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Product Description

Conspiracy by Laertes

Laertes is a leading writer of short erotic fiction. He now brings his rich, arousing storytelling to bear in novel form with ‘Conspiracy’, a smörgåsbord of sexual delights wrapped in political intrigue.

It is the mid 27th century, and the colony of Asalia on the outer edges of the universe has chosen a new Protector, Culin’a. After three hundred years of increasingly restrictive legislation, she has been elected on a policy of returning society to the fundamental principles of the Founders – absolute sexual freedom where anything goes… anything! There is an air of excited anticipation throughout the colony, but all is not as it seems.

The early death of the previous Protector has left his senior advisor, S’Tantos, without power, without privilege, and an outlaw. He schemes his return, with the assistance of three women – a naïve student eagerly devouring each new sexual experience, a young nun educated in the erotic arts of her religion, and a highly experienced mistress without compare. But what they reveal in the process is a conspiracy of immense proportions that they cannot ignore.

If they are to defeat this threat to the very existence of Asalia, then, in a colony predicated on sex, sex will have to be their main weapon. Sex as education, as torture, as persuasion, as currency, as seduction, as ceremony, and as nuclear option, but always as ultimate pleasure.

A feast of M/F, F/F, multiple partners, oral sex, hand sex, futuristic sex toys, sex games, discipline, whipping, pain, male submission, female submission, group sex, public sex, and ceremonial sex.


S’Tantos stood naked on his balcony and watched as the second moon of Asalia reached its zenith in the rich red of the night sky. He had just six hours left.
He could feel Jaleese’s breasts pressed against his back as she reached around him, fondling his balls with one hand whilst gently stroking the underside of his erection with the other. She had been the obvious choice for tonight. The chill breeze cooled their bodies after the heat of the day.
Yi-Frel City, spread out below him, was eerily silent. It was as if it were resting, gathering its strength in anticipation of the next day’s momentous events. For tomorrow would see the dawn of a new age; an age in which S’Tantos would have no part to play.
It was difficult to believe that just two months earlier he had been a man of influence. As a close advisor to the Protector his favour had been sought by those who wished to bathe in his reflected eminence or share in its fruits, but with the early death of the Protector the veils of duplicity dissolved revealing his true friends before him, and they were few. Come dawn his demise would be complete when, as part of the elaborate investiture of the new Protector, he would line up along with the other Councillors of her predecessor and, as tradition demanded, be emasculated. His procreation mate, matched with him at puberty, would ceremoniously kneel before him, hold his manhood in her hands one final time, press the button beside her and in one instant, albeit painless, moment his cock and balls would be sliced from him forever and discarded into a pit of fire. In a society predicated on sex it was the ultimate act of exclusion.
S’Tantos felt Jaleese ring his shaft with her thumb and forefinger. She kissed the back of his neck as her hand began slowly to move along his entire length, over the ridge to the tip and back, with the perfect grip. There was no other he would have chosen for his final fuck.
The masses had spoken. Culin’a had been elected as the new Protector on a policy of restoring the principles of Asalia’s founders, returning to the values upon which the planet had been first colonised some five hundred years earlier. Influenced by the popularist newsfeeds fed to the masses and ignorant of the lessons of history, the appeal of the predominance of sex in all matters of society and of total sexual freedom had proved irresistible to the electorate. Fools, thought S’Tantos, couldn’t they see that society had evolved since then for good reason? Not that it would matter to him. Come morning he would be sans penis, and that, on Asalia, was as good as being dead.
“Come,” whispered Jaleese softly. “Time is running out. I want to come a thousand times before dawn.”
S’Tantos turned and lifted her, supporting her cute arse in his hands as he did so. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Jaleese guided his cock between her thighs and pulled herself onto him. Her inner grip was astounding. He leant back against the balcony and closed his eyes. Placing her feet firmly on the rails behind him, Jaleese began to manoeuvre herself up and down his shaft. With each plunge she took him in deeper. Raising one hand, he caressed the underside of Jaleese’s full breast. His thumb reached on up and ran around her nipple, solid and resistant. She gave out a little gasp and upped the tempo of her motion. Lifting her breast, he bowed his head and suckled to Jaleese’s squeals of delight. S’Tantos could sense her starting to climax. He could feel the little shudders through her body and her grip on his cock tighten further. He grabbed her long hair, jerking back her head. Her elegant neck stretched before him, along which he ran his tongue. Jaleese screamed out with pleasure. Her gasps grew louder, in perfect counterpoint to her thrusting. S’Tantos’ balls were ready to burst, to flood her vagina. He looked up to watch the ecstatic agony on her face as she came, just in time to see the unmistakeable cube shaped silhouette of a security drone against the reflection of the moon in the balcony door glass as it reached out to inject him.


