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November 21, 2014

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Author: Corliss Quinn

Category: General

Some women hate to be objectified. To be valued for their beauty and what’s between their legs. But not all women, and certainly not Natalie.

In an elite community where women are trained to revel in their wantonness, Natalie is the finest student. She is a living, breathing, sexual fantasy, worshiped by men and envied by women.

Natalie’s education is complete and she is inducted into a secret society without sexual constraints. As the lover of one of its highest standing members, she thinks she has it all. But a woman ruled by her lust must go to greater and greater lengths to achieve satisfaction. Living with her partner, Gabriel, in an arrangement they have created to meet both of their sexual desires, Natalie receives a letter urging her back to the academy with an offer she can hardly pass up. An opportunity to climb the ranks in the most exclusive sect of the community is an irresistible challenge.

Under the guidance of her mentor, the enigmatic Academy director Catherine, Natalie begins her quest for acceptance into the infamous Grange Abbey. Heavily financed by some of the country’s most powerful men, the Abbey provides a unique environment where the resident women can succumb to their most base nature. The nightly soirees are extravagant sexual parties, where the wealthy benefactors of the sect enjoy the resident performers.

But when Natalie meets Michael, a stranger to the sect whose love for her is marred only by his disapproval of her lifestyle, she must make a choice. Can a woman who is loved by all men be satisfied with just one?

Bound For Pleasure at Blackthorne


Author: Roger Hastings

Category: Maledom

Roger Hastings epic Blackthorne Series in one huge compilation. Featuring: The Secret of Blackthorne, Waltz of the Wantons & Prescription For Perversion.

Sweetness & Blight 

Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Sweetness and Blight details the Machiavellian delights by which this Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over her Romeo. As heirs of contending Wall Street clans, Charles Everett and Amelia meet at the funeral of his ruined father. Lovely, lively, and unfailingly kind, she apologizes, though disavows her part in the destruction of his family firm and fortune.

In the interest of healing, Amelia offers support both emotional and practical. Charmed by her comforts (and without other options), Charles marries and moves in with this youthful femme. Though she remains genuinely affectionate at all times, and is never even impolite, Amelia swiftly divests the former power broker of all other companions, interests, and any indulgences or pleasures – except for those coinciding with satisfying her own rabid demands.

Her demands are as irresistible as they are insatiable. And soon the lady of the manse extorts absolute authority over his sex life, including and especially his orgasms. Charles finds himself suffering acutely and yet willingly consenting to increasingly demeaning domination.

From bondage and servitude, through ejaculation restriction and feminization, he finds his favors shared with first the household help and then with his mistress-wife’s Slut-fucker’s Club – all while his own permitted fulfillments continuously diminish. Any rebellion leads to worsened coercion. Inevitably, he’s being driven toward some unthinkably deprived, depraved and degraded destiny.

Hog-Tied & Electrified 

Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Another hard-hitting, no-holds-barred collection of Slut-Boy Stories, as beautiful, buxom, power-hungry females seduce and subject their willing or not-so-willing boyfriends, husbands, clients and lovers.

The collection begins... Uninterested in conventional sex, a raven haired bombshell keeps her hubby locked in a chastity belt, and after some rough anal, forces him to watch hog-tied as she masturbates in a cruel Bathtub Torment. She may be just a college freshman, but Jenae knows how to torment her high-school sweetheart with everything from pain, hot wax, cigarettes, ice, Atomic balm, electroshock and more, as her dutiful boyfriend faces Dorm Room Doom. Then Janae returns with her soccer pal, Trisha, in Dorm Room Done, where in an act of revenge, she wakes her boyfriend in the middle of the night for a torturous enema and a double fuck. And in Bought And Paid For, a turned-on needy male gets his fondest wish when he throws a party for three high-flying femmes, giving them the right to torture him all night long - any way they want! Better be Careful What You Wish For... this submissive male learns a hard lesson, when he asks his hot-looking nurse Linda for sex - turns out she's a hard-core dominant, who's more than happy to show him some fun with bondage, whipping, hard anal and electroshock. Then it's a Honeymoon Horror, when Corey's new bride gives him a surprise he never expected. Seems there can be only 'one' cock in this marriage... now Corey can expect a lifetime of service, denial, arousal and frustration at this hands of the devious beauty. It's an extreme regime, an Automated Agony of fists, whips, shock and anal torture, when this sub male's wife sends him to an institute that specialized in his freaky desires. Then finally, Girls Will Be Girls, when 18 year olds Alyssa and Briana gang-up on a helpless - but willing - male, with plans to torture, feminize and enslave him as their own personal Slut-boy.

The AV Guy


Author: Paul Moore

Category: Maledom

Darren is in trouble. He made the mistake of borrowing money from the mob and now he can’t pay it back. He is, however, given a way out – an offer he can’t refuse. All he needs to do is make a movie for Mob Boss, Mr. Blake and his debt will be forgiven. Not only that, he’ll be paid extra for doing the job.

