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February 27, 2015

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Phoenyx: Flesh & Fire - Erotic Memoirs of a Striptease Artist

by Morgana Blackrose

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Phoenyx: Flesh & Fire


Author: Morgana Blackrose

Category: General

Old Berlin, the late 1970s.

As a somewhat innocent and hopeful girl of twenty-one years old, Phoenyx applies for a job as a stripper in the Kitty Klub of Old Berlin, a venue with a long and respected history of adult entertainment. New in town and in need of rent money and friends, Phoenyx soon finds both among the other entertainers and regulars at the Klub – and much more besides.

Along the way, she slides from one breathless erotic experience to the next: from her first lesbian and group encounters with the flirty Olivia, to her first taste of transgender sex with the feisty and fiery hermaphrodite Honey, Phoenyx experiences the full range of tease, love and lust, including a walk on the darker side of desire with her frustrated and dominant landlady, and passing encounters with just about anyone she takes a fancy to. All the while developing her on-stage persona as she gradually becomes the performer she's always longed to be, thrilling her audiences and her colleagues alike. But as her ambitions are gradually realised, can she also find true happiness within the whirlwind world of adult cabaret – and whatever would her mother say if she found out about it all?

Ship of Remorse


Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Lesbian

A bored farm girl, Alexi, heads for NYC where she soon finds herself pregnant. Responding to an ad offering medical assistance for wayward girls, Alexi becomes a passenger aboard the ship of Dr. Helga, a notorious lesbian gynecologist. Yes, Alexi receives ‘care’, but she’s forced to perform the most humiliating of acts for the entertainment of Dr. Helga’s libertine passengers. Once released, she seeks employment at a swanky strip club but the manager decides that her ability to lactate and a complete lack of self-respect are suited for seedy peep shows. Later, she takes a position as a ‘wet nurse’ for an ailing wealthy octogenarian, and finds herself under complete feminine domination.

The Harem


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

Jeremy, an aspiring writer of erotica, is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, after a complete nervous breakdown. Late at night in his hospital room, Jeremy writes an elaborate sexual fantasy called, “The Harem” which tells the story of three women, Cynthia, Sapphire and Evelyn, reflections of three actual patients in Jeremy’s therapy group.

After making no progress for several weeks, Dr. Chantelle Bichon is assigned to Jeremy’s case. There is an immediate sexual tension between Dr. Bichon and her handsome silent patient. After weaving Dr. Bichon into the plot of his story, Jeremy opens up to the psychiatrist and shows her the erotic novel he’s been working on.

At first Dr. Bichon thinks the novel doesn’t exist and the patient is delusional, but when she realizes “The Harem” is real, the psychiatrist finds herself drawn emotionally closer and more sexually attracted to this complex man. By analyzing the novel and though intensive therapy with her patient, Dr. Bichon searches for the missing piece of the puzzle which may lead Jeremy back to mental health.

The Adam & Eve Trilogy


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

The Awakening of Laura introduces an unhappily married woman, trapped by her life and religious beliefs, is drawn to Stephen, a spiritually conflicted man. In an attempt to convert Stephen back to her faith, Laura visits Stephen at his place of work, an underground theater called The Adam and Eve Club. Laura witnesses a scene of sexual bondage and finds herself struggling between her faith and sexuality.

Bella Lisa & Her Beast tells the story of Phillipe Williamson’s obsession with Bella Lisa Mauricio. Phillipe blackmails Bella Lisa by agreeing to bail out her father after his financial loss for a week alone with her as his submissive. To her surprise, she grows sexually and emotionally attracted to Phillipe after several highly charged sexual encounters. After suffering severe disfigurement,

Phillipe feels insecure with Bella Lisa and is unable to engage in intimacy with her in the beginning of The Phantom Phillipe. While at her new job, she meets Raoul Martinez and quickly acts upon their mutual attraction. Bella Lisa realizes she needs to make the hardest decision of her life; between married life with Raoul or forbidden pleasures only Phillipe can provide.

