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Captivating Katy

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Captivating Katy by Reese Gabriel

Katy has been exploring the world of sexual submission with her new husband Warren. But Warren suddenly dies in a hunting accident—which is not an accident at all. The vulnerable Katy is devastated. In Warren’s final, mysterious email to his best friend and fellow Dom, Mark Andreotti, he asks Mark to watch over Katy and protect her from the predators she’s likely to encounter.

Although Katy initially resists Mark’s control, there seems to be a fierce bond between the two. Mark is drawn to her, but would Warren want him to take the lovely Katherine as his own slave?

While Katy battles feelings of grief and guilt, a powerful sense of submission to Mark eclipses anything she ever felt with her husband. Mark finally convinces her to submit to further training. He pushes her to levels that explode all their boundaries and leave them both burning for more. Soon, Katy is his for the taking, and both have life-changing choices to make.

Accomplished author, Reese Gabriel crafts a tale of love, passion and breathless S&M sexuality.

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That first night I didn’t have the gumption to ask for anything out of the Complete Guide, not even the milder things that I could easily enough relate to or was curious about. Later on, he told me it was obvious what I was doing, though. The way I kept closing my eyes and putting my wrists over my head while in the missionary position, like I was testing out what it would feel like in bondage, or how I just kind of went passive, letting my cheek and nipples and shoulders slip down to the surface of the bed while he was in me from behind.
I was a natural for domination. That’s what he told me; how he really had known it from the beginning, from the moment we’d met in the Mega Mart Book Store Number 453, where I was employed stocking shelves. That is, until fifteen minutes into our conversation, at which point the manager came along and fired me for talking too long to yet another customer, the fourth that day.
How could he know such a thing about me? Well, how did Warren know anything? He wasn’t called the Gnome for nothing. I mean he did look a little like one, with that stocky build, ruddy cheeks and his curly reddish hair and beard, and that impish smile! But it was his root wisdom, his earthy knowledge that really set him apart from run-of-the-mill humans.
And I in turn was tapped to be the Gnome’s slave girl. His bondage princess, his funky, naked, sex toy. Should anybody have really been surprised at his tastes, though? Like he was always telling everybody—he’d spent his formative years in San Francisco in the seventies, straight out of the Vietnam War. Experiences like that shape a man. Forever.
I begged him to go faster. I did! I wanted a collar, a leash; hell, I wanted him to tattoo me. A nice brand on my ass. So fucking hot.
It’s true, I wasn’t putting a lot of thought into the consequences of all this, but that’s how it was with Warren and me. No middle ground. Just like our getting married. A couple of times over coffee at the diner across the street from the ill fated book emporium, and we were talking about living together.
“Screw it,” he said the third time. “Why don’t we just tie the knot?”
What a choice expression that proved to be, huh?
At the time, I thought he was crazy. Warren had three ex-wives, and I pointed out it was no big deal to him, whereas for me, this would be my first time, and I thought a little more prudent caution was called for. Besides, I pointed out logically, what made him think number four would be the charm in his case?
He loved me, was all he said, and after me there won’t be anyone else, so why did I want to leave him hanging out to dry? I don’t know why, but I just trusted him. Shit, I had him up to my apartment the very first night and threw out my roommate so I could go down on him while we watched Casablanca on DVD. Warren hadn’t ever seen a DVD up to then, which was freaky, because, although it was hard to tell on the outside with all his khaki and worn denim, Warren Blake wasn’t exactly poor.
“I like my videos,” he said. “And my eight tracks, too.”
Lord, does anyone even listen to eight tracks anymore? I teased. I mean that was like two mediums ago, one behind vinyl. He just chuckled, saying he was having the best time with me he’d had in years and thank you very much, for all of it.
One of the things that was going to happen to me under the new regime was that I would be naked at home. No matter where I was coming home from or what I might plan to do once inside, the minute I crossed that threshold, it would all come off. I’d wondered aloud about how realistic that was, given how cold it could get. And besides, what would we do when we had company? He told me this part couldn’t be negotiable, though. I had to be available.
Oh, God, that word. With all it implied, from sex to pain and every kind of humiliation he might want to dish out in between.
“I can’t wait to see you fight me,” he grinned. “You are going to be one hell of a wildcat.”
Why, I wanted to know, why would I fight? What would be so bad; weren’t we working it all out in advance?
“Nobody wants this all the time,” he told me. “Nobody wants anything all the time. There will be times you won’t be able to do anything but fight and that’s when it gets really fun. That’s when you get a nice blistered ass to show for your troubles.”
One night I pestered him into taking me to the store, the adult emporium, so I could go gaga over the things he was going to eventually use on me. I, Katherine Jennifer Blake, was going to be whipped. And caned. And put into chains. My freedoms were going to be taken from me by my own husband, the man I trusted with my life and whom I loved and adored.
Sometimes I would just say that, standing naked in front of the mirror, a mantra as I beheld my naked body, pushing forty, but alive in ways I’d never known at thirty or even twenty.
Steadily, day after day, it was building. Chills up and down my spine, constantly, the yearning, the imagining, and the whining. When, Warren, when are we going to start, already?
“You’d think you’d want to put it off as long as possible,” he’d muse from behind his newspaper over the breakfast table, that time of day I best liked to broach the subject.
“Well, it’s up to you,” I’d pout, clanking the dishes as noisily as possible.
The day he brought home the dog cage I nearly fainted. For what seemed like an hour, I made myself come on my fingers in the bathroom. My hands shook the rest of the day after that. He made a remark about it at supper as I poured him a glass of his juice. I just wanted to tear off my fucking clothes and throw myself at his feet. I wanted to be whipped and beaten…and loved.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Review of Captivating Katy by Lancelot Knight

    Dominants and submissives are perhaps in a special position in our vanilla society. Because the lifestyle is not a usual one, such couples often find themselves isolated and alone, surrounded by little understanding and less sympathy. This issue becomes especially difficult when, as Reese Gabriel points out in this book, Dominants and submissives show their mortality.

    What happens, therefore, when a Dominant dies, leaving His or Her submissive on his or her own, which is precisely what a submissive does not seek.

    Katy and her husband Warren have just begun to explore the exotic world of Domination and submission, of bondage and humiliation, the mingling of pain and pleasure when Warren dies. He commits suicide. Suddenly Katy is left not just bereft but confused, angry, trembling on the threshold of submission. She is an emotional wreck, more so because her feelings about submission have not crystalized. Furthermore, there is the shock of suicide to contend with, the all too human idea that suicide is akin to betrayal. Mark, himself a Dominant and Warren’s closest friend, believes that Warren entrusted Katy’s submissiveness into his care. Katy, on the other hand, isn’t sure what she wants.

    Reese knows the buttons to push that excite a submissive and a Dominant, and there are plenty of hot scenes of punishment throughout the book until finally, Katy finds “herself through the freedom of bondage,” that paradoxical idea that is at the core of the submissive experience. Gabriel is a gifted and thoughtful writer who probes the complex emotions of the world of Domination and submission in a state of crisis. His prose is beautifully honed, his characters well-rounded, their dilemmas deeply moving.

    This is a touching novel of discovery, even in the face of death.

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