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December 19, 2014

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Mate With Me


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Mate With Me


Author: BJ Wane

Category: Maledom

Another sizzling erotic tale of female surrender from author BJ Wane – this time with a vampire twist!

Damien LaRue has spent the better part of two hundred years trying to atone for an act he’d been driven to commit shortly after master vampiress, Isabelle Sartre ended his life in 1815. Because he can never forgive himself, he plans to ‘meet the dawn’ soon, never intending to claim his mate. However, he hadn’t counted on Abrielle Chirac’s tenacity and her utter faith in him. When a strange mark suddenly appears on her breast, Abby discovers that she is destined to become her guardian’s mate. She’s determined to use her body to break through Damien’s wall of resistance. She wants the man as much as her body craves the vampire! Unfortunately, Damien’s will is stronger than her attempts at seduction, and it isn’t until she’s attacked by rogues and Damien brings her to his home for protection that she gets the chance to finally become his in every way.

Damien isn’t the only one to have a run-in with vampire rogues. Jacob Carter has spent decades longing to find his mate, but when he finally does, it’s to rescue her from one of his own. Grace Larsen is shocked to discover an immediate sexual response to the vampire who comes to her rescue. But ignoring her body’s desires, she refuses to believe that Jacob is any different than the vampire who tormented her. However, when Jacob is critically wounded from a rogue attack, Grace is left with two choices—watch the man she has grown to care for die, or use her body, the one thing she’s withheld from him, to save him. 

The Apprentice Dominatrix 

Author: Stanley Jeffries

Category: Femdom

People in difficult situations sometimes have to take drastic action, which was how business graduate, Alina Florian, found herself sitting with a group of other pretty young women, all waiting in a sports hall in her home town of Bucharest for the chance to be interviewed as a candidate for a modeling agency.  She understands all too well what “modeling” might entail, but right now she’s too desperate to be choosy.

What she doesn’t  expect is the offer to become the wife, and full time Dominatrix, of English inventor and millionaire, Charles Waddington.  The deal she’s offered is simple; five years of her life in exchange for financial security forever for Alina and her family.

Taking an enormous risk, Alina decides to go through with the deal, and embarks not only in this rather strange marriage, but also on an MBA course in a prestigious English business school.

Alina’s life is transformed beyond her expectations.  Still confused by the luxury her husband’s wealth can buy her, she begins to feel a strange affection for her submissive slave.  She discovers a love of physical domination, including sexual tease and denial, and enforced male chastity.  Gradually her husband’s gentleness and devotion begins to win her over, despite the temptation she encounters from her new best friend, Rachel. But Alina also must deal with her own turbulent past, and confront personal demons in her quest for happiness.

In his latest FemDom novel, Stanley Jeffries explores the possibility that money really might be able to buy love…as long as that love is earned through complete devotion and suffering.

The story includes scenes of intense verbal and physical Female Domination, and a gradual escalation of that dominance within a loving, and highly consensual relationship.

Selina: The Paramount Rule Compendium 

Author: Tanya Simmonds

Category: Femdom

Compiling, for the first time, The Paramount Rule and Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange, restructured in chronological order; Selina: The Paramount Rule Compendium, is a saga of femdom lust, cruelty, and hypocrisy, which illustrates the very essence of sexual sadism.

The beautiful, aristocratic, English schoolmistress, Selina Paris, transformed her stately home, Oakpark Grange, into a school for young males; the offspring of the gentry. Her mission: to dissuade their minds from the distraction of carnal thoughts towards more academic pursuits by imposing the most harrowing rule upon them - masturbation is strictly forbidden!

In a story spanning over fifty years, the trials and tribulations of the libidinous students who fall under Selina’s wardship are painfully illustrated. Canings, floggings, various methods of genital chastisement and orgasm denial, act as precursors to the lustful indulgencies of Selina and her like-minded assistants. Her lifelong friend and former churchwarden, Olga Victoria, and her beautiful co-tutors, Celia, Bridget, and Charlotte, live in an erotic haven, where their obsessions with their own pleasures and the torments of others know no boundaries.

