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Bounty Hunter - eBook

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Bounty Hunter by Lizbeth Dusseau

Logan Dunn thrives in an underground society where rich men claim young females willing to trade their desperation and their freedom for the seemingly safer lives as sexual sumissives. When the fascination for their kinky lifestyle fades and they take off, it's Logan's job to hunt them down and bring them back to face the brutal punishment of their vindictive owners. His reputation for success is without reproach; his methods cunning, ruthless and effective, as he subtlety charms his victim before he springs the trap.

Logan's newest assignment, Jillian Ingalls, is another disaffected young woman on the run from her heartless lover, Christopher Hurst. Completely out of character, she takes off on a cross-country bike trip with Christopher's estranged son, Johnny Gold. They move from one wild sexual fling to another... from group sex to gangbangs to kinky ritual orgies at a country pleasure faire until they land in LA flat broke. On her tail for weeks, Logan finally finds her in a beach cafe waiting tables in the steamy LA heat. The wary woman is intrigued by the man's mesmerizing allure, and before she can wrestle from his grasp, she's shackled in the back of his truck, heading out of town on another cross-country trek toward her ominous future.

Strange things begin to happen between this pair of sexual deviants... as the chemistry between them dangerously ignites. Is it possible that his icy heart has begun to melt? It becomes clear that before he deposits Miss Ingalls in Christopher's dungeon, he'll need to make a choice - keep the sexy slut for his own use, giving up his hefty fee, or, licking his lips with relish, throw her to the wolf and watch her suffer.

This exploration of dominant/submissive sexuality also includes consensual sex, spanking, heavy bondage, pain, public humiliation, anal sex, and punishment enemas among its extreme content.


“We can get this matter cleared up quickly,” Logan Dunn said succinctly. “Raise your skirt for me, Mary.”
“Raise her skirt! Is that really necessary?” Arthur jumped in, visibly shocked.
“There are identifying marks,” Logan repeated.
Arthur eyed the young man suspiciously, but then turned to the woman. “Go ahead,” he nodded.
Marcia clutched the sides of her blue suit skirt. The style was simple, business-like, in a shade of powder blue that looked especially lovely with her blue eyes and the pale blonde hair, which fell to her shoulders in a gentle wave. Knowing that she had little choice in the matter, she inched the knee-length hemline up her thighs until it was possible to see an odd impression on her leg through her pantyhose, appearing about midway between knee and hip.
“What is that, Marcia?” Arthur asked her as he tried to make sense of what he saw from several feet away. He was dying for a closer look but afraid to step any closer.
“XT. It’s a brand,” Logan answered for her.
“That right?” Arthur inched just a tad bit closer, squinting.
Marcia shivered and closed her eyes, the only way she could fend off her embarrassment.
“Good enough,” Logan told her. “But I’ll have to see the one on your breast, too.”
The woman looked at him pleadingly. “Oh, please. Haven’t you seen enough?”
“Tremaine made it clear that I need to be absolutely sure,” he answered coldly. “If you’ll just unbutton your blouse, it won’t take a minute.”
“Mr. Dunn, is this really necessary?” Arthur backed off in a bewildered, indignant huff.
Unfazed, the implacable Logan answered, “She’s a felon, Mr. Riggins. I don’t make the rules; I just enforce them.”
“But wouldn’t that mark on her leg tell you what you want to know?” he pointed to Marcia’s now covered thigh.
“Maybe, maybe not. Branding is not as unusual as you may think in certain sub-cultures of our society. You wouldn’t want me to have the wrong woman, would you?” He turned to Marcia again. “Your blouse.”
“But what if I just admitted who I was and got this over with?” she implored him. Her face was ashen; her eyes pooling with tears.
“Oh? So you admit that you’re Mary Stein?”
“If that’s what I have to do.”
“Makes no difference who you claim you are. Your body has all the answers I need.”
She sighed heavily, as if the burden of the world were on her shoulders. Of course, he’d insist, she thought. He acted on behalf of Mr. Tremaine, which meant that there was nothing to be gained from resisting. She was a submissive woman at heart, and even now, months away from her obligations, some well-remembered drum beat in her with resounding clarity. Her body enlivened in strange ways because of what this man instructed her to do. Some would say that on an elemental level, she enjoyed the horror and the humiliation.
Marcia had been dressing conservatively since she started working at Riggins & Worthy. And, oddly, with the button at her neck undone, a feeling of relief washed through her. Arthur Riggins would never notice, but Logan Dunn could feel the change as a subtle shiver that rattled his bones. As her trembling hand continued its slow decent from one button to the next and her blouse opened further, the meticulous Marcia Rayburn became Mary Ellen Stein again. With her blouse undone to her waist, she reached inside under her white slip and pulled her left bra cup up over the soft white flesh, exposing for the waiting audience a perfectly-shaped breast, full and round, with a pale areole and a darker mauve-colored nipple. Although Logan inwardly admired the woman’s attractive body, he had to ignore his physical response at times like this one. Inspections were business, nothing more. Arthur Riggins, on the other hand, felt his crotch leap viciously as the lovely secretary exposed herself. He managed to contain his physical excitement by gripping the desk with white knuckles, however, enough to register the appropriate awe seeing the curious tattoo on the side of Marcia’s—rather Mary Stein’s—breast: the word ‘slave’ in neat black lettering.
“My God!” Arthur gasped.
“You’ll be coming with me, Mary,” Logan said.
“Yes, sir,” she quietly acknowledged.
“And if you don’t mind, Mr. Riggins, I need a few minutes with Mary alone,” Logan informed the shocked executive.
He was flustered, flushed and anxious to escape the room. “Yes. Sure,” he said shaking his head. “Damn, I can’t believe it.”
“Would you like to study the entire warrant?” Logan offered again.
“No, that won’t be necessary. I’ve read enough.” He couldn’t stop shaking his head in amazement, and with the awkward scene too uncomfortable to bear any longer, Arthur left the room.

