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Courting Her & Serving Her - ebook

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Courting Her & Serving Her by Gregory Allen

In Courting Her, Alex is so smitten with Kimberly, he barely notices her seizing control in their budding relationship. However, when he carelessly puts his feet up on the coffee table and fails to remove them as soon as he's told, he gets put over her lap for a punishment spanking. He burns with humiliation, but his desire for the daunting female only increases. He pleasures her twice, spends the night with her naked in his bed, but he gets nothing for himself. When he timidly complains, Kimberly gets Alex to give her absolute control over his sexual release. If he is to get any sexual satisfaction from the relationship it will be on her terms, by her rules, and only after he's devotedly served her and she finds him worthy.

After Courting Her, Alex feels happy and content belonging to a woman he adores, but Kimberly is not about to let her new submissive boyfriend get complacent. She spends an evening meeting his friends and sneaks Alex into the bedroom for a punishment, followed by a goodnight kiss, which Alex eagerly applies. He soon discovers that Kimberly's openly dominant nature will make keeping his place in their female-led relationship a secret impossible. He will have to fully integrate his submissive desires into his new life with Kimberly, if he is to reach the level of dedication she requires for serving her.

Features absolute female control, discipline, punishment, humiliation, spanking, paddles, canes, sticks, foot service, grueling punishment positions, seemingly endless orgasm denial and female worship.


After dinner, Alex served Kimberly a dish of sherbet to eat while he cleared the dishes and put them in the sink. He suggested a movie, and let her pick from a few he’d rented. He’d gone to the trouble of gathering an eclectic mix, so that she could see the kind of movie she wanted—a detail Kimberly noticed, and one that pleased her. She chose a romantic comedy.

Alex’s couch was short with only two cushions. He sat close to her after setting up the movie; just a sliver of space was between them.

The previews had ended when Alex set his shiny black shoes up on the coffee table in front of the couch. On the TV screen, as the opening credits flashed, a cute blonde in a white skirt and tank top was striking tennis balls, playing against a machine on the other side of the net that spit balls at her, but Kimberly was only staring at those shoes propped on the coffee table. There was over a foot of space between the bottom of the screen and the tops of his shoes, but Kimberly found them distracting. “Alex,” Kimberly said, “put your feet down.”

She felt him turn toward her, but her eyes remained set on his shoes. The stiff soles scraped against the table’s lathed edge. When they still didn’t return to the floor, she turned toward Alex.

He grinned as if he thought she had been kidding, but she kept her unsmiling face pointed at his so that he would know she was not. With a last scrape against the wood, his feet dropped off the table and returned to the floor.

Kimberly turned back to the TV, but she wasn’t really watching. “Why didn’t you put your feet down when I said?”

“I did put them down.”

“Did you do it right when I said?”

“No, but…”

“Why didn’t you put your feet down when I said?”

“I don’t know.”

Kimberly picked the remote up off the coffee table and paused the movie. “Do you enjoy being with me, Alex?”

“I do. I’m having a great time with you.”

“I’m not like most of the girls you’ve probably known, I’m…”

“I know, I can tell that.” Alex rambled, clearly sounding nervous—nearly frightened. “I like that you’re unique, and…”

“Do not interrupt me,” Kimberly said, in her calm, authoritative tone that she could tell was making Alex squirm and powerless to resist her. “I’m very much a woman, which means that I expect to be listened to with respect. I expect to be obeyed.”

“I respect you. Of course I respect you.”

She turned toward him and smiled. Alex broke into a laughing grin; he seemed so thrilled to see her relaxed smile again, and have the tension eased. Then his face emptied of color when Kimberly said, her face still relaxed in a broad, kind smile, “I want to punish you for not listening to me right away. Will you take it?”

“But why?”

“Because I want to.”

“But I did put my feet down.”

“You already said that, and I responded to it.”

Alex looked to the TV as if he could will it back on to rescue him, but the remote was in Kimberly’s hand.

“At dinner you said you liked that I’m demanding. You said I’m strong-willed, but that it would be hopefully your gain.”

“But why does that mean I have to take a punishment?”

“Because I said so. You didn’t obey me right away, and so you have to be taught a lesson. Now, will you take it or not?” She pretended she was growing impatient, though truthfully, she was having a great time using her words to make him miserable. The word ‘obey’ out of her mouth softened him into putty. She suspected it was having the opposite effect in one particular place.

A part of him attempted to resist, but it was no match for the part of him that desired to submit, and he said, “I’ll take it.”

