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Agents in Harm's Way

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Product Description

Agent in Harm's Way by Don Winslow

From the beginning, Special Agent Mallory Channing knew this would be no ordinary assignment. Mallory,and her junior partner, a spunky girl with a good service record named Kip, were assigned to the kidnapping of a beautiful rich girl. The two young women had learned to struggle together to gain respect in the male-dominated agency, but now they would have to face a much more sinister foe than the nameless bureaucracy.

There is danger in the air from the first time the two pretty agents set foot aboard an outlaw ship in search of a missing heiress. In a stunning and unexpected move, the pair are taken captive, like some prize of the sea, by a coldly calculating pirate Captain and his lecherous crew. The two join other luckless females on the slave ship, as it heads toward a military compound in Columbia, run by the notorious El Commandante. While on route, the pair and their fellow captives are stripped of their clothes, ruthlessly bound and subjected to the lewd sexual depravity at the hands of their captors. Once they reach their destination more abuse awaits and any hope for rescue from this misery grows more unlikely every day.

Includes graphic scenes of Bondage; spanking, humiliation, rape, oral and anal sex, golden showers, masturbation, lesbian love, group sex, orgies, voyeurism and torture. Note: Agents In Harms Way was previously published by Pink Flamingo in 2001 and later offered by Blue Moon books. The author has updated this version of the novel, though the story remains the same.



The heavy doors closed behind her, and she found herself in a spacious cabin. Ornately furnished and well lit, it spanned the entire width of the boat. Video cameras were mounted in strategic positions to scan the room. A circular bed dominated the far end; fluted white columns running from floor to ceiling formed a semi-circle before it. Full-length mirrors adorned the walls. And in those mirrors, repeated to infinity, one could see the reflected forms of two girls who had been hung from the ceiling, suspended by their wrists from a latticework of sturdy crossbars.
Mallory was stunned to find her young partner, her hands strung up high over her head. The position forced Kip up on the tiptoes of her sneakers, her lithe body stretched so that a considerable gap had opened between the bottom of the little tank top and the shorts that rode low on her slight hips  a gap that revealed her elongated midriff and tautly stretched belly. A hard rubber ballgag had been jammed between Kip’s teeth; over the gag, the big brown eyes that met Mallory’s were wide with fear.
A few feet away hung a beautiful girl, whose white-blonde hair tumbled in a mass of pale soft curls to lightly caress her bare shoulders. Her slender body was lushly tanned, with fulsome breasts the same gorgeous tan except for ghostly curving triangles of white flesh centered on those mounds, the lasting imprint of the skimpy bikini worn on some California beach. From the waist up, all she had on was a thin choker  a strip of black velvet banding her throat, with a small tag attached. From her hips hung a pleated mini-skirt, made of some sort of satiny fabric, lace-edged, like a short half-slip. The hem rode at mid-thigh, revealing most of the splendid lengths of a pair of gorgeous, shapely legs sheathed in black stockings. The blonde’s stockinged feet were strapped into a pair of high heeled sandals, which gave her just enough extra height so that she could stand with arms bent a little, and was thus able to relieve the strain. Still, the demanding position must have taken its toll, for she moaned once again — it was the same moan they had heard in the hallway.
She twisted around to regard Mallory with an imploring look in her anxious eyes. Despite the fact that her pretty features were distorted by the gag, Mallory recognized the well-built blonde immediately: they had found Meghan Dillon.

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© Tadija Savic - Fotolia.com

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