“Well, you looked relieved, Mary Stein,” Logan said once they were alone. His head was slightly cocked as his one eye zeroed in on her coolly.
“I’m not,” she said. “I’m not guilty of any crime except loving a man too much. I can’t love him back any more and he knows that. Why does he have to press the matter?”
“Because he owns you.”
“He can’t own me!” she tried with him desperately.
“In his world, he can, Mary Stein, you know that as well as I do. By his rules, you don’t back out once you have given your word.”
She sighed quietly; it was no use arguing. Tremaine had won, just as he always did. With that fact clear, the longing in her heart expanded, as if this was what she’d wanted all along, to be captured and returned. But that couldn’t be possible!
“Can we get this over with quickly? Please?”
“We can get it done the way it needs to be done,” Logan answered her grimly.
“But, surely, these good people don’t need to be exposed to my trials, or the world you must return me to.”
“I’m afraid that Mr. Tremaine really doesn’t care about that ‘these good people’. My instructions are to see that ‘the real woman is bared for all eyes to see. Let them snicker at her shame’ I believe that’s what he said.” Pulling something shiny from his pocket, Logan moved on her as she shrunk back in fear. She watched in wonder as with one flick of his wrist, a long, sharp blade popped out of its metal case. “And I do my job well.”
Cornering her by the wall, he calmly reached inside her open blouse at her left shoulder, and with one swift jerk cut through the strap of her slip and the strap of her bra. He did the same at her right shoulder. A third slash split her brassiere in two, and he quickly snatched the ripped fabric and pulled it out.
“Take the slip off from underneath,” he ordered.

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Product Reviews

  1. One of Lizbeth's Best Books

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2014

    Tobias Tanner wrote a sequel, which lost the energy of this book. Always wondered what happened to Jillian in the basement of that drug lord. Wish Lizbeth had written the sequel or would write the sequel.

  2. Posted by Tobias Tanner on 23rd Apr 2010

    The Bounty Hunter by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Tobias Tanner

    Jillian Ingalls serves and services her stepfather. He is harsh and cold, a man who uses her cruelly, without pity or regret, and worse, with contempt. She craves the dominance, but cannot tolerate the disrespect. Such abuse is corrosive, and finally drives Jill out on her own—at least as alone as a woman of her nature can be. It does not occur to her that it is a decision she has no right to make, and she becomes the objective of a professional bounty hunter.

    Logan Dunn is that professional, a hard man in a hard business, who uses his own dominant nature to provide a service. His job is to track down the runaway slaves and bring them home for the punishment that awaits them. He likes the work. Slaves are a commodity to him, a source of income. His connections allow him access where other men have none. Logan has his own code of ethics, and his sense of fairness within the context of their world sends him along a quite unexpected pathway with his quarry.

    The book is well crafted and its characters fully developed. Dominance and submission are the norm, not the exception, and the players are not hesitant or surprised by their involvement. These are serious folks, and they play for keeps. It is a refreshing change of pace to come upon a tidy story about people who get right to business and don't waste time explaining or making excuses. Point of view changes help to increase the novel's depth, although the primary character is a deeply submissive woman (a common Duseau theme) who carries the story well.

    If you like beatings and bondage and branded thighs, then this one will suit you, and I recommend it with no reservation whatsoever. There is anal sex galore, public nudity, humiliation, and enough angst and anguish to please anyone. Then there is that hot soapy enema spiced with a dried mixture of ground Mexican peppers. Does it get any better than that? I don't know, but I sure plan to ask Jill and her Bounty Hunter, if I ever run into them.

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