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Captive Twins - ebook

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Captive Twins by Denise la Croix

Two beautiful Senegal female twins, a lovely young English nun and a newly ordained young English priest are all captured by some of the Senegal Rebels, a band of men run by a rogue English Peer, who call themselves The Senegal Peoples’ Freedom Fighters. The girls along with several others are crated and shipped on to Naples, mainland Italy, after having been captured, examined, and then eventually sold on to various merchants dealing in female and male flesh.

Despite the dramatic consequences, the twins, Fire and Flame, ultimately find strength and loyalty in each other and they remain forever connected by their bond as sisters. They try to help the young nun but to little or no avail. This story is complex and at times a little disturbing, though many of us read about such things everyday and see it on television, but when it actually happens, perhaps, to one of your own kin, then you will realise how evil the world is. Fire and Flame, the twins, are kidnapped by the Senegal Rebels from the hills, they are then handed on to a merchant who runs the markets in the south of Italy and also several whore houses; one in Dakar, one in Morocco and two in Naples. The nun is handed over to a vicious, perverted, brothel owner. Now read on and follow the happenings of those involved.

Includes: male domination, female submission, masturbation, cages, degradation, humiliation, dildos, gags, whipping, bondage, anal sex, oral sex, cruelty, m/m, f/f

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“You stupid, black whore. Bitch, you know that you have made it more difficult for my men. Our Leader will not be pleased with you, nor will the Trader.” He slapped Fire hard across one cheek with the back of his large rough hand and her head snapped sharply to one side.
She slowly turned her head to look at him and spat in his face. He slapped her again, this time more brutally, the strength of the blow threw her down onto the rough ground and he kicked out at her with his heavily booted foot. The velocity of his savage kick as he slammed his right foot into her chest, forced the air from her lungs. As she lay on the ground her body twisted with violent pain whilst she tried to regain her breath. She lay writhing at the cruel man’s feet. He poked his boot into her ribs and gave her another vicious kick. This time she heard a slight crack as if one of her ribs might have snapped and knew that she was probably seriously hurt as she cried out loudly.
He pulled Flame towards him and shouted at his approaching men to hurry over, in heavily accented English.
“So, you stupid whores, you thought you could escape from us?”
The big man’s cruel, tanned rugged face became distorted with anger as he shouted at her in French, his cold grey eyes awash with disdain for her as he showed his contempt by spitting on the ground, narrowly missing Fire’s face.
“You have no right to treat us like this; we are the daughters of the Chieftain of the village that you burnt to the ground. We are royalty in our own right.” Fire looked up at him through her tear-glazed eyes. “I shall report you to the authorities,” she shouted courageously at him though her stomach was churning with fear.
“Comment? Authorities? Which authorities? HUH, they have no control over us; we are the law around here, you stupid black woman. They do not care about you or where you come from. Everyone is dead in your village and some of the others, we run the country now! We are the Authorities.” He laughed cruelly as he looked down at her contemptuously, but he could feel himself becoming aroused at the sight of the lovely, young, high-spirited woman lying on the ground before him. He wanted her, not just to force himself upon her now, but he wanted her for himself. Perhaps, for his submissive, there was something about her that appealed to him.
He clicked his fingers and beckoned to his other two men from the vehicle. The two sweaty abseilers together with one of the bike riders came forward quickly towards the frightened girls, with handcuffs, blindfolds and ropes dangling from their hands. They seized the two girls, threw them down on the damp earth, straddled them and pulled their wrists behind their back and handcuffed them. Then they hobbled their ankles with ropes, blindfolded and gagged them with silver duct tape, and finally heaved them to their feet and with a firm grip on their bound arms. They pulled them along blindly towards the old canvas sided army truck and threw the girls into the back of it, pushing them roughly to the floor chaining and padlocking their legs to the old slatted seats which had several steel rings bolted to them. The girls’ arms were pulled up roughly and chained to one of the anti-roll bars of the vehicle.
The tall, young, blond rebel clicked his gloved fingers again and the driver jumped back into the cab of the lorry together with the Commander. The other man and the two abseilers were left in the back with the two girls, ogling them and making obscene remarks as they drove off with their captives. The two quad bike riders in front of the lorry were leading the way back to their secret hideout.
The two girls tried to scream as they squirmed against their bonds, but their cries were muffled by the duct tape over their mouths. One of the men kicked out at them viciously and an angry Senegalese voice shouted at them to be silent as he poked at their backsides with the butt of his rifle. He laughed raucously at their plight as he lifted what was left of their torn skirts and ran the end of the rifle around their thighs and poked again at them. This time he ran the tip of the rifle barrel over their pudenda and pulled their scanty torn panties to one side as they hung helplessly from the anti-roll bar like meat carcasses in their bonds. He made coarse remarks at them in their own language and laughed as he teased their sex lips. They flinched but there was nothing that they could do as he manhandled them and made further lewd remarks, telling them what he would do to them when he was alone with them. The two girls tried to cry out, but their cries were distorted by the silver tape and were mere whimpers that no one could hear.
As the twins swayed and their bodies bounced up and down with the unevenness of the ground they were being driven over, they wondered where they were being taken. They felt thoroughly humiliated at the way they were being treated. They were trussed up like wild animals, their mouths covered with duct tape; they could not call out and their clothes were torn to shreds revealing their lovely bodies.
Fire struggled vainly against the coarse rope that bound her, but it only dug deeper into her tender flesh. Flame dropped her glance, not wishing to look at her sister, knowing that it would reflect her shame, as she swung round in a circle helplessly. They both felt that a thousand eyes were devouring them as they were driven away through the various small towns.
From stories that Fire had heard, she had visions of them being taken to some remote hideout and being imprisoned forever. Probably interrogated, assaulted or tortured or even sent to their death. Both the girls knew what the evil men were capable of from stories that had been told to them by other villagers who had managed to escape across the border and had come to their village on the way to a safe place. The English padre and the nuns at their local Mission had also told them horror stories of young women being captured, abused, and some hung, drawn and quartered.

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