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The Pink Flamingo Publications is an Adult site, intended for Adults over 18 years of age.


By accessing this website, including browsing the content and/or purchasing ebooks, paperbacks or DVDs, you certify that you are an adult, of at least 18-21 years of age, (depending on individual local laws), that it is not illegal to access sexually explicit material in the country, state or municipality you are currently in, and that you are not offended by the adult-oriented material found on the website or within our paperbacks and ebooks.


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On purchasing an e-book from Pink Flamingo you are legally allowed to transfer it to any computer or handheld device you own, for personal use ONLY. You are also legally permitted to copy the download onto a CD or floppy disk, for your personal use ONLY.

It is ILLEGAL to send an e-book or distribute it any manner to other individuals anywhere on the internet or offline for public consumption. You may not print copies for distribution. You may not convert e-books to other languages for distribution. By purchasing a Pink Flamingo Ebook you are legally swearing not to take part in any of the aforementioned illegal practices. Pink Flamingo will take whatever measures necessary to protect the copyright of our ebooks and printed products and all related content. If you know of someone who is distributing e-books illegally please contact ken [at] pinkflamingo.com.