“Good,” Kimberly said and clapped her hands together, sitting up. “Now, stand up and push the table out of the way.”

Alex did, and stood before her. Kimberly crossed her legs and set her hands on her knee. “Now, Alex, you look very nice all dressed up, but I need you to take off your shirt and pants and your shoes and socks.”

He paused. It passed over his face, the realization that this was his final chance to stand up to her while he was still dressed, but he was captured by her calm and commanding presence.

“C’mon, I’m sure you were hoping you’d get to take those pants off tonight in front of me. Maybe not under these circumstances, but still.”

He began at the top button of his shirt and kept his head lowered as his fidgeting fingers went from one button to the next, then he slipped his shirt off. He folded it and set it on the coffee table behind him. With the same slow, methodical movements, he removed his undershirt, shoes, socks, and pants.

He has a fine body, Kimberly thought, and she was so pleased at the dignity with which he undressed and now stood. Still, she couldn’t resist teasing him. “You wear little boy underwear, that’s so cute,” she said of Alex’s tidy-whiteys. She noticed as he looked up that his eyes were filled with tears. One dripped down, and Alex’s hand immediately fluttered up to catch it and wipe it away. Kimberly admonished him. “Never hide your tears from me. I love making men cry.”

“But, Kimberly, why are you doing this?” Another tear fell, and he let it roll down.

“I’m having fun. You are too, aren’t you? You’ve been following all my instructions, you must be enjoying it.”

“I feel really embarrassed.” His hands shook at his hips. In the pouch of his underwear, Kimberly could see the outline of what looked like a beautiful and half-engorged cock. A noticeable spot on his underwear looked so wet it seemed it might begin to drip as his tears had.

“Alex, finding toilet paper on your shoe makes you embarrassed. You feel humiliated. Now tell me what you think your punishment is going to be.”

His mouth tightened in a ludicrous, last minute show of defiance that nearly made Kimberly laugh, but she stifled it; and, instead, she crossed her arms and looked at him sternly, insisting he answer her.

Alex’s eyes rolled. Another tear dripped, and his hand began to lift, but then remained at his side, letting the tear roll. “I think you’re going to spank me, but…”

“Do not say ‘but.’ Say it again.”

“I think you’re going to spank me.”

“Say it again without whining.”

“I think you’re going to spank me.”

“Yes, Alex. I’m going to spank you.” She reached toward his waist.

Alex leaned away from her. “I don’t want you to.”

“Yes, you do. You want me to.”

From his face, it seemed he didn’t, but he took the few small steps toward her reach. Kimberly gripped the waistband of his underwear and tugged until he was standing at her side. She held the elastic firmly, let him think for a while about the fact that his underwear was about to come down, then she pulled it to his knees.

His excitement sprang up from between his legs, and Alex groaned and turned his head. Kimberly looked at the nicely-sized erection as if she were surprised and horrified to have found it there. Alex fell for this ruse completely and began babbling a mixture of apologies and excuses. “I’m sorry. It’s just cause of the rush of air, and I don’t know why that’s happening. It’s just ‘cause I think you’re beautiful, and…”

“Alex, don’t worry,” she said. “I am very happy to see that, let me tell you. Because I’m beginning to like you, but I wouldn’t see much of a future for us if you didn’t enjoy this, and I can see, despite your tears, that you do. Now crawl over my lap, but do not let that touch my legs.”

Using the armrest of the couch, Alex bent his body over her lap. His thighs and his stomach touched her legs. Kimberly wondered if it occurred to him that this was their first physical contact. She doubted it did. His body laid out over her lap felt tense. He seemed very worried about the pain of his coming punishment. Without an implement, she wouldn’t actually be able to hurt him very badly, although she was a pretty mean hand-spanker. “Now, Alex, this will hurt, but you mustn’t cry out. You may only moan, do you understand?”


Kimberly sighed, feigning irritation. “Alex, I distinctly recall telling you to use my name.”

“Yes, Kimberly.”

Kimberly let out a quiet laugh as Alex shivered in his stretched-out position. “Look at this cute bottom,” she said. “It’s never been spanked before, has it?”

“No, Kimberly,” Alex answered through fresh tears.

