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May 22, 2015

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Two Hot Books For The 22nd!

Confessions of a Dream Whore by Raven Wildwood


On A Short Leash by Lindsay Ross

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Enjoy our newest releases in paperback and ebook format:

Confessions of a Dream Whore


Author: Raven Wildwood

Category: Maledom

In the future, the world falls into a patriarchal society, where women are delegated into menial roles to oblige the men.  A new invention is created to serve the Seniors, the ruling class, a monitor which allows them to connect with a beautiful woman and experience lurid, sexual dreams with her.

Fiery Tempest is one such woman. She rebels against her fate, all the while knowing that worse awaits her should she fail in her duties. Existing only to serve the Seniors, she despairs of ever living a full, normal life. Only her lover, Kitten, brings her any happiness.

When an accident befalls Kitten, Tempest realizes that she can no longer live this way. And when she’s introduced to a new Senior, Joaquin Randolph, and her cold heart begins to thaw. Is it possible that he’ll save her from bondage, or is she condemned to a life of sexual servitude, existing only to fulfill the will of powerful men?

On A Short Leash: Creatures of Servitude


Author: Lindsay Ross

Category: Maledom

Two lovely and impressionable young females, Chrissie and Susannah, find themselves lured into the world of submission and servitude. Eventually, they'll be trained as human canines, subjected to a strict regimen, profound humiliation and a unique breeding program. Susannah is sent by her parents to the Septimus Grey Academy where corporal punishment is part of the curriculum. She is soon taking some hard licks from Andy Scates and his colleague, the formidable young Emma Holman. Chrissie, meanwhile, is seduced by the same dishy Andy Scates, who will make this willing young woman obediently crawl at his feet and call him master. Andy makes her have sex with an old bum, then give head to three hot studs, and finally sends her off to do nasty porn flicks. When Andy moves Emma into his flat she quickly becomes "Mistress Emma" to the submissive Chrissie.

While Chrissie is taking orders from Emma at home, Susannah finds herself subjected to the ruthless whims of that very same martinet at the Academy. Punishment benches, pillories, gags, bondage and rough humiliation in the school gym soon turn Susannah into a groveling slave to this amazing female.

What neither woman realizes is that they are being painstakingly trained as sex slaves, their passion for submission about to take some shocking turns. Their paths will cross at a training facility where they will take the next step in servitude. They'll become no more than canine bitches who serve for the amusement of the masters and mistresses that own them.

Boy Next Door


Author: Lance Edwards

Category: Femdom

For Claire, a repressed housewife living a sham sex life, the boy next door offers an opportunity too good to pass up. Raised by religious zealots in an ultra-conservative enclave, Claire’s shyness and low self-image have led her into a dreary ‘camouflage’ marriage with a closeted gay man.

Still a virgin at twenty-five, she masturbates to vengeful fantasies about the schoolboy studs who always ignored her. Imagine her mortified surprise to find that her hunky eighteen-year-old neighbor has his own secret life! Seems he’s a peeping tom, a voyeur long obsessed with her! While he’s been doing lawn work, he’s been spying on her! The ungrateful pervert!

However, all this makes the hapless Brian a perfect candidate for some creative payback by an eager Claire. She confronts the boy with what she’s learned about his secret life, and so begins an incredible clandestine affair – one devoted exclusively to Claire living out her angry fantasies. Trading incremental intimacies for punishment, she explores her emerging sexuality while addicting her willing slave to discipline and submission.

In the course of this dalliance with dominance, Claire begins to shed her repressive upbringing. Her appearance improves – she’d pretty damn sexy now! And her confidence grows. But can she develop the self-respect to stand up to her judgmental parents and peers? She’d better. For the far more radical changes in the once-star running back next door are becoming impossible to ignore!

Vanishing Virgins


Author: Roger Hastings

Category: Maledom

Moments before her wedding, the young bride, Edith Odette, is swept from the chapel by unknown assailants. The proud but whimpering daughter of a London judge is held captive at a mansion in a remote corner of Scotland. She’s bound in chains; her clothes cut from her body; and after she’s whipped, she’s forcibly taken by the treacherous Dr. Valentine and his crude associates. While Edith prays for rescue, Victorian London’s most famous detective, Edward Rand, is contacted by the Queen to investigate the disappearance of several beautiful young women – all daughters from London’s most aristocratic families. There are no ransom demands, and Rand suspects that the girls have been abducted by his archenemy, Dr. Valentine. If he is unable to rescue them, the luckless beauties will be sold to white slavers. Edward and his associate are soon hot on their trail, even as another beauty, Violet Worthington, has been abducted by the unscrupulous Doctor. As he trains his girls to serve the sexual needs of men, Hastings details graphic scenes of cruel bondage, terrifying punishment and (non-consensual) sexual surrender. A Stirring plot, well-drawn characters – everything to titillate readers who love the extremes of S&M erotica.

African Holiday


Author: Paula S. Erikson

Category: Femdom

The young blue-eyed blond Ian agrees to go on holiday to North Africa with his good friend Phillip. While there, Phillip persuades him to visit a bordello for a night of sex. Little do they realise the consequences of that visit.

