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August 28, 2014

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

 A Woman's Servant: The Second Semester

Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Femdom

The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance. Sensory deprivation breaks the will and, though harsh, a delighted owner transforms her naked servant into a thoroughly pliant and willing purveyor of sexual delight... for all genders. As with all Chris Bellows novels, we warn the readers that this book is not for the timid, first-timer to Female Domination. Mr. Bellows has the gift of description in his books; so much so, that you feel every snip, every slit and every, single ounce of pain the poor servant is put through.

The Long Day of Revenge


Author: D.P. Adamov

Category: Maledom

The Long Day of Revenge is like no  erotic novel ever written. The creation of newcomer, D.P. Adamov, this story of Manolo Garza boils down to a dramatic bullfight in the border town of Nogales, Mexico, where his life comes to a climax that could be fatal.  He faces a bull named Gaditano he has been obsessed with killing, ever since an encounter three years before  on a ranch that nearly left for dead. He faces his own sexual desires and a fixation with discipline that has cost him his marriage. He faces a final battle with himself  and not just the elements. His long planned Day  of Revenge could be his last. His only hope is a message from dreams, where a gypsy woman has predicted they way to avoid his fate. "In the midst of death, you must find life."

In the bullring, Garza reigns supreme, but away form the circle of sand his life is a disaster.  Torn between his fascination with a Nogales  prostitute who allows him to fulfill every fetish he holds dear and a wife who reluctantly endures spanking after spanking  to satisfy his desires until he can take no more, Manolo sees his world crumble before him.  The love triangle threatens to expand and explode, possibly destroying all three participants.

Garza seems convinced that after his Long Day of revenge, where he in fact kills Gaditano, he will be able to regain  his life and sanity. From there, he will be able to set right all the damage he has done to those around him? But will he live long enough? There are no guarantees Gaditano will allow him to  escape unpunished.

Captive of the Midnight Vixens

Author: Roger Hastings

Category: Femdom

Hiking into the mountains of Transylvania, Roy Travis stumbles on Valeska, a young woman suffering a sprained ankle. Helping her back home to a huge, forbidding mansion, he waits for a storm to pass. He dines with Valeska, her twelve very odd sisters, and Karel, the estate manager. Joining Karel for an after dinner drink, he drifts into a drugged sleep and later awakens bound to a bed, being sexually teased by one of the sisters. When he reports the incident, he's told he must be dreaming.

But the strange goings-on continue. He sees the sweet maid Rozalia abused by Mara, a sadistic housekeeper, then accompanies Karel as he hunts the woods for wolves, using a rifle with silver bullets. Soon afraid for his life, he tries to leave, but is stopped by Karel and Mara, who take him to the basement where he's stripped and locked in a cell. He learns then that Valeska and her sisters keep many men prisoner there, to service them sexually and satisfy their vampire appetites. He, too, will succumb to the will of these beauties at a cruel banquet where the sisters will torture him and drink his blood.

As the abuse becomes more cruel, he learns that even Karel is subject to these wicked femmes. Thrown together in their misery, Roy falls in love with the maid Rozalia and they dream of escaping. But is there any hope for these hapless lovers, or the other imprisoned victims of this nightmare?

Beyond the Black Curtain


Author: Hayley White

Category: Maledom

Whips, chains, and genuinely masterful men are merely the stuff of fantasy stories, such as the one Ever is writing. That’s what Ever thinks—before her chance encounter with the charming and worldly Stroud. When he presses his card into her hand, Ever can’t resist the temptation to step beyond the threshold of his dark realm. Under Stroud’s meticulous domination, Ever begins to realize the happiness that has eluded her, but she’s not prepared for the uncharted territory ahead. When Stroud introduces the brash, young Brooke into the relationship, Ever must quickly adapt, as the fantasy of domination by two masters becomes reality. Stroud embarks on a strict training program to prepare Ever to accommodate the younger man’s brutish assaults, but this young master’s tendency toward violence drives Ever to the brink. Stroud and Brooke find themselves in a struggle, not only to keep Ever from leaving the triad, but to be the one who ultimately secures her devotion. As the plot of Ever’s own novel unfolds, there appears to be a shift in power and the leanings of her heart.

Tales of Male Submission

Author: Rose Thornwell

Category: Femdom

What do a philandering husband, a male chauvinist redneck and a Latin American dictator all have in common? They're all about to fall into the Fem Zone; a world of beautiful domineering women with eerie, sexy powers. Revenge ends in mutual pleasure, however as man learns to find his bliss in submission. This startling collection of Femdom fiction includes a healthy assortment of earth bound babes, ready to put their men down in a most satisfying way... as well as a shape shifting witch, a band of nubile forest nymphs, and a race of alien hussies who give new meaning to the term 'anal probe.' Stories include...

