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Big Book of Spanking I - eBook

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Big Book of Spanking I by Lizbeth Dusseau

The best value around in quality Spanking fiction. "Lizbeth is the Mistress of the Spanking Scene" (Author Don Winslow)

Rebecca's Surrender & Other Stories

In this old west story, the headstrong Rebecca tangles with a no-nonsense rancher. Surrendering to Jake and his strap, she finds much more than she ever bargained for. In Teased, Tormented & Tanned sensuous spankings are at the heart of Michael and Amelia’s relationship, as the commanding dominant stirs her sexual juices with a touch of leather on her pert rear end. In the sequel Amelia’s Reminder, she learns the stunning difference between an erotic spanking and real punishment. Then, Taming Maggie’s Temper pits the voluptuous barmaid with a stern but tender Marcus, as this fearsome man subdues her temper with his belt expertly laid on her bare behind. Finally, in The Razor Strap And The Red Rose an answer to Julia’s ad in a spanking publication gives her more than she dreamed possible as she finds her fondest fantasies for spanking and love come true.

A Well-Tethered Natalie & Other Stories

Ethan discovers that a litte bondage and a firm spanking work wonders on Natalie’s sassy brat disposition, while Natalie loves the erotic results of her “restraints.” For Molly & The Professor, it’s wild fireworks, when Molly strikes up a “spanking” correspondence with this “unknown professor”. In Getting The Best Out Of Me, it turns out to be a mistake defying her boss, as Roxanne finds herself getting spanked by this impossible man. A Little Spanking Romance blooms between Chris and her best friend’s cousin, when Marty takes her over his lap for a hearty spanking. In Three For The Road, Gayle gets spanked before her husband, when her complaining annoys his best friend.

Submissive in Leather & Other Spanking Stories

In the title story, a mysterious and engaging Gabriel encourages Dana’s fetish for leather and submission, and moves her deep into a sensuous wild ride when she ends up over her lover’s lap. Some Things Never Change in Jenna’s life, when she moving back home is as painful as she thought it would be—once again subject to her father’s hefty strap. When Jacob’s bride is late for Peg’s Spanking Party, what better way to introduce her to his fascination than over-the-knee discipline from the “Patriarch” of this spanking community. An exhibitionist, Roslyn, finds out the Pleasures Of An Audience while getting her bare ass spanked in front of her husband’s best friend. Finally, in Trouble At The Office, sparks fly when Rebecca’s mistakes land her over her boss’s lap.


Toward the end of spring Rebecca Rivers drove her buckboard to the Elder house.
“I want my trees,” she announced, as Jake walked from the barn, a blacksmith’s hammer in his hand. With his sleeves rolled up, she could see his strong, tanned, muscled arm.
“Your what?” he queried.
“My trees.”
“What trees are those, Miss Rivers?”
“The ones over there,” she said pointing to a space just outside the garden.
“I beg your pardon, Ma’am, those are mine.”
Rebecca was taken aback.
“Mr. Elder, I planted those trees three years ago before I decided to sell the house. I’ve always intended to come get them. They are a special fruit tree I ordered from the East Coast at considerable cost. My banker should have told you this.”
“Well, I’m sorry, Miss Rivers, no one told me about them. Since I like them, they’ll stay here.”
“But they are mine!” She didn’t like the way the man opposed her. In her mind the trees were hers, plain and simple. She didn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t understand that.
Rebecca looked at him, trying to decide what to do. She wasn’t used to people disputing her, and she had no intention of letting Jake Elder steal her trees. Ignoring him, she started toward the garden. Though much to her surprise, Jake grabbed the haughty Miss Rivers, “I said no!”
“How dare you,” she yelled, as she wrenched herself away.
He laughed. “You don’t come into my garden and take my trees.”
“I intend to have them,” she stomped her feet firmly.
“And I’ll take it out of your hide, if you so much as touch one.”
“You wouldn’t dare!”
“You want to try?”
She seethed at him.
He nodded to her wagon, it was time to go.
Rebecca mounted the buckboard again and turned back toward the road, as if she’d given up. But to Jake’s surprise, she stopped again at the end of the garden, and dismounting, found her shovel in the back of the wagon, and began to unearth the trees.
Jake’s tall lean body traversed the space between them in seconds. His hand firmly grasped Rebecca’s wrist one more time.
“You continue ma’am,” he said, “I’ll whip you.”
“How dare you!”
“You’d best not test me.”
“You unhand me, sir, and let me have my trees,” she demanded.
“No,” he replied adamantly.
She wrestled with him, but he was powerfully strong. She could smell the earthy perfume of his sweating body, recalling how long it had been since she’d been so close to a man. She knew she would not win a physical battle, so she abandoned her struggle and he let her go.
“I’m coming back for them,” she snapped, “I’ll steal them if I have to.”
She was about to climb back in the wagon, but Jake had other ideas, and with one swift stroke he gathered her into his arms. She struggled, but it was to no avail. He bent her over with one arm, her hair in wild disarray. Holding her firmly in his grasp, his right hand came down on her bottom with several resounding smacks.
“Stop!” she yelled as he began, but there was no relenting.
“You think you’ll get the better of me, ma’am, you’ll think twice next time. His hand came down again and again.
“Ouch! Ouch. Stop it!”
Her screams fell on deaf ears.
There were several more firm, well-placed smacks.
Though Rebecca still struggled, Jake was delighting in his efforts. Her plump round bottom was a perfect target, jiggling just a bit beneath the fabric of her cotton skirt. He would have liked to do it on her bare rear end—the sound would have been louder, and of course the pain more fierce. But for now, he was hopeful Miss Rivers would get his message with this abbreviated rendering. When he set her aright, she could not contain her anger.
“I hope your rear is as red as your face,” he taunted.
“You’ve not heard the end of this,” she spat back, and abruptly returned to her wagon. She was out of sight as quickly as any remaining dignity would allow.
As she rode back to the mercantile, she could feel nothing but fire in her highly charged body: the fire of her anger, the fire of her abused bottom, and most disturbing a fire in her loins—though that fire she ignored. The gall of the man to deal with her that way. She pondered her revenge, having no intention of letting Jake Elder get away with this appalling stunt.