The handsome , still virgin Ian gets the best girl in the brothel for his first amazing sexual encounter. Though she gives him his money’s worth, there’s a whole lot more in store than Ian bargained for. She sits on his face and makes him lick her until he’s gagged by the girl’s clit. Ian has no idea that in this exotic country, a blue-eyed blond man is a valuable find. Sure enough, the bordello’s Madame has designs on him that will change his life forever.

While still under the spell of the sexy whore, Ian is trussed up and transported to the owner’s private zoo, where he’s caged and put on display for her friends, just like another of the wild animals she owns. Later, while on a trip away from the compound with the Madame, Ian is kidnapped and winds up with a tribe of females, where he’s used as a maid, and forced to indulge in a host of sexual acts – including bondage, whipping, feminisation CBT and much more. He’s made to satisfy the women or suffer more torture, and when his captors realize that he’s a builder by trade, he’s given the task of building them a new village.

Shutter-Buggered: Women Shattered Under The Lens


Author: JoAnne Wiley

Category: Maledom

Three Sexy Novellas

Victim of a Victimless Crime – Her husband is downsized, the savings gone, and her home on the auction block. Ann is out of options – until a friend suggests one of those 'Office Temp' places; a secretarial service, but with a difference.  And they don't care if you can type! The idea is humiliating, going against everything she holds dear…but the money is good to pass up.

Everything works out fine and the money rolls in, until someone is blackmailing clients and all eyes turn to Ann. Once her boss has her photographed ‘in the act’, they own her soul and she must work for free. But when one of the girls is murdered, it’s time to fight fire with fire – literally. Fifteen gallons of gasoline and book a matches!

In My Husband's Private Playground, a newly wedded woman takes a provocative photo of herself and makes it into a Valentine for her husband. Great idea at the time. Though the picture eventually disappears, ten years later she learns her husband lost it in a poker game! Now a young man shows up on her doorstep, photo in hand, expecting sexual favors – which leads to a whole new kind of sexual fun.

And in Hard Cover, after a brief affair with the town’s ‘bad boy’, the sexually frustrated librarian Becky sets her sights on a mature, older gentleman who frequents the library. Though he resists her advances, one day she snuggles into his lap and is caught on camera by her biker bad boy, Danny. Danny will return the photos, but only if she agrees to serve beer and sandwiches to his friends wearing nothing more than her high heels. Not about to let Danny get his way, she plots a cunning revenge with the help of a savvy big city girl, who will have no problem taking down the unsuspecting Danny.



Author: Daphne Chennault

Category: Maledom

Sibyl O'Shaughnessy thought she had it all: police chief of a major city, high approval ratings, and a husband (Mike) who kept their bed warm with BDSM and hot sex tricks. However, Sibyl’s life suddenly unravels, when at the end of a hot sex scene, Mike suddenly announces that he wants a divorce. Accusing her of sabotaging his political career, he plans to dump Sibyl for a richer, more well-connected woman.

Unbeknownst to them both, the shrewd and infamous cat burglar, known as “The Blink” is hiding in the dungeon closet, witnessing the entire scene. Once Mike leaves, the thief – who shares their interest in BDSM – reveals himself to Sibyl. He takes over where Mike left off, engaging in a stunning kink ride she’ll never forget. Truth is: she enjoys him more than she does her husband.

Vowing revenge on Mike, Sibyl enlists the help of the burglar, and he’s only too happy to help. The two strike a deal – exchanging the info he has on her husband for more BDSM sex.

As his demands increase, Sibyl finds herself in an all-consuming relationship with a man who satisfies her every need, while fueling a growing hunger for an ever-darker lifestyle. But the thief demands absolute loyalty, even to the betrayal of everything she holds dear. Can a trusted aide save her from herself, or will she become too entangled in her new life of passion and conflicted loyalties to find a way out?

The Artist


Author: Lee Dorsey

Category: General

Adele Noel, daughter of self-made billionaire Reginald Noel, is studying art at a University in Paris. As a confirmed bisexual, she’s enjoyed plenty of sexual encounters with both sexes, during her University years.

Now in her final year, she attends a film class where she views the infamous film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Inspired by this sexually graphic movie, she gives up her own art, and becomes obsessed with launching her own film studio in New York once she graduates. ‘Last Tango’ is kind of movie she wants to produce. She even convinces her father to help bankroll the business.

In the meantime, she takes on numerous lovers. And now, with inspiration from ‘Last Tango’, she adds anal sex to her favorite pastime in several ongoing sexual ‘liaisons’. There’s the beautiful nude model from her art class, her father’s young wife – when he’s out of town on business – as well as several lesbians, including two female professors at the University. Her heterosexual side enjoys romps with male students, the professor advising her on her graduate thesis, a 42 year old unemployed actor, and the male sub belonging to the art class model. As her love for anal sex grows, Adele finds anal with men an ultimate spiritual experience in expressing one’s love.