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Convincing Maggie: Her Submissive Education - eBook

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Convincing Maggie: Her Submissive Education by BJ Wane

Maggie is a twenty-nine year old high school teacher who wants nothing more than to spanked and sexually dominated by the man who loves her. But because of her short, well-rounded figure, she's always felt undesirable and self conscious about her sexuality and her questionable needs. Her boyfriend Jason does nothing but belittle her for her appearance. But Jason's long time friend Bryce is immediately attracted to her lush body and shy demeanor. He convinces Jason to bet a night with Maggie in a poker game. When Bryce wins, he gives Maggie and unforgettable night of hot spanking and savage sex. But in the morning, Bryce has left without a word and Jason has dumped her and left town.

Maggie drowns her depression by masturbating to daydreams of a special man who will love and dominate her. Later she spills out her sad tale to her anonymous "phone-friend" Brian, who has just the cure for her woes. He convinces Maggie to spend a few weeks at an exclusive club run by his good friend. Its sole purpose is to turn women into sexual submissives, who take pleasure in submitting to their dominant men.

Diving headlong into this highly-charged erotic world, Maggie is soon punished and fucked by her gym instructor, then she's sexually taken by the club owner in the dining room. Exhibition, public oral sex, anal, threesomes and plenty of painful spanking await her as she learns unquestioned obedience, and how to please men the way they wanted to pleased.

But while Maggie enjoys her lessons at the club, she continues to dream of that one special man who will not just use her, but love her too! Will it be Bryce? Brian? Jason? Maggie knows which man she wants. But once she leaves the club, she'll have to show off her new body and her new sexual attitude in one outrageous exhibition, proving she can be the submissive sexual woman her dominant man desires.

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Bryce heard the distinct sound of the snap of leather on bare flesh before he reached the open door to Jason’s office. Even with that forewarning, he was unprepared for his first glimpse of Maggie’s naked ass bent over Jason’s desk. It was a sight he had longed to see for months now, ever since Jason had introduced him to Maggie, his current girlfriend. Her rapidly reddening buttocks were round and soft, the flesh beginning to redden as Jason applied another blow across those fleshy mounds. Her long, full skirt was thrown over her back; her panties pulled to mid thigh. Her legs were spread only as far as her panties would allow, leaving her anus protected between her buttocks but affording him a small view of her pink slit glistening with her juices. The sight of her wet arousal told him what he needed to know-that she was enjoying every lash from Jason’s belt; the pain was turning her on as much as her strapping was turning on both him and his best friend.
“Why do you do this?” Jason asked before raising his arm and landing a hard blow on the undercurve of Maggie’s ass. “You’ve gained at least five pounds. I don’t know why I keep your fat ass around.”
“Please, Jason,” Maggie cried out as he laid the belt across the middle of her ass again, causing her to jump at the fiery heat. It was mortifying the way she couldn’t help but lift her aching buttocks for more, the way his tormenting abuse turned her on. “I haven’t gained any weight, I promise!”
“Bull shit, Maggie!” The belt landed again and again, turning her buttocks a bright, fiery red. “You’re so big now you don’t even notice anymore. You’re lucky to have me, aren’t you? After all, who else would want an overweight spinster school teacher such as you?”
Bryce’s brows drew together in a fierce frown. He hated the way Jason belittled Maggie and couldn’t for the life of him figure out why he did it. While Maggie was definitely a full figured woman, she was far from overweight. Just because she wasn’t five foot eight and model thin, Jason constantly put her down for her rounder, softer build. At five foot four, Maggie had large, full breasts that were currently flattened beneath her as she lay across the desk, and full, round buttocks that he itched to feel under his hand. At six foot one, Bryce was a big, hard man, and Maggie’s womanly softness appealed to him immensely. He ached to feel her soft, round thighs wrapped around his waist, her round belly filmed with sweat, slapping against his rock hard abdomen as her hips rose to meet the hard thrusts of his cock as he fucked her.
Maggie cried out as Jason laid the belt across her quivering flesh again before catching sight of Bryce lounging in the doorway. Jason and Bryce exchanged a knowing look, agreeing silently not to let Maggie know Bryce was watching her ordeal. Friends since childhood, the two of them had shared everything over the years. As grown men in their late thirties, they had had their share of women, several of whom they had shared experiences with. In the six months Jason had been seeing Maggie; however, he hadn’t once mentioned sharing her with Bryce, much to Bryce’s disappointment. He had been holding out hope that Maggie would dump Jason because of his demeaning treatment of her, but she continued to take his verbal abuse as if she deserved every disparaging word.
As Jason dropped the belt and released his hard cock, Bryce longed to do the same to his engorged dick as much as he longed to show Maggie what an attractive, sensuously desirable woman she really was. He sensed depths in Maggie that hadn’t come anywhere near to being tapped, even with Jason’s dominant influence. Bryce longed to dominate her sexually, but in a way that brought out her sexuality, not suppressed it. With the right guidance and tutoring, she would blossom beautifully into a woman who was confident not only of herself but of all the hidden nuances of her desires.
“Spread your legs further,” Jason ordered Maggie, his hand gripping his cock.
Maggie spread her thighs farther apart, hearing the thin material of her panties ripping. Jason reached down and tore them from her thighs, tossing the silk scrap on the floor. Maggie needed to feel his cock in her cunt so bad she didn’t bemoan the loss of the expensive pair of underwear. Her ass was on fire, the heat spreading to her cunt, causing her juices to run down her thighs.
Jason reached between her spread thighs, his fingers separating her lips and soaking up her moisture. “Damn, woman, you’re sopping,” he groaned as he sank two fingers deep into her pulsing cunt. “You really liked your whipping, didn’t you?”

Artist Credit

Richard Savage www.swage.net

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Review by Donna T

    This is an exceptional book! It is well written and so easy to read! I should know; I read it twice!

    Maggie is a slightly overweight teacher who desperately needs to find that person to whom she can submit. She is willing to overlook some less desirable qualities in order to find the person who can be strong and dominating...because we all know, there are no perfect partners out there. Her current boyfriend, Jason, loves to humiliate and degrade her, and he does it often enough that she has learned to believe in his words.

    But a late night wrong number gives Maggie a new lease on life. She loves talking with Brian because he seems to understand her. She is unaware that he knows more than he hears! After hearing all her dreams and desires, Brian convinces Maggie to attend a three week stay at a resort that will boost her self confidence and strengthen her submissive nature.

    This resort turns out to be the best thing in the world for Maggie. She learns to be submissive without question and that others desire her as a woman, no matter what her looks or weight. She is molded into the perfect submissive for her perfect partner, her benefactor, that she has yet to meet!

    For me, one of the best things about this novel was the ending. Of course, it ended the way I wanted it to end. However, just when I thought it was over, there was more story to go!! Maggie gets her 'turn about is fair play', but you'll have to read it yourself to understand what I mean! The author doesn't leave the audience hanging. For a sub female like myself, when you finish this book, you'll have that warm, fuzzy feeling, hoping that one day, this story could be yours!

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