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A New Life

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Product Description

A New Life by S.M. Ackerman

From the author of Chloe & Me and Madam in Attendance, S.M. Ackerman has produced another titillating Femdom novel with A New Life.

Jan draws the naive, young man into her world with his first ever blow job and groin tingling stories of being punished in her later years at finishing school. He is intrigued by her demanding nature and confident personality. What he doesn't realize is Jan is seducing him into a world only she controls.

With her descriptive narrative about her reprimands she's endured, he falls that much faster for this shockingly gorgeous woman. Tawses, paddles, whips and more entices him to the point of agony. Jan takes advantage of his extreme horniness to start bossing him around and chastising him whenever he disappoints her. After a time, she starts to call him her slave, and with the thought of more rewards like his first oral session with her, he doesn't argue.

Soon, however, he finds his cock ensnared in an evil device only she is in charge of. He no longer has the power to masturbate or even come without permission. Jan will make him her complete and utter submissive, and he discovers that it is perfectly fine with him as long as she will always let him worship her.

A New Life is the perfect example of S.M. Ackerman's talent as a Female Domination Erotica writer. His descriptions make the reader feel the beating and the suffering, and beg for more!

Includes: whips, paddles, female worship, oral sex, male submission, chains, hobbling, and so very much more!   


“Would you like a blow job?” She came right out with it, shocking me.

Would I, Oh Christ, would I…

She pulled gently easing my cock out into the light, looking down at it, smiling to herself as she wrapped her fingers around my thick stem, slowly easing my skin up then sharply down, up down up down.

“Oh Shit!” If she carried on much longer I was going to come.

“Well, would you?” She demanded, her fingers halting in mid stroke.

“Yes!” I found my voice at last, “Yes please!” I mumbled.

“There’s no pleasure without pain,” she smiled at me, once more rubbing up and down, just once, before gently digging her fingernails into my swollen flesh.


“Yes, anything please,” I mumbled; even I could hear the desperation peaking in my voice. She rubbed again, and then she bent forward and lowered her head to my lap, kissing my swollen gland.

That was my first time, my first ever blow job, it was also the first time I had felt another hand on my cock! I had once come in my trousers, much to the delight of the girl I was with. That was the honest height of my sexual experience to then, though I didn’t intend to admit it to her, not then anyway and probably not ever.

Her mouth opened, her tongue protruded, licking her lips before slowly circling my cock head. Her fingers jerked down, pulling my foreskin out of her way, then it happened; I felt her hot breath blowing gently across my most sensitive skin, her tongue tip probed at my pee hole, followed by her mouth slipping slowly over my cock as she took me into her mouth. By all the saints hiding in heaven, I don’t know how I did not shoot my load right then, but I didn’t. She sucked, her fingers slipped down, her other hand pulled at my parted trousers, I lifted my butt allowing her to pull the coarse denim of my jeans down further. She pulled again, revealing more of me to her touch, her mouth felt so warm, so wet, so bloody nice. My balls began to pulse, ‘not yet’ I screamed in my head fighting to suppress my fast approaching ejaculation, ‘not yet’ please! I begged the gods of ejaculation, they listened and I held off, she lifted her head, still smiling.


Well what? I puzzled.

“Well.” She repeated. “Do you accept my terms?”

Terms I didn’t understand what she meant by her words, I looked blank, she must have understood because she repeated that damn phrase.

“No pleasure without pain”. Her nails bit into my flesh again.

“Yes… Anything …Please don’t stop… Please!”

Her mouth closed over my swollen gland sucking it deep inside, her tongue tickling at my stem, eagerly I thrust forward, and she pulled back, her tonsils touched briefly against my raging, demanding head. Deep in my swinging balls my semen began to surge, that was when I first found out exactly what she meant by no pleasure is without pain.

Her teeth closed together, feeling as though they were attempting to meet, biting deep into my very sensitive stalk. The pain she prescribed exploded along the length of my flesh. Her teeth chattered as she withdrew her mouth slowly along the length of my man hood. She gifted to me a series of pinching bites which surprisingly added to my pleasure; whilst at the same time suppressing my flowing ejaculate. Her lips pulled away from my cock, her eyes flashed with mischief as she met my gaze. I looked down, my cock reared high and out, it still looked intact, her teeth marks were just thin red lines which quickly faded from my flesh.

Her head lowered again, I needed her, wanted her, and I accepted that she would bite me again. I just had to trust her not to tear my skin, if I was going to get to shoot my stuff off, and I needed an orgasm right then more than anything else in the world. That was my first time and even if it became my last, I would not have been able to stop her mouth enfolding my flesh prior to sucking me in.

Her left hand got a grip around my balls as her mouth lowered and raised, I realized what she was doing, her hand was feeling for my first surge, a surge that would indicate that I was coming. Whether she intended to withdraw her head and let me shoot my stuff into the air, or whether she just wanted to know when to expect it, I couldn’t tell.

What she really wanted was something I had not even considered, and a few seconds later she got it. The pulsing increased as my balls finally let go, semen flowed out and along my erection, her mouth retracted until her teeth halted just behind my swollen cock head. I came, the feeling of exhilaration combined with pleasure and relief exploded in my mind, my head thrown back I was swept up by the exhilaration of receiving my first blow job.

That was the point she chose, that was the point that her teeth closed, clamping into my cock; that was the time she delivered her gift of pain to me, just as I enjoyed receiving the pleasure she had also provided. My head flew forward, my hands reached out to grasp her head, sort of intending to pull her away, but lucky for me I realized that to do so would cause very serious damage to my cock. I gripped her head flattening her hair and let all of the explosion of feeling swamp my thoughts out.

Pain and pleasure, what a combination, she was right, her step-father was right, and now I knew exactly what it really meant. Little did I know then exactly how utterly addictive it can become to the reciprocant.

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