The offer seems like the perfect solution, but there are sobering complications. He’s told to film the actual abduction and rape of a mobster’s girlfriend, all of which is part of an insane extortion plot that seems doomed to failure from the start. Darren doesn’t trust the men he will be forced to work for, and what is worse, their intended prey, Gina, is smart, strong, and beautiful. Like Darren, she’s the victim of bad circumstances. He knows that if things go wrong, he and the girl could end up sharing a shallow grave.

With his choices limited, Darren films the scene as planned, watching as the lovely Gina is abused and taken in every orifice while being bound to a horrific bed. To complicate matters even more, as the filming continues he comes to care for the helpless Gina, a fact that has dangerous implications for him. dangerous complications for them both.

Pagan Dreams


Author: Lizbeth Dusseau

Category: LGBT

Female lovers Cassidy and Peach quit the city for the summer, traveling north to The Edge, a B&B playground for sexually open-minded women, run by an experienced Female Dominant, Tasia.

Wanting Peach for herself, Tasia lures her from Cassidy. While the angry Cassidy waits for Peach to return to her, she finds her own dominant tendencies are brought from hiding as she’s seduced by the mysterious waif, Analise. Cruelly taking this innocent initiate through bondage, whipping, anal probing and other S&M tortures. Yet only the Midsummer Madness and a stunning confrontation with Tasia gives Cassidy the fulfillment she desires.

A fantasy of love and surrender, of twisted motives and crude sexual practices for readers who enjoy the sensuous extremes of lesbian sexuality.

Stealing the Baroness


Author: Raven Wildwood

Category: Maledom

Beautiful Baroness Rhiannon Winston is facing an arranged marriage with Lord Bletchley, a horrible, boorish man, and so she runs away from her fate to the nearby beach, where she has found solace in the past.

Unfortunately for her, pirates are moored there and they see the winsome girl. Led by the savage Tomas, they capture her and take her to their nearby ship, the Night Hawk, planning to hold her for ransom – and to take advantage of her lovely body.

Rhiannon is saved from such a fate by the intervention of the ship’s handsome and dashing captain, Dane Milliner. He decides to keep her for himself, angering the hungry Tomas. He accuses Dane of going soft on the girl, thus supporting the bourgeois Baroness and all that her nobility embodies, going against the ruffians’ code.

Upon arrival at the pirates’ home island, Fitzwarren Isle, Rhiannon is tormented by the inhabitants, mocked and humiliated; the worst comes from the cruel wench Prissi, who torments her not only physically but sexually.  Meanwhile, Dane is greeted by his former lover, Mairead, whom he spurns. She suspects his feelings for Rhiannon brought him to leave her.  Her anger knows no bounds.

The Captain is confronted by his peers regarding his protection of the exquisite Baroness and supporting the rich and those who kill pirates. In order to prove his innocence, he is forced to agree and watch the ravishment of Rhiannon by the other pirates – a fate suggested by the jealous Mairead. Dane is horrified, but can do nothing, less he prove his love for his captive, and doom them both to a ghastly fate.

Frustrated by the proximity of and lust for the Baroness, Tomas kidnaps her and takes her from the island to satisfy his own nefarious hunger. Will Dane be able to rescue her in time to save her from the evil pirate’s insatiable craving?

Catherine, The Matriarch 

Author: King X Key

Category: Femdom

Catherine Roman ritually whipped her husband, Peter, each night when he  presided over Savings and Trust Bank in upstate New York. He was her lamb  at home and a ferocious lion at the bank – executing her orders. She quietly  ruled Savings and Trust without anyone faintly suspecting her. But on one  crisp fall night in 2002, after Catherine lashed Peter mercilessly, she doled out  a sexual treat, and he had a heart attack…fulfilling his dream of dying in her  arms, making love to her. Catherine genuinely grieved her husband’s passing,  but knew she must find a successor to head the bank, another man to worship  her and carry out her decrees, because she doubted the bank directors would  accept her, or any woman, as the CEO. This time, however, she would capture  a male wife and completely control him to do her dirty work and coddle her,  even when she abused and humiliated him. 

These featured stories follows Catherine as she reigns over her new world.

The Greenbrier Trilogy

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Author: Victoria Morris

Category: Maledom

The Virgin of Greenbrier: The Greenbrier Trilogy, Book One by Victoria Morris

Formerly published as Love in Chains

Combining hard BDSM action and hot romance in a stirring Civil War era epic.
The lovely but headstrong Lucretia wants a husband, while her overbearing father wants to cure the brat's unruly temperament. At his wits end, he takes her to Dr. Beauregard Addams at Greenbrier Plantation, where, ignoring her vehement protests, he insists she submit to the physician's most ingenious treatment for willful females. Lucy is soon humiliated to find herself stripped, bathed and shaved while the doctor looks on. Later she's chained at the foot of the stairs, on display for the entire household. And her training has only begun! It's not long before she's collared, rudely spanked and calling the good doctor Master.

Lucy is repulsed by the strange goings-on in the doctor's household and denies that she wants anything to do with her master and his sadistic ways. Even so, her passions are strangely engaged and her sexual desires ignite, setting the stage for a spirited clash between the master and his newest slave. She drawn further into Beau's wicked world of pain, punishment and pleasure, when she discovers the writings of de Sade, a courtyard full of bondage stations and is introduced to 'The Society' and their slaves. According to the contract Beau signed with her father, Lucy must remain a virgin, but that does not keep the man from teaching her how to give and receive physical pleasure, through his systematic treatments - nor does it prevent him from falling in love with the spirited girl.

