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Amy's Redemption - ebook

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Amy's Redemption by B J Wane, Spanking Erotica

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On her way to a new job on a Wyoming ranch, Amy Rollins stops at a roadside bar to take a needed break. Deprived of sex for too many weeks, her first glimpse of a tall, rugged cowboy in the parking lot has her creaming her jeans and masturbating in her car.  On the run from the law for over two years, Amy has avoided any personal entanglements.  However, she’s so attracted to the handsome stranger that when she later loses a bet with him over a game of pool, she’s obliged to give him a night of sex. This seems easy enough. However, the sassy, smart-mouthed Amy gets a rude and enlightening surprise when, as soon as the two enter his hotel room, RJ pulls her across his lap for a sound spanking. The humiliation and pain-induced pleasure are more than her senses can resist, and she’s shocked to find herself climaxing with a man for the first time ever!

Though RJ’s dominating lovemaking has her yearning for more, she flees in fear in the middle of the night. Thankful to escape the man before she does something stupid, she arrives at Kincaid Ranch only to learn that her new boss is the very same RJ – Rand Kincaid. It's not long before she's over RJ's lap again. However, Even though the spanking has her writhing with pleasure once again, the cautious Amy refuses to sleep with him if he wants her to stay on.

Determined to win her over, RJ continues to touch her in intimate ways, and right out in the open! Frustration builds in them both, until a willful act of disobedience earns her a public spanking so hot that Amy finally gives in to the rough cowboy. With RJ in control, she eagerly explores her submissive sexuality; meanwhile the open lifestyle on the ranch leads to sexy threesomes, group sex and more public punishment. However, when strange accidents start happening at Kincaid Ranch, Amy’s alarmed. As the careful deception about her past threatens to unravel and expose her damning secret, she knows it’s time to flee again.


