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November 20, 2015

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Waltz of the Wantons by Roger Hastings


Reformation: Stronghold by Tanya Simmonds


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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Reformation: Stronghold


Author: Tanya Simmonds

Category: Femdom

aking place one hundred and eleven years after the events in Reformation, femdom tyranny has exceeded all boundaries. In the twenty-second century, ultimate sadism rules in a world where males suffer unspeakably for the sins of their forefathers. Any woman who opposes the reformed way of life is destined to share the same fate as the males.

However, from the ashes of defeat, resistant movement, Retro Dawn, has arisen as New Dawn. In the midst of war, resistance leader, Stauron Bruhn, finds himself trapped in a luxurious, subterranean stronghold with his greatest enemy – President Ariette Madron. As unspeakable cruelty reigns on the surface, Stauron and Ariette engage in an emotional converse, with the fate of the Western world hanging in the balance.

Developed from the originally-planned ending of Reformation by Tanya Simmonds; Reformation: Stronghold offers the most controversial conclusion in the history of the femdom genre.

Waltz of the Wantons


Author: Roger Hastings

Category: Maledom

October, 1913—across the lonely Scottish moors to the Cailean’s Blackthorne Estate, come men and women in horse-drawn coaches, motor cars, and even on horseback. The glittering ballroom is teeming with guests eager to partake the awaiting sexual pleasure. The real action, however, takes place in the cellars of Blackthorne, where captive maidens and a few young men satisfy the constant flow of guests who find their way down the winding stone stairway into a forbidden paradise.

This year, Lord Corwin attends with his son, Allan, and daughter, Lissa. On Lissa’s eighteenth birthday, she is determined to shed her virginity and join the revelry. She targets Sir Richard Cailean, the young, handsome, titled head of the Cailean family for her first seduction. However, jealous and in a fit of rage, Richard’s lover, Treise and her accomplice abduct Lissa. Imprisoned in a stone tower, she’s ravished and punished, while Treise tries to win back Richard. When Richard ignores his lover, going in search of Lissa, he’s also kidnapped, and held prisoner, where three nubile maids keep him perpetually bound and sexually exhausted. Meanwhile Lissa is taken into the forest and tied to a pillar where she falls victim to the grotesque half-human, half-animal creatures who claim her as their sexual prey.

The Good Dom: Obsession Series, Book Two


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

After reporting a case of police brutality, Jim Jefferson’s life and marriage falls apart. He attempts to start his life over by opening up a bar called Obsessions that caters to Dominants and their submissives. Due to a horrible facial scar suffered as a child, he manages the club from the shadows and avoids all contact. Jefferson’s emotional and sexual life is reignited by Ms. Madsen, a stunning young woman, first introduced in The Reluctant Dom, Book One of the Obsession Series. She enters his club on the arm of her Dom, Charles Anderson and immediately attracts a crowd, wearing see-through clothing. When Ms. Madsen sees Jefferson for the first time, she isn’t repulsed at all by his appearance. She tenderly places her palm directly over his deformed cheek, the first person in his life who touches him on his most sensitive spot. In the privacy of his office, Jefferson has a powerful sexual experience with Ms. Madsen that changes his life. But after one final intimate encounter, Ms. Madsen goes back to her boyfriend Patrick Johnson, a young man returning from the war in Afghanistan, and gets married. Jefferson learns the complex secret behind the identity of Ms. Madsen and attempts to forget her. In a vain attempt to move on, Jefferson has two passionate, but short-lived affairs with different women, Janet and Amy. When Ms. Madsen returns to his life several months later and becomes his submissive, Jefferson learns the shattering truth about the violent military officer she married. Now Jefferson must struggle between the passion he still feels for Ms. Madsen and the moral consequences of protecting her from her abusive husband.

Sinner's Fire: The Punishing of Rachel


Author: Reese Gabriel

Category: Maledom

In New Christendom, pleasure is forbidden, chastity is a prime virtue and adultery is punishable by death. The vigilant Morals Police are feared by everyone, and husbands have been trained to dominate their wives, becoming strict disciplinarians to keep them obedient and under control.

Rachel is the wife of Mark Talon, Deacon of the First Order. Rachel wants to be a chaste and virtuous wife, a circumstance made easier by the chastity belt that her husband requires she wear. And yet, Jake, a dangerous rebel, has designs on her beautiful, submissive body; and he knows how to pick the lock of her chastity belt in order that they might consummate their forbidden love. Though riddled with guilt, the lusty Rachel allows the man to use her for every form of fornication and pollution, turning her into the consummate adulteress. Jake has made Rachel his secret slave, forcing her to service him at risk to her life and her husband’s both. Just as she is trying to end their torrid affair, she is arrested by the Morals Police who then order her to spy on her lover. When Rachael refuses, she is taught the hard lessons of sexual torture, leaving her no option except to crawl at these depraved despots? feet, licking and kissing in obedience.

While Rachel is incarcerated, husband Mark is taken under the wing of Prophet Zacchariah Snow, who introduces him to the sadistic underworld of New Christendom, a shocking place where females are reduced to mere sexual playthings. Is it possible that Rachel and Mark can hold onto their ideals and their love? Or will they succumb to the darkness of sin?

The Interrogator


Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Femdom

When Robert is incarcerated while on vacation in Thailand, he's brutally interrogated for a crime he did not commit. The experience revives an adolescent affliction - Robert can "get it up", but he cannot "get off". He gets NO climactic sexual relief!

Later in NYC, he encounters the same female who interrogated him in Thailand, a Psych professor specializing in deviant sexual behavior. She assures Robert that she can cure him of his terrible affliction, but does he dare risk more interrogation and demeaning torture? Can the methods that caused his condition actually cure it?

Wages of Sin


Author: S J Lewis

Category: Maledom

Tanya is a tall, striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men. Always playing the field, she never stays with any one man for very long. However, she makes a crucial miscalculation when she publicly spurns the son of a rich and powerful man, who is now out for revenge.

Krissy is an attractive young blonde, living in a big city. She makes a living as a commercial model and convention hostess, entertaining men who want her hot looks and voluptuous body. When it comes to making money, she's perfected the perfect con game, luring wealthy men to cheap hotels where she teases the mark with her girl-next-door sex-appeal, then drugs them, robs them and splits before they even knew what hit them. However, one day, after a falling out with Tito, the mid-level crime boss who fences what she steals, Krissy's luck suddenly runs out.

Chloe & Me


Author: S.M. Ackerman

Category: Femdom

After being caught entertaining his deviant fantasies by his step-sister, Chloe, at the top end of their parent’s garden, Chris finds himself in quite the quandary. Either risk humiliation beyond words by her leaking pictures and videos of him birching himself while wearing Chloe’s clothes or become her absolute submissive. What is a boy of nineteen to do with a choice like that? Weighing his options, he goes with the obvious choice, much to Chloe’s happiness. Their parents are shocked by the complete turnaround in one weekend when they notice the step-siblings, who have clearly hated each other, are now getting along quite nicely.

S.M. Ackerman presents a twisted tale of debauchery with Chloe & Me. Chris not only complies with becoming his mistress’s personal maid, but has to wear women’s clothing, collars and leashes. Deep down, however, he finds he is overjoyed at the prospect of serving her every whim.

Soon, Chloe informs Chris that not only will he serve her, but he will also be serving her girlfriend, Ann. Sweet, shy, little Ann is the one girl that Chris always imagined as having for his own. Now the situation has changed. When Ann isn’t being spanked or flogged by Chloe, she controls Chris’s every move when their mistress is away.