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Complicity - ebook

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Complicity by Jurgen von Stuka

Sandy is a young, very conservative museum curator who is well known for her family's philanthropies. However, away from the office, she is also a bonafide, closet sub, a masochist of the first magnitude. She wants to try almost everything kinky, but conscious and social restraints, and her concerns about propriety keep her in an endless circle of auto bondage and intense, erotic dreams.

Even at work, she daydreams about being a captive English woman spirited away from home by fierce and sexy Vikings and kept in perpetual chains and subjugation.

At night, she has recurring fantasies of being a helpless Roman slave, subjected to the most arousing forms of debasement. She envisions the life of a youthful princess held in constant bondage by a handsome desert prince. She yearns for something substantive, more solid…something lasting that will bring her fantasies closer to reality.

When she discovers that she can actually experience some of her dreams while safe and secure in her own residence, the possibilities become nearly endless. Her husband, Jim, is the facilitator. His deviously demented inventions and restraint creations set the scenes for Sandy to reach realistic physical and emotional peaks she never even dreamed about.

The arrival of Sandy's sister, Meg, with her voluptuous girl friend, Remmy, changes the dynamic and provides Jim, the hubby, with a seemingly endless line of sexy young women who seek erotic fulfillment 24/7. No scene, no scenario in erotic novels, bondage equipment catalogues, S&M magazines or videos is missed. They try everything. Jim builds it, they experiment with it. They tie and chain and suspend every limb, flog every body part and plug every body aperture. They do themselves, each other and then try triples and duos. They use common household items, like the bathtub, as objects of orgasmic stimulation, torment and restraint.

In the end, just when it seems like everyone has finally worn out their physical and mental capabilities implementing the last of their fantasies, Sandy comes up with the plan to end all plans. She and Jim decide that, despite the hazards, they will attempt to fulfill Sandy's ultimate dream. Does she get her wish or….perhaps even more than she wished for?

The conclusion may surprise you…or make you wish you were Sandy.

Includes: Bondage, chains, multiple partners, suspension, flogging, plugs, anal sex, oral sex, and so much more!


Sandy was, as usual, late for work, but since she was a volunteer and her family was a consistently top-drawer contributor of needed cash gifts to the museum, no one said anything to her. It had been a monumentally exhausting night for her. The moment she came home from work, checked her phone messages and made a quick salad for her dinner, Sandy plunged into her other world. The featured paraphernalia of the evening was a long coil of hemp rope that she ordered on line and was anxious to try out. Using the illustrations from a book she often read and studied, Sandy arranged all of the gear she would need, took a quick shower and began the ritual binding that would, if it worked out, encompass her entire naked body and secure her for the night. With each loop around her body, each knot tied just so, she used the doubled length of rope to create a body-enveloping net of coarse hemp. She discovered that although the book was not written for self-bondage practitioners, it did not point out that once she had wrapped her upper torso in a symmetrical pattern of rope, it would be extremely difficult to bend enough to extend the rope enclosure to below her waist. After multiple attempts to proceed further, Sandy painstakingly removed the torso rope and started once again, this time beginning with her ankles and working upward, encircling her shins and calves, then her knees, then her narrow thighs. When she got to her crotch, she again studied the book's instruction, threading the doubled rope through her legs and bringing it up the buttock divide, then wrapping it around her waist and again taking the double strands between her legs. She carefully separated the four ropes so that two were snugly inside her pussy and the other two on the outside of her lips, making a stimulating and symmetrical pattern before she finished that segment behind her back, leaving a special slip proof loop for her hands later.
Sandy then decided that perhaps a couple of self starting dildoes might help, so she hopped over to her dresser, selected two from the many in her drawers and lubricated them to her satisfaction. At times in her erotic self-disciplined life, Sandy purposely avoided using lubricants on the objects she used to penetrate her own cunt and ass. Her rationale for electing this often painful alternative was to simulate being raped by parties she imagined in her dreams or fantasies. But, in this case, she used the chosen assist from something called SlipperySlip, and thus the two automated dongs went in easily, bypassing the tight rope barriers she had already erected. Once inside, they settled in, giving her an occasional jolt on a random schedule that she was pretty sure would last, because of the recently charged batteries, intermittently, all night.
The binding of her upper torso took longer and she struggled to set the various rope segments so that she would later be able to slip her arms into them and have the ropes draw tight, holding her captive in the most pleasant fashion. As the rope patterns rose up to her chest, Sandy again consulted the book's text, seeking the options offered, based on the size of one's breasts and how much tension the subject would/could withstand. She chose the most extreme, which involved a series of rope loops around her chest, above and below her tits, with locking knots on either side of each breast and another in the center cleavage. This system put pressure on her chest, affected her breathing and squashed her more than adequate tits horizontally, forcing the nipples forward and creating a shiny, pear-shaped form for each breast. Knotting this portion of rope securely, Sandy installed the remaining rope over her shoulders and then, with great care, around her neck using a knot that would prevent the neck loops from tightening. The full-length mirror in her bedroom provided Sandy with an erotic view of her bound figure and she was already panting slightly from the full body stimulation caused by the meters and meters of hard rope wound around her figure, cutting into her cunt and forcing her tits outward with the nipples hard and pointing.
Her final moves were calculated to allow her to get into the bed, snap an external rope attached to the bottom of the steel bed frame to her rope-bound feet and connect another rope already attached to the headboard to her chest web. The other necessary move was to slip the leather discipline hood over her head, close the laces and zippers and make sure that she could breathe easily with it in place. Inside the hood was a breather's gag, which filled her mouth, but allowed air to move freely through the center of the hard rubber ball gag.
With the foot and chest retainer ropes locked in place, she tested to see how much movement she had allowed herself and was pleased to conclude that once she slipped her arms down into the torso network of rope and secured her wrists behind her, she would a have very little latitude for movement. She also knew that based on the tension and pattern of the ropes, certain movements would tighten segments of the rope in her crotch and around her breasts, eventually bringing the thrilling sexual spasms she craved.
The hood went on easily. She wore it so often that it was actually molded to her head's shape and thus was instantly comfortable. She closed the laces, pulling them tight until the edges of the hood met, then tied them off and pulled the zippers shut. Inside the hood, Sandy experienced a combination of fear and excitement. This feeling was, she thought, much like the kind of feeling people said they experienced when they were enclosed in a full body bag, emulating a return to the womb.
The smell of leather mixed with the faint tar-like aroma of the hemp rope were incredibly seductive and Sandy rushed the last few stages in order to get to the enjoyment that came from drifting off to sleep totally restrained in rope and leather. The double dildoes appropriately buzzed their vibes and Sandy worked up a sweat as she forced her arms down along each side until the rope loops held them tight. Her final move was to insert her hands into the fixed rope loops at the base of her spine. The size of the fixed loops was correct and once her hands were inside their grip, it would take a conscious effort on Sandy's part to free them.
At their assigned time, the house lights went out. Sandy was already immersed in her role-play with the dildoes buzzing now and then and the pleasant, secure tension of many yards of hemp rope holding every part of her figure enclosed, her limbs restrained, no longer able to respond to her commands. Sandy went through several different versions of her fantasy, but with each one, the unpredictable vibrations of the artificial pricks up her ass and cunt functioned as interrupters that, in her mind, signaled yet another stranger taking her, using her for their own sexual purposes. Her mind/body reactions to this intense game brought her the orgasms she worshipped. This was the rationale for her unusual fetish and behavior. She knew it was addictive, but she had not ever experienced anything else as intense and overwhelming. This was why she persisted in the nightly games. This was her reason for living. Nothing else really mattered.

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