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Alaya's Assignment - ebook

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Alaya's Assignments by Everett Bedford

Alaya, a half Latina, half Japanese college student, listens enthralled to visiting professor Hidieki Hokai, a master of many mysterious Oriental arts. Her heart beats fast, her sex quickens, soon she's thinking of sex with this amazing man. After the lecture, she follows him to the docks, where Hokai confronts her. He takes her to a restaurant that caters to his privacy. There he demonstrates to Alaya that his world is one of obedience, discipline, and mastery. She is ravished, is introduced to submission and engages in a sexual experience beyond her imagination. It is as if she has been prepared for this all her life, without realizing.

She obeys Hokai's every word, and is thrilled when she pleases him. She quickly agrees to learn from him, to do exactly as she is told and be trained by this mystifying man. To prove her obedience, Alaya is ordered to seduce a friend and bring her to the ship where Hokai lives. Though tentative in a lesbian role, Alaya's seduction of Lisa goes well. However, while at the docks looking for Hokai's ship, the pair are swept up by brutal dock workers who abuse the naive females. Though Hokai soon intervenes, the ship sails for Japan with Alaya and Lisa as its captives. Alaya's training continues, with discipline bordering on torture, terrifying breath-play and shibari suspension bondage.

Little does Alaya realize that her training will prepare her to become her master's agent in a strategy to punish malevolent men for their evil deeds. Her first assignment is the cruel pimp Ernesto who will torture Alaya and her partner Kiko before the two boldly execute Hokai's deadly plan. This is the beginning of a new life, one that will require Alaya to surrender all to her master's will.

Finely tuned erotica, mystery and sexual adventure combine in a novel with stunning scenes of female submission that include sadomasochism, Japanese bondage, torture, suspension, lots of sex, punishment, collars, rope, riding crops and breath-play.

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On her knees naked before him, her leash tugged sharply upward, she swallows his semen, noting its sugary brimstone taste. The scent of a lit match dipped in honey, she thinks. It is an honor to feed on his essence, to let him become part of her this way. Her body responds with pleasure even as her jaws ache from taking him into her throat. Her tonsils feel bruised; she savors his brutality as he thrusts hard one last time, gives her one last dollop of himself. Her greed for him is insatiable; she takes all he gives and wants it all again and again. There is a faint popping sound as he pulls himself free of her sucking.
Around her throat the rope, silky smooth, tightens as he lays her back now and lifts her feet. For a moment she is held level to the floor by only the neck rope and his hands. Her labia part, oozing clear nectar, as her vagina swells in lust. She wants him inside her now as a rope loops casually over first her left ankle, then her right.
As he concentrates on tying her properly she keeps her back stiff and her belly tense. When he is done with her feet he loops a rope around the small of her back, then presses the flat of his palm on her pubic mound. She relaxes, letting the rope take her weight, and as a reward he leans down and kisses her straining clit through her glossy black, damp pubic hair.
Her breathing is shallow and quick.
Around them as he works, adding layers of rope in coils, perfecting his art on her body, the ship rocks in the harbor’s slow tides. They are in a hold, lighting dim from a few bulbs in cages mounted high on the bulkheads. Clangs and thuds echo unexpectedly even as a far-off drone pulses. Scents of grease and rotted rice from a prior shipment seem to stain the air.
She ignores it all, alive to the touch of his ropes, his hands, his skin. His voice soothes her. His artistry makes her proud to be his subject, his medium, and his focus.
“Shibari is the formal expression of inner truths.”
She responds like a petted horse, her flesh rippling at the caress of his voice. Teach me, master, she thinks.

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