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Chained Convict For Life - ebook

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Chained Convict For Life: The Biography of Sabrina by JG Leathers
A triple novel.

Since she can remember, 26 year old Sabrina, has dreamed of being dominated and controlled by her ‘dream master’. When she meets Thomas she’s sure she’s found that man! Moving into his Munich home, Sabrina agrees to ‘The Judgement’ – a comprehensive document that indicates how she might serve a sentence of life long imprisonment in a secret dungeon cell—this being her most deeply cherished dream. Although it’s just a ‘fantasy’ to start, it’s not long before Thomas creates a set of full-body restraints—a Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness. The extremely effective ensemble is worn over an inescapable, rubber Dungeon Suit, complete with attached feet, thick neoprene gloves and a face-concealing mask. Once locked in this personalized prison, Sabrina is utterly helpless to remove it and can only struggle uselessly—regretting her foolish desire to be so securely confined and controlled. In addition, she is chain-leashed to the cell wall, inside Thomas’s secret dungeon. While occasionally free of the restraints, Sabrina’s bad behaviour quickly sends her back to the prison, where she is confined for longer and longer periods—eventually to be imprisoned for the rest of her life!

Joining Thomas is Bab’s, a sadistic accomplice, this lady jailer is a veritable fountain of evil schemes! As Sabrina moves deeper into her submissive state, she is subjected to more intense bondage, stringent penalties and intimate and very permanent jewellery mounted in her body—not to mention a sentence of Hard Labour there is no way for her to avoid. Sabrina has agreed to and signed her Judgement, throwing away all of her safe words; thus her jailers are permitted free rein to enjoy their secret toy in any manner they see fit. Sabrina is the perfect example of the old proverb: “Never wish too hard for something .... It might just come true.”

This special work is over 450 pages in paperback.





