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Captive of the Midnight Vixens

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Captive of the Midnight Vixens by Roger Hastings

Hiking into the mountains of Transylvania, Roy Travis stumbles on Valeska, a young woman suffering a sprained ankle. Helping her back home to a huge, forbidding mansion, he waits for a storm to pass. He dines with Valeska, her twelve very odd sisters, and Karel, the estate manager. Joining Karel for an after dinner drink, he drifts into a drugged sleep and later awakens bound to a bed, being sexually teased by one of the sisters. When he reports the incident, he's told he must be dreaming.

But the strange goings-on continue. He sees the sweet maid Rozalia abused by Mara, a sadistic housekeeper, then accompanies Karel as he hunts the woods for wolves, using a rifle with silver bullets. Soon afraid for his life, he tries to leave, but is stopped by Karel and Mara, who take him to the basement where he's stripped and locked in a cell. He learns then that Valeska and her sisters keep many men prisoner there, to service them sexually and satisfy their vampire appetites. He, too, will succumb to the will of these beauties at a cruel banquet where the sisters will torture him and drink his blood.

As the abuse becomes more cruel, he learns that even Karel is subject to these wicked femmes. Thrown together in their misery, Roy falls in love with the maid Rozalia and they dream of escaping. But is there any hope for these hapless lovers, or the other imprisoned victims of this nightmare?

S&M bondage, whipping and cock torture highlight a story filled with suspense, romance and the sensuous and terrifying torture at the hands of females who will stop at nothing to gain what they need to survive.


