with launching her own film studio in New York once she graduates. ‘Last Tango’ is kind of movie she wants to produce. She even convinces her father to help bankroll the business.

In the meantime, she takes on numerous lovers. And now, with inspiration from ‘Last Tango’, she adds anal sex to her favorite pastime in several ongoing sexual ‘liaisons’. There’s the beautiful nude model from her art class, her father’s young wife – when he’s out of town on business – as well as several lesbians, including two female professors at the University. Her heterosexual side enjoys romps with male students, the professor advising her on her graduate thesis, a 42 year old unemployed actor, and the male sub belonging to the art class model. As her love for anal sex grows, Adele finds anal with men an ultimate spiritual experience in expressing one’s love.

Revenge: Femdom Stories of Getting Even


Author: Patrick Richards

Category: Femdom

Whips, chains and torture! Oh my! But that’s just the beginning when you deal with vindictive women seeking revenge. Let’s face it. The men in the following tales aren’t dealing with Dorothy, and it surely isn’t Oz.

When a riding crop slams across the tender flesh of a naked ass, it’s real. There’s no doubt about the intent. Pain is a wonderful way of getting even, but there are a number of other methods far worse.

Cheating husbands, thieves, rapists, and a college kid stealing panties from the dorm across the hall are the subjects of these ten stories about wronged women getting revenge. Letting them have ‘their day in court’ is not nearly as satisfying as seeing the perpetrators hanging by their wrists awaiting a cat o’ nine tails. That’s real justice! Revenge will go far beyond a mere whipping. Only time will tell how far these creative femmes will go.

These ten short stories are tales of women seeking revenge for being wronged. And it’s safe to say that their unconventional means of getting even will be remembered by the men involved for the rest of their lives. 

Men having affairs outside of their marriage seems to be a common thing. But when wives reach the breaking point, it isn’t a divorce they want. These wronged females have a far more sinister kind of revenge in mind.

But what do you do about a college kid with a panty fetish – especially when the panties are stolen from a coed’s dorm room across the hall? Is calling security as much fun as the humiliation you can cause him?



Author: Jurgen von Stuka

Category: Maledom

This is not your ordinary tale of men dominating or training women as slaves, but the story of women being skillfully manipulated by a man and governed by their own masochistic needs.

Ellen and Diane are competing florists and landscapers in a small town, each of them using their business facilities for BDSM lifestyle related practices, where they confine and torment a series of friends and slaves.

Bob Ames, a local contractor and occasional practitioner of the BDSM arts, meets the eye-catching Ellen in the marketplace. After going to dinner that night, she takes him home and introduces him to her fascinating house and its elaborately equipped BDSM dungeons. A self-recognized lesbian, Ellen introduces Bob to her live-in friends, the confirmed masochist, Duet Tome, the stunning, cosmopolitan Monica, and a number of other men and women who visit or live at the country farm and estate.

Most of the time, Ellen is definitely a dominant personality, but after meeting Bob, she entices him to top her, and her girlfriends. Hot and sexy scenes abound as this company of Doms and subs enjoy all the kinky fun the estate provides in its diabolical cellars. However, when Diane, Ellen’s bitter enemy and competitor, is abducted, things really heat up. Her former, much-abused personal slaves intend to get even.

Sophie & The Society


Author: Fidelis Blue

Category: Maledom

Sophie is young, beautiful and has a successful career in the City. Her passionate affair with Roberto, an Italian banker, soon progresses beyond conventional sexual attraction, as she discovers a deep longing for discipline and the pleasures of submission. In a series of sexual escapades of increasing daring, he tests the limits of Sophie's desires. Eventually Roberto's friend Alex invites them to become members of the Society, a secret and tightly regulated fraternity of men who hold their women in common. As a "Subject" of the Society, Sophie consents to an elaborate initiation ceremony, at which she vows to make herself available to any member who requires her. Soon she is in demand, summoned at a moment's notice to the apartments and offices of the Society's members.

In London, Paris, and New York, Sophie willingly subjects herself to the perverse desires of dozens of men, each time returning to Roberto to make a full confession and accept whatever penalty he imposes. When Roberto leaves for a month, giving her to Alex while he’s away, she undergoes a course of strict erotic training. In the ultimate test of her submission, just how far will Sophie go to prove her love for Roberto?

 Gretel's Game: Seduction, Power & Female Dominance


Author: King X Key

Category: Femdom

Putting men on their knees is clearly Gretel’s specialty, and with such power, it would seem that this Dominant Female can get anything she wants from the men she exploits and dominates.

On top of her game in a series of clever power plays with the men in her life, Casper, Kurt and Sidney, Gretel leaves them humiliated and a whole lot poorer as she connives to strip them of their assets.

However, Gretel’s game begins to unravel when she can’t indulge in sexual sadism – her victim Kurt’s too willing to accept her torture! Meanwhile, arch nemesis, Jessica Noble, tries to steal him from her. In other matters, Gretel’s about to inherit a multimillion-dollar business conglomerate from her late husband—but his family is contesting the will. And if that’s not enough, Sidney and his henchman, Bruiser, conspire to molest her – in a move that could threaten her life.

While Gretel seems undeterred by these setbacks, has she taken on more than she can handle? Will she be bested in her schemes? Or will this ruthless female prevail, subjugating men for fun, profit, a little revenge … along with the sexual thrills she thrives on?

The Spanked Into Submission Collection


Author: Lee Allen

Category: Femdom

Take a wild journey into the world of Female Domination with these Sizzling hot tales.

This unique collection begins with the five short stories that inspired the author’s novel, Obedience Training of the Stepford Men: Pain, Humiliation, & Change. In Spanked Into Submission Bruce has one too many one-night stands and ends up being swatted into submission on a public beach, stripped of his possessions, and taken to an off-campus house where he becomes a sex slave to ten sexy coeds. Then in Ad Man, Tom has a bad habit of beating up other guys in front of their dates, that is, until he’s set-up with a female wrestler who totally dominates him in public. And In A Young Man’s Six Week Journey into Slavery, Rob Benson is caught stealing a chalice from a church as part of his initiation into the Rangers Motorcycle Club. He agrees to stand in a ‘sinner’s box’ in front of the congregation in lieu of dealing with the police, but ends up with a lot more than he ever bargained for from the Reverend and his sadistic daughters. Also Human Fountain and The Young Doorman, and three new bonus stories. Bobbie's Submissive, Jackson Cheats & Pays, and On The Edge.