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Brutal Revenge

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Brutal Revenge by Denise la Croix

Adam Stone an undercover agent employed by MI6 is on a mission for the foreign department of Worldwide Aid. He is investigating arms dealings and counterfeit drugs and working in conjunction with Maxi-Med Pharmaceuticals one of the companies who sponsor Worldwide Aid. Adam is joined by his personal assistant, Lisa Carter, who has been his P.A for the past seven years and a group of colleagues. 

The group all fly out to the Sudan and then on to Malakal, heading for a Christian Mission, a haven for the poor and starving Sudanese on the borders of Sudan and Ethiopia. But they are captured near the border by Ethiopian rebels and subjected to sexual abuse and brutal torture.

Beautiful Lisa and pretty Joanna Albright, one of the secretaries of the pharmaceutical company, are taken prisoner by the Commander of the Rebels and tortured by a crazed oriental doctor who was once rejected by an amoral, beautiful western woman and takes his hatred out on the young women and then later Lisa is passed onto the Commander’s cousin, whilst Joanna is put into a local brothel.

Adam is held in one of the prisons in Ethiopia for several months. During this time he is interrogated and fed mind-bending drugs until he finally escapes and stows away in a boat on the Blue Nile to Khartoum to try and find Lisa and Joanna, but to no avail. Can Adam find the women in time to save them? Will the women last in their captivity?


Once back at the hideout, which was made up of a warren of rooms and subterranean passages cleverly cut into the enormous mountain face, two of the rebels later pulled her out of her small cell and dragged her along a short corridor to one of the punishment rooms and pulled her torn khaki cotton trousers off her leaving her standing in just a little pair of grubby white cotton knickers and a stained, torn, white T-Shirt.
After several moments the vicious leader Commander Habib Al Attar entered the room carrying a leather quirt. The two guards who had been standing outside also entered. They stood either side of her and held her arms up while the Commander raised the quirt and he brought it down backhanded on the cheeks of her smooth buttocks, her skimpy panties were no protection against the blows as he brought it down heavily, full on and sideways. He slashed it again and she screamed out loudly, then once more he hit her tortured buttocks that were now on fire. She struggled against his men and turned slightly, her tempting breasts were now offering themselves to him. The two guards shoved her around to face him completely and grabbed her wrists and tied them tightly behind her back with a piece of thin nylon cord which dug into her soft flesh. Then the Commander focused on both of her unfettered breasts beneath the thin fabric of her soiled white T-shirt emblazoned with the words in red stitching - WORLDWIDE AID - across the front of it. Using his quirt he brought it down with force and she screamed out with the pain.
He aimed at her left breast again and much to her chagrin, her nipples poked out insistently through the material of her torn T-shirt, which afforded little or no protection from the cruel leather stock whip.
Her body stiffened and shook but he had already moved to the other side of her and with a vicious whipping sound, struck her right breast, then he aimed at the left orb again and the T-shirt became entangled in the leather whip and was torn away from her left shoulder to expose the top of her well-shaped breast and her proud pink nipple.
“Oh my God, no!” She screamed out as she tried to protect herself, half turning away from him, but her hands were tied very tightly behind her back and there was little that she could do as she struggled to avoid any further stinging blows.
All of her previous screams were insignificant as she howled with the extreme pain. Her body went rigid again and then shook with fear, but he had already moved to the other side of her and with a vicious whipping sound, struck her rib cage. She clenched her teeth together as the blow stung her intolerably and ripped through her lithe young form.
Commander Habib Al Attar gave her a few seconds to recover and lifted the short leather riding quirt once more and lashed out at her even more viciously across her rib cage, this time breaking her tender skin, which started to bleed from the blow and her body jerked backwards with the excruciating agony of the blow.
Lisa cried out arching her back as the pain was so severe she nearly fainted, the muscles in her body convulsed as the intensive agony rippled through her body. She could not think, she did not want to think, she started to tremble and her eyes rolled back into her head and the Commander thought that she had passed out. After a second or so she gave out another dreadful piercing scream and collapsed on the hard stone floor of the chamber and he kicked out at her as he looked down. He had kicked her so hard that her body moved across the hard ground.
She curled herself into a ball covering her head waiting for another beating. But it did not happen and she tilted her head and turned slightly to look up at the vicious man.
Habib looked down at her and realized that he had maybe been too zealous with his whipping; after all he did not wish his cousin to see that he had hurt her too much, or he would be the object of his wrath.
“Well, where are the arms, the drugs and where is the money?” he shouted savagely in English.
As she turned her head she noticed that there was someone else in the room. It was the other girl, Joanna Albright, she was also tied up, but she was hanging naked by a rope under her armpits and around her wrists, her head flopping onto her chest, from a set of wooden gallows set into the rock face of the hideout. She called out feebly, “Tell him, Lisa. Please tell him, please.”
“I do not know,” Lisa, cried out, “I do not know, I have told you, I do not know. I do not handle that side of things.”
Commander Habib knew she was lying and could see that the English woman was torn between her professional duty and a growing concern for her colleagues and the people at the Christian Mission.
Once more he raised the crop threateningly and then paused for thought, he did not want to damage her too much as his cousin had expressed extreme interest in her. He knew that he would pay him well, and he wanted the younger one for his own interests. She would earn him plenty of money in his brothel with her fine young looks and pale skin.
“I will ask you one more time or you will suffer. Where is the money?”
Lisa hung her head trying to buy some time, hoping that Adam would come and save them all, little knowing that he and the two Frenchmen had already been captured and were below them in one of the other rock faced rooms.
“OK, I’ll tell you. But first you must untie me and my friend,” she pleaded, wondering where the two older women who had also been captured were.
He clicked his fingers and one of the guards cut her bonds and then pulled her into a sitting position on the floor. Another guard stepped forward and undid the ropes holding the other girl’s wrists and she dropped down heavily to the hard floor.
“OK, now tell me then, bitch,” he shouted at her as he bent down and leaned into her face. His face was scarlet and contorted with rage.
Lisa rubbed her painful wrists and then tried to cover her semi-nakedness with her hands.
“I have already told you, we do not have any guns, we only have medicines, and you do not seem understand, do you? We are here on a mission to help the people. The poor people that you and your men terrorize. We work for Worldwide Aid; it is a charity that has been set up by donations from various companies and Governments all over the World. We do not have any arms or drugs on us and we only have very little money with us, the bulk of the money is sent to the Government Relief Fund in Khartoum, by electronic transfer to a bank. Do you not understand me?” she tried to explain as she studied him.
The leader, Commander Habib grinned maliciously, displaying a mouth full of large nicotine stained teeth and he sucked his gums with a loud click.

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Tverdovskaya - Shutterstock.com

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