“The first thing I’m going to do is paddle your ass. Someone needs to teach you some manners.”
Amy felt her face flush and her pussy swell with need at the mention of a spanking again. She didn’t know if he was serious or what to think of her reaction to the idea. She was good at blowjobs, but they didn’t turn her on. Her experience with intercourse had been quick fucks with older men who came and went so fast she barely knew they’d been between her legs and a brief affair with the grandson of her previous landlady, who, at the age of twenty two, was sweet but still more concerned with getting himself off than her. She refused to think about the six months she spent with Jedediah.
“I take it this is a fetish of yours?” she asked as if it didn’t matter to her whether he followed through with his threat or not.
“Not a fetish. I like control, and it gives me that, as well as pleasure.”
She was definitely out of her league with this man, she thought as he pulled in front of the Carleton. She’d give him his control and his pleasure, but she was good at running and she had every intention of doing so well before morning.
“I can give you that RJ, but only tonight and only because I don’t go back on my word,” she warned him before he could get out.
RJ hesitated slightly before nodding. “Tonight only.”
RJ tossed the keys to the valet before taking Amy’s elbow and escorting her into the hotel. He knew a lot of women from the ranching community and rodeo circuit. Finding a willing bedmate when he came to town wasn’t difficult and most of them knew he was good for a few nights of nice dinners and good, hard sex, but that was it. He was thirty-six, content with his single lifestyle and had no aspirations to change it anytime soon, which made him wonder why he had been so reluctant to agree with her time limitation. If he hadn’t gotten her out of his system tonight, he would simply find one of his previous bedmates at the auction tomorrow.
“Good evening, Max. This is a friend of mine, Amy. Could we have some champagne and fresh strawberries sent up please?”
“Right away, Sir,” the front desk clerk smiled at them. “Have a nice night.”
Grabbing her hand, RJ pulled her to the elevator, anxious to get her naked now that they had finally arrived.
“I said I’d stay and screw you,” Amy said dryly as the elevator doors slid shut. “You don’t have to wine and dine me.” She was uncomfortable with the hand holding and the possessive way he refused to let go when she tried to pull away. His hand was large and calloused and engulfed her smaller one, his heat and strength making her feel special and safe, two things she had learned the hard way never to associate with a man.
Punching the top floor, he scowled down at her. “You don’t like champagne and strawberries?” He got the distinct impression she was expecting, and wanting, a wham bam thank you ma’am fuck. If so, she was in for a rude, but pleasant awakening.
“I prefer a cold beer, chips and spicy salsa.”
“I’ll remember that if we have occasion to get together again.”
He saw the instant denial in those expressive eyes and before she could comment, he kissed her, hard. Her hand tightened around his as she leaned into him, her soft lips parting instantly for his tongue. She may be unsure of him, but she wanted him nonetheless. They were both breathing heavily when the elevator doors slid open and he wasted no time dragging her out and ushering her inside his suite. RJ kept his mouth fused to hers as he skillfully maneuvered her towards the king size bed.
Amy almost smiled in bitter triumph against RJ’s mouth when one hand moved from her ass to the snap on her jeans. Just like every other man, he was out for a quick release that involved his pleasure first and foremost.
RJ shoved her jeans down, baring her from the waist down before releasing her mouth. Her wet, puffy lips curled in another sassy smirk as his hands cupped her naked buttocks and squeezed. As he kneaded her soft, firm globes, he bent and nipped her earlobe, hard. “What do you find amusing?”
“Men,” she answered succinctly. “You’re all alike.”
“Oh, sweetheart, you are so wrong.”
Before Amy knew what he was doing, RJ sat down on the bed and with one hard yank, had her draped face down across his lap. Her hands reached out automatically to brace herself, head down to the floor. Sputtering between indignation and laughter, she gasped, “You were serious!”
“Babe, there’s one thing you better learn real quick. I’m always serious when I say something.” RJ’s hand landed hard and fast on her right buttock and the sight of that soft, firm flesh turning red made him wish he had loosened his own jeans before starting this. Her ass was even more enticing than it had appeared in her jeans and the way she was wiggling around on his lap tempted him almost beyond endurance. “Lie still and behave. You just might enjoy this.” He smacked her again on the other cheek, smiling at her squeak of surprise.
Amy’s amused indignation turned swiftly to heated lust as the fiery burn he was raising on her ass ignited her senses. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she could get so turned on by being spanked, but the vulnerability of her bare assed position along with the pleasure/pain she was unexpectedly experiencing worked together to quickly bring her to a feverish pitch. With each smack her pussy dampened more, her juices becoming so copious they coated her inner thighs. She tried to close her legs against her embarrassing reaction, but a hard swat to her upper thigh stopped her.
“Keep those pretty legs parted for me Amy,” RJ ordered, smacking her other thigh. Her ass was a delightful pink, the cheeks hot to touch and by her unconscious gyrations against his thigh, he knew she was as turned on as he was.
Amy whimpered in mortification and need, trying miserably to fight her response to this humiliation. Where was her backbone? Where was her hard earned resolve to never let a man get the upper hand with her again, her determination to stay clear both physically and emotionally from any involvement? Her buttocks felt swollen, ached with fiery heat and she couldn’t prevent from rubbing herself against his muscled thigh, her pussy contracting as she eagerly sought each swat with a lift of her hips only to rub her bare mound against his rough denim after receiving it.
