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March 27, 2015

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Two Femdoms For Your Weekend!

The Spanked Into Submission Collection by Lee Allen


Gretel's Game: Seduction, Power & Female Dominance by King X Key

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

 Gretel's Game: Seduction, Power & Female Dominance


Author: King X Key

Category: Femdom

Putting men on their knees is clearly Gretel’s specialty, and with such power, it would seem that this Dominant Female can get anything she wants from the men she exploits and dominates.

On top of her game in a series of clever power plays with the men in her life, Casper, Kurt and Sidney, Gretel leaves them humiliated and a whole lot poorer as she connives to strip them of their assets.

However, Gretel’s game begins to unravel when she can’t indulge in sexual sadism – her victim Kurt’s too willing to accept her torture! Meanwhile, arch nemesis, Jessica Noble, tries to steal him from her. In other matters, Gretel’s about to inherit a multimillion-dollar business conglomerate from her late husband—but his family is contesting the will. And if that’s not enough, Sidney and his henchman, Bruiser, conspire to molest her – in a move that could threaten her life.

While Gretel seems undeterred by these setbacks, has she taken on more than she can handle? Will she be bested in her schemes? Or will this ruthless female prevail, subjugating men for fun, profit, a little revenge … along with the sexual thrills she thrives on?

The Spanked Into Submission Collection


Author: Lee Allen

Category: Femdom

Take a wild journey into the world of Female Domination with these Sizzling hot tales.

This unique collection begins with the five short stories that inspired the author’s novel, Obedience Training of the Stepford Men: Pain, Humiliation, & Change. In Spanked Into Submission Bruce has one too many one-night stands and ends up being swatted into submission on a public beach, stripped of his possessions, and taken to an off-campus house where he becomes a sex slave to ten sexy coeds. Then in Ad Man, Tom has a bad habit of beating up other guys in front of their dates, that is, until he’s set-up with a female wrestler who totally dominates him in public. And In A Young Man’s Six Week Journey into Slavery, Rob Benson is caught stealing a chalice from a church as part of his initiation into the Rangers Motorcycle Club. He agrees to stand in a ‘sinner’s box’ in front of the congregation in lieu of dealing with the police, but ends up with a lot more than he ever bargained for from the Reverend and his sadistic daughters. Also Human Fountain and The Young Doorman, and three new bonus stories. Bobbie's Submissive, Jackson Cheats & Pays, and On The Edge.

Confessions of a Bad Submissive


Author: Summer Sterling

Category: Maledom

You’ll laugh. You’ll shake your head in disbelief. You’ll wonder how in the world Summer Sterling got the idea she could ever submit to a man full time.  “Confessions of a Bad Submissive” is the true account of Summer’s ten-year struggle to earn the right to call herself a fully surrendered woman.  At times tragic, at times hilariously funny, this tell-all memoir  is a refreshingly honest account of the challenges of service and surrender to a man year after year, seven days a week—well, every day she can pull it off, that is. Unlike other accounts you may have read of women committed to lifestyle submission, Ms. Sterling has no problem admitting to often being  clueless, frustrated, naïve, inconsistent, stubborn, impetuous, overly dramatic  and any combination of the above. Join her and her long-suffering Master on their bumpy road to 24/7 D/s.  You’ll say time and time again, “Oh no she didn’t!”  

Dark Whispers in the Night


Author: Wayne C. Rogers

Category: Femdom

Wayne C. Rogers, author of the erotic/horror novel, The House of Blood, which is published by Pink Flamingo, is back with a superb collection of short stories that run the gamut of kinky erotica to erotica with a supernatural horror theme, Dark Whispers of the Night and the Sharp Crack of the Whip.   Revisit the infamous estate in The House of Blood with the short stories “The House on Palomino Lane” and “The Last Nightmare”.  If you enjoy reading about bloodsucking vampires, there are the stories “Angelique” and “The House of Pain” where even the most horrific creatures of the night have a kinky side to their insatiable nature.  For straight out submissive husbands, their dominant wives, and cuckolding to the extreme, try out “The Making of a Submissive Husband”, “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “The Essence of Love.”  These short pieces of fiction, along with five others, will have you hot and begging for more.  Along with the twelve short stories is a preview of the newest erotic/horror novel, Morgana, which is due in late 2015.  There are also notes on each story and how they came to be written.  If you dare, take the journey into Dark Whispers of the Night and the Sharp Crack of the Whip and find out your true nature.  

