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A Forbidden Love - ebook

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A Forbidden Love by Lee Dorsey

2012 National Leather Association International Writing Honorable Mention! Pauline Reage Novel Award

David Mason, a young, intelligent college student, determined to lose his virginity succeeds his first day on campus. While auditioning for the campus play, he meets the sensational Philippa Surino, a woman seventeen years his senior and his literature professor. David is cast as Tom Lee in “Tea & Sympathy, while Philippa is to play “Laura”, which David soon starts calling her as a pet name. A May-December romance quickly evolves into a lustful tale of sexual adventure. Soon, David and Philippa spend every Sunday together, though they both know teacher-student relationships are looked down upon.

At the same time, David meets two female students, Greta and Ilka, and begins a wild romp with both of them, all the while still seeing his professor on the side. David cannot seem to get enough sex from all the various women in his life. Soon, however, David finds juggling school and all of the women to be rather difficult. Finding himself utterly in love with his Laura and determining that she is his soul mate, he asks her to accompany him on Christmas Break to West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, this turns into a huge mistake and the professor leaves him for another man.

Unhappy, lost and confused about his love life, David stays in Florida to finish college and dental school. Living with his high school sweetheart, Emily, he finds himself in yet another debacle between Emily and her mother. As time goes on, he ponders what to do. Should he hunt down the woman he considers to be the love of his life? Can David find happiness in any other woman?    

His first novel for Pink Flamingo, playwright and novelist, Lee Dorsey, has written a story of lust, sex and love that includes oral sex, straight sex, female domination, lustful sex scenes, multiple partners and so much more!

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As we were walking toward Ilka’s dorm building, I saw Greta going into Baker Hall. She was with the same guy that I had seen her with previously. They were wrapped around one another. I was beginning to think that Greta and I were not going to get together again. Ilka was feeling her alcohol more than I. She was leaning on me to stabilize herself. We took the elevator. When it reached the third floor, Ilka said, “I feel dizzy.”
That could be a bad sign. That is usually one step from regurgitation. I managed to steady her. The last thing that I needed was Ilka to get sick. That could ruin the whole evening.
I had an epiphany. I suggested that we take a shower. Without any hesitation she agreed. As soon as we entered the room she began to get undressed. I followed her lead. Once we were naked, we entered the bathroom. Since I was the most sober, I thought that it would be incumbent upon me to set the water temperature. When it was just right, we entered the shower. Up until that time in my attempt to steady Ilka, I had not noticed what a beautiful body she had. After a few minutes, she turned to me and we kissed. She was still intoxicated, but she seemed to have more control. I thought that it would be prudent of me to ask her a few questions. First, I wanted to know if she practiced birth control. Secondly, I wanted to ensure that she was not a virgin. I did not have a lot of experience, but I knew that having sex with a virgin could result in some real problems. Do not ask me how I knew. I must have read it somewhere.
She answered me with a simple, “Yes.”
If she was practicing birth control, I felt confident that she was not a virgin. Somehow, I decided that one answer of “yes” covered both my questions. I was wrong about the virgin part. She was a virgin as I was soon to learn.
When we finished our showers, I reached for the water faucet and turned it off. There were two towels on the shower door. I handed one to Ilka and I took one. I began to dry her off. She especially seemed to enjoy the part where I dried the more intimate parts of her body. We left the shower. As we were leaving the bathroom, I opened her medicine cabinet. I saw a plastic container that contained birth control pills. Ilka was already in the bed. I followed and got into bed as well. We immediately engaged in foreplay for nearly an hour before we actually consummated our relationship. Ilka was a very good lover. She had this knack for prolonging the experience for me. Young men my age usually have this problem with controlling their ejaculation. It was almost like Ilka knew how to control this from happening prematurely. It was truly a learning experience having sex with her.
After another full hour of having sex, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I had residue of blood on my manhood. That confirmed that she was a virgin. I cleaned off, and then returned to the bed. I took her back into my arms and went to sleep.

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  1. If It Was Forbidden Love, He Was For It

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2012

    n David Mason, Dorsey has created a protagonist who qualifies as one of the singular jerks in adult fiction. You read with fascination as he runs roughshod over anyone and everyone who cares about him. From the opening scenes as he enters college until late middle age, Mason is a man whose self-absorption knows no bounds. The women in his life pass before the reader like so many horses on a carousel — good and loving ladies all — that he rides and discards. As his behavior unfolds, you can’t help but wonder how many people like him you know.

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