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Amber's Attraction

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Product Description

Amber's Attraction by Annabeth Carew

Gorgeous, aspiring actress, Amber Treloar, auditions for one of two hostess roles on a new television family game show. She catches the eye of maverick director, Garrett Ellison, and is called back for an interview, during which he manipulates her into revealing her submissive nature. Devious, controlling and powerfully persuasive, Garrett coerces Amber into performing a decadent screen test with her prospective co-hostess, Karina. A scene is played out between the two buxom blondes in a wrestling ring filled with jelly. The two start off playfully wrestling and end in a frenzy of lust and passion that satisfies everyone on the set. A master of mind games, Garrett preys on her turmoil over her career concerns, and her dark desire for sexual subjugation.

Immensely wealthy and influential, media baron Roland Hadley has devised a corrupt scheme to create television celebrities, and then feature them in depraved vignettes for the amusement of his business associates.

Compelled to explore a side of herself she cannot ignore, Amber accepts their offer of a public life of luxury and celebrity, and a private life of sexual exploitation. But, having signed her name on a lucrative contract, how far will she be required to go?

In a series of bizarre scenes she is taken into realms beyond her imagination, and is shocked by her appetite for various forms of sexual humiliation. She struggles to reconcile her conflicting emotions as her feelings for Garrett Ellison veer between desire and resentment, fear and excitement. Enmeshed in a situation over which she has no control, even as her celebrity grows, Amber realises she may have made a dangerous mistake in allowing herself to be used by the director and the tycoon.

In suspicious circumstances she discovers a report on a banned sex drug, and is convinced the men intend to give it to her. Her worst fears are confirmed when she and her co-hostess, Karina, are kidnapped from the set of the game show and taken to a clubhouse to entertain Roland Hadley’s premiership-winning football team.

Includes: Kidnapping, bondage, whips, jelly wrestling, male domination, lesbian scenes, pig-play, gang bang, oral & anal sex.


“Amber Treloar,” he said slowly, speaking her name as if tasting it. He took his time examining her features thoroughly, and Amber’s eyes widened as he held the pause. She felt uncomfortable under the scrutiny and smiled hesitantly, unsure of how to respond.
“We liked your tape, Amber,” Garrett finally relented. “Didn’t we, Davo?” He threw the question over his shoulder at the cameraman without taking his eyes from her face. “You remember Davo, don’t you, Amber?”
Amber smiled and nodded at the big man who gave her a friendly wink in return.
“We definitely liked your look,” Garrett continued, “so today we’d like to find out a little more about you.”
Amber had to moisten her lips before replying. There was something in Garrett’s expression she found unsettling, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.
“What would you like to know?” she managed weakly, and immediately cursed herself for sounding so pathetic.
His smile was almost predatory in response.
“We want to discover your essential character,” he said. “Find out if you’ll enjoy meeting the challenges you’ll face if you join the team. We’re looking for beautiful, uninhibited girls to really pique the interest of a huge audience.” His eyes continued to probe her as he spoke, assessing her reactions to his words. “The chosen girls will become celebrities and, inevitably, objects of fantasy to the public. We’re looking for girls who will enjoy that role, immerse themselves in that role. We expect a very big audience response – fan mail, autographs, celebrity appearances—all the trappings. We want girls who are excited by the attention. The audience can sense genuine enjoyment. It keeps them interested and leads to good ratings.”
Amber found it difficult to hold on to a sense of normality. She was confused as to what Garrett Ellison was actually saying to her, but his voice was deep and soft and persuasive and she felt herself being drawn into his reality. Nervous excitement coursed through her veins.
“Do you enjoy being looked at, Amber?” he continued before she could marshal her defences. “Does it please you to know that your beauty arouses others? I believe you’ve mainly worked on stage to this point, but I felt you enjoyed your experience on camera yesterday.”
Amber’s face suffused with colour as she recalled the track her thoughts had taken while performing her audition. Garrett would not release her gaze and she felt mesmerised by his knowing, grey-green eyes as he watched her cheeks redden. She was shaken by the strength of her reaction and struggled to find an appropriate reply.
“I’ve always liked getting my photo taken from the time I was a toddler,” she offered tentatively. “I was lucky in that my uncle was a professional photographer and so our family snaps were a lot better quality than most. I got used to looking good in photos, I guess, and enjoyed having them taken,” she finished honestly.
“A born performer,” he encouraged.
There was a faint mocking tinge to the sensual curve of his smile, and Amber was aware she sounded unsophisticated. That feeling rankled, and when she looked up from his lips to his eyes, she felt the urge to make him take her seriously.
“I went to the MTV Awards last year wearing an antique dress in Spanish lace,” she told him in a deliberately confidential manner. “It was practically see-through, and I was mobbed by a crowd of photographers. One even pulled at my skirt so they could get a photo through the sheer lace. All those long lenses pointing at me got me quite hot. Rather phallic, they were. I felt like writhing on the ground, naked, while they ejaculated their flashes all over me.”
If she had thought to shock him, she had failed because he gave her a smile of deep satisfaction. “Exactly,” he said softly.
Again Amber felt that jolt of connection as she looked into his eyes. This time it made her loins twist with desire and she couldn’t look away. She could feel her nipples hardening, and the heat building down there, and she wriggled on the soft leather couch. Her skirt was too short to cover her thighs and they were sticking slightly to the leather underneath her.
“That’s a very natural response for you to have. Beautiful women ought to enjoy being looked at, because people enjoy looking at beautiful women. It’s a mutually satisfying phenomenon. And just the sort of positive attitude we’re looking for on the team.” He paused for a moment before continuing casually. “Tell me. The paparazzi invade your personal space; surround you, virtually attacking you, pulling at your clothes, pointing their photographic phalluses at you. How much of your arousal was due to the pseudo rape aspect of the incident? Does the idea of being a sexual victim appeal to you?”
Amber flushed deeply, pinned by his penetrating stare that sought to expose her darkest secrets. She was taken aback by the speed at which the conversation had reached such an intimate point, even though she knew she was partly to blame. She felt he, too, was invading her personal space and, yet, it was true—she was aroused by it. She felt overwhelmed, and helpless to resist revealing herself to him.
“You don’t refute the suggestion, I see,” he said, continuing to trap her gaze. “We’re here to find out what makes you tick, Amber. You don’t have to be shy about who you are. We want to see if you’d be happy working with the team. You may have noticed one of the applicants yesterday thought she could improve on our audition process. She wouldn’t have been happy working with the team. There’s nothing judgmental in it. But we do need to know the sort of person you are.” He leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees. “I want you to think back in your past and see if you remember any similar incidents to your paparazzi experience. Have you ever become aroused by something unexpectedly? Something, perhaps, that you felt ought not to excite you but, nevertheless, did?”
Amber was becoming more certain that Garrett Ellison could read her mind. His relentlessly persuasive tone was lulling her into a strange state, and he seemed to know just how to play on her emotions.
“Well, there have been one or two times where I should have been angry with someone, but instead I got really excited… sexually,” she said awkwardly.

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