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August 26th, 2016

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Mistress of the Mortal Realm, Book One by Paul Blades

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Mistress of the Mortal Realm, Book One


Author: Paul Blades

Category: Femdom

Mistress of the Mortal Realm, Book One by Paul Blades

Forty-two year old Lucia Borgia is in a hurry.  She wants it all. Now! And the only way to get it all now is to perfect a deal with demonic forces.  For years she has searched fruitlessly for the Golden Grimoire, the book of spells that, it is said, can make one the Master, or in this case, Mistress of the Mortal Realm.  Nothing will get in her way to acquire it and, once she does, nothing will get in the way of her performance of the dangerous ceremony necessary to call up the demon who rules the book.  Not even Penelope, her erstwhile lover, a virgin, of course.  Not Zara, her pretty, innocent, Georgian guide.  Not Maureen, her secretary, nor especially, bright and successful Amanda Shallcross, her boss, who stands in her way to the top.  If it takes coupling with a demonic beast, or proffering others to demonic torment, then that’s what she will do. Let’s face it, being Mistress of the Mortal Realm and the eternal, youthful life that goes with it, is well worth the sacrifices that others might make.

The Persian Princess: Obsession Series, Book Three


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

Brittany Milani is 27, an Iranian-American CIA Operative. Hot and sexually uninhibited, Brittany has gone undercover, using her body to convict drug dealers and sex traffickers. When her shadowy CIA handler assigns her to work a covert sting operation, she doesn’t hesitate to accept the dangerous mission. She meets the major players at Obsessions, a Gentlemen’s Club catering to Dominants and their submissivess. A Saudi Prince on the Terrorist Watch List, Khaled Al Khatani, has rented a private room in Obsessions.

Going undercover as Obsessions’ waitress, “Aisha”, Brittany serves drinks to the Prince. The attraction between them is instantaneous! When the Prince offers to become her guardian and protect her chastity, Brittany takes off with the Prince’s entourage, against her handler’s advice. However, when Khatani realizes that she’s no longer a virgin and worthy of marrying, he turns her into his captured slave, keeping her chained in his home as a sexual servant to the household. With each sexual encounter demanded of her, she falls deeper into her role of the Prince’s slave.



Author: Jo-Anne Wiley

Category: Femdom

She is being poisoned. Not to death, but slowly into submission...

There's the waxy taste again, numbing her lips and tongue; then a hollowness rides low down. Her nipples ache. Her vagina is open territory. She’s overwhelmed by the desire to do something evil, and ready to be consumed.

The young journalist from Miami arrives on an island, chasing the story of her career. But the decrepit plantation house holds more secrets than she bargained for: The house boy in the linen closet, a sexual encounter with the au pair, a 'brain-dead' fieldworker she uses indiscriminately for her personal pleasure, as well the chauffeur and the local village boys, all falling prey to her lusty advances.

Though appalled by her behavior, she stands on the brink, ready to spiral down into sexual deviancy. She yearns for the opportunity to slide languidly into the arms of anyone, man or woman; anyone who cares to take an interest in what she has to offer. And her offerings are considerable.

But when a ghostly apparition descends from the ceiling of her ancient bedroom, there to feast on her open thighs, she wonders if she’s gone mad.

Fevered Pursuits


Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

A suspense adventure dominated by powerful women!

Scheming Kim has divorced her abusive husband for a justified payday. Finally, she can send for her true intended, an enraptured lad she’s groomed since school, to become her eventual slave-mate. Bobby is so eager to earn this honor that he’s agreed to join a gang of lesbian bikers on a cross-country ‘training’ trip to prepare him for his ultimate destiny. Yet the emasculating indignities these Devil Dykes delight in inflicting quickly become subsumed in far more deadly difficulties.

While a growing bond with one of the bikers threatens Bobby’s commitment to her, Kim’s castoff sends assassins to intercept them. From fleeing his home moments before it’s bombed to being gang-banged by the hundreds-strong gauntlet at a fiendish Satanic rally; from being pushed off a precipice to dosed with acid for an oily engine shop orgy, it seems that Bobby’s trials before arrival won’t climax until he is roasted over a slow fire for his owner – or has escaped an even more inhuman fate.

Over Her Head


Author: Will Versuch

Category: Maledom

Melanie is a sexy young woman with an obsession for kinky sex. She regularly escapes into online roleplay to live out her naughty fantasies, everything from bondage to kidnapping. Her favorite online Dom, Jonathan, urges her to take her fantasies into the real world, which only ratchets up her desires. On his command, she dresses up and exhibits herself in public places – under the supposed ‘threat’ that he’ll expose her activities to her co-workers if she fails to follow through.

She knows it’s just a game, so she obediently obliges.  

But when she winds up in an arcade photo booth, wrists bound, mouth gagged and a rope around her neck, taking pictures of herself in this sleazy display, she wonders if the fantasy has gone too far, especially when the arcade manager suddenly whisks the curtain aside and sees her. Later that night, when the manager winds up in her bed, giving Melanie a real time scene of capture and bondage, she suspects that Jonathan has had a hand in this event. She loves every vile thing  he does to her – and rashly agrees to give herself to the man – whoever this assailant is.