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Addicted To Samantha - ebook

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Addicted To Samantha by Patrick Richards

Jack's addiction to the beautiful Samantha runs deep, as he serves his mistress every whim, satisfying her with a masochistic drive that matches her profoundly sadistic disposition. As she artfully primes him for the grand 'wedding' where he'll become her lifetime property, he faces numerous trials to test his devotion, his love and his physical ability to withstand the awesome abuse she metes out.

While Samantha's away, her sister Marcy gets in on the fun. Dressing him like a German shepherd, she makes him live like a dog, while suffering through days of physical labor and punishment, all of which he accepts. However, when the pairs' verboten acts are discovered by a furious Samantha, the punishment that follows for their crime will put Jack's submission to the test once more.

Each new trial takes Jack deeper into his submissive cravings. But though he dearly loves his mistress, will love be enough to see Jack through his sufferings? Or will he finally reach his breaking point and lose all that he's ever wished for?

Femdom bdsm.

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As I walked in the front door my Mistress yelled at me. “You’re late again, slave!”
“I know, Mistress. I’m very sorry, Mistress Samantha, but Marcy….” I tried to explain, but she wasn’t interested in any of my excuses.
I was in serious trouble; I mean really deep shit. It seems that almost every time I go to Marcy’s place to do my regular cleaning, I end up getting a good thrashing when I get home. You see, Samantha’s youngest sister is a nymphomaniac. She loves her continuous orgasms and really enjoys causing me pain and punishment. She skips work many of the days that I have to clean my old condo where she now lives.
She intentionally caused me to be late again, and there was absolutely no way to talk my way out of it. It wasn’t my fault. Samantha really knew it, but it didn’t make any difference. Nothing would change my awaited fate.
“But Marcy wouldn’t let….”
“Silence, slave! I don’t want to hear any of your feeble excuses,” she continued. “I sent you to clean my sister’s apartment this morning and gave you explicit orders to be home by noon. You’re an hour late. I have things planned for the afternoon and now I’m going to be late.”
Without another word I sank to my knees, humbling myself before my Goddess, groveling at her feet. “Please forgive me, Mistress. It won’t happen again.”
“Well, I can’t bother wasting any more time. I’ve waited too long already. Go get me a pair of handcuffs and a nice stiff crop. You can undress except for your bra and panties. Hurry up! Oh, pick up my soiled undies from the hamper in my bathroom and bring them along as well. Now move it!”
It only took me a couple of minutes to follow her instructions. I wondered what she had in mind as she indicated for me to follow her into the back yard and over next to the privacy fence.
“Since you made me wait for you all morning, you can wait for me this afternoon,” she said as she locked my hands behind my back in the sturdy steel cuffs. “Step back and put your feet on those spots in the grass. See ‘em?”
On the ground next to my feet were two small white spots that had been painted there with a spray can. They were about two feet apart and a foot and a half from the wooden wall.
As I settled my feet onto the designated places she said, “Now lean forward and place your nose against the wall. That’s it, just a little higher.”
She placed her wonderful sweet pussy-scented panties so my nose held them against the rough, hard surface of the barrier fence. With every breath I would inhale the unique and enchanting essence of my Mistress.
“Your nose is on a very tiny spot that I put on the wall. I want you to stand here and not move. You can wait for me until I decide to return. If you move from that exact spot or let my panties fall, I will whip your balls for an hour. Understand?”
“Yes, mistress.”
Before she left, Samantha stepped back and picked up the whip. She never spoke but I could hear the tell-tale sound of the long, thin leather-wrapped crop. It hissed through the air and slashed against my butt. Like a large evil snake it burned a fiery swath across both ass cheeks. I remained silent as she cocked her arm for a second strike. It immediately found another waiting spot of tender flesh to leave its fiery hot bite.
Again and again she raised heavy welts across my derrière. They hurt terribly but the immediate pain would soon cease, becoming just a dull ache soon after the initial assault had ended. Soon she tired of the game, but two dozen black and blue marks would linger and bear witness to my punishment.
Almost immediately I could feel a slight strain in my back. I was positioned so I really couldn’t stand with my feet flat on the ground. I was forced to put most of my weight on my nose and the balls of my feet. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the over-stretched muscles in the backs of my legs would start to revolt as well.
I inhaled deeply letting her lustful scent charge my batteries for I knew that I would be here for a long time. I had a price to pay. Now it was my turn to wait for her.
There was pressure on my nose as it supported my entire upper body against the wall, but a slight movement allowed me to use my forehead as well for my three point stance, but that put more stress on my legs and feet. Beads of sweat already dotted my brow as I stood there and waited. I knew it would be a long afternoon standing here almost naked in the blazing hot sun, but I had no choice. No matter what, I would obey my Mistress and wait for her.
It wasn’t long before I was able to relax just a little. With nothing else to do, my mind clouded into a kind of trance. Thoughts of my consensual servitude sort of made me smile. I was getting everything that I had dreamed of for so many years and so much more. Ever since I was a little child I had been fascinated with bondage. I loved being tied up as a game with the neighbor kids. It was long before puberty that the attraction to ropes and chains became imbedded in my mind. In fact my very first orgasm was the result of some tight ropes and unpleasant afternoon bondage at the hands of my friends and an old maple tree.

Artist Credit

Patrick Lane

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Dub Parker on 23rd Apr 2010

    Addicted to Samantha by Patrick Richards

    It is the continuing story of Jack and his mistress, Samantha, characters Richards previously introduced in Samantha’s Slave. In truth, Jack has three mistresses, as two of Samantha’s sisters also take an active role in his domination. Jack’s driving desire was to become the abject slave of a demanding mistress who would treat him as noting more than a piece of property; a toy for her amusement. Sometimes to his dismay, he gets exactly what he asked for. Yet, in her own way, Mistress Samantha loves Jack as much as he loves her. Their unique needs compliment each other perfectly: Jack is strongly masochistic; while Samantha can be uncompromisingly sadistic.

    This story gets pretty intense in places. From forced homosexual encounters, to public humiliation, to painful whippings that skirt the edge of safety and sanity; this story is packed with scenes of Jack’s willing subjugation. There is even one castration scene that is not for the faint of heart. Ouch!

    However, this is not just a series of “scenes” stuck together with no plot. The author did a great job of letting us get to know all of the characters better and in more depth than in the previous book. We watch as Jack and Samantha grow closer together emotionally. In this new novel, they progress from the more casual Mistress/slave relationship we saw in the first book to a more permanent and committed relationship. There is even a wedding of sorts, though in reality Jack finds that he is committing not to a normal marriage, but to a lifetime of legal indenture to his demanding mistress. By the story’s end, Samantha has stripped her slave of his every right and possession and he literally becomes her penniless property.

    I enjoyed this story every bit as much as I enjoyed Samantha’s Slave. In fact, I went back and read both books consecutively. While it’s not necessary to have read the previous book to enjoy this one, I particularly enjoyed reading them both together.

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