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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories

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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories by Lizbeth Dusseau

In the title story, the prickly relationship between a stressed-out boss and his assistant explodes when Peter finally does what he's wanted to do for years, taking the sassy Samantha over his knee for one hell of a spanking. Then there’s Hell To Pay, when a dashing young peace officer, Kenny, vows to tame the sassy brat, Melody; and in Tongue-Tied join the cheating wife, Brooke, when her husband Travis decides that a good spanking is the best way to keep her in line. In Over The Professor’s Knee, a feisty student learns her lessons the hard way when she find her math tutor, Professor Gustafson is not so “mild-mannered” after all. And finally, in more peril again, the spirited Juliet learns a Lesson In Love, in another tumultuous war with Captain Crow, as a foolish mishap sends her over the Captain's knee. (Features characters from Lizbeth's novel Juliet & The Captain).


"How's it going?" the young police officer asked Melody, seeing her rocking on the front porch chair after dinner that night.
"I got fired from my job,” she said. “I'm leaving in the morning."
"Fired, why?" Kenny asked her worried.
"Shit. Wouldn't you get sick of washing dishes."
"But why did you get fired?" he asked.
"It ain't your fucking business, Mr. Policeman. Besides Gus is a jerk."
"He's a jerk, or you're shooting off your foul mouth again."
"It's none of your business," Melody sassed.
"Mrs. Buford's complaining too," Kenny told her.
"Well, let the old scow complain. I paid my rent." Melody started to get up.
"You know, Melody Blue, It's high time someone taught you a lesson," Kenny said.
"Yeah, really?" she scowled, as she started towards the door.
"Turn around," Kenny ordered her sternly.
"Gonna make me?" Melody looked back taunting him.
"You're gonna turn around now, address me like a decent lady should, or I'm going to take to the shed and give your ass what for."
"You wouldn't dare!" she snapped.
"Sit down!" he ordered.
"Make me!"
"That's it, girl," Kenny said, moving rapidly towards her.
"You keep your fucking hands off of me!" she barked, as she jerked back to avoid his reach.
But reaching out, he grabbed her arm.
"You fuckin' asshole, sonofabitch!"
"Someone should have done this a long time ago," Kenny swore, as he clutched Melody's struggling body firmly in his muscled arms. He dragged the girl around the house, to the shed at the back of Mrs. Buford's property.
"What the fuck!" Melody blared, so the whole world likely heard, as Kenny closed the shed door behind them.
"You, Miss Melody, are a foul mouth, nasty brat. You may get away with it with a lot of people, but not me!" he roared. Keeping a steady hand on her, he unbuckled his belt with his other hand. Melody was staring wide-eyed at his purposeful movements.
"You get your hands off me!" she snapped, as her feet continued to kick, one sharp blow from her boots hitting his shin.
"You nasty little hellion!" Kenny barked, and with his belt free and doubled in his hand, he forced the girl against a wooden bench and began swatting her bottom with an angry blast of harsh smacks.
"Stop it! You friggin' asshole!" Melody blared, as she tried to escape.
She managed to wrench herself free from his grasp. But too fast for her, Kenny caught her with a quick hand and hauled her back to the bench, where he sat down and she went over his lap. Her flailing legs were anchored by his right leg, her hands captured at the small of her back, and his belt was raining down on her behind with a vigorous round of punishment.
"I hate you!" she snapped.
"Yeah! Well you're gonna hate me even more," he swore. And the punishment went on …

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