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Boy Farm - ebook

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Boy Farm by Rose Thornwell

Brianna Wells is the sexiest girl at Justin's school, not to mention the bitchiest. He'll do anything to sleep with her, including letting her tie him down naked to her mother's bed for a little game of teasing and humiliation. She has the boy begging for release, but before she can finish the job, Bree's mother, the sexy dominatrix Sadie shows up. Sending the daughter to her room, Sadie picks up where Bree left off. Helpless and aroused, Justin has no choice but to submit to the woman's hands, whips and other nefarious "toys."

Justin is left feeling used and violated, but Sadie tells him it's only the beginning. He belongs to her now and to prove it she intends to train him at a special center for male slut training known as Boy's Farm. The young Justin is introduced to a variety of tortures and training techniques there, including pony boy and dog training, cock and ball torture as well as good old-fashioned group sex and beatings.

Bree vows revenge on her mother for stealing her latest boy toy. With the help of her kinky friend Camille, she devises the perfect plan. Bree will seduce her mother Sadie's boyfriend, making him her pet bitch. The war is on with the helpless males serving as pawns in this game of goddess against goddess. Contains forced anal, golden showers, male pony boy and dog training, whipping and corporal punishment, humiliation and psychological degradation.

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She pushed him ahead of her down the hall to the Queen Bitch’s Room. Sadie’s lair, not counting the ‘dungeons’ she used elsewhere. Bree had known about her mother’s ‘special interests’ for quite some time. She wasn’t sure what had driven her as a young teenager to explore her mother’s secret drawers and closet. Nor did she understand the strange thrill she felt when she first held the leather braided whip in her hand or caressed the pair of steel handcuffs. What a strange mix of textures; the soft, gaily colored feathers and decadent silk and the harsh, merciless leather. She knew at the time this all had something to do with men, though it took puberty for her to understand the game was about seduction. Controlling the supposedly dominant male sex by leading them around at the level of their cock. Sadie never brought the men home, but in the back of her mind she had to wonder about her father. Was this what drove him off? Was he too strong to bow to her kinks? Or too proud?
“Brianna, are you sure we should be in here?”
“Shut up,” said Bree. “And strip.”
This was the moment of truth. He could still run. He could even turn the tables if he wanted, being physically stronger. For a split second she thought about being raped, then pushed the idea back in her mind. The trick was to stay in charge.
“Take your clothes off, now,” said the shapely high school senior, “or I’ll tell everybody you forced me to have sex with you.”
“But that’s a lie!”
What an idiot he was.
“It doesn’t matter, Justin, so long as they believe me.”
He was still hesitating. Bree’s next move was bold and effective. Catching him off guard, she moved in fast, raking her nails across his face.
“Oww,” he cried out at the cruel scratch. “What was that for?”
“Evidence,” she grinned malevolently.
He looked at her blankly.
“The skin cells under my nails are yours,” she held up her hand to him. “They can analyze those and it will confirm my story, that I scratched your face while you were trying to rape me. Now are you going to do as you’re told or do I have to make it even more nasty for you?”
Justin pulled his T-shirt over his head.
“Yummy,” said Bree, looking at his smooth pecs and washboard stomach. “Now the pants and underwear.”
He kicked off his sneakers and tugged the already opened jeans over his lean hips. Bree’s mouth was watering. She was going to play nasty games with him, very soon. His big dick was hard as steel. It barely bent as he hopped out of his briefs.
“Stand there a second,” she ordered. “I want to look at you.”
He frowned, but did as he was told, a whipped puppy already.
“Arms at your sides.”
The position emphasized his cock and balls, and full chest. “Your nipples are hard,” she noticed.
“It’s the cold air,” he said lamely.
“Liar,” she laughed, brandishing the flogger.
It landed loudly on his belly, just as he was trying to raise his arms.
“Still trying to protect yourself, aren’t you?” she said, letting her displeasure be known. “We’ll have to do something about that. Get on the bed, on your back. Spread eagle.”
“B-but that’s your mom’s bed, Brianna.”
She whipped his cock. “Very good, Einstein, now get on it before I lose my temper.”
His yelp made her shiver with glee. Watching him scamper into position made her feel better still. Something about the sight of a raunchy, naked boy climbing over his mother’s silk sheets was sending her into orbit. The old bitch would never be the wiser and that was downright hilarious.
And what exactly was it that made Sadie so bad in her daughter’s eyes? It wasn’t outright physical abuse, or even verbal abuse. Sadie didn’t play it that way. She was too aloof, too smug. And subtle to boot. Her thing was to be all business, no emotion, dry as toast, letting her daughter do whatever she damned well pleased her so long as it didn’t draw blood and she didn’t have to know about it.
Well, here was something Sadie would love to know. Her own daughter was going to play dominatrix in her precious little sanctuary, the golden room with the white lace curtains and pretty gold painted dressers, all soft and sweet. It made Bree sick, and that’s why she was going to fuck in the middle of it. Blow the whole thing wide open.
“Spread those arms and legs good,” she warned in her best little girl pout. “Or mommy will have to hurt you…”
The combination of woman and child in her voice made the young man’s cock even harder. He was licking his lips. Scared as he might be of what was coming next, he was wanting more. And the anticipation, the uncertainty only seemed to heighten it.
“I’m going to tie you down. You ever been tied, Justin?”
Dumbly, he shook his head.
“Answer me out loud,” she flogged his chest.
“No,” he winced, “I haven’t.”
“Once you’re tied, I can do anything I want to you, do you understand?”
He nodded yes, then remembered her instructions. “I—I understand,” he whispered.
She felt a secret thrill at his obedience. The boy was being trained. There really was something to all the books and magazines of her mother’s, the ones she’d found in the bottom of the closet, along with the photo albums of various play parties and ‘scenes,’ as they were called.
“Have you ever wanted to be tied?”
“No!” He exclaimed, shaking his head vehemently.

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