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Cruise Ship Captives - ebook

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Cruise Ship Captives by Roger Hastings

An aging steamship cruises toward a South Seas Island for a photo shoot, on board, a bevy of beautiful fashion models. The crewmen, the medical officer Dr. Rawson and the modeling agency's photographer plot a mutiny - their plan to sail the ship to a remote island where they'll take advantage of their good fortune and use these voluptuous young women for their kinky sexual pleasure.

Once the captain and his officers are set adrift in a lifeboat, the ship sails toward the aptly named, Lust Lagoon. Meanwhile, below deck, the girls are suspended in chains and stripped naked, delighting the men with their beauty, as they are prepared for a special initiation. Later in the ship's ballroom, Dr. Rawson begins the night's festivities, setting the girls free to hide about the ship, becoming prey for the lusty crew who will chase after them. Once captured, they're taken to the cabins for a night-long siege of sex and punishment, followed by days of carnal amusement. The bondage, whipping, electric prods and torture continue as the girls are savagely tormented while being primed for sex. Though some resist their captors, many learn that the wanton behavior demanded of them brings pleasure beyond their wildest imaginings. It would seem that a spell, cast by pagan gods, has descended over the entire cast of players in this unreal fantasy come true.

But all it not perfect in paradise! When the lovely Josie and her friends escape from the prison hold, they kidnap Dr. Rawson and take him to the island where they bind him in a cave and give him a rough taste of his own medicine. While they may enjoy their scheme for the moment, but they should be advised that a rough punishment awaits when they are found.

In time, the ship is discovered by a spy satellite. Will this mean rescue for the imprisoned girls? Or are they destined to sail into the hands of more ruthless captors? An exuberant tale of sexual excess that includes unique devices for bondage, caging, torture and suspension, plus plenty of welted asses, crimson behinds and painful breast torture. This is one S&M story that readers will savor from beginning to end.

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“We’re taking over this ship,” I replied. “I must ask you to get out of bed and come with us.”
“What! That’s mutiny!”
“And a helluvalotta fun, too,” Thorne said with his rumbling chuckle. “Now we give the orders.” His white teeth gleamed against the black skin of his face.
The captain glared up at me, “You’ll hang for this, Alan.”
“If and when you catch me,” I replied. “Meanwhile, we men will be enjoying all the intimate feminine delights our lady passengers are adorably equipped to provide.”
He stared at me, jaw hanging open. “You can’t mean you would...” He glanced from face to face, going pale at the sight of our grim expressions. “No, you can’t do...”
“Get up!” Thorne snarled. He grabbed the captain’s arm and dragged him up to a standing position. Ralph pulled the captain’s arms behind him and I snapped the handcuffs on his wrists.
I gripped his pajama lapels and tugged him to his cabin door. “Like Thorne said, ‘We give the orders now.’”
“You can’t get away with this,” he sputtered. “The coast guard, the orbiting spy satellites, the navy will all be looking for this ship. You can’t hide it.”
“We don’t need to hide it,” I replied. “Besides, how could we possibly hide this ship in the open sea?”
“It’s a secret. We don’t want you telling your rescuers how we managed to disappear in plain sight. That would spoil all the fun of our ingenious plan.”
“Come on, gramps,” Ralph said. Let’s get you and all the other officers on deck.” He clamped a gag over the captain’s mouth and tied it tight. “We wouldn’t want you shouting and disturbing our lady passengers’ beauty sleep.”
I snatched the captain’s hat from his wardrobe shelf and pressed it down on my head. “Feels good,” I said with a grin. I followed the men out onto the deck. The other officers stood by the rail, cuffed and gagged. All of them except the duty officer were in their pajamas or underwear. The officer who was ‘entertaining’ Josie in his cabin was completely naked.
The few male passengers lay on the deck, unconscious from the anesthetic gas the seamen sprayed into the cabins. My new crew held pistols and rifles at the ready to prevent any escape. My uncle, Lance Dickinbush the gray-haired photographer, was standing to one side and unguarded because of my orders to the crew to spare him.
“Lance,” I said, “come over here.” I turned to my seamen. “This is my good friend, who also happens to be my uncle, Lance Dickinbush. He’s one of us. He helped me plan our scheme. Let him return to his cabin.” I turned back to him. “Get some sleep, Lance. You’ll need it tomorrow evening; you’ll be up all night.”
He laughed and patted his crotch. “We’ll all be ‘up’ all night.” He fingered his cock concealed inside his trousers, “I can’t wait to trap my fluttering bird in a cage where she can’t escape from this.”
A young woman crewmember broke loose from the cordon of my men surrounding the passengers. As she scurried toward me in her baby-doll pajamas I recognized Maria, our ship’s young Italian cook.
“Please, Doctor Rawson, don’t send me away with the others. Let me stay on the ship with the other girls.” She knelt down on her knees in front of me, gazing into my face, pleading with her eyes. I knelt down in front of her and grasped both her hands in mine. “But Maria, don’t you know what we will do to these girls?”
“I heard,” she replied. “A few of the crew are blabbermouths, and I overheard them talking about your plan.”
I scowled at my men, “How much did you hear?”
“Only a few words, about...about...” She dipped her head and blushed.
“About what?”
“About…” she lifted her head, her eyes shining and a bashful smile on her lips. “About how all you males are going to fuck all the girls.” She pressed her hands down on her thighs and splayed her fingers over her crotch. Her voice was a breathy whisper, meant only for me. “I want to be fucked by a real cock, Doctor. I’m tired of buying batteries for my...my...”
I studied her face, searching for sincerity. “It’s not what you think,” I said. “We are going to train these girls with painful severity. You would have to endure merciless punishment.
“It’s worth it,” she replied. “It’s the only way I can feel like a real woman.” She looked down at her body. “Just look at me, doctor. I’m just a bit overweight—not much, maybe 15 pounds, but my boyfriend calls me...calls me...” She choked back a sob.
“It’s alright, Maria. There are some men in my crew who enjoy a soft, cushioned ride to paradise,” I caressed her belly, “especially me.” I turned to my men. “You want her to play with, too?”

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