In Max's Cure, a female doctor's radical brand of therapy has life-altering implications for a frustrated and lonely submissive... while a new stripper learns the ropes - the timeless game of humiliating and dominating men for cash in Lap Dance. And in Like MotherLike Daughter,a middle aged dominatrix bridges the generation gap when she teaches her coed daughter how to handle a two timing boyfriend... Then a smug 'dominant' becomes obsessed with a frail creature he meets at a BDSM gathering - The Munch. Unable to take no for an answer, he follows her home and gets the surprise of his life...

The Chris Bellows' Collection

Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Femdom

Featuring Collared & Leashed and Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet, A D/s Divorce

Collared & Leashed

The unsuspecting subordinate male, Willie, is talked into playing a cuddly canine at a party, entertainment for a girl allergic to the real thing. Little does he know how far Lenore, who hires him for the role, and her Female Dominant friend Nancy will go to see him turned into their new 'pet'. A mask... body paint... collar and leash... testicles swinging freely, this is no mere doggy outfit 

It's not long before Willie becomes an outright toy for the amusement of women with indifference and explicit disdain for the male gender. Yes, 'Willie' the human dog is forced to serve in his special costume as he is walked, disciplined and house broken for the sadistic pleasure of women who enjoy the company of the male ... but, of course, only when properly bound.

 Becoming Miss Ashley's Pet, A D/s Divorce

Charles Barrington, an ambitious attorney, plots to extract millions from a wealthy young woman. He is bright, yet too impatient to labor in impoverishment while the answer to his quest for financial comfort appears to lie with a client of his firm, Ashley Duval, the heiress to a huge fortune. Barrington romances her and seeks courtship solely for money, eventually marrying the lovely young woman. But unbeknownst Charles, Ms. Duval stays one step ahead of his scheming plot. This seemingly innocent heiress has certain genetic inclinations that cause her to strive for the subjugation of the male.

Switches Dilemma


Author: T.E. Evanson

Category: General

Janet and Edward’s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches’ Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous. This leads them all to experimenting with – and enjoying – their bisexual natures, which results in increasing their kinky opportunities and experiencing erotic thrills none of them had expected.

When they meet and play with a wealthy, bisexual, Dominant couple whose home has a fully-equipped dungeon, their erotic lifestyle rises to a whole new level. Everyone in Switches’ Delight is thrilled to expand their sexual repertoire while investigating new aspects of Dominance and submission.

Edward and Janet’s love for one another and their mutual desire to explore and experience the amazing sexual thrills they have sampled lead them to one erotic adventure after another. They and their friends discover that the more they pursue their kinky natures, the more exciting the results they enjoy. The thrills of sexual submission are complemented by the pleasures of erotic domination, and the dilemma of balancing the two presents a delightful series of sexual scenes.

Redemption For Two


Author: Tobias Tanner

Category: Maledom

The pivot points in life are not always dramatic, but they can be. It happens that way for Mickey McCord, who sets himself on a new path with a single act of violence. Born of frustration and outrage, this moment provides a sense of purpose that he has never truly felt before. And it gives him back some self-respect. However, it’s just the first step.

Taking control is a cumulative effort involving all facets of Mickey’s life. The learning curve is steep and occasionally painful, but he must take responsibility for his failures of the past. It is no longer acceptable for him to be the charming boy he has always been, letting things slide and waiting for a better day. People depend on him and he has let them down. There is repair work to be done. Lots of it.

Especially with his wife.

Surprise Visit

Author: Austin Alexander

Category: Femdom

In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and gorgeous twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia during a treacherous summer storm, one month into the summer break.   His girlfriend, Abigail, immediately recognizes the danger of his arrival and pleads with him to leave.  Bewildered, Evandro heeds her advice, but not before getting a taste of the danger his girlfriend so greatly feared for him.  After his hasty departure, he was thought to be safely away, but fate had other plans for the beautiful boy. Escape from the family web of female domination would not be so easy.

Over the next five days, Evandro increasingly sees and experiences the odd and perverted lifestyle from which Abigail had so desperately tried to shield him.  The Brazilian is introduced to bondage, forced masturbation, chastity, whippings, cock and ball torture and strap-on penetration.  As he is put through sexual tribulations, the young stud finds himself oddly enjoying aspects of his ordeal.  He is left alone to grapple with the conflict between fleeing to safety and the budding desire to further explore the possibilities of a thrilling new lifestyle.

The mystery of Abigail's homestead thickens when a nocturnal visitor silently slips into his bed each night to have her way with the Brazilian.  Inexplicably, Evandro finds that initially, he's chained to the bed, but several nights in, he is left unrestrained, trusted not to follow his visitor upon her exit. 

Evandro delves further into the household mystery by secretly visiting forbidden parts of the farm.  He is horrified when he discovers the truth about what lies in the darkest corner of the barn.  If he doesn't escape soon, this truth could be his future as well.

With a momentary clarity of mind,  Evandro attempts a daring escape to avoid a lifetime of sexual slavery to Abigail’s family.  But the Brazilian model quickly learns that escape does not necessarily mean freedom