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Claudia's Surrender: The Case of the Reluctant Submissive - ebook

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Claudia's Surrender: The Case of the Reluctant Submissive by S J Lewis

From the Author of best-selling Female Prey.

Two years before, the lovely redhead Claudia enjoyed a wild sexual vacation of kinky and submissive sex, surrendering body and soul to the dominant Sam. But that was just a vacation, wasn't it? Now Sam Pender is back in Claudia's life and he expects the same kind of sexual surrender he enjoyed with her before. As a hard-nosed Private Investigator, running her own business, Claudia hasn't had time for men since that memorable holiday. But with Sam back, she's reminded of the kinky sex that thrilled her. Once she'd bound, gagged and made to submit, she can stop being Claudia Cole, respected businesswoman, and turn into the lusty, horny, kinky submissive "Red". All it takes is her surrender. Even so, she fights her desires for submission. Does she really want this relationship to stick? When Sam is abruptly called away on an urgent business matter, Claudia's suddenly lonely, sad and angry, afraid that she'll never see him again. Although she does get her chance. An unexpected call from Sam has her putting her own business aside and traveling across the country to solve a sticky mystery that requires her professional expertise.

Intrigue, danger and shady characters stir a twisted plot Claudia is hired to solve, while at the same time, she tries to resolve the battle with the kinky sexuality she both needs and fights.

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It was cool and dark inside. Sam kept setting the air conditioning just a little too low, and the feel of the chilled air took her back to that bungalow years ago. Was that why he did it? She shut the door, locked it behind her, and went to her bedroom. She was no more than a few steps into it when she heard a man’s voice behind her: “Don’t turn around and don’t move!”
It was Sam’s voice. She knew it very well now, no matter how much he tried to disguise it, and she felt a wild thrill. He had been here after all, and this was the start of some game he’d dreamed up! Obediently, she froze in place. “What do you want?” she asked, trying to put a quaver into her voice.
“And shut up, too.” Sam growled from behind her. A moment later, she had a brief glimpse of a black cloth just before he pulled it over her eyes and knotted it tightly behind her head as a blindfold. She couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation. Outside of this apartment, she was Claudia Cole, or Miss Cole, or Ms. Cole, or even “Chief”, a respected and competent businesswoman. Inside of it, with Sam, she could be just “Red”; lusty, horny, kinky, submissive Red.
“Open your mouth,” Sam ordered. She obeyed, and felt him stuffing a wadded-up cloth between her parted lips. He secured it in place with what felt like a strip of more cloth. Then he began to undress her, roughly. Her thin summer blouse and flimsy brassiere were the first to go, unbuttoned, unfastened, and yanked violently off of her body. Then he pulled her hands behind her, holding her wrists together tightly with one strong hand. She hoped he wasn’t going to use ropes on her…she would have to go to the office again tomorrow morning, and the weather was getting too warm for the long sleeves needed to conceal the marks. She felt him wrapping something around her crossed wrists that felt like still more cloth, and she let herself relax that last little bit. She felt him tighten the bonds on her wrists and knot them snugly, she moaned faintly through her gag. He reached around to cup her breasts in his hard, strong hands. His breath was warm and moist on her neck and she leaned back against him, enjoying all of the sensations, feeling helplessly vulnerable and perfectly safe at the same time.
“I’ve been thinking about this since I got up this morning, Red,” he murmured into her ear. He pinched her nipples lightly, making her squeak. “I think you’re gonna like it.” He kissed her bare shoulder once, fiercely, before returning to the job of stripping her naked, even to the point of removing any jewelry she might be wearing. Today, she had worn only earrings, and they were the last things he took. She was shivering, partly from the chilly air inside her apartment, but mainly in anticipation of whatever Sam had dreamed up for today. Whatever it was, she was sure it would be intense…and that he would leave her wanting even more.
“This way,” he said, taking her by her arm. She let him guide her. It was getting easier with practice, and she could tell he was leading her towards her bed. What was he going to do?

He made her lie face-down, and then gripped her ankles, spreading her legs and pulling her down towards the foot of the bed. His strength always surprised her. She was not a particularly small woman, but when he was like this he seemed to be able to move her around as if she were a doll. Now he was wrapping something around one of her ankles. She was fairly certain it was yet more cloth. It felt like it. She struggled a little for his benefit, and he gave her rump a hard swat, making her jerk and squeal. She remained still as he finished tying her ankles to the bed. She felt a little uneasy like this. She was still sore…exactly which hole was he planning to use? She couldn’t stop him now…not with her legs spread and secured like this…and she wasn’t entirely sure she would try to stop him even if she could. But still…she reached down as far as she could with her bound wrists and spread her hands to shield herself. Maybe he would get the message? Maybe he didn’t need the message. Maybe he wouldn’t care. She didn’t know. She would find out.
She gave a start as his hand began stroking her bare back, slowly and lightly. It made her shiver, and she moaned through her gag for him. She loved his touch. It was all she needed to be instantly wet and ready for him, and he knew it. She could picture him smiling right now as he heard her moan, feeling the heat building up in her skin. She felt him get onto the bed alongside of her, he then gripped her hair with one hand while he slid the other one under her, just below her breasts. What was he doing?
“Up,” was all he said as he pulled on her hair and lifted up from underneath at the same time. It hurt! Well, a little, anyway. It wasn’t easy to do this with her legs bound as they were, and it was clear he expected her to do most of the work. His grip on her hair was for incentive, and his hand under her was just for a little bit of assistance. With that little bit of assistance she was just able to get up into a kneeling position. She huffed through her nose from the effort. He stood close in front of her on the bed, the rough material of his jeans rubbing against the tip of her nose. Did he want her mouth now? She was ready for that too. There was something wild and primitive in kneeling before a man, naked and bound, and taking him into her mouth. Sam had even introduced his own little twist to it the other night. As she had begun to suck on him, slowly, he had taken her head in his hands and held her that way tightly as he began to fuck her mouth with short, powerful thrusts of his hips. That had been wild, primitive and brutal…he kept thrusting a little bit too far, hitting the back of her throat, making her choke and gasp. But he never stopped, and his grip was so strong she could not move her head at all. When he had suddenly quickened his thrusts, she’d known he was going to come in her mouth any second. She had something very close to an orgasm right then, just from the realization.

Artist Credit

‘Heat’ Copyright © R.C. Hörsch www.eroto.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Love this 2 characters!

    Posted by maria on 10th Dec 2012

    Well, I'm now officially a fan of S.J Lewis. I really, really like his voice when it comes to touching the subject of darker fantasies, and the rough but scorching sex scenes. I'd have loved a better ending though. For a moment, I wasn't sure if my version was missing a page at the end!
    I'm hoping to hear more from Sam and Red.

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