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July 3, 2015

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Hannah & The Dom Next Door by BJ Wane

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Hannah & The Dom Next Door


Author: BJ Wane

Category: Erotic Romance

Erotic Spanking Romance. Mitch Burnett wishes he hadn’t promised his neighbor he’d look in on his niece (an Amish widow) while she’s house sitting for the summer. He’s sure she’ll be a prudish pain in the ass. But Hannah is not what he expects. Her full curves, pretty face and innocent demeanor take him off guard. To keep his lust in check, he keeps his distance. However, he’s unprepared for her unexpected attraction to him.

The closeness of his thickly muscled body brings on sensations Hannah has rarely felt. She brazenly asks Mitch to have sex with her, thinking a one-night stand will put an end to the stimulating feelings. Unable to resist, Mitch tables his more dominant urges for a night with Hannah. But what starts out as a one-time fling turns into a steamy affair. Each time Hannah embraces something new, Mitch discovers he wants more until he finally introduces her to his dominant practices. However, an assault on Hannah and a terrible loss make her question her behavior and send her running back to her roots to find the answers.

The Party Boy


Author: Chris Bellows

Category: Femdom

After Jack is caught peeping at the servants while they’re bathing and dressing, a governess, Miss Kelly, is hired as an answer to such inappropriate behavior. As a strong dominant female presence, and an understanding teacher, she’s knows exactly how to manage unruly boys. Her methods are singular but effective. And, most importantly, Jack will soon learn that his penis belongs to her, and she’ll soon control him in every possible way.

Follow the travails of Miss Kelly’s ward as she nurtures Jack’s masochism, feeding his penchant for exhibitionism and humiliation.

The Magic Box


Author: Olivia M. Ravensworth

Category: General

Elizabeth has always been a “good girl”—a proper Catholic, shy, uncertain co-ed, and now a devoted and respectable wife. Despite her façade of normalcy, however, Elizabeth seethes inwardly with repressed desires. She guiltily dreams of forbidden acts – lesbian seductions, shameless exhibitionism, bondage, dominance, submission, and depraved orgies. She cannot stop her crazy longings. One night, her husband Bill coaxes her to share her naughty fantasies. Inspired, and with the help of his best friend, a magician named Kyle, Bill arranges a scenario straight from her dirty daydreams: being blindfolded and bound in a perversely compartmentalized “magic box” while Bill’s friends, erect, grinning and wild-eyed, use the helplessly writhing woman as an intimate plaything. It is everything Elizabeth has dreamed of, and more. Once a former good girl has plummeted so deeply into degradation and debauchery, can there ever be any going back? The hesitant wife at last consents to join her husband and his friend in founding a secret sex club – The Magic Box. 

Warrior's Possession


Author: Gianna Simone

Category: Maledom

Upon her father’s death, Lady Gillian Marlowe is ordered by the King to wed Royce Langley, the Earl of Montchester. Worried she is being offered up as a sacrifice in a political game, Gillian is surprised to find herself intrigued by her arrogant, infuriating husband. He, in turn, is fascinated but incensed by the defiant Gillian, who refuses to give up political secrets. To keep her in line, he spanks her, binds her to his bed and dominates her with tormenting sexual games. Still, it’s not enough to subdue her determination to defend her home and people. While Royce has sworn never to fall for a woman’s wiles, his wife captivates him and stirs a desire deeper than any he has ever known. Trusting her is another matter – and she just might be his downfall. As rebel attacks increase, Gillian falls under suspicion as the traitor. If there is any hope for them to save each other, Royce must overcome his mistrust and find a way to maintain his possession of Gillian as they battle the enemies both within and without.

The Sweet Wife Series


Author: Charles Arnold

Category: Maledom

As Maureen recoils from the beastly brute, Travis demands they go to the bedroom where she performs for him, and becomes increasingly aroused. A wild orgasm follows that leaves her shaken. Though Maureen vows never to see him again, she’s unable to resist his powerful allure. Her poor cuckolded husband has no way to win her back when Travis sends her to The Captain, who will turn her into a whore for wealthy black men. But will she stoop so low as to bring along her blonde, virgin sister for him to use? Though sickened by her own behavior, the lust-driven Maureen is on the verge of giving up everything to become Travis’s woman. The Sweet Wife II Dressed to kill, in sexy clothes and extreme high-heels, Maureen is taken to a bar where she attracts the attention of the rich and powerful Big Daddy. And he wants her sister too! Maureen cannot help but rebel against the brutal and demeaning sex she’s required to perform with men she both despises and craves. Enter the fearsome General Suka and his dangerous methods of torture. When her life is at stake, will she surrender to the horrific acts he demands?

Mommy Must Spank


Author: Imelda Stark

Category: Femdom

Jacob is a handsome, successful lawyer – a desirable catch, except that in he can only get truly aroused by the thought of being spanked by a pretty but severe and powerful woman.  Yet, such kinkiness is out of the question if Jacob plans on being a judge. Enter his new paralegal, Hattie, who’s slender, pretty and challenging, in a teasing sort of way. He finds himself obsessed with her. Their first date leads to great sex – that ends with Hattie staring him down, asking: “Jacob, have you been a very bad boy?” It’s not long before he’s over her lap and treated to the longest, most thorough spanking of his life, ending in an orgasm between her trim thighs that rocks his world. Jacob is ushered by his increasingly domineering Mistress into a universe of erotic intensity in which her careful attentions to his naked rear end form the centerpiece of a sexual maelstrom that leaves him constantly longing for more.

The Memoir of Veronica Wells


Author: Paul Preston

Category: Maledom

The pretty, well-endowed Veronica Wells works at Hooters in Tucson while saving money for nursing school. She and restaurant manager Richie Stone are soon dating, heading down the road to marriage when she gets into a serious car accident. While unconscious in the hospital, Veronica’s repressed erotic fantasies come vividly to life in the form of an elaborate fantasy with Dane Smith, her shy and handsome caregiver. In her sexual dream, Dane is a military officer, Veronica his willing submissive. Scenes of bondage, domination, public nudity, spanking, and various sexual encounters with Dane abound. Soon she signs a contract for life as Dane’s sex slave, and performs public sex acts on stage and in private with patrons at the “new” Club Veronica. When Veronica wakes from her coma, she finds nurse Dane fondling her breasts and ass in the middle of the night. Her vivid sex dream suddenly returns. Will she go through with the marriage to Richie or will she choose to live out her forbidden fantasies?

A Very Unusual Present to Myself


Author: S.M. Ackerman

Category: Maledom

With a compelling desire to be punished, Mary (as a birthday treat to herself) contacts a Dominant she finds through a kinky magazine advertisement. She meets with “Sir” for her first dose of corporal punishment, and very soon finds herself falling under the total control of this discipline master.

However, “Sir” has his own ideas with regards to Mary’s future, along with his own methods of ensuring her obedience to his will. Mary becomes part of his household and her master’s expanding stable of slave girls. When jealousy between slaves rears its ugly head, hard decisions need to be made, along with some painful consequences. Eventually, Mary is sent to “The College” for training, where she’s placed under the strict control of a highly experienced madam and turned into a ponygirl.