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Augustin's Island

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Augustin's Island by S J Lewis

When Jason Greer accepts an invitation from his wealthy friend Augustin to spend some time on his private island, he has no idea how much the visit will change his life. At his first island party, a stunning young woman, Alison, wearing an equally stunning dress, catches his eye, although she rebuffs him coldly. Later that evening, Augustin takes Jason to his stables not where he houses his horses but to a smaller stable, where in a narrow stall, he's surprised to find the arrogant young woman from the party now far more humbled than she was before. While Jason watches, Augustin casually strips her, binds her hands, and offers her to his guest for sex. Too stunned and intrigued to refuse, Jason stays the night, enjoying oral sex from the bound beauty as he becomes intoxicated by this lovely female.

As his stay on the island continues, Jason acts out sexual fantasies with Alison that he's harbored for years. She's wonderfully submissive and ravenous in bed, and his desire for her grows stronger each day.

He soon discovers that Augustin's Island has more secrets, and Augustin has many more women in his stables. New guests arrive for a yearly event where submissive women and dominant men revel freely in their secret fantasies. But even after viewing a kinky slave auction, Jason only has eyes for Alison. After a scene of rough sex and bondage on a remote part of the island, she offers herself exclusively to Jason during his stay, an offer he readily accepts. Leading her back to the estate bound at the end of a rope leash, he establishes his claim.

While the torrid intensity of this budding relationship builds, the two realize that Jason's visit will end soon. He would like to take the young beauty home with him, but Alison has her reservations. She's returned to the island again and again because she can't find what she needs elsewhere. Can Jason be all the man she needs? Can she give up the life she know she needs? Or is Jason fated to return to the mainland alone?