Three days later, Rebecca heard Jake’s voice again, bellowing to her from the mercantile.
“Miss Rivers!” she could have heard the shout from down the street.
“Mr. Elder,” she addressed him sternly, as she walked into the store from the backroom, “what gives you cause to shout at me?” Seeing his eyes, she was suddenly thankful that she was alone in the store. She was afraid there was going to be quite a scene.
“My trees,” he said. “You have them.”
“I know nothing of the sort,” she replied innocently.
“You’ll make it worse if you lie to me,” he seethed.
“I don’t know what you mean?” she tried to look dumb, though she knew she’d been caught, then again, he couldn’t prove anything. He could hold nothing over her. At least that’s what she thought.
“Perhaps you’d like the sheriff in on this.”
“You can prove nothing.”
“Do you dare me to try?”
She looked at him wonderingly.
“You have your choice,” he said. “The sheriff, or your ass.”
“You don’t mean that?”
“You know I do. I told you I’d take it out of your hide,” he announced. “And I will unless you want me to have you arrested for the thief you are.”
“You wouldn’t,” she fumed, though she could see in his eyes his steadfast intention.
“The sheriff or your ass, what will it be?”
What choice did she have? She’d foolishly planted the evidence in her backyard. How had she hoped to get away from his wrath? Why had she challenged him? she wondered.
“Do what you have to do Mr. Elder, and do it quickly please.”
“Here or in your house?” he asked, nodding to the door behind her counter.
“Oh! Heavens no, not here!” she exclaimed.
“You know, I really should take you over my knee right here, right in front of your customers, let them see you punished for your willful behavior. I’m sure there are a quite a few people who would love the sight of you getting your just desserts.”
He was likely right, though she would never admit it. Instead, she turned abruptly and led Jake to the storeroom. She had every intention of leading him further to her living room where they’d certainly be out of sight and hearing distance; but he stopped just the other side of the storeroom door, finding exactly what he needed.
Sitting on an old cracker barrel, he was at just the right height to comfortably drape her fine form over his long legs. “This is perfect,” he informed her.
“Yes here.”
She sighed deeply, resigning herself to her fate. “Over my lap,” he ordered. But she stood firm, not moving. “The longer you wait, the harder I spank. It’s about time someone tanned your pretty little hide.”
Rebecca relented and bent over his legs, Jake’s left arm immediately holding her in place.
Despite the fact that she was hidden from view, this was far worse than three days before. Then, it had been so unexpected, this time he made her wait in her humiliating pose, and each second ticking by made the anticipation worse.
Smack! Jake’s hand came down hard on her bottom.
Smack! Smack! Smack! The blows repeated one after another, each one harder than the one before.
“Oh, please, my gawd!” she exclaimed, she could not believe how much it hurt.
Smack! Again and again. Even through her dress, the blows were definitely beginning to sting.
“Stop! Ouch! Stop! Please!” she roared.
But he had no plans to stop. “This is over when I say so,” he paused just long enough to say.
Tears were welling in her eyes, her cries became more whimpering, less indignant; not that she was consenting to this, but there was little she could do under his powerful grasp. What was worse, he had every right to punish her, after her roguish pilfering of his trees.
Smack! Her bottom was burning, all her dignity gone. He continued with repeated blows, until her rear burned so hotly, she thought it never would stop hurting. Smack! Smack! The final two he laid on especially hard.
Stopping at last, Jack pushed her to her feet, staring evenly into her dark brown eyes. Her hair was in total disarray about her shoulders, and her chest was heaving heavily.
“So, Miss Rebecca Rivers, you won’t be stealing trees or anything else again?” he asked, though it was hardly a question.
“I’m very sorry, Mr. Elder, I understand my mistake.”
“Good. Just remember, I meant what I said. Don’t ever doubt my word. And I want my trees returned, or I might do this daily until you give them back.” His eyes were steely, his jaw set tight.
There was a powerful rush of energy rushing through Rebecca’s body. She almost felt delirious, no man had ever taken her and whipped her that way, even her father. No other man would have tried.

Artist Credit

(c) RC Horsch, www.eroto.com

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