Dramas abound as Selina takes an adoring husband in James, one of her hapless pupils, and faces rebellion from others. The mystery of masochism, her growing number of allies, and her unrepentant corruptions, journey through the decades towards a new generation with far-reaching implications.  

Selina: The Paramount Rule Compendium, is a contender for the ultimate femdom schoolmistress tale. Written in a lavish-but-accessible classic English prose style, it is sure to delight even the most discerning readers of the genre.

Nothing Less: Submissive Women & The Men Who Claim Them


Author: Reese Gabriel

Category: Maledom

Mickey is a pretty young coed, bored by the dating scene. She wants something different in the bedroom and handsome Joey Torelli is it. From the minute the dominant Joey ties her hands and the pleasure begins, Mickey is his, body and soul. The next morning she kneels naked at his feet, and so begins The Licking, a lustful, youthful odyssey into the oldest sex game in the world, that of master and slave.

Nothing Less contains many such journeys, some flirtatious and fun, others poignant and hard-hitting. In Humbling Rhiannon, ambitious Rhiannon Kiley is an up and coming executive who screws the wrong man and winds up as star pupil at a secret training school where caged and collared bitches learn the simple pleasures of life, such as licking master's boots and feeding from his hand. In Custody, Shayla is a top government agent on the trail of a notorious white slaver known as the Black Dragon. When the two are trapped on a desert island, sexy Shayla finds herself battling not only her old enemy, but also her own secret fears and submissive desires. In the end, she comes to him, on his terms, naked and on her belly. For twenty something widow Stacy Rivers, it's a matter of finding new life through submission to rope, whip and bridle in Stacy and The Ranch Hand.

Tania's Betrayal


Author: Denise la Croix

Category: Maledom

Tania Bashara is a beautiful, blonde MI5 agent, of mixed nationality, a Lebanese father and English mother. She’s sent on a mission to Iraq, posing as a British journalist, with task of finding an American who has betrayed his country. She ends up in jail with the American, where she too is held captive by ruthless men intent on using the comely female for their own pleasure. The man in charge, Colonel Darwish eyes her with interest, looking forward to the reward he’s been promised before passing her on to be sold. When Tania experiences her first rough session of lashing and sex from a horny Sergeant and the Colonel, she finds that, as painful and humiliating as the scene becomes, she’s clearly aroused.

Once Tania is taken to the Colonel’s villa, she befriends Saadia, a mute sex slave, and Ludmilla, a captured Russian photographer. The three girls are trained as sex slaves – a fate that seems impossible to escape. Caught in a web of deceit and intrigue, Tania is soon sold as a submissive plaything to one of the biggest and most powerful slave traders in the Eastern European. Although she suffers greatly at the hands of many terrifying men, Tania continues to find a strangely twisted pleasure in her subjugation and abuse.

Is there any hope that she can escape this terrible fate?

Sure to be another bestseller from Denise la Croix. Tania’s Betrayal is an erotic, interracial, cleverly woven adventure story, with vivid descriptions and characters that come to life. This page-turning novel includes, mystery, intrigue, along with a wide array of BDSM sex acts.  For readers who enjoy raunchy hardcore action, but definitely not for the faint of heart.



Author: Corliss Quinn

Category: General

Some women hate to be objectified. To be valued for their beauty and what’s between their legs. But not all women, and certainly not Natalie.

In an elite community where women are trained to revel in their wantonness, Natalie is the finest student. She is a living, breathing, sexual fantasy, worshiped by men and envied by women.

Natalie’s education is complete and she is inducted into a secret society without sexual constraints. As the lover of one of its highest standing members, she thinks she has it all. But a woman ruled by her lust must go to greater and greater lengths to achieve satisfaction. Living with her partner, Gabriel, in an arrangement they have created to meet both of their sexual desires, Natalie receives a letter urging her back to the academy with an offer she can hardly pass up. An opportunity to climb the ranks in the most exclusive sect of the community is an irresistible challenge.

