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Broken Glory: Fallen Angels Trilogy, Book Three

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Broken Glory: Fallen Angels Trilogy, Book Three by Zoey Marcel

Jude, a soul devourer’s evil plans are foiled yet again by Scarlett, a blonde mission angel who fuels his passions as equally as she frustrates his ego. Her sassy tongue and staggering pride taunt him until he snaps and vows to have his revenge on her.

When Scarlett befriends Aramis, a wolf shifter after saving his life, she realizes that even angels can be tempted. A steamy encounter with him compromises her angelic nature and nearly her innocence. She seeks the help of vampires, Nicolai and Drakkar to make her human so she can avoid being turned into a demon for betraying heaven.

Unbeknownst to Scarlett her relationship with Aramis is part of Jude’s plan to ruin her. She learns that Jude is the one able to turn her human, but it will cost her virginity. After a torrid encounter with the demon it seems Scarlett is finally free to be with Aramis.

Or is she? What started as revenge quickly turns into obsession for Jude. Scarlett has gotten under his skin and he won’t let her go. The sadist in him demands her pain and humiliation, but his uncontrollable lust demands her body. It’s not enough to own her. He wants her soul.

Contains: (Male domination, female submission, S&M, straight and lesbian sex, threesomes, flogging, whipping, deflowering, puppy play, birching, group sex, shaving, bondage, sex during menstruation, shock collar, spanking, sex toys, anal and oral sex, sex with demons in shifted form, breeding, etc.)