“Just in time.”
It was a female voice.
“Just in time,” the voice repeated. “Another second and all that beautiful cum of yours would have been wasted in that whore.”
S’Tantos became aware of a medical drone hovering to one side, presumably administering the antidote to whatever it was that its security cousin had used to knock him out. One by one his senses returned, and bit by bit his predicament became apparent. He was strapped, still naked, to a cold stone wall in a crucifix pose, the antique leather bindings tight on his wrists and ankles, a bright light shining directly into his face.
The voice dismissed the drone, which disappeared into the shadows before dematerialising with the familiar soft ping, and the blinding light was switched off. As his eyes adapted, S’Tantos began to make out the female figure now standing before him.
“Culin’a?!” he exclaimed.
She grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard. He cried out in pain.
“I think you mean Your Colonial Majesty, don’t you S’Tantos, my sweet?”
“Your Colonial Majesty,” he gasped.
“Better.” She let go of him. He breathed again.
“I am most disappointed with you,” interrupted the Protector-elect. “Your last night with a penis and you choose to spend it with that woman.”
“I didn’t think…” S’Tantos’s voice tailed off.
“You didn’t think what?”
“I didn’t think it would be appropriate to ask you given that you are to be the new Protector come morning.” Besides, he thought to himself, Jaleese is a much more satisfying lover.
“I’m still a woman.” With that, Culin’a unclasped her tunic and let it fall to the floor. Tall, slim, toned, she let S’Tantos feast his eyes upon her naked body whilst she in turn watched his cock rise.
“What did you do with Jaleese?” he enquired.
“She’s fine. I arranged for a sex drone to finish the job.”
“They’re not the same.”
“Oh, I don’t know. It replicated your cock for it to fuck her with and the neurological interfacing was used to make her believe you were attached to it. It seemed to work for her. At least it did from the volume of her orgasm. Is she always that loud?”
“You watched?!”
“Of course. I had a camera installed in the drone. Fun.”
For the second time that night a woman idly fondled S’Tantos’s cock.
Without warning, Culin’a slapped his balls. He cried out in pain. She pressed herself tightly up against him. Identical heights, their bodies fit perfectly together. It felt good to have his body against hers once again. It had been too long. She could feel his cock trapped against her smooth mound, its damp tip on her stomach. She was certain he would be able to feel her engorged nipples pressing into his chest. She kissed him, moving her hips from side to side as she did so, rubbing her clit against his erection.
“So why her?”
As S’Tantos struggled to splutter out a coherent reply she moved down his body, kissing first his chest and then his stomach, until she was on her knees admiring her trophy. She took it in both hands.
“It’s just that…” she ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft, “... the last night you will ever be able to have sex…” she took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it, “… you could have chosen…” then the other, “…any one of your five registered lovers…” she ran her tongue over the tip, “… any one of us…” then slowly around it, tasting a drop of his pre-cum, “… you could even have had your procreation mate…” she filled her mouth with his full erection and pulled back tightly along his length, “…why not me?” she grabbed his erection in her hand and pumped him hard.
S’Tantos was too far gone to defend himself. Culin’a felt him starting to twitch in her hand and saw the glistening on his tip.
“Do you want to come?” she asked.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, please.”
“Yes, please, what?”
“Yes, please, Your Colonial Majesty.”
“Denied.” She squeezed the base of his shaft stopping his flow a spilt second before it spurted forth. She stood. S’Tantos groaned.
“Did you know that you are my favourite lover?” continued Culin’a as she sat on a solitary chair set a few metres in front of S’Tantos. She stretched out one leg and lifted the knee of the other, making sure S’Tantos had a good view of the moist lips between her legs. “Well, not after tonight obviously.” She made a slicing motion with her hand and smiled at the grimace it brought to his face. “Mind you, once I have been invested I can take as many lovers as I choose. But still, a shame to lose such a beautiful cock. Quite a waste.”