Under the guidance of her mentor, the enigmatic Academy director Catherine, Natalie begins her quest for acceptance into the infamous Grange Abbey. Heavily financed by some of the country’s most powerful men, the Abbey provides a unique environment where the resident women can succumb to their most base nature. The nightly soirees are extravagant sexual parties, where the wealthy benefactors of the sect enjoy the resident performers.

But when Natalie meets Michael, a stranger to the sect whose love for her is marred only by his disapproval of her lifestyle, she must make a choice. Can a woman who is loved by all men be satisfied with just one?

Bound For Pleasure at Blackthorne


Author: Roger Hastings

Category: Maledom

Roger Hastings epic Blackthorne Series in one huge compilation. Featuring: The Secret of Blackthorne, Waltz of the Wantons & Prescription For Perversion.

Sweetness & Blight 

Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Sweetness and Blight details the Machiavellian delights by which this Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over her Romeo. As heirs of contending Wall Street clans, Charles Everett and Amelia meet at the funeral of his ruined father. Lovely, lively, and unfailingly kind, she apologizes, though disavows her part in the destruction of his family firm and fortune.

In the interest of healing, Amelia offers support both emotional and practical. Charmed by her comforts (and without other options), Charles marries and moves in with this youthful femme. Though she remains genuinely affectionate at all times, and is never even impolite, Amelia swiftly divests the former power broker of all other companions, interests, and any indulgences or pleasures – except for those coinciding with satisfying her own rabid demands.

Her demands are as irresistible as they are insatiable. And soon the lady of the manse extorts absolute authority over his sex life, including and especially his orgasms. Charles finds himself suffering acutely and yet willingly consenting to increasingly demeaning domination.

From bondage and servitude, through ejaculation restriction and feminization, he finds his favors shared with first the household help and then with his mistress-wife’s Slut-fucker’s Club – all while his own permitted fulfillments continuously diminish. Any rebellion leads to worsened coercion. Inevitably, he’s being driven toward some unthinkably deprived, depraved and degraded destiny.

Hog-Tied & Electrified 

Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

Another hard-hitting, no-holds-barred collection of Slut-Boy Stories, as beautiful, buxom, power-hungry females seduce and subject their willing or not-so-willing boyfriends, husbands, clients and lovers.

The collection begins... Uninterested in conventional sex, a raven haired bombshell keeps her hubby locked in a chastity belt, and after some rough anal, forces him to watch hog-tied as she masturbates in a cruel Bathtub Torment. She may be just a college freshman, but Jenae knows how to torment her high-school sweetheart with everything from pain, hot wax, cigarettes, ice, Atomic balm, electroshock and more, as her dutiful boyfriend faces Dorm Room Doom. Then Janae returns with her soccer pal, Trisha, in Dorm Room Done, where in an act of revenge, she wakes her boyfriend in the middle of the night for a torturous enema and a double fuck. And in Bought And Paid For, a turned-on needy male gets his fondest wish when he throws a party for three high-flying femmes, giving them the right to torture him all night long - any way they want! Better be Careful What You Wish For... this submissive male learns a hard lesson, when he asks his hot-looking nurse Linda for sex - turns out she's a hard-core dominant, who's more than happy to show him some fun with bondage, whipping, hard anal and electroshock. Then it's a Honeymoon Horror, when Corey's new bride gives him a surprise he never expected. Seems there can be only 'one' cock in this marriage... now Corey can expect a lifetime of service, denial, arousal and frustration at this hands of the devious beauty. It's an extreme regime, an Automated Agony of fists, whips, shock and anal torture, when this sub male's wife sends him to an institute that specialized in his freaky desires. Then finally, Girls Will Be Girls, when 18 year olds Alyssa and Briana gang-up on a helpless - but willing - male, with plans to torture, feminize and enslave him as their own personal Slut-boy.