Jude stood invisible in the darkness as he watched her make her way down the alley alone. Foolish girl. Less or Tansy or whatever the devil her name was now, might be a witch, but she was too cocky or perhaps too naive in thinking that a woman was safe on her own in a secluded alley at night.
Her black hair flounced around her shoulders as she walked, and the sound of her suede stiletto boots clopping like regal hooves on cobblestone sent his mind back into the past. He’d been around since the beginning of time, and he’d seen a lot of things. The once naked and bald slave who had pleaded with him to spare her innocence now looked a far cry from the weak woman he’d broken two centuries ago.
She hadn’t aged a day, but then she’d been murdered trying to defend children at an orphanage in England in 1811. At the gates of hell she and her friend, Hope, had been given a choice. They could suffer in the underworld or agree to become the slaves of demons. They’d chosen the latter, and he’d been a good master to them.
Oh hell, who was he kidding? He’d treated them like shit and enjoyed every minute of it. Hope was still in his possession. He’d tortured her until she lost her mind. Eventually he’d tired of her insanity and sucked the soul out of her. Now she was different. Still insane, but at least once in a while she had prophetic visions that were of use to him.
Less escaped him long ago. Sonya had helped her get away. Well, now it was time to recapture Less and let her know how angry her pretend father was with her. He smiled, recalling her obvious revulsion at the paternal title he often insisted she call him by. What a deplorable bastard he was.
Less still looked like she was in her late twenties since she was basically a living dead woman. She didn’t seem to have that scar he’d engraved on her forehead long ago. Well, he could always carve her again, or perhaps endow her with a new degrading word.
She wore a brown dressy-type of suit jacket with matching suit pants, looking every inch the role of independent, working American woman.
Time to strip her of her dignity and value. His runaway prisoner had become too cushy in her freedom. She was meant to be enslaved and broken. He’d fucked Hope up permanently, but not Less. It irritated him. No slave had ever escaped him without being caught again and severely punished.
Hope fidgeted next to him. “I want cake.”
“Shh. You can have cake later.” Jude turned Hope’s head toward the passing witch. “Do you know who that is?”
Hope observed Less for a moment before a wicked smile curved her thin lips. “My sister, Less.”
They weren’t sisters, but at least Hope played along with his twisted fantasy. “That’s right, little bitch. You want to see your sister again, don’t you?”
“Yes, Papa. May I speak to her?”
“I want you to. Distract her while I sneak up on her from behind. Will you do that for your father?”
“Yes, Papa.” Hope stood and crept up behind Less. “Sister.”
The Asian witch turned suddenly and scrutinized the other woman’s features for a long minute as if trying to place her face. “Hope? Is that you?”
Hope sounded happy as she approached Less in a whimsical manner, seeming to float somewhere in la la land. “It’s me, sister. Hope has returned. I want to hug my sister.”
Less still seemed stunned as she drew nearer to her. “My god, I thought you were in hell.”
“I escaped from our papa. I’ve been lost. Help me, sister.”
“You poor thing, come here.” Less hugged her tightly. “You don’t seem well. What did he do to you?”
“I’m perfectly well, Less. Papa helped me. He took away the barriers keeping me from enlightenment. I’m free now.”
Jude sneaked around until Less’ back was to him.
She sounded concerned. “He’s not our father, Hope. He’s a sick, twisted son of a bitch. He ruined your mind. Come with me and I’ll get you the help you need.”
Hope’s hazel eyes darkened with telling shadows. “You’re the one who needs help, sister. You’ve been gone too long.”
Less stiffened when the frail woman cupped her cheek.
“We must bond again. We must hold each other until our strength is gone.”
The witch moved Hope’s hand then she ran it across her breast.
“You’ve become too blinded by your solitude,” Hope said, doing a fine job of keeping her focus on Less and not on him tiptoeing up on her from behind. “You need to feel our papa’s caress again and earn back his favor. Let him touch you, sister. It’s for your own good, and there will be cake afterward.”
Less pushed her reaching hand away and took a step backward. “Hope, you’re sick. You need help. Let me help you.”
Jude made his move and grabbed her from behind. Less screamed, but his palm clapped over her mouth and muffled the tail-end of the sound. He slammed her up against the wall so her face ground into the brick and his body pinned her against the solid surface from behind.
“Did you miss me, slave? Two hundred years is a long time not to have any contact with your loving father,” he sneered, enjoying her panic. “I was so worried about you, but perhaps not as worried as you are right now.”
He felt her trying to summon magic, but he kept a firm hand over her mouth and grasped her arms so she couldn’t use her hands.
“Let her go, Jude.”
Jude’s head jerked when he heard a woman’s voice. The sight of the aqua-eyed, blonde angel standing there took his breath away and simultaneously pissed him off. His bloody nemesis. “Scarlett, to what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Don’t flatter yourself. This isn’t a social call. Now take your hands off her or I’ll be forced to take action,” Scarlett warned.
He smirked. “You? Tiny, bottom-of-the-barrel mission angel, Scarlett, is going to take on a soul devourer and an undead lunatic? You’re even cockier than I imagined.”
A sword appeared in her hand. The sight of the gleaming weapon in the small, feminine hand of the beauty in a flowing white dress was a conundrum. She’d look much better with a cock in her hand.
Damn it, why did he keep thinking of the bitch that way? Damned hormones.
“We can do this the hard way if that’s how you want it,” Scarlett told him.
