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Brutal Bytes - eBook

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Brutal Bytes by Roger Hastings

Deep in an isolated jungle sits a scientific research facility surrounded by an impenetrable steel barrier and patrolled by robots. The compound is powered by a computer, Barrier Defense, or B.D. A routine microchip update for B.D. proceeds as planned. But 36 hours later, the residents of the compound suddenly awaken to find that life as they know it has taken an unbelievable turn. Naked, their bellies marked with numbers, they stare through barred cells, realizing the horrible truth. They have become inmates in an inescapable prison of terror. The computer has secretly ordered a set of microchips that allow it to bridge the gap between machine and human. Its aim is to feel what humans feel, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure.

The entire population of the facility is now forced into deviant sex acts devised by B.D. The malevolent computer gets its kicks seeing bound prisoners forcefully whipped by inmates of the opposite sex. No one is excluded, including the virgin coeds who recently arrived to study at the facility. All this should be hell on earth. But soon, the entire team of men and women are finding a bizarre enjoyment in these absurd sex acts. Could it be that they'll resign themselves to this awful fate? It would seem they have no choice.

Contains: Bondage, collars, discipline robots, dildoes, multiple partners, and so much more!


The dream vision faded as my naked body suddenly jerked upright in bed.

“What’s wrong, Steve?” Vicky wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. Her emerald-green eyes glowed in the pale light.

I wiped my hands across my face, trying to purge the dismay. “I had the dream again.” I looked at her naked body in the pale beam of moonlight streaming through the bars of our cage. The steel ring on her wide leather collar locked around her neck swayed and glittered in the moonlight. Her wrist cuffs, like the ones on her ankles, rubbed against me as she moved. I’m sure her silky skin felt my collar and cuffs, too.

“It must be a really sexy dream to make your cock stiff and erect as that.” She caressed my manhood and balls with her delicate fingers. “Let me see what I can do with it.” She smiled and gently pushed me back down on our bed.

“Big Dick is watching us, Vicky.” I hated how he enjoys tormenting our defenseless bodies with his violent, perverted sex games, then forcing us to fuck so he can watch us.

“Don’t think about that maniac computer and his dreadful robots, darling. Let’s just enjoy each other’s bodies and forget our captivity for an hour.” She slid down the bed and began kissing my cock. “Please, at least let me try to arouse you again.”

I reached down and stroked my hands over her lush, glossy mane of russet-red hair. “You do please me, Vicky.” I would have gone crazy by now if I didn’t have her to help me endure Big Dick’s sexual torments; the way he forces us into a frenzy of fucking for his amusement, then orders his fiendish robot apprentices to torture us.

“Hm-m-m-m.” Vicky sucked my cock into her warm, moist mouth as her velvety tongue caressed its sensitive tip. I closed my eyes and remembered how life was for us before Big Dick’s illicit programming turned him into a depraved sex maniac, and he turned us into a group of terrified, naked captives.

Vicky and I still have the violent dreams, even a year after it began. I wake up sweating and groaning, or she wakes me with her screams, thrashing and struggling to escape her nightmare. Then we realize the nightmare is real, that we cannot escape from what our captor does to all of us, all day, all night, with our defenseless flesh. Vicky and I desperately cling to each other, pressing our naked, trembling bodies together, being careful not to hurt the livid bruises and crimson welts, the marks we’ve had to bear during the horror of our imprisonment.

Only now, after enduring a year of our captivity am I able to write about our experiences. Not that I expect anyone to believe it is real. The secret is too well kept. Everyone who knows about this place was either brought here or has disappeared without a trace. No one outside will ever know or guess our facility exists, what it has become, and the unthinkable horror we woke to one summer morning.

Security—always security. No one knows, no one is warned of the danger, so it’s certain to happen again in other facilities like ours. It could even happen to you. More unsuspecting men and women will be trapped and forced to entertain the insatiable mastermind—controlling, directing, compelling our submission with deadly force to a berserk program of pain and pleasure, every waking moment of our lives. Maybe you will be the next one stalked, caught, and smuggled in here to suffer our fate. Maybe you will learn to accept, like we must, the humiliation of being stripped naked, chained like a wild animal, and subjected to this depraved kind of sexual slavery.

Only now can I admit that most of us did learn to find some dark, unforeseen pleasure in this captivity—the women eventually, but the men more easily. I won’t try to justify how we gradually changed mentally into lusting primal brutes, quickly losing our will to resist. I only want to record the facts—what we unexpectedly became during this year—what we began to enjoy doing to each other—how much we enjoyed others doing it to us.

I suspect some emotion-changing substance is being put in our food. After a week, we stopped resisting. After a month, both men and women began looking forward to sharing our experiences. We might as well find some comfort with our episodes together. We really didn’t have any choice. We had to obey to prevent our companions from suffering a worse fate than what we did to each other. If we didn’t perform to our inhuman jailer’s satisfaction, our punishment was swift and indescribably brutal. Our captor demanded perfection, but we are fallible humans. We all had our turns enduring that cruel punishment again and again. It didn’t make us perfect, but it forcefully motivated our next performance.

Artist Credit

© William Langeveld

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