The Storyteller


Author: D.P. Adamov

Category: Maledom

Storyteller is an uncanny combination of horror tales and erotic spanking literature. The Twilight Zone meets Fifty  Shades of Gray.

Carla is a producer of erotic spanking films and books, yet the hidden source to her fame lie sin a mysterious set of match covers. When a crusading do-it-yourself  evangelist condemns her starting an adult store in a small Ohio community,  the pair  meet and when discovering Carla's secrets, her nemesis gets more than he bargained for.

Vampires, demons, mad women, aliens and cursed paintings all have stories to tell in ten tales of erotic horror. The best of adult discipline emerges too with old reliable implements such as the belt, the paddle,  the hairbrush and more. Emotions run high, the screams are many and the bottoms are red.

When Carla's critic learns the haunted background of her success, his own ghosts come back to torment him.  In the end, poetic justice is seen, with the accuser becomes the accused and has some hidden fetish interests of his own.

Storyteller offers just the right amount of sex, spanking scenes and story line to make a great read in a highly original setting. 

Phoenyx: Flesh & Fire


Author: Morgana Blackrose

Category: General

Old Berlin, the late 1970s.

As a somewhat innocent and hopeful girl of twenty-one years old, Phoenyx applies for a job as a stripper in the Kitty Klub of Old Berlin, a venue with a long and respected history of adult entertainment. New in town and in need of rent money and friends, Phoenyx soon finds both among the other entertainers and regulars at the Klub – and much more besides.

Along the way, she slides from one breathless erotic experience to the next: from her first lesbian and group encounters with the flirty Olivia, to her first taste of transgender sex with the feisty and fiery hermaphrodite Honey, Phoenyx experiences the full range of tease, love and lust, including a walk on the darker side of desire with her frustrated and dominant landlady, and passing encounters with just about anyone she takes a fancy to. All the while developing her on-stage persona as she gradually becomes the performer she's always longed to be, thrilling her audiences and her colleagues alike. But as her ambitions are gradually realised, can she also find true happiness within the whirlwind world of adult cabaret – and whatever would her mother say if she found out about it all?

Ship of Remorse


Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Lesbian

A bored farm girl, Alexi, heads for NYC where she soon finds herself pregnant. Responding to an ad offering medical assistance for wayward girls, Alexi becomes a passenger aboard the ship of Dr. Helga, a notorious lesbian gynecologist. Yes, Alexi receives ‘care’, but she’s forced to perform the most humiliating of acts for the entertainment of Dr. Helga’s libertine passengers. Once released, she seeks employment at a swanky strip club but the manager decides that her ability to lactate and a complete lack of self-respect are suited for seedy peep shows. Later, she takes a position as a ‘wet nurse’ for an ailing wealthy octogenarian, and finds herself under complete feminine domination.

The Harem


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

Jeremy, an aspiring writer of erotica, is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, after a complete nervous breakdown. Late at night in his hospital room, Jeremy writes an elaborate sexual fantasy called, “The Harem” which tells the story of three women, Cynthia, Sapphire and Evelyn, reflections of three actual patients in Jeremy’s therapy group.

After making no progress for several weeks, Dr. Chantelle Bichon is assigned to Jeremy’s case. There is an immediate sexual tension between Dr. Bichon and her handsome silent patient. After weaving Dr. Bichon into the plot of his story, Jeremy opens up to the psychiatrist and shows her the erotic novel he’s been working on.

At first Dr. Bichon thinks the novel doesn’t exist and the patient is delusional, but when she realizes “The Harem” is real, the psychiatrist finds herself drawn emotionally closer and more sexually attracted to this complex man. By analyzing the novel and though intensive therapy with her patient, Dr. Bichon searches for the missing piece of the puzzle which may lead Jeremy back to mental health.