He felt a smile spread across his lips and an annoying stirring in his groin. “Bitch, you have no idea how I want it.”
Hope clapped her hands. “Oo, look at the pretty angel. Hope was killed because of an angel.” She frowned. “I don’t like angels. Angels make Hope sad. I want to hurt her.”
Jude grinned. “Be my guest.”
“Stay back.” Scarlett pointed the sword at her. “I mean it, Jude. Let go of her.”
“And what will you do if I don’t? Run that sword through me?” he challenged. “You don’t have the authority to put me in the ground.”
“But I do,” a male voice broke in.
Hearing another British accent in America surprised him. Jude glanced over his shoulder to face the intruder, smiling when he saw the bleach-blond crusnik leader. “Ah, Blade, I really can’t remember the last time I saw you. No, wait. I remember. You were in a dungeon in chains being tortured by Nimbus, wasn’t it?”
Blade glared at him. “Take your hands off the woman.”
Jude snickered. “My good chap, you couldn’t even stop Delilah from raping you. What on God’s earth makes you think you can keep me from kidnapping this woman?”
“Enough!” Blade advanced and Jude threw Less to the ground and met his assault.
Hope lunged at Scarlett, but Jude was too busy fighting with Blade to see the female tussle a few feet from him. When Blade knocked him to the ground, Jude’s focus darted to the scream he heard. Scarlett stepped back with her sword, the large diamond on it shining with the brilliance of the sun. Hope was frozen in a thick block of ice.
“Bitch!” Jude yelled.
He shoved Blade off and scrambled to his feet just as Hope disappeared with the block of ice encasing her. He knew she’d be trapped in her icy prison in the Frozen River Cocytus in the underworld.
He looked to see Less cowering behind Blade. Jude turned to Scarlett and glared at her fiercely. “Bitch, you’ve foiled me for the last bloody time!”
Scarlett took a step backward and held the sword between them. “Stay where you are, scumbag, or I’ll be forced to use this thing on you too. Besides, Blade could kill you in a heartbeat, and as much as I’d like to see that happen, I know you don’t. Blade, why don’t you take this young lady home?”
Blade turned to Less and held out his arm. “Come along, dear.”
Less hesitated, eying him suspiciously.
“I’m not going to hurt you, love.”
Scarlett nodded when Less looked at her. “He won’t hurt you. He’s a good man.”
Less smiled shyly and accepted his arm as they walked away together.
Jude spun around to face the vexing angel again, seething with rage. “I swear someday I going to...”
“Yada yada. Save it, Jude. You’re pathetic,” Scarlett taunted him with her chin held high like the irritating little bitch she was. “Oh, and you know what else, dirtbag? I have news for you from God. It turns out you’re forbidden to ever go near Tansy again. How does that grab you, weakling? Now your hands are tied and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
The bitch needed to die. She made the grave mistake of turning her back to him and strutting off in a cloud of arrogance. He leaped at her, knocking the sword out of her hand. She struggled beneath him, yelling insults at him as he rolled her onto her back and straddled her.
“You’re too stupid for your own good,” he said, wrapping his hands around her throat in a choking hold. “Someday I’m going to beat you and kill you and...”
He stopped short when he felt himself starting to get hard. Bloody hell, not again. What was it about this frustrating woman that riled his passions as readily as she did his wrath?
“Jude...” She coughed and struggled to breathe. “Get off me, you jerk.”
Her anger and frantic struggle for air catapulted his libido higher. He adjusted himself so the bulge in his pants nestled between the heat of her legs. The warmth of her feminine body permeated through the dress and sizzled against his loins, making him throb and ache for consummation. Revenge could come later. Right now he had a maddening itch that needed some serious scratching.
She tried to punch him when his hands left her throat, but he pinned her arms over her head, feeling his balls draw up into him when her breath hitched. She looked startled by his strength and possibly humbled by her weakness. The exchange of power between them showed in her eyes and probably in his as well.
“Get off of me!”
He took her wrists in one hand and ran his free hand over one of her breasts, thrilling at the way she flinched and struggled.
“No one has ever seen them before,” he murmured half to himself. “Such a waste.”
She gasped and flailed harder when he cupped her tit and gave it a light squeeze through her dress. “Get off me, you slimeball!”
“You’re so proud and self-righteous you don’t even realize your own weakness.”
She spat at him, and he slapped her face, feeling a rush of delight course through him at the sound and the mark of his handprint fading slowly onto her cheek.
“Someday I’m going to show you, angel. When my cock is buried balls-deep in your virgin cunt and you’re powerless to fight your attraction to me and my overpowering strength, then you’ll know just how weak you really are.”
A great force threw him off of her. When Jude scrambled to his feet, he saw Raphael standing nearby with a tight expression on his face. Jude scowled. The archangel was always so tranquil it made him mad. No one had a right to be that calm when there were so many things in life to piss a person off. Just the sight of his serenity angered Jude and made him want to hit the confounded angel.
“I think you’re done here,” the scruffy male said in a subdued tone, though the warning was etched clearly all over his face.
Jude glared at him and then glanced down at Scarlett lying there in shock with her elbows propping her up. “This isn’t over, bitch.”
“Run along now, Jude,” Raphael said in a mellow timbre that bore traces of condescension.
Jude wanted to pummel them both, but he turned and walked away, secretly plotting his revenge.

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