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Broken Vow, Fallen Angels Trilogy: Book Two

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Broken Vow, Fallen Angels Trilogy: Book Two by Zoey Marcel

Every forty years a demon is freed from his stone prison in the Underworld temple and given a choice. To be free the demon must drink from the River Lethe and forget his former life. Should he refuse, he is cast back into darkness. In 1855 a grown Sully frees the demon who sired him.

Nimbus chooses to drink from Lethe to gain his freedom. It’s been decades since his mate, Sonya betrayed him. They say time heals all wounds, but there are some things that time was never meant to heal.

In 2010 Sonya is still slaying vampires to win back her redemption. During a battle to save her home city, she slays a dragon, who just before he dies calls her mother. Sonya is devastated to learn that she unintentionally killed her own son in an effort to protect the city. Her heartache leads her to cross paths with Dante, a hunky tattoo artist. The two forge a strong bond of love and lust, but he holds a dark secret that could cost them both dearly.

Jude, the soul devourer learns that Sonya killed Sully, the son that he and Nimbus fathered with her. Jude enlists the help of Delilah, a succubus to find Sonya so he can unleash hell on her.

Sonya’s loyalties and fears are put to the test when Nimbus walks back into her life, seeking revenge. What follows is a battle between good and evil, but in the end her divided heart must choose a side and accept the consequences of her decision.

Content includes: Male domination, female submission, S&M, group sex, multiple partners, double stuffing, straight and lesbian sex, caning, spanking with a belt, bondage.


“What are you doing up?” Tansy asked with a yawn.
“I was just getting a drink of water.” Sonya climbed back into bed, feeling mildly comforted when the woman rubbed her shoulders, easing away the pent-up tension.
“Were you thinking about your son?”
She nodded. It had been her intention to keep the awful truth of her son's demise a secret, but Tansy dragged it from her. The witch was a good listener and talking about it helped a little.
“I just can't believe that I'm the one who killed him,” Sonya whispered sadly.
“You were only doing your duty. You didn't know he was your son.”
“I know, but it still hurts.”
Tansy planted a light kiss on her left cheek. “I'm sorry. Do you know what would help? Creating an ache somewhere else.”
“Are you going to punch me in the face or something?”
She laughed, moving her palm to cup Sonya's left breast while her other hand smoothed up and down her bare thigh. “That wasn't exactly the type of ache I had in mind.”
Sonya's stomach flip flopped at the naughty suggestion and she felt a stirring in her groin at the other woman's gentle, deliberate touch on her leg. “You're tired. You should sleep, not -”
“Shh.” Tansy's lips lightly pecked hers, teasing them until they tingled in response to her invitation. “I know just what you need. Do you need me to grope your breasts?”
Sonya gasped, thrilling over the way her roommate tugged the delicate straps of her chemise down.
“Yes.” Her whispered reply fanned Tansy's lips before the witch swallowed the whisper and slowly seduced Sonya's mouth with her own while fondling her boobs. The feel of the other woman's palms rolling and kneading her breast tissue was as soothing as it was decadent.
Sonya whimpered when a hand cupped her crotch beneath her chemise. She hadn't bothered to put panties back on after their tryst earlier, since the other woman insisted she go without them tonight. Tansy wouldn't let her mouth retreat from hers as she calmly rubbed her pussy and dipped her slender fingers into Sonya's moist cleft, making her mewl with bliss.
“Do you need my fingers in your pussy?” Tansy murmured against her lips.
“Yes,” Sonya breathed in response, body trembling with anticipation. She broke the kiss when a cool finger pushed into her vagina and massaged the walls therein, stealing a breathless gasp from her.
Tansy smiled, brushing Sonya's clitoris with the pad of her thumb, only enough to make it pulse and tingle with awareness. “You're creaming for a woman, bad girl.”
Sonya moaned and rode the inserted digit. “More.”
“You want another finger?” Tansy lightly tapped her clit before her finger ceased the intimate contact.
“Please. I need it.” Sonya flinched when Tansy wedged another finger inside of her and thrust into her cunt with both fingers, mimicking a very tiny penis.
Tansy nudged Sonya so she lay back against the mattress while she played with her. The witch's busty chest hovered near her just beyond reach of her mouth. Sonya lifted a hand to cup one of her tits, but Tansy pinned her wrist to the bed, eliciting a titillated groan. Sonya loved being held down and coerced into things. A trait Nimbus instilled in her long ago, but she couldn't entertain the memories right now. They would be too painful and hardly fair to the woman kind enough to pleasure her tonight.
Tansy moved so her behemoth breasts dangled in Sonya's face. “Suck my tits, tramp.”
Sonya moaned and took a distended nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard and enjoying the woman's noises of salacity. Tansy crouched lower so her boob squished against Sonya's face and she was forced to devour more of her breast.
The fingers working in and out of her sex kept Sonya on edge and she wailed against the soft, womanly flesh her tongue played with when Tansy traced erotic circles on her swollen clit with her finger.
“Sonya,” Tansy breathed her name into the warm darkness, working her fingers faster to drive Sonya crazy.
Sonya rocked her body against the pleasing digits and sucked Tansy's boob harder, nipping it with her teeth, which she knew would satisfy her. Sonya's orgasm came suddenly and with little warning as she convulsed against the mattress while the waves of thunder rolled hard and furious through her body. She bit down lightly on the tit in her mouth, relishing the way Tansy cried out and seemed delighted with the pleasure-pain.
Sonya panted for air, shivering when Tansy removed her fingers from her cunt with a playful grin and bounded over to the dresser. She padded back over to the bed with the flesh-colored feeldoe. Both women slipped off their lingerie, unveiling themselves completely.
“Shall we pretend I'm a lecherous bastard who kidnapped you and means to take your virginity?” Tansy asked, wiggling her eyebrows.
Sonya laughed. She loved that fantasy, though Tansy had never understood it since it was once their reality back in the early nineteenth century. Still, she indulged Sonya's guilty pleasure and she in turn allowed Tansy to behave like a dominatrix with her sometimes.
Tansy slipped the bulb up inside of herself and climbed onto the bed with the shaft pointing toward Sonya. She overcame Sonya's pretend struggles and held her wrists down by her side. She coerced the dildo up inside of her, jarring a myriad of bittersweet memories. While this was definitely a fantasy Sonya enjoyed, tonight in the dark room with her heart heavy and her mind filled with the echoes of the past, playing at a reality from long ago hardly seemed wise. It was too easy to imagine her true mate was taking her instead since they were in the dark and the dildo felt so real.
Sonya shook her head. “I want to be inside you this time.”
Tansy released her wrists, giggling slightly when Sonya pulled the feeldoe out of her and knocked her down. She climbed on top of Tansy and slipped the bulbous end up inside of her own vagina.

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© kondradbak

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