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Allow Me To Serve

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Product Description

Allow Me To Serve by Alexander Kelly

Author of The Property

Fantasy? Reality? Bring both Together with us.
Attractive couple. He – Dom, 36. Long hair and
neat beard. She – switch, 29. Brunette with good
figure. We’re looking for that special person.
Are you?

Marlene is a lonely divorcee just kicking around her big old house, looking for something new to spice up her dreary life. An on-line personal ad suddenly attracts her attention. But this is not just any ad! She discovers, with some delight, that it was placed by the tenants who moved into her garage apartment a few months back. Daniel and Stephanie are a hot young D/s couple, and Marlene wants in on their magic. After a teasing seduction between landlord and tenant, Marlene has them convinced to take her on as their personal slavegirl. Though just an initiate, Marlene’s life is quickly changed, as she submits and obeys her master’s every desire. She's is thrilled by the extremes demanded of her; life couldn’t get any better than this!

Yet, there is someone lurking in the shadows of her new life, a self-styled master who will stop at nothing to pry Marlene away from her blissful three-way relationship. When this determined villain forces the choice on her, Marlene decides to do as he commands to protect her master and mistress from his malevolent schemes—even if it means she’ll lose what she desires most.

Consensual BDSM fantasy erotica.

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The dark-haired man and blonde woman accompanied them. The blonde stayed close to Stephanie and seemed rigid in her straight, almost stiff walk. Stephanie wrapped her arm around the blonde’s shoulders, craned her head up and said something. The light haired beauty burst out in a laugh of relief and her shoulders relaxed. They quickly climbed the apartment’s stairs.
Daniel and the dark-haired man trailed behind, and a little further behind strode a much younger man. In fact, their leisurely pace seemed deliberate to allow the ladies plenty of time to get inside. All three men stopped at the bottom of the stairs and Daniel studied the dark-haired man’s hands as they quickly moved in tight, jerky movements. I squinted and discovered that he kept retying a short piece of rope into different kinds of knots. After a last, intricate knot, he handed the rope to Daniel with a “You try it” gesture.
Daniel’s fingers weren’t as sure. He fumbled and started again a few times. In the carriage light, set next to the garage door, I could see his lips were pinched, his total concentration. At one point the young man sought to try it too but Daniel waved him off. At last he finished. The young man bent over and inspected the knot. He picked at it here and there. The dark-haired man nodded approval.
“Hey! What’re you three waiting for down there?” Stephanie yelled from inside. “An engraved invitation?”
Daniel and the dark-haired man bounded up the stairs. Daniel hit the door at full speed. “What’re you trying to do? Wake up the whole neighborhood?”
“They’re going to wake up soon e –”
Stephanie was cut off and it wasn’t from the front door closing. It remained open, and, as I leaned near the window screen, my ears strained to catch something more. I don’t know how long I stayed there. A minute? Five? Nope, nothing else drifted out from the apartment. I started to turn away.
But, I’d been caught! Down below, the young man stared right at me.
I froze. Maybe in the dark he couldn’t really see me. But I could see him a whole lot better now. Young, yes. Handsome, very. Around my age, late twenties. Short, maybe light-brown hair. Aquiline nose. Firm mouth. He pinned me like a cat that spies a shaking bird in a tree.
Daniel stuck his head outside. “Russ, c’mon!”
Russ turned and, while he said something to Daniel, I scurried away from the window. My heart pounded. At last I heard Russ slowly climb the stairs, caught a glimpse of him as he met Daniel at the door, and then disappeared inside.
More of the apartment’s lights snapped on, but not all of them. Through the thin curtains the bright lights I could see a silhouette of Stephanie. Daniel moved around her and pulled her head back a couple of times. He paid particular attention to her arms and brought them over her head. They stayed that way as he wrapped something around her waist and then pulled it up between her legs. He shoved something in her mouth. The dark-haired man did most of the same to the other woman, but left her mouth alone, and both women’s silhouettes stood side by side. Russ kind of flitted between the two, helping with a rope here and there.
The men moved from one to the other, their hands in the women’s hair, on their breasts, between their legs. First Stephanie, then the other woman seemed to shake, then their heads hung limp. Their knees buckled but Daniel slapped Stephanie’s breasts and she forced herself to straighten up. Russ slapped the blonde’s ass with an explosion and a resulting yell from the woman I could clearly hear all the way to my room. Forced back to attention, the women were left alone for a while, but then all three men took up positions behind them. A single arm from each was upraised, and then swung forward like lightning at the women. Several cracks resounded and both women arched their backs. The blonde cried out again, but then Russ appeared to shove something in her mouth too. He took up position again and, once more, all the men’s arms swung forward. They didn’t hit the women with their hands, but whatever it was made them toss their heads back. The scene went on a long time, until the men backed away and sat near the window, their indistinct heads the only thing I could make out of them. But Stephanie and the blonde stayed rooted to their spots for a long time, arms overhead, heads down. Silent and still. Like me. Dawn arrived and I remained paralyzed.

Artist Credit

(c) Samarel, www.samarelart.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Allow Me to Serve by Kelly Alexander

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight Copyright 2006

    Marlene, newly divorced, leads a life of quiet desperation—a friendless and sexless existence. In financial straits as well, she rents part of her property to a couple, Daniel and Stephanie, who she envies for their obvious love of one another. Her desperation compels her curiosity, and as she watches them, Marlene gradually realizes that perhaps the couple’s relationship is not exactly of the Leave-To-Beaver variety.

    Intrigued, Marlene finds herself attracted to, and eventually drawn into, the life of a submissive slave. She quickly discovers how much she revels in the role.

    Marlene is submissive to both Daniel and Stephanie, which is somewhat of an interesting little twist. This threesome of course causes issues and problems that don’t exist in a one-on-one relationship.

    If you enjoy reading about bondage parties, this novel is ready-made for you, a feast of various implements for role-playing, not to mention plenty of sexual excitement throughout the book.

    There’s even some twists towards the end, where Marlene must prove how much she has grown to love the couple she has been allowed to serve.

    A satisfying read on several levels.

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