The two clash in a love/hate relationship that both ignites their sexual fires and threatens Beau's 'professional' ethics. But it's a jealous slave, extracting revenge, that sets in motion a series of events that will send Lucy packing and threaten any hope that these star-crossed lovers can ever realize their love.

Mistress of Greenbrier: The Greenbrier Trilogy, Book Two by Victoria Morris

Formerly Published as To Love, Honor & Disobey

The handsome Dr. Beauregard Addams previously 'cured' his headstrong fiance Lucy of 'female hysteria', using his unique medical treatments. In the days leading up to their marriage, Lucy is convinced that Beau is keeping secrets. Her fear causes a relapse, that requires another dose of the doctor's treatment, including strong enemas, strict discipline and corporal punishment, which drive her sexual urges to the brink of orgasm. Though she remains under Beau's firm control, once she's married, her vows to love, honor and Obey get severely tested.

Beau is enlisted by the Confederacy, and he sends Lucy to France to keep her safe from the impending war. However, on arriving in Baltimore, the intractable Lucy and her maid jump ship, and begin an event filled journey that lands them in a brothel, in bed together for sex, and finally back at Greenbrier Plantation. While initially clueless about his wife's whereabouts, Beau's in Richmond, treating female patients using techniques of bondage, sexual manipulation, flogging and his unique Enema Tonic.

Home at Greenbrier, the high-strung Lucy installs herself as mistress of the manor, and there's trouble brewing from the start. Now on her own, she resorts to the same stubborn, intimidating and manipulative behavior that her husband thought he cured. Without his firm hand and strict rules, Lucy terrorizes even the strongest men - including a band of Yankees who dare terrorize her!

Though Lucy longs for Beau's return, she fears his anger when he sees what she's done. Only Beau has the answer to Lucy's willful behavior, but can he return in time to save his home from the unruly Lucy? Will he be able to restore his rightful domination of his wife? Will the couple be able to repair the damage done by their ill-fated separation?

Mistress For Sale: The Greenbrier Trilogy, Book Three by Victoria Morris

The high-spirited Lucy and husband Beauregard Addams are taking a long awaited honeymoon in France. But this was not be the romantic honeymoon Lucy envisioned. When they arrive at the Le Chateau de la Rose Noire (Castle of the Black Rose), Lucy is shocked to discover that the luxurious castle is a BDSM training establishment and Beau has brought her there for further instruction as his submissive and obedient wife. Lucy is incensed when ordered to submit her brother-in-law Thaddeus and their old friend Vivianne. Then further humiliated when Beau arranges for her to be trained by a cocky, young British Dom, Sir Benjamin Strathmore, who she finds utterly repulsive. Over the next few days, shes punished for her resistance, forced into a chastity belt and trained as a puppy. When she refuses to sign something called The Registry, intended to deepen her submissiveness to Beau, she earns another painful punishment.

Later, during a submissive hunt on the Chateau grounds, Lucy is assaulted by Sir Benjamin leading to a duel that sends the arrogant young Dom away in disgrace. Days later, when Vivanne turns up missing while on a trip to Paris, the shady Sir Benjamin becomes a prime suspect in her kidnapping. The once self-possessed Mistress finds herself bound and battered by a ruthless assailant who intends to enjoy all this luscious female has to offer before he takes her to a slave auction in Algeria. After being beaten, gagged and invaded by foreign objects, shes completely restrained in a coffin-like box for transport. Having been further debauched and humiliated while on the ship to Algeria, the disconsolate Vivianne then languishes in a squalid prison awaiting her terrible fate. Any hope for rescue is fading fast.

While Beau and his friends embark on a frantic search for Vivianne, Lucy remains at the Chateau under the care of trusted Dominants, who will once again challenge the high-spirited beautys willingness to submit.



Author: Lee Dorsey

Category: General

An indiscretion is an act of variance with the accepted morality of a society. The stories on the following pages are riddled with indiscretion made by the main characters within each chapter. The first story is more about consternation. Daniel met Sharon on a blind date a year and a half ago. After the second date they became an item. Sharon confessed to Daniel, before their first sexual encounter, her kinky needs and preferences. After a year of wild and incredible sex, they become engaged to be married. At the engagement party, Daniel is introduced to Dale who is the stepsister of the bride. There is instant chemistry. They sneak off to a bedroom during the party and have sex. Daniel is now between a rock and a hard place or at least that’s what he thought. The second story involves a man entering into a relationship with a dominate woman, Louisa, who needs to perform pain on her sexual partner. Otherwise, she has a problem reaching sexual gratification. Louisa has no problem taking on the role of teacher. The third story features Carl who is about to begin a job in a different State. He has been invited to stay with a friend from college and her husband. Carl and Rosalie had been intimate when they were staying in their coed dormitory. Rosalie’s husband is a salesman. He frequently goes out of town for several days at a time. Rosalie’s hormones kick in when she sees Carl after several years.