Kimberly grabbed the back of his hair and pulled till his face was perpendicular to the floor. Leaning near his ear, she said, “You will remember this moment for the rest of your life.” She let go of his hair, letting him hide again down at her feet, and pressing her left hand against the small of his back, she raised her right hand high in the air. Alex whimpered with his mouth sealed. She brought her hand down flat against his round cheeks. A loud spank resounded, and Alex moaned in surprise. Hand spanks really didn’t hurt enough to please Kimberly, but there was nothing like the sound of a good one connecting. And the one she landed on Alex was one of her best. Right away she could see a pink handprint begin to glow against the white, but she didn’t waste much time admiring it. She brought her hand down for another, and another, each time enjoying the sound of her hand clapping against the soft, taut skin of his bottom.

She nearly forgot about Alex. After the first spank, he got so quiet, trying to take the pain stoically. By the time a pink glaze covered his cheeks, though, his moans began. Her hand was stinging, so she knew his butt stung about five times worse, but she wasn’t happy with his grunt-like moans. She sensed too much defiance in them, and so she kept spanking away. She mixed up her efforts with a rapid-fire volley of lighter spanks, then followed them with spaced-apart hard ones. His bottom wouldn’t get red the way she would have liked with just her hand, but a glowing pink covered it, and she thought Alex felt enough stinging to know she meant business. His moans had lost their defiant sound. He was accepting her striking hand and her authority with soft, submissive moans for mercy. She gave him another quick volley, then two final spanks as hard she could.

Right away, she ordered Alex to his feet, so that she could see how much he’d cried. He tried to take a long time rising, wanting to calm himself while his face was still hidden near the floor, but she prodded him with stern insistence, and pulled at his arm. He stood in front of her, his red face streaked with slimy tears. His chest heaved as he struggled to breathe through only his nose and keep his mouth closed obediently.

“Are you sorry you didn’t put your feet down right away?”

“Yes, Kimberly.” As he opened his mouth to speak, his breath blubbered out through his mouth. “I’m s-s-sorry,” he stuttered. He looked behind him at his clothes. “C-can I get dressed, please?”

“No, you may not.” She pinched his underwear entwined around his ankles with her foot and yanked them away. She made him slide the coffee table back, then she stood up and took his arm. “After a punishment, you have to serve time for me.” She led him—he followed her lead as compliantly as a puppy—to the wall. She reached up with her finger. “Put your nose here.” Alex obeyed immediately. “Now,” Kimberly said, “usually after a punishment, you serve your time thinking of what you did wrong; but, since this is your first, I want you to spend it thinking about whether or not you want to be my boyfriend when being my boyfriend means obeying me.”

“Yes, Kimberly,” Alex said, his voice had lost its thick tear-trace and returned to nearly normal.

Kimberly sat back down on the couch. She put her feet up on the coffee table, making plenty of noise so that Alex would know they were there. “Keep very still, so I know you’re thinking about it.”

“Yes, Kimberly.”

From across the room, his cheeks lit up even pinker than she had thought. She turned the movie off and the TV on, so that Alex would think she was enjoying watching a show; but, really, she was taking in the sight of him leaned obediently into the wall. A fine body, indeed, she thought. His muscular legs and back had good definition, and his butt looked adorable with her handprints all over it. She wondered how long it would be till she could put some real marks on him. Not long, she thought. He was quick to cry, but he took the spanking quite well for his first. He would take some good punishments for her in no time.

She untied her shoes and slipped them off, leaving them on top of the coffee table. Turning off the TV, she walked around and slowly moved over next to him. She peered in at his face that was pressed near the wall. “Well, do you still want to be my boyfriend?”

“Yes, Kimberly.” He kept his nose on the wall.

“Yes, Kimberly, what?”

“Yes, Kimberly, I would like to be your boyfriend…please.”

“Face me,” she said.

Alex lifted his nose from the wall and shuffled his feet till he faced her. He bowed his head and lowered his eyes.

“Kneel and kiss my feet.”

He looked up. She smiled at him. He looked down again and stared at her feet. She’d caught him looking at her feet enough since the first day when he saw her at the coffee shop to know that he adored them, but enjoying looking at them and kneeling and kissing them were two different things. Even though he’d just been over her lap and spanked, even though he was standing in front of her naked, she wasn’t sure he would be able to obey her order. He looked up again. She met his eyes and held them. She remained patient but insistent. She had given him an order, and it was up to him to obey it or not. She loved watching him fight. His eyes rolled slightly, and then she saw it: the exact moment when he became hers. He fell to one knee then the other, bent over and placed long, reverent kisses on the tops of both of her feet.

Artist Credit

Denis Tevekov, Istock.com

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