Virtuoso Femdom for Manicured Hands


Author: M.J. Rennie

Category: Femdom

Opening the volume is a tantalizing tale of tease and denial, administered by the strong, slender hands of a strict Mistress-Wife, in Permanent Rod. A kiss is just a kiss? Not when it’s something more besides, as the story Love and Kisspits deliciously demonstrates. Two dominant women take their submissive men to a remote cabin for an intimate private holiday, as In The Ozarks recounts an unforgettable weekend.

Enter Michaelene is a prequel to several previous stories. He doesn’t know it yet, but a man’s submissive older lover is about to be replaced by a younger, dominant woman who better meets his particular needs. An attorney takes the case of an inmate in a women’s prison because she promises him the Loving Female Authority he has always craved in Lucky Girl. The Sexagenarians celebrates the emergence of a new kind of relationship, while a remarkable woman enjoys second-chance romance in the mid-21st century.

These stories and more show why M. J. Rennie ranks among our most gifted practitioners of Femdom erotica.

Paula & Her Professor


Author: Charles Graham

Category: Maledom

Unlike her younger student classmates, Paula Bailey is prepared to argue that her theories are equally as valid as those of her Professor and is challenged to prove her claims by taking part in a summer-long experiment to be conducted by him.

Unwilling to back down and lose face, she accepts  his challenge and at the end of Spring term, finds herself in a situation far beyond her experience...and even farther beyond her control....

At the remote, totally secure location selected by Professor Goss, Paula is unable to escape or resist the conditioning and submission imposed on her by his incredible experiments and as the weeks speed by, she learns that he has much more in mind than simply testing her theory.

Will she be able to defy his machines and his plans for her future.....and by the time the Summer break is over, will she even want to...?

Lizbeth's Lesbian Collection


Author: Lizbeth Dusseau

Category: Femdom

Demise of the Diva: Patrick Penny Investigations – brainchild of intrepid lesbian P.I.s Leslie Patrick and Robin Penny – takes on a really hot case: the murder of the notorious Diva Felicia Roman. The circumstances of the crime lead the pair on an excursion through the leatherdyke underground, where motives—and desires—run deep. But as Leslie and Robin soon find, every woman harbors her own closely guarded secret…

Pagan Dreams: Female lovers Cassidy and Peach quit the city for the summer, traveling north to The Edge, a B&B playground for sexually open-minded women, run by an experienced Female Dominant, Tasia.

Wanting Peach for herself, Tasia lures her from Cassidy. While the angry Cassidy waits for Peach to return to her, she finds her own dominant tendencies are brought from hiding as she’s seduced by the mysterious waif, Analise. Cruelly taking this innocent initiate through bondage, whipping, anal probing and other S&M tortures. Yet only the Midsummer Madness and a stunning confrontation with Tasia gives Cassidy the fulfillment she desires.

Alaya's Assignments


Author: Everett Bedford

Category: Maledom

Alaya, a half Latina, half Japanese college student, listens enthralled to visiting professor Hidieki Hokai, a master of many mysterious Oriental arts. Her heart beats fast, her sex quickens, soon she's thinking of sex with this amazing man. After the lecture, she follows him to the docks, where Hokai confronts her. He takes her to a restaurant that caters to his privacy. There he demonstrates to Alaya that his world is one of obedience, discipline, and mastery. She is ravished, is introduced to submission and engages in a sexual experience beyond her imagination. It is as if she has been prepared for this all her life, without realizing.

She obeys Hokai's every word, and is thrilled when she pleases him. She quickly agrees to learn from him, to do exactly as she is told and be trained by this mystifying man. To prove her obedience, Alaya is ordered to seduce a friend and bring her to the ship where Hokai lives. Though tentative in a lesbian role, Alaya's seduction of Lisa goes well. However, while at the docks looking for Hokai's ship, the pair are swept up by brutal dock workers who abuse the naive females. Though Hokai soon intervenes, the ship sails for Japan with Alaya and Lisa as its captives. Alaya's training continues, with discipline bordering on torture, terrifying breath-play and shibari suspension bondage.