Sometimes, when we played, he’d take me down to the small dungeon and once there, I’d be leashed to the wall with a strong, short chain. During these adventures I was of course kept naked and restrained with the handcuffs, and most times I was also fitted with ankle cuffs joined by a short or long chain, depending on his mood. I very much enjoyed the love-making when this happened! But one night, when we’d finished, or so I thought, he closed and locked the cell door, leaving me inside with my hands still cuffed behind my back, ankles chained closely together, and still leashed to the wall by a chain just long enough for me to lay on the mat that served as my bed! At first, I was shocked when he didn’t release me to come back upstairs with him, but the seriousness of my situation struck me fully when he closed the heavy steel door and I heard its bolts slide closed. It was locked from the outside and I was alone, helplessly chained, and for the first time in my life, truly a prisoner! What a rush of sensation surged through my body! It was deathly quiet in the basement, and for long moments, I lay on my side, staring out between the tightly spaced steel bars of my little cell. I wanted to have sex with him again, immediately!
Over the next hours, I prayed he’d come back and ravish me, but he didn’t return that night, having already fallen into his bed and dropped immediately into a deep sleep. I, however, could not sleep and lay writhing against my bonds, trying to masturbate. Of course it was totally useless, fastened as I was, but I too eventually fell asleep, as restless as it turned out to be. Although the basement was warm and the mat comfortable within reason, I wanted some sort of sheet or covering, but there was nothing. I could use the toilet with little difficulty, but when I wanted a drink of water, it was very difficult to manage.
Nearly all homes in Germany are made completely of concrete; it being used for the floors and walls and so I knew no one would ever hear me if I tried to yell for help. I was his prisoner, held in an inescapable, little concrete prison, and knew without a doubt that it would be impossible for me to break out. Thomas’ house is located in the suburbs, separated from all of the neighbours by a large garden space and trees and in addition, there wasn’t a house directly across from it, so, in effect, it is isolated even more. Not only that, but the house is built into the side of a small hill with its front facing to the road some twenty-five metres away and my ‘cell’ is at its back, facing north. Even if I made a lot of noise, the chance of being heard beyond the walls of the cell was very small and the chance of anyone hearing my cries and screams beyond the walls of the house, to say nothing of beyond the property line (and it is a big lot), were non-existent.
At the end of the room, beyond my bathroom cell, there was a small window set high in the wall. Outside that is a three metre deep, narrow, concrete-walled air shaft that rises to a small window box against the foundation at the back of the house. Its top is fitted with a closely barred grill and this is locked securely so that only a small amount of sunlight can come down the narrow shaft. The window always beckons to me as being a possible means of escape from my ‘dungeon’, as I’d already begun to think of it.
At last morning came and I found myself standing before the barred door, straining against the chain leash that tethered the back ring of my collar to the wall, wanting now with more worry than arousal to see him. The hours dragged endlessly by, and still he did not come. When he finally returned I was overjoyed, even though he stood beyond the bars and made no move to free me. He smiled when I asked that he release me from my leash and cuffs.
“No, Sabrina.” he smiled happily. “You will remain precisely where you are, as you are now confined, for the next three days. This is your first lesson of imprisonment.”
For a moment I stared at him speechless, then, just before I began to protest, he spoke again.
“Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?” he asked, another small smile twitching his lips.
I swallowed what I was about to say and glanced up at him, then looking down and blushing deeply, whispered a reply.
“Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I’ve dreamt about … for years.”
Being chained and leashed behind the bars and having to make that admission was far more embarrassing than I thought it would be, so I continued to stare down at the floor, my face still flushed with embarrassment. He disappeared, but a few moments later returned with some covered, plastic plates of food. I was commanded to come as close to the bars as I could to be fed, and soon he began passing my meal through them with a spoon. I found this to be very erotic and pulled against my restraints and short leash while I ate, much to his amusement. When I was finished, he collected all of the implements.
“I’ll be back tonight with your evening meal. Good bye!” With that, he turned and walked away leaving me standing there, dumbfounded.
Short seconds later the outer door of the dungeon boomed closed and he was gone again leaving me confined in the locked cell, tethered to the wall by an inescapable chain leash! While those first hours wore away, the knowledge that I was a naked, helplessly chained, secret prisoner, perhaps alone in the house and with no way of telling anyone about my situation, made me feel really wonderful. I became very aroused and struggled what little I could against my tightly clasped cuffs, surging against the implacable length of chain linking me to the wall, enjoying the realization of this long-held fantasy. However, the eroticism of my situation soon faded, not having anyone to share it with, or to take advantage of me while I was restrained like this and I was left bored and becoming bitchier by the moment. I wanted to escape my solitary confinement, but could do absolutely nothing!
Thomas returned with my meal that night, and when I was finished he left me alone once more, even though I begged him to stay and talk a little while. I tried to get him to come into the cell and have sex with me, but he was resolute, and with a smile I had soon been left alone again, my frustration overtaking all of the arousal I felt. The next two days passed in the same way, but late the third night, he returned, opened the cell door, and came inside. By that point, I was pathetically glad of his company and very nearly in tears.
He came to where I sat against the wall, pushed me onto my side then casually rolled me onto my back. He disrobed while I shivered and whimpered with need, then quickly lengthened the chain between my ankle cuffs, but left my hands still cuffed securely behind, remaining snugly collared and leashed to the wall. Only then did he make slow and excruciatingly prolonged love to me. I could not contain myself, becoming aroused immediately, and soon, screaming for him to penetrate me to the deepest he could manage while I writhed and fought my bonds like a demented thing. It was the most intense series of orgasms I had yet experienced.
When we finally collapsed from our lovemaking, he re-joined my ankles as before, then fell asleep almost instantly, leaving me bathed in sweat, still shivering with reaction against my restraints. With nothing to do, I too fell soundly asleep, only partially waking when he rose and left the cell, leaving me still locked within.

Artist Credit

Geoff Ridgway www.geoffridgway.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Review (c) Lancelot Knight

    Chained Convict For Life is, perhaps, the ultimate bondage novel. This is no light-hearted frolic into the world of safe-words and lightly applied canes. It is intense, forbidding, terrifying, and at times bleak.

    This is the story of Sabrina Wheeler, who has through her young life dreamed of being imprisoned, made a captive, and forced to submit to a powerful master. She meets her ideal Master in Thomas, who takes her to his home where he builds a dungeon to cage her. Together, they design a “dungeon suit” made of latex, chains, a helmet and a chastity device.

    What is interesting about this novel is that it does not have the feel of fantasy at all, and Sabrina, the chained captive, discovers that perhaps the real life is not as thrilling as her fantasy was. Like most submissives, at times she fights against her captivity; at other times, she revels in the thrilling excitement of being completely in the control of another. She is terrorized by her life as a convict, yet she deliberately disobeys the junctures of her Master, thereby bringing more stringent punishments upon herself.

    Although there are a number of sexual scenes, sex is not really at the core of this huge book. It is a probing analysis of what it truly means to be a captive without personality, without a will, a chained convict for life. This isn’t the kind of book to be lightly skimmed over, but rather to be pondered. It is as thought-provoking as it is realistic.

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

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