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“Jason! There you are!” I turned to see Augustin striding towards me, smiling ruefully.
“I have been searching for you,” he continued. “I am afraid that I have been a terrible host, leaving you alone in a sea of strangers.” He was still wearing the same outfit, but now his tailored jacket was unbuttoned and he’d changed his glossy black loafers for what looked like comfortable moccasins.
“No need to apologize,” I shook my head. “You had much else to attend to. I didn’t want to intrude. Where is Dorcas?”
“Ah, I will meet with her later,” Augustin said with a wave of his hand. “But here, let me make up my unforgivable neglect of my houseguest. Come with me,” he beckoned with a finger. “I would like to show you my stables.”
I didn’t especially want to go and look at his horses, but breeding and racing them was his one true passion, though he always said that it was merely his ‘hobby’. It would have been rude of me to turn down the invitation, so I walked along with him towards the stables.
“I am afraid that you did not enjoy the party,” he said.
“That is not your fault, Augustin,” I answered. “I never feel comfortable at parties.”
“Ah, but then I must apologize for inflicting one upon you,” he said with a smile. “I am sorry, but it had been planned months ago. But tell me, are you enjoying your stay with me otherwise?”
“Very much so,” I nodded. “You are a most considerate host. I especially enjoyed the deep-sea fishing.”
“You are most kind,” he said, draping his arm across my shoulders. “But I think I should have at least introduced you to a few of my party guests. I could have provided you with some good business contacts.”
“I am sure that you will anyway, my friend,” I laughed. “I think I know you that well already.”
“Indeed,” he laughed. I was expecting for us to head straight for the large, white barn, but instead he effortlessly steered me towards one of the smaller outlying buildings. It was ‘smaller’ only in comparison with the barn. Now I could hear horses neighing, but the sounds weren’t coming from the building we were approaching. I wondered what Augustin was up to, but I knew better than to ask. He liked to surprise people.
He opened the smaller door next to the large barn doors and ushered me inside. I had to stop a little ways in because it was so dark inside I couldn’t see anything. Then he shut the door behind us and flicked a switch. Dim lights came on. Now I could see the massive timbers that supported the building and the thick, heavy planks that were the walls and floor. I looked up, but the light was too dim for me to see the roof. I could smell fresh hay and old wood. Somewhere overhead I heard the whirring of wings and the cooing of disturbed pigeons. There was a wide walkway in front of us. I could see that it ran all the way to the far end of the building to a second set of barn doors. To either side of the walkway there were rows of stalls that looked a bit snug for horses. They all seemed to be empty.
“Well,” I said to Augustin. “You did say that you wanted to show me your stables. You did not say anything about your horses.”
He laughed and clapped me on the back. “That is true, my friend,” he said happily. “But few know that I have two kinds of stables. Come, let me show you one of my prizes.”
I went with him to one of the nearer stalls. The sides were solid wood, and chest-high. I still didn’t see anything. Then Augustin opened the stall door wide. As he did so, a much brighter light came on just above the stall. A figure in the far corner of it stood up.
I froze. It was the striking young woman from the party, still in the striking black dress. She was barefooted now, and she seemed much less self-possessed than she had before.
“I would like you to meet Alison,” Augustin said as he moved past me into the stall. It was just wide enough for the two to stand side by side. He faced me with his hand on the woman’s bare shoulder. I didn’t see him apply any pressure, but Alison immediately knelt, going down on one knee and bowing her head. The dress parted to display her toned, golden thigh. Augustin moved his hand from her shoulder to the back of her head, and she immediately bowed her head more deeply, her chin touching her chest.
“Here, come closer,” Augustin beckoned to me. “I must show you something.”
I came closer to look. Augustin brushed back the light brown hair at the nape of the woman’s neck. I could just see a small tattoo there, where her hair would usually keep it hidden. It looked like the number ‘4’.
“I don’t understand,” I said. I really didn’t.
“I keep two sets of stables, my friend,” Augustin said. He seemed vastly amused. “Everyone knows of my racehorses, but very few know of my women. I keep it a secret, and I share that secret with only a select few.” He must have seen the consternation on my face, for he went on.
“Oh, do not worry,” he said. “I am no common pimp. In fact, I am no pimp at all. But I very much enjoy choosing exquisite young women and training them to please. What do you think of Alison here?”
I looked down at her. She hadn’t moved. “She is lovely,” I answered. “I had met her briefly at the party.”
“Yes, and I am given to understand that she was quite rude to you,” Augustin nodded. “Do not be offended. It is her way…at least when she is in public. But now, we are in private. Rise, my dear.”
Alison rose to her feet in one graceful motion. She looked right at me. Once more her gaze was as daunting as ever.
“She is one of my earliest pupils,” Augustin said to me. His hand closed on the back of her slender neck, and I saw the first flickering of uncertainty in those gray-blue eyes. “I invited her here because I thought you might find her interesting.” He looked at me. “Do you, my friend?”
“Very much so,” I answered him without looking away from her. “But I still do not understand.”
“Ah, well,” Augustin shrugged. Let me make it a bit more clear to you.” He reached up with his free hand to the collar of Alison’s dress, where it was narrowest. I heard what sounded at first like a ripping sound before I recognized it as the sound of Velcro parting. Augustin slid the dress down to her waist, baring her torso. Alison started a little, but otherwise kept still. I heard a tiny, sudden intake of her breath.
