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Depravity's Child

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Depravity's Child by Lizbeth Dusseau

The beautiful, alluring but very sheltered Antonia suddenly finds herself married off to Rupert Reyes, a handsome stranger with a penchant for dominating women. Antonia's domineering father, Benito, expects the marriage will make his willful daughter a submissive just like her mother, Honoria, who is dutifully at his beck and call. But Benito knows nothing about Rupert's villainous heart.

Though he first woos his bride with charm, virility and good looks, he insists on binding her when making love. After the honeymoon he puts Antonia through ruthlessly invasive anal training giving her to other men with increasing penis endowment in order to make her backdoor ready for his own enormous organ. While his wife suffers, he enjoys nights with his kinky mistress.

Although Antonia first tries to do her duty, she finally rebels and seeks out the comfort of Rafael Francisco, a contractor working for her husband. He knows all about Rupert's foul treatment of women and insists that she speak to her father about Rupert's treachery. But Antonia calls too late; Benito has suddenly died, leaving Antonia no way out of her horrible marriage.

Taking over the family estate, Rupert brings Honoria to live with them, where he turns his mother-in-law into a sex toy, who he plans to sell. To protect her daughter, Honoria surrenders to the man, even as the masochistic side of her obsesses on the brutal treatment. To protect her mother, Antonia rejects plans to flee with Rafael, now her lover. While a ray of hope remains, a maid's betrayal turns Antonia's love affair into a crime that demands from her a miserable punishment. Is there any way that love can win and the sadist be defeated? A stunning series of events ends this story with unexpected surprises that keep the reader turning pages to the final scene.

This S&M story is filled with the joy of passionate love coupled with raw desire, treacherous obsession and ruthless acts of depravity. Included in its graphic content are heavy bondage, breast and nipple torture, punishment, piercing, enemas, anal sex, exhibitionism and humiliating servitude.


“Honoria, do our guest the honor of presenting yourself,” Benito told her.
Where other wives might question such a request, Honoria knew exactly what her husband wanted. Moving unthinkingly toward the man in the leather chair, she knelt at his feet and placed her hands in her lap, palms open, keeping her back regally straight, and her head bowed yieldingly.
“Please now, if you’ll open your dress, I’m sure Mr. Reyes would be most intrigued by what he finds there,” Benito said.
Without batting an eye, without so much as a twinge of trepidation, Honoria’s hands moved to her throat and began unbuttoning the large buttons, all five of them, until the soft fabric of her dress fell away like tissue. She shook the dress from her shoulders to bare her entire bodice from neck to waist, where the last button remained tightly fastened.
Rupert Reyes made a bit of start seeing the unexpected picture before him. He had no doubt that the woman’s display would reveal a sight to behold, in particular, large well-formed breasts, with small peaked nipples. He even expected, knowing Benito’s sexual habits that there might be some marks on her otherwise perfect skin. What he did not expect to see was a pair of painfully bound breasts, the flesh cruelly crisscrossed with rope in a fashion that clashed boldly with her womanly attire and demure attitude. The ropes were neatly wrapped around her torso above and below her breasts then connected at the sides and between the two. Their appearance was so altered that it was difficult to tell exactly how well endowed the woman was. To anchor the bondage, more rope was wrapped around her neck and shoulders, creating a neatly fashioned harness that would remain secure regardless of her movement.
Rupert sat up a bit straighter in the chair and stared at this bizarre picture of submission, noting how Honoria’s already surrendering mood seemed to shift even further into a subservient and docile state. Her head remained slightly bowed, though now she occasionally glanced up at him through her long dark lashes. Her lips parted as if thirsting. And to accentuate the look of complete surrender, she clasped her hands behind her back, which forced Honoria’s bound breasts into a lurid and inviting display.
“You amaze me, Benito,” Rupert looked to the smiling fellow who had yet to sit down.
“Is this not what we discussed?”
“And are you not acquainted with restraint and discipline—the rudiments of dominating the female?”
“I am, indeed, although I never expected such a exhibit as this today.” His smirk revealed his prurient interest.
“I think it’s important,” Benito jumped in. “I want to be very clear with my intentions. Although I assume that as my daughter’s husband, you’ll direct the girl in the manner you see fit, I wanted to assure you that I have no qualms about heavy-handed methods of control. Pain is a great teacher. I suspect that like her mother, the girl has unbridled passions that must be channeled appropriately—fixated on your desires, not hers. After our many discussions, I have come to trust you above all the other candidates I considered. Of course, your references remain impeccable,” he added with a knowing twinkle in his eye, suggesting that they already shared some indelicate secrets.
Benito returned his attention to his submissively posed wife and her bared, bound breasts. Her pink flesh gleamed in its rigid splendor, seeming to darken before their eyes, as if her breasts themselves blushed, not just her pretty face. “In these many years of my relationship with Honoria, I have been ruthless about her need to conform to my will, rigorously putting off the modern notion that she has a right to make her own decisions. I rarely seek her opinion, or let her thoughts sway mine. To reinforce in her mind this subservient role, I often, very graphically, demonstrate my dominance over her with various corporal practices. It may seem extreme, but we met and married with a staunchly patriarchal relationship in mind and it has served us well. I can think of nothing I want more for my daughter than the same security she will have with a man who will keep her so contained. And this,” he alluded to the bondage, “may or may not be to your taste, but it is certainly not out of bounds in relationships that enjoy such peculiar characteristics.”
“Sir, it will be my honor and my pleