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Circumstances Beyond Her Control

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Product Description

Circumstances Beyond Her Control by D.W. Collins

D.W. Collins, one of Pink Flamingo's sensational, new authors brings us another stunning new release to join Kay's Decision, Michelle's Journey and The Invitation.

Young widow, Sheila Cox was doing her best to get on with her life. Three years had passed since her husband had been killed in a tragic hunting accident and she had most things under control. Her biggest challenge was her nineteen year old son, Ted. The lad needed a father’s strong parental hand that she could not provide. She felt lucky to have a good job with Premier Group Investments in spite of occasional advances from her boss Bill O’Malley.

Everything changed on the night of Ted’s birthday pool party. Sheila caught Ted’s friend, Steve having sex with a new girlfriend. Sheila sent the couple packing, but she could not get the sight of Steve’s ebony colored body out of her mind. He was spectacular. The situation was awkward because Sheila, Ted and Steve all worked at Premier. A few days later, an audit shows that a significant amount of money is missing. Steve reviews the company security video and learns that Ted is the culprit. Instead of turning Ted in, he steals the video and begins to harass Sheila.

At first, Steve’s demands are financial, but the quickly turn sexual. Steve’s girlfriend has left him and Sheila will have to take her place. Sheila is startled, but she soon submits to the black stud’s charms. After Ted leaves for navy boot camp, Steve begins training Sheila to serve him. Their feeling quickly grow in ways neither had expected.   

Includes: Male domination, female submission, BDSM, interracial


Steve had been Ted’s best friend for many years. They had participated in every sport that their suburban community had to offer. Ted had enjoyed the sports too, but he was not talented at any of them. Steve, on the other hand, had a legitimate athletic gift and excelled at baseball, basketball and especially football. He had broken several records during his career as a high school half back. His sure hands and swift legs brought him much acclaim.
His mind was very sharp too. Sheila had expected him to seek a scholarship, but he had chosen to study computer science at the local community college instead. He was already serving as information technology manager with her own employer, Premier Group Investments. Not a bad accomplishment for a man who was still too young to buy his own beer. The sound of muffled giggles and heavy breathing led Sheila to the missing partiers’ location. She crept around a pair of tall Scotch pine bushes. The spectacle before her told the whole story.
Steve and Heather were both completely nude. Their discarded swim suits were strewn beside them. Instinctively, Sheila stepped back into the shadows. She was not normally a voyeur, but she simply could not resist watching this graphic scene. The couple faced each other. His big black hands clutched Heather’s firm breasts boldly. At first he avoided her nipples and simply molded each slippery tit into a cone. Her nipples were hard and swollen long before he finally touched them directly. Most young men hurry, but Steve knew how to take his time. Heather was panting by the time his powerful body was pressed against hers. His muscular arms encircled her slim waist and forced her crotch against his swollen rod.
“Oh my god, you feel so good,” Heather groaned. A sheen of sweat made his ebony skin gleam in the soft moonlight. One of her small hands wrapped itself around his shaft. It was wider than her wrist. His guttural growl acknowledged his appreciation of her efforts.
Sheila could not help envying the redhead. She had not enjoyed a man since Mark had died in that awful hunting accident three years ago. Since then she had thrown herself into her work and raising her only child. She knew that no man would ever touch her the way her Mark had. Anything that his tender lovemaking lacked in imagination was more than made up for with sweet gentleness. Steve and Heather’s erotic coupling was nothing like that.
Heather squeezed Steve’s pulsing cock again. His primal grunt made Sheila wonder what it would feel like to hold such an impressive piece of man flesh in her small hand. Her nipples hardened as she imagined its warmth, texture and weight. Her hand dropped to her slit and she giggled silently as a finger slipped into the slippery opening. Her narrow finger was not even a shadow of the prodigious tool Heather was enjoying. Steve’s cock would stretch a woman’s pussy to accept its girth. Sheila inserted two more fingers to better simulate the sensation that she craved.
Steve’s big hands roughly clutched Heather’s pale bottom and he administered a sharp smack that made the redhead squeal. Sheila sighed and rubbed her slit against her hand. Her butt tingled as she wondered what a smack like that would feel like on her curious, naughty ass. Mark had never laid a hand on her like that. How would it feel? Heather did not seem to mind, quite the contrary. She squeezed Steve’s meat and earned another swat.
Steve gripped Heather’s shoulders and turned her. He pressed his muscular chest against Heather’s back. His stiff cock nestled in the cleft between her buttocks and the redhead emitted a soft sound composed of mingled giggles and sighs of desperate desire. His hands clutched her breasts. Heather was more than a full cup size smaller than Sheila. Each of Steve’s big hands could fully engulf one of Heather’s pert mounds. His fingers sunk into the tender flesh and made the girl sigh and wiggle. The sensuous movements of her ass hardened Steve’s cock even more and drove him to claim more attention from his lover. His arms encircled her and a pair of strong fingers pulled her sopping labia apart.
The sight of that big black man’s digit poised at the entrance to Heather’s slit made Sheila sigh. She thrust her pelvis forward and imagined how pleasing a little manly penetration would feel at a time like this. Heather did not have to imagine for more than a second. He did not dawdle and Sheila silently groaned as she watched Steve’s fingers bury themselves into Heather’s female orifice. The redhead’s body squirmed in an unmistakable pleasure dance. Sheila was breathless, mesmerized by the relentless workings of the big black hand on Heather’s randy cunt. She ground her swollen clit against the demanding fingers that ruthlessly controlled her.
“Grab your ankles." Steve’s voice was low and utterly demanding. Heather did not hesitate to comply. Her face dropped to the exact height of Steve’s bobbing cock and she took the opportunity to take its bulbous head between her lips. Sheila was mesmerized. Mark had seldom demanded oral sex so her experience was extremely limited. Fellatio was something of a dark art to her. Of course, she understood the fundamentals, but she had been able to avoid gaining too much experience and she was relieved. Still, she could not deny her curiosity and was disappointed that she had not gotten to watch Heather service Steve’s big black cock for a longer time. It would have been an enlightening and arousing experience.
He stepped behind Heather and drove his cock between her hairless labia. A half dozen stinging smacks turned her butt a lovely shade of pink as she pranced in mingled pain and pleasure. He would probably leave bruises and she grunted each time he drove his spear into her. All Sheila’s stereotypes about black men’s penises were being borne out. Steve was hung like a race horse. The contrast between Heather’s fair and his dark skin was visually striking. His thrusts lifted Heather onto her toes. He gripped her waist as he held the girl firmly in place.
Sheila felt a momentary pang of guilt, but she had to keep watching. She could not take her eyes off of Steve’s ebony piston as it hammered into Heather’s glistening vulva. The night air suddenly felt remarkably warm and close. Her hand moved to her throat to wipe a rivulet of sweat away. She glanced from side to side to make sure that her illicit actions were still unseen. Her right hand slipped inside her robe so she could finger her sensitized breasts. She nearly groaned aloud at the guilty pleasure she enjoyed. Within minutes, her nipples were protruding proudly. The silky robe fell open lewdly. Sheila’s fingers invaded her molten sex and drove her to increasing heights of arousal. The world around her began to fade into a hormone flooded haze. Her fingers gripped her swollen clit and rolled the tiny bud between them. Bolts of pleasure screamed through her body as her thighs and buttocks tensed uncontrollably. She gasped for air as she forced her knees to move apart until she could hardly maintain her balance.
“Get down on your hands and knees and raise your ass, you horny slut." Steve’s words burst into Sheila’s sex fogged mind so suddenly that for an instant she was afraid he was talking to her. Mercifully, the terse order was intended for Heather and the redhead wordlessly complied. Steve’s cock emerged into the moonlight as Heather dropped onto her hands and knees. The change in posture gave Sheila her best unhampered look at Steve’s engorged cock. It was thick and long. My god, the thing was bigger around than her wrist. It had an upward curve with a bulbous dark colored head. It glistened with Heather’s abundant moisture. He’d have no trouble reaching any woman’s G-spot with that impressive tool. Steve knelt behind Heather and he began to take the redhead doggy style. His rut took on a more demanding character. Heather bucked and groaned each time he drove his shaft into her eager body. His powerful thrusts lifted her buttocks just in time for a hard hand to sting one of her luscious hemispheres or the other.
Sheila could not take her eyes off Heather’s reddening flesh. The idea of being spanked by a lover had never occurred to her, but now her mind was raging. Steve could paddle her ass all he wanted if he would just give her a ride like he was treating Heather to. Sheila’s fingers spread her molten slit. Her robe was gaping as the warm air kissed her exposed body. If any of the drunken partiers had turned up at that inconvenient moment, they would have seen Ted’s mom finger fucking herself with her half bare body on display.
A lot of people had told Sheila that she had the body of an eighteen year old. Would Steve think the same? Probably not! That handsome young man had his big cock buried in a beautiful girl who really was nineteen years old. She knew that no thirty-seven year old mother could hope to compete with that. Sheila pressed her swollen clit and enjoyed the surge of pure arousal.
Heather’s dripping labia were swollen and they glistened in the soft light. His heavy scrotum bounced as he relentlessly hammered his ridged cock into her. He pumped her for a while until his wrinkled ball sack began to tighten. Just before he filled her, a very unwelcome voice intruded into the scene.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © mocker_bat - Fotolia.com

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