There was not even a hint of a tan line on her beautiful body. Her skin was that same, even, light golden tan all over, except for the darker golden brown of her nipples and areolas. Her breasts were not large, but they were sweetly rounded. They suited her athletic build. I could see that her nipples were erect.
“If it is still not quite clear enough for you, my friend,” Augustin smiled at me as his hand went to Alison’s hip. Again I heard that tearing sound and now the dress slid completely off of Alison’s body. She wore nothing at all under it. Her pubic tuft had been trimmed to a neat patch perhaps the width of two fingers. It was the same color as her eyebrows. I noticed that while she kept still while all this had gone on, her pose seemed to have stiffened. Now she seemed agitated, though she was trying to conceal it. I couldn’t tell if she was more scared or excited.
“I have instructed her to make amends to you, my dear friend,” Augustin said to me. His hand slid downwards from the nape of her neck to her waist. As if on cue, Alison slowly turned around for me so that I could see all of her. She was a symphony of soft curves and hollows, with two little dimples to either side of the base of her spine. I felt my fingers twitching as I saw her beautiful rump. It looked firm and muscular under the thin, soft padding of fat. When she turned fully around to face me again, my gaze slid up from her loins to her waist to her breasts and finally back to her eyes. She looked right back at me as if it was quite ordinary for her to be naked in the presence of two clothed men.
“Ah, there is one last thing!” Augustin exclaimed. “I had almost forgotten.” He took a long strip of plastic from the inner pocket of his jacket. He held it up for me to see. I heard tiny clicking sounds as he fashioned it into a loop. I recognized it as a police restraint, quicker and simpler to use than handcuffs, and readily disposable.
“It is an interesting thing, is it not?” he smiled at me. “So simple and so elegant, and yet it renders a woman so completely helpless when it is used.” He stepped behind Alison and she put her arms behind her for him, still looking at me as if she was daring me. I heard the clicking noise again, but so fast that it sounded more like a loud zipper. All Alison did was blink, but now she could not quite keep her eyes fixed on mine. After a moment, she looked down at the floor.
“I leave her to you, my friend,” Augustin said to me as he came out from behind her. “She is yours for the night. As for myself, I have other business now. Dorcas is waiting for me back at the villa. She is expecting something very special tonight, and I do not want to disappoint her. When you have done with Alison for the night, you may simply leave her here. She will be quite all right, and I will have someone check on her later.”
He left, closing the stall door gently behind him. I simply stood facing Alison for a long, long moment. It is not every day that a man is presented with the gift of a beautiful woman, especially one naked and bound and apparently not as distressed by her situation as one would think she would be.
“Turn around again,” I ordered her. She obeyed, and I could see that she was indeed secured. The police restraint circled her wrists snugly. Her hands were half-clenched. She finished her pirouette facing me again. Perhaps she sensed that I was feeling out of my league, because some of her old arrogant demeanor began to return. I reached out and put my hands on her shoulders. Her skin was warm, as if she’d just come in out of the sun, and smoother than the finest silk I had ever felt. I pushed down on her shoulders, gently, but determined to use more force if she balked. She did not. She sank to her knees, looking up at me, no longer quite so self-assured. My hands went to the zipper of my pants. I moved slowly, because just then my heart was pounding so rapidly that I was feeling a little faint. This was so far outside my realm of experience that it felt unreal, as if I was dreaming and the least misstep on my part would immediately end the dream.
My cock was already rock-hard in anticipation. When I finally freed it from my underwear and got it out, I wondered what Alison would do. Would I have to coerce her somehow? Would she fight, or scream, or protest?
She didn’t do any of those things. As soon as my cock was free, she leaned forward slowly and took me into her mouth. I could feel her lips, and her tongue, warm and wet. She began to suck, softly, slowly, sensuously. Her eyes closed. I thought I heard a tiny moan.

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  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Augustin's Island by S J Lewis
    Reviewed by Back To Bagdad

    When you see the cover picture of a beautiful, kneeling young woman chained at her wrists and wearing a bit in her mouth, you immediately make some rash judgments about the novel inside. I was not disappointed; this writer is good. While I have enjoyed a few “harsh” stories lately, I truly enjoy an uplifting, romantic-type story with the benefits of bondage, discipline and rough sex (Some people just define “romance” differently). What a fantasy! Take an allegedly famous beauty (a model?) who likes to be roughly used and put her on a semi-secluded island where anything goes. Throw in a geeky, but handsome computer-type guy who has only dreamed about such a woman and then step back and watch the action. This is what Augustin has done and, after all, it is his island. This descriptive story is so good, I yearn to make it a reality, where I could indulge fantasy after fantasy with a hot, submissive woman. This whimsical, yet turbulent story has exhibitionistic-minded and trained submissives, new initiates and everything in-between. Both dominants and submissives CHOOSE what happens to them and apparently enjoy it all. I’d like to see this story made into a big-screen movie, something like EXIT TO EDEN, but without silly attempts at humor. I am hooked and I will be buying more of this author’s work.

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