Her body covered in a light coat of sweat, her eyes watery with tears she refused to shed, she moaned, struggled with her uncomfortable desire until she could no longer hold back. Crying out, she rubbed hard against his thigh as she let the orgasm rip through her, her shocked pleasure so intense she didn’t care about the lewd display she was making of herself. RJ didn’t let up on his ministrations as she rode out the most intense climax she had ever experienced, each painful swat pushing her higher and higher.
It took her several moments to come down as her body shuddered with small aftershocks before she realized he was softly rubbing her sore, abused cheeks, his breathing as heavy as hers. Amy had been having sex since she was sixteen and this was the first time she had climaxed without using her own hand or applying a dildo herself. She was embarrassed and confused and angry with herself for allowing him to have the upper hand. Needing to regain control of both herself and him, she slid off his lap to kneel between his legs. Without looking at him, her hands went to his belt where she clumsily released the buckle before his hand covered hers.
RJ helped her lower his zipper, which proved to be difficult to do over his erection. Between the two of them, they managed to release his engorged cock and Amy’s eyes widened in shock as it fell into her hands. His cock was proportioned in size with the rest of him, extra large. She stared in awe as she failed to encircle his girth with her hand. Almost reverently, she used both hands to feel him, slowly learning his shaft from root to seeping tip, her thumb spreading that tell tale moisture around the mushroom shaped head before taking another slow glide down.
“Lean back,” she instructed hoarsely without looking at him.
RJ complied, unable to argue even if he wanted to. The girl had very talented hands and when she cupped his balls he couldn’t prevent the groan that rumbled deeply as he thrust into her hands. Her undivided attention was riveted on his cock, her rapt expression and engrossed exploration was so fucking exciting he damn near lost his wad without further ado. For a man who prided himself on his strict control over others as well as himself, that was a bitter acknowledgement tempered only by the pleasure of having a woman so refreshingly unabashed.
Amy smiled, her equilibrium returning rapidly as she explored his large sacs, enjoying their soft weight in her palms and the way his thighs tightened in response. Her buttocks felt warm and achy, her nipples were beaded into hard points and her pussy was once again swelling with moisture. Never before had a cock fascinated her so, nor had she ever received such pleasure for herself with the feel of one in her hands. As she bent forward to run her tongue lightly around the head, catching that seeping moisture and taking it into her mouth, she groaned inwardly as she reluctantly admitted to another false misconception. He was still in control and she was afraid that this night was going to prove to be her biggest folly.
Amy opened her mouth and took just the head of his cock in, suckling him like a lollipop. She ran her tongue over the top, once again tasting his pre-come before stroking the sensitive underside. She released him with a plop, her lips and tongue moving down his shaft before daring to peek up at his face. His green eyes stared heatedly down at her bent head, his face flushed with pleasure and his lips smiling softly.
“No,” he commanded when she looked away from him, his intensity unnerving. “Watch me watch you. I’ve never had anyone suck me with such pleasure.”
Any other time, place or person and Amy would have adamantly denied she was getting any pleasure from a blowjob, but she couldn’t here, with this man. As she took him fully into her mouth, she admitted only to herself that she was indeed enjoying sucking his cock, getting immense pleasure from feeling his hardness filling her mouth and his pre-come coating her tongue. Using lips, mouth and tongue she moved slowly up and down his shaft, her eyes never leaving his. When she released his cock to nuzzle his balls and then suckle first one then the other, she drew enormous pleasure from hearing him curse, watching him swallow heavily as his eyes followed her mouth and tongue.
His balls were hairless which made savoring them slowly with her tongue and mouth more pleasurable, enticing her to linger with them as she stroked his cock just as leisurely. When his sacs tightened up, signaling his release, she moved her mouth back up, once again taking his cock deep, swallowing as much of his length as she could and still only managing to get half of him in. Using one hand to cup his sacs, she gripped his base with the other and proceeded to suck him hard, hallowing her cheeks as she moved up, her tongue circling and her pumping hand working in tandem. She worked his cock and balls like a fine tuned instrument, playing him over and over, until that beautiful crescendo reached its peak. His balls tightened and his cock jumped, signaling his release.

Artist Credit

Cover Image © Viktoriya Kirillova

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Product Reviews

  1. Fun and sexy.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2011

    It was a sexy romantic comedy, with a lot of heart.

  2. A fun read

    Posted by Avid Reader on 15th Feb 2011

    Terrific story! It's funny, sexy, mysterious, scary, romantic, and downright good reading. However, BJ Wane needs to learn geography. Wyoming is NOT the midwest....it's the west! Ask any of us who live in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or New Mexico and we'll tell you plain...we live in the west, pardner.

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