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Catholic School Girls - eBook

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Catholic School Grils by JoAnne Whisper

A tale of two lusty roommates at their Catholic finishing school… With Suzi as her teacher, the virgin Aimee gets an education in sex. Once she learns the exhilaration of masturbation, she can’t stop. After a rousing first time with a man, Aimee wants even more; but when she can’t get her new boyfriend to take her in the ass, she turns to a male teacher at school who does the job. When Aimee is brought before the dean, Miss Quimlick, for a reprimand—the sassy slut turns the tables on the unsuspecting dean, teaching her a few things about sex she never knew. Later, Aimee and Suzi give the boys’ football team some locker room inspiration at half-time, and later, the whole team shows up for a victory party! Then on summer break, Aimee’s sexual adventures continue as she takes advantage of her love of sex. When an amateur porn flick of Aimee and her boyfriend gets seen by a video producer, it’s clear she going places. Who knows where her sexual prowess will take the unbridled slut?

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She watched as Suzi threw herself onto her bed and closed her eyes, breathing deeply in and out. Suzi reached up and slowly started undoing the buttons on her sweater, then her starched, white shirt. Aimee wondered why she was unbuttoning her top; she had another class to go to later in the evening. She wouldn’t be changing already.
After Suzi finished unbuttoning her blouse, her hands spread the top wide open, so it hung loosely by her sides. Aimee watched open-mouthed as her roommate undid the clasp on the front of her bra so it hung open with her shirt.
What is she doing? Aimee thought. She watched, mystified as her friend lay on her bed with her shirt wide open, breasts exposed.
Still with closed eyes, Suzi’s hands delicately closed around her breasts, closing tighter as she slid her hands up to her nipples. With her thumb and fore-finger Suzi pinched her dark, tender nipples tightly, pulling her breasts up into the air. She started twisting them and pinching them alternately, while the palms of her hands caressed the rest of her enormous breasts. When she released her nipples, Aimee saw that they stood up straight and erect, almost half an inch high. Blood engorged the delicate tissue, turning her areola a dark shade of brown.
Suzi sighed heavily as she started to knead and play with her breasts again. Aimee watched, at first appalled, then confused by what she saw. She had been raised in a strict catholic fashion and had learned early on that it was not appropriate to touch yourself, especially in the manner that Suzi was. As much as she wanted to close her eyes and block out the scene in front of her, she felt drawn to it. It was something that she had never seen before, had never even really thought of before. She felt her face flush and her body start to shiver uncontrollably as she decided to keep watching her roommate.
Suzi grabbed one of her breasts and lifted it up towards her face, flicking her tongue in and out as she did. Aimee’s jaw dropped open as Suzi started licking her own nipple. She delicately traced it first, and then lowered her lips on to it, gently sucking. Then she sucked it roughly into her mouth, pulling the soft, pale flesh tight. She moaned as she sucked, breathing heavier.
She released her breast with a loud sucking sound. Her warm, saliva glistened on her nipple as it bounced back down to its normal position. She reached up and started caressing her nipple again with one hand. The other hand started going down towards her skirt.
Suzi pulled up the pleated skirt with her free hand until it rode high over her waist, exposing her white, cotton panties. Her hand slid down beneath her underwear, softly touching her mound of dark pubic hair, then going lower, until it rested on her vagina.
Aimee stood frozen. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had never dreamed of doing such a thing. She couldn’t believe her roommate was doing it. Suzi was masturbating, she was playing with herself. And she couldn’t believe she was watching her do it. She knew it was wrong, but couldn’t force herself to turn away. It didn’t look as evil as they say, but. . .
She noticed for the first time that her own nipples were erect. She felt a deep stirring within her, a yearning. She was drawn to what Suzi was doing. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling the way she did, but no longer knew why. Her certainty was lessening. It looked like it would feel so good. How could it be that be bad?
Suzi started massaging her vagina through her underwear, turning the bright, white color into a moist, wet grey. Her hand moved quicker, up and down, her breathing got heavier. Her other hand squeezed her nipples tightly, first one, then the other.
In one swift motion, Suzi grabbed onto a side of her panties with each hand, lifted her butt up and pulled them off, throwing them over her ankles. She lay back down, lifted her knees up to let her legs fall apart.

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