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July 29th, 2016

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Poison by Jo-Anne Wiley

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Author: Jo-Anne Wiley

Category: Femdom

She is being poisoned. Not to death, but slowly into submission...

There's the waxy taste again, numbing her lips and tongue; then a hollowness rides low down. Her nipples ache. Her vagina is open territory. She’s overwhelmed by the desire to do something evil, and ready to be consumed.

The young journalist from Miami arrives on an island, chasing the story of her career. But the decrepit plantation house holds more secrets than she bargained for: The house boy in the linen closet, a sexual encounter with the au pair, a 'brain-dead' fieldworker she uses indiscriminately for her personal pleasure, as well the chauffeur and the local village boys, all falling prey to her lusty advances.

Though appalled by her behavior, she stands on the brink, ready to spiral down into sexual deviancy. She yearns for the opportunity to slide languidly into the arms of anyone, man or woman; anyone who cares to take an interest in what she has to offer. And her offerings are considerable.

But when a ghostly apparition descends from the ceiling of her ancient bedroom, there to feast on her open thighs, she wonders if she’s gone mad.

Fevered Pursuits


Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

A suspense adventure dominated by powerful women!

Scheming Kim has divorced her abusive husband for a justified payday. Finally, she can send for her true intended, an enraptured lad she’s groomed since school, to become her eventual slave-mate. Bobby is so eager to earn this honor that he’s agreed to join a gang of lesbian bikers on a cross-country ‘training’ trip to prepare him for his ultimate destiny. Yet the emasculating indignities these Devil Dykes delight in inflicting quickly become subsumed in far more deadly difficulties.

While a growing bond with one of the bikers threatens Bobby’s commitment to her, Kim’s castoff sends assassins to intercept them. From fleeing his home moments before it’s bombed to being gang-banged by the hundreds-strong gauntlet at a fiendish Satanic rally; from being pushed off a precipice to dosed with acid for an oily engine shop orgy, it seems that Bobby’s trials before arrival won’t climax until he is roasted over a slow fire for his owner – or has escaped an even more inhuman fate.

Over Her Head


Author: Will Versuch

Category: Maledom

Melanie is a sexy young woman with an obsession for kinky sex. She regularly escapes into online roleplay to live out her naughty fantasies, everything from bondage to kidnapping. Her favorite online Dom, Jonathan, urges her to take her fantasies into the real world, which only ratchets up her desires. On his command, she dresses up and exhibits herself in public places – under the supposed ‘threat’ that he’ll expose her activities to her co-workers if she fails to follow through.

She knows it’s just a game, so she obediently obliges.  

But when she winds up in an arcade photo booth, wrists bound, mouth gagged and a rope around her neck, taking pictures of herself in this sleazy display, she wonders if the fantasy has gone too far, especially when the arcade manager suddenly whisks the curtain aside and sees her. Later that night, when the manager winds up in her bed, giving Melanie a real time scene of capture and bondage, she suspects that Jonathan has had a hand in this event. She loves every vile thing  he does to her – and rashly agrees to give herself to the man – whoever this assailant is.

Miss Laura's Students: A Novel of Erotic Education


Author: Imelda Stark

Category: Femdom

In Part One, the handsome but spoiled son of a wealthy couple is left in the care of their yoga teacher, the imperious Miss Laura, while they’re traveling abroad for the summer. Laura has agreed to the arrangement, under the proviso that she’ll have a free hand to do whatever is necessary to keep the young man in line.  Sure enough, within days, Miss Laura catches her charge violating his parents’ privacy, reading their erotica.  To bring the errant young man in line, she gives him a punishment enema followed by a thorough bare bottom spanking. And that’s just the beginning! More stimulating adventures follow as the smitten student is subjected to an unconventional education in the arts of the boudoir by his attractive older teacher.

In Part Two, a pair of attractive blonde sisters, become enthralled by their gorgeous yoga teacher, Miss Laura, who employs her unique ideas on proper discipline for naughty young women. An explosive mix of punishment and pleasure follows, which leads to Part Three, in which she brings her worshipful young man together with the sisters. With so much youthful sexual energy to be channeled, she invites an Asian Domme to assist. The fun and games only escalate in intensity for each of these willing submissives.

 The Couriers


Author: Jurgen von Stuka

Category: Maledom

Jurgen von Stuka’s popular German Detective, Bibi Wolfe Lynx, gets called in by the EU banking consortium to help solve a baffling series of daylight robberies. Meanwhile, apparently unrelated, innocent women disappear from airports, train stations and the streets of major cities, eventually ending up in prison-like training institutions where they are taught to obey instantly and punished accordingly when they fail. The training is rough and includes enough treatments from the BDSM menu to bring obedience and submission from even the most stubborn candidates.

The cops have no leads. Bibi and her buddy, Jean Groff, acting as decoy couriers, get the shock of their lives when they think they’ve trapped a pair of thieves.

Deep in the forgotten tunnels of an abandoned Nazi underground nuclear research facility, Graf Salmon and his gang convince their lovely young charges that life will be more comfortable if they cooperate. A touch of the cat, suspension by their breasts and mummification, for the most uncooperative ones, soon bring compliance.

 Four Tamings: A Novel of Erotic Domination


Author: Imelda Stark

Category: Maledom

In his mid-30s, Rafael Fernandez represents every woman’s dream of the perfect Latin lover: dark hair, dark eyes, and a body sculpted by years of service in the Special Forces.  Rafael is introduced to BDSM by one of his buddies, and the pair exploits a coterie of submissive women that congregate around military bases, looking for Hot Dominant men.

After his discharge, Rafe becomes the Foreman for a Ranch in Central California, where he befriends the local Sheriff.  Knowing Rafe’s history of breaking even the most recalcitrant prisoners, the Sheriff enlists his services in saving his beautiful, headstrong niece from addiction and jail, after her fifth failed try in rehab.

Thrilled by the challenge, Rafe devises a regimen of painful physical consequences for bad behavior, contrasted with sexual rewards for progress in recovery.  His charge must willingly subject herself to his authority, permitting him to punish and pleasure her at will, in order for the program to succeed.  In her desperation to avoid prison, the frantic young redhead signs on. Rafe carries her off into a world of sizzling erotic pain and over-the-top sexual pleasure, each far beyond anything she ever imagined.

As charismatic Rafe deals with the Sheriff’s niece, it becomes apparent that there are several other candidates ready and in need of his brand of “recovery”.

Private Therapy


Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Karl Jensen suffers from hysterical paralysis. His only hope of healing lies in the unorthodox therapy of Doreen Drake. Yet despite her lavish use of discipline and sexual humiliation on a helpless patient, a naughty nurse she is certainly not. Driven by compassion, she is a dedicated professional applying a uniquely effective treatment.

That paradox opens the path to a surprisingly complex coming-of-age exploration. Filled with love and loss, tragedy and redemption, this raises important ethical and public policy issues while exploring the ambiguous relationships that can develop between patients and their long-time caregivers. Along the way, it wallows in erotic dominance, peaking finally in a wild revelry of pegging: a long popular if little acknowledged fetish perhaps apt for its fifteen minutes.