I woke, lying on my back in the darkness. My head pounded, the bedroom swirled around me. “Drugged?” I mumbled to myself, trying to sit up and steady my wobbly head, but it was impossible. Something was holding me down; unable to rise.
I swiveled my head left and right, but my bedroom was pitch-black dark, my eyes could see nothing. It was the time of new moon, and the stormy sky hid the stars.
My arms and legs couldn’t move. I felt something tight around my wrists and ankles, stretching me out on the bed. The bedspread had been removed, my pajamas had been removed too, and I was utterly naked and exposed.
“Why? What’s this?” I said aloud in the darkness.
There was a metallic sound at the door, a key scraping in the lock. It opened a crack, letting in a frail gleam of candlelight.
“Help,” I whispered. “Whoever you are, please help me. Someone tied me to...”
The door opened wider, and an elfin girl squeezed through into my bedroom. Her candle revealed her petite form clothed in a gauzy, almost translucent white nightgown. Rich, auburn red hair swirled around her shoulders, framing her face, and her breasts, that were almost revealed though her loose, unbuttoned gown. Only the silken crimson sash at her waist pretended to hold it closed over her body. A huge ruby ring on her small hand sparkled in the candle’s glow.
“No, please don’t look at me,” I whispered. “I’m tied to the bedposts, spread-eagled and naked. Please fetch Karel or Vidov, so they can untie me!”
The girl just giggled and slowly tiptoed toward me, admiring my exposed body. “Don’t be silly,” she replied. “It was Vidov who tied you to the bed while you slept off the sleeping draught that Karel sneaked into your drink.”
When she stood beside my bed, smiling down at me, I recognized her in the candle’s radiance. She was tiny Anitia, the girl who giggled most at dinner.
“Wh-what do you want?” I stammered.
She reached down and stroked her fingers over my naked belly. “You,” she replied. “Oh, what a handsome body you have, and I can enjoy it all night long.” Her green eyes shimmered as her lips widened into a wicked grin. Her fingers slid up my chest and caressed my lips. “You’re all mine,” She stared at my shamefully exposed manhood, her eyes wide and glittering, “to use, and to enjoy.”
“No, no!” I tugged and strained at my bonds, but it was useless. I could not free myself.
Anitia set the candle down on the bedside table and tugged her sash loose. The movement caused her filmy gown to gap open, revealing her nude body in all its youthful beauty and feminine sensuality. She grinned impishly as her teasing fingers inched the filmy gown off her shoulders, and it slid to the floor with a sound like a maiden’s sigh. She stood, totally naked in beaming, shameless exultation.
“No, no!” I said in a croaking whisper. “It’s wrong. You’re too young for...”
She pressed her palm over my mouth. “Hush! I am not too young!” She squared her shoulders, “I’m eighteen—actually almost eighteen and a half—and I’m definitely not a virgin. Haven’t been for a long time.”
I was too shocked and frightened to protest further as she swung one bare leg onto the bed and pulled her slender body up and crawled on top of me.
“O-o-oh! Your naked skin feels so warm and comfy.” She snuggled against me, her arms folded across my chest, her legs spread wide and hugging my hips. Her fingers toyed with the hairs on my chest. “I vow you’re going to cum like a stallion when I fuck you.”
She grinned like a wicked little demoness, lifting her lower legs alternately, dropping them down so the top of her foot’s arch playfully spanked my knees. “Yep!” She propped her arm up on her elbow with her chin in her hand. “Your body is all spread out and defenseless for me to feast on.” Her tiny pink tongue darted out and impishly licked her lips. “I thought men loved to fuck cute little girls.” The finger of her other hand drifted dreamily over my lips. “Maybe you need some kissing, first, just to get your man-thing hard and erect.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and forced my head up and crushed her mouth against mine. “M-m-m-m-m!”
“Nuf! Num!” I struggled to turn my face away, but Anitia’s fingers gripped my hair, her fingernails gouging into my scalp. Her thin arms and delicate hands were incredibly, almost supernaturally strong. I could not break free. Finally, she released me, her eyes closed, her mouth open, panting for breath.
“Please, you mustn’t do these things.”
“Maybe these will change your mind.” She scooted up higher on my body and pressed one of her conical, strawberry-nippled breasts into my mouth. “Go ahead,” she gasped with a hoarse whisper, “bite them! Oh, sweet ecstasy,” she moaned. Her hand pressed under my jaw, forcing my teeth into the silken flesh of her soft breast. “Bite me, damn it!” She flung her head back, eyes squeezed shut, mouth gaping, “AUGH! That’s it! Harder, damn it, harder!”
My eyes widened, my mind a whirlwind of denial and disbelief of what was happening—or where I was.
“Now the other one,” Anitia ground her teeth together and grunted like some wild animal as she shifted and jammed her other breast between my teeth. Her voice was a feral snarl. “Bite, damn you, bite! NAUHGH!” She sucked in a shuddering breath. “Uh-uh-UH!” Her naked torso squirmed against my skin, her thrashing lower legs grinding against my thighs like a drowning swimmer. When she paused, she opened her eyes and pouted at me, “You’re not helping me at all.”
Anitia slid off me and sat up, kneeling beside my hips. “Your man-thing is still asleep.” She reached out and cupped my scrotum in one hand while she toyed with my manhood with the other. She beamed, bouncing her buttocks on her heels. “Cute little Anitia knows how to make a man’s toy grow big and hard, even if he doesn’t want it to.” She released my scrotum and cupped her hand over her mouth, giggling wickedly. “Wake up, Mr. Travis toy.” Her fingers closed lightly around my manhood as her other hand went from her mouth to the tip of my ‘toy’.
“Oh-h-h-h, how’s this feel?” Anitia’s fingertips brushed across the head of my manhood, tickling like a butterfly’s feet skittering to grasp a slippery flower petal.
“No—UH!” I gritted my teeth and squirmed as best I could.
“Naughty, naughty!” Anitia scolded. She gripped my manhood, driving her pointed fingernails deep against my sensitive, vulnerable skin.
“AUGH!” The sudden pain was a fire in my groin.
Her cold voice sliced into my mind like razor-sharp ice. “Now lie still, or I’ll do worse.”
When I immediately obeyed, she relaxed her grip, and resumed her soft, soothing voice. “Such a nice, big male toy. It will feel wonderful deep inside my pussy. All my sisters will be thrilled when it’s their turn with you.” Anitia bent lower, her face close to my manhood, smiling as she inspected my most intimate and embarrassing appendage. “Let’s see, now...does Mr. Roy toy want to play in Anitia’s cute pussy?” She cooed and sighed as her devilishly cunning fingers danced, playing a lewd symphony on my sensitive instrument. I was astonished at how quickly she enchanted my manhood to swell and rise.
“No,” I whined. “Please don’t. It’s not right.”
“Oh,” she cooed, “Just look at your toy. It says it’s falling in love with Anitia’s sweet, naked body. Hm-m-m-m...” She smiled at her success in arousing my manhood, forcing it to betray my moral principles.
My struggles were useless. It was inevitable. I was tied and helpless. My unprotected body was a canvas for her to paint the most lewd and perverted portrait of human lust over my vulnerable nakedness—and she was a fiendishly skilled and talented artist.
“Oh, look!” she straightened up and clapped her hands. “Your fuck toy is lifting up! Good boy!” She threw her torso on top of mine and hugged me until I thought my ribs would crack. Then she sat up, straddling my thighs and continued teasing my manhood.
I felt my heart pounding, the blood gushing through the veins in my manhood; stretching it, thickening it, making it dance like a shameless harlot in a bawdy carnival sideshow. I shut my eyes and rocked my head from side to side. Control slipped away. My carnal appetite awakened. Disgust transformed into desire. I dared to open my eyes and drink in the vision of Anitia’s exposed beauty. Her silken skin glowed in the feeble candle light, the flattering shadows emphasizing the loveliness of her petite breasts, her enchanting feminine curves, and the dark, alluring mystery of her pussy.
She shrieked with glee. “Look at your toy leap up and dance!” She pressed her hands together, interlacing her fingers. “I’m going to bathe it with kisses, and then...we’re going to fuck!”
Her lips and tongue flowed over my manhood like a hurricane of passion, making it the core of the universe, the erect spindle on which the world turned.
Oh, carnal enchantment! I’ve never been loved like this before! I was her slave, her possession. My lifelong loneliness crumbled into dust. Anitia had ushered me into a new, secret world. I had become a captive to serve our master, lust!
I was surprised to hear my own voice moaning. “Oh-o-oh, paradise.”
My hips were straining, trying to lift my manhood up to Anitia’s fingers as she teased and tormented me, holding her wiggling fingers high, just a fraction of an inch higher than I could lift the tip of my manhood.
“Beg for it!” She giggled at my desperate straining. “Come on, beg me to touch it!”
“Please,” I grunted with the effort. “Please, touch me.”
She laughed at my distress. “You have to beg harder. Come on, I want to see you straining every muscle in your body for my touch.”
“AUH-H-H!” The muscles in my back and legs corded with the effort, pushing my hips as high as my bondage would allow. My body quivered and shook with the strain of keeping my hips lifted. Exhausted, I had to surrender to defeat and collapse back on the bed.
“Oh, poor Mr. Travis,” she cooed. “His poor toy wants to play with mischievous Anitia, but she wants to tease him so awful naughty!”
Her face softened and she caressed my chest and hips. “Now,” she whispered, “are you ready to fuck?”
“Yes,” I whispered. She had won.

Artist Credit

Evgeniia Litovchenko

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