Almost absentmindedly she slipped a finger between her legs then placed it into her mouth. “Mmmmm! Here.” She dipped her finger again, got up and put it into S’Tantos’s mouth. She stared into his eyes as he sucked off her juices. “Quite a waste.”
“It doesn’t have to be so.”
Culin’a had feared this. “Please, S’Tanti, don’t beg.”
“I have no intention of doing any such thing.”
“I’m pleased to hear it.”
“But you could prevent it. After all, you are the … what was that phrase? Oh, yes, the Colonial Majesty.”
“I could have you terminated for that, you insolent man.” Instead she just tweaked his nipples and kissed him. “I will miss you. My little S’Tanti. My big S’Tanti!”
“Save me and I promise that I will have no other lover but you.”
“Now that’s starting to sound like begging. Besides I couldn’t deny my citizens. They’ve only just elected me. It has been an integral part of the investiture ceremony since the colony was first established. It’s a tradition.”
“From what I hear, you plan to change much tradition.”
Culin’a stepped away. “What have you heard?”
S’Tantos remained silent.
Culin’a struck him hard across the face. “Who’s been talking?”
The silence hung over them. A trickle of blood coursed down S’Tantos’s cheek.
Composure gathered, Culin’a kissed the wound. “There will be changes. You know that. That was why I was elected. The people are tired of the rules and the regulations that were imposed by you and your late Protector. The whole philosophy of the founding of Asalia was sexual freedom.”
“Planti was a good Protector. He cared for his people.”
“Planti was a repressive,” Culin’a continued. “Lovers restricted to five. Orgies banned. Sex forbidden in public places. A levy on sex toys. It’s a wonder he didn’t tax orgasms!”
“Society needed some order imposed, Culin’a.”
“It had been fine for five centuries!”
“It had got out of hand.”
“What had got out of hand?” she challenged.
“You said it had got out of hand. What exactly had got out of hand?” S’Tantos made no reply. “Go on, tell me. Was there too much cum flowing in the streets? Had the economy collapsed because we were all too busy fucking each other to do any work? Maybe Asalia was going the same way as Earth and overheating but due this time to too much sexual activity. Was that it?” Culin’a noticed S’Tantos’s cock swelling. “You always did like your women powerful, didn’t you, S’Tanti?”
S’Tantos said nothing. Culin’a cupped his balls, her long fingers reaching behind them to massage his perineum as she explained further.
“You see, S’Tanti, when Earth was left behind all those centuries ago our founding fathers didn’t choose to go to Aprengo with the Muslim-Christian Alliance, nor with the obese food lovers of Intelona, nor to any of the other dozen or so planets colonised by the various sects and alliances.”
S’Tantos’s cock had grown solid with her teasing. Culin’a grabbed it and began to handle him once again. S’Tantos gasped.
“No,” she continued. “They specifically chose sex and cocks and pussies and orgasms and breasts and arses and dildos and straps and whips. And we owe it to them to be true to their dream. If people don’t like it they can leave. They can go off to one of the other colonies, or just to one of the space stations now orbiting around Asalia for the elderly, the criminals, the impotent, the frigid, whichever. I’m taking the people back to what they want.”
She held S’Tantos’s shaft firmly in one hand as she ran a finger of the other around his shining tip.
“I think you are making a big mistake.” S’Tantos battled out the words, lost as he was in the sexual gratification Culin’a was delivering.
“Will you resist?” she asked.
“A man without a penis has no power here, you know that.”
“Otherwise you would? I understand there is a resistance forming even now”
“Good job this little tool is coming off in a couple of hours then, isn’t it?”
At that she began to pump him mercilessly. S’Tantos moaned. She felt his cock pulsing in her hand and for a second time, as he was about to come, she pinched the base of his shaft and denied him.
“Please!” he pleaded.
“Technically I should class you as an enemy of the state. Why would I satisfy you? You need to be punished. Besides, you chose Jaleese before me.”
“I’ve already explained that, I thought…”
But before he could explain it again, Culin’a had gagged him. She watched his cock harden once more in anticipation. Slicing that cock off really was going to be a tragedy. But what to do with it whilst it was still attached and alive? Warm, hard, succulent. She knelt down and took his considerable length into her mouth whilst she considered her options.
Culin’a had always loved S’Tantos’s cock. It was as pleasingly broad as it was long. Taking him in to the very back of her mouth, she began massaging his tip with her throat muscles. She had not known a man yet who wasn’t driven wild by this speciality of hers, and S’Tantos was no exception. She felt his tip press even deeper into her throat as he thrust his hips forward as far as the bindings would permit. She just gripped him even tighter and felt a familiar twitching in her mouth as he started to come. For the third time that night she denied him.
She realised the appropriate punishment for this man as she listened to the muffled screams of sexual frustration emanating from his gagged mouth; constant denial. So it was that she spent the remaining hours before dawn continually arousing him, sometimes taking her own pleasure, but always denying him his own climax. Again and again she played out this torture.
Primarily she used her hands or her mouth. A constant masturbation without relief. Twice she rested her hands on the back of the chair and backed herself onto his erection. He filled her pussy as satisfyingly as he did her mouth. She drove herself on and off of his cock in pure selfish desire until she felt an explosion within her very depths that emanated through her convulsing body as she screamed out in rapture. She only just managed to pull off of him before his torrent was released. The third time she backed onto him she took him in her arse. She knew this to be her tightest offering. More to the point, it gave her her best climaxes. She pounded herself against him as she fingered her own clit. She hit the heights of her greatest orgasm that night, her screams filling the halls of the palace, leaving her so physically drained that it took all of her remaining strength to pull off of him before he got his satisfaction.
Culin’a lay naked on the floor before S’Tantos, her legs apart, the entrance to the temple he so desired sparkling with her juices, admiring the resilient cock still proud before her. Such a waste, she thought to herself for the hundredth time that night. She had never known a more satisfying lover or a more pleasing cock. Such a waste. She wanted his final load within her, but she wanted him to give it to her masterfully. She wanted him to pin her to the ground and fuck her hard like he had so many times before, squeezing her breasts and grinding his cock inside her until he spurt forth his entire sack of spunk deep into her wanton pussy.
“Fuck me,” she said as she summoned two security drones to release S’Tantos and, most critically, to stand by as he did so to make sure he did no harm to her. At least no harm she didn’t want. The two cuboid drones hovered nearby.
She laid back, raised her arms above her head stretching her breasts, and spread her legs wide. “Fuck me properly.”
And he did. Thoroughly.
She climaxed as he filled her pussy with his cum.
As they lay there exhausted, S’Tantos still on top of her, his cock still within her, she stroked his hair and whispered into his ear, “Go, my S’Tanti. Run. I cannot see a penis as stupendous as yours wasted. That in itself goes against the very essence of our founding principles and all I stand for.”
“No, Culin’a,” S’Tantos replied.
“I trust you.”
“You mustn’t. I too have my principles. I too have my duty.”
She stared into his eyes one last time and kissed him softly on the lips. “Just don’t do anything now.”
With that she de-activated the security drones.
A moment of tension hung in the air before S’Tantos withdrew from Culin’a, dressed and disappeared into the shadows. Culin’a knew that she could live to regret her decision. An enemy is an enemy no matter how good a lover they may be. But the deed was done. She lay back, slipped her fingers between her legs, imagined he was inside her once more and masturbated herself to a final orgasm of the night.

Artist Credit

Maksim Shmeljov - Shutterstock.com

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  1. A magical blend of crafted story and steaming sex!

    Posted by Victoria on 30th Sep 2013

    "A smörgåsbord of sexual delights" it most certainly is, but wonderfully presented within a page turner of a story, both of which make you eager to read on. The sex is varied and beautifully written - highly arousing! The characters are real - three dimensional. Whomever you side with in this political battle, you'll find yourself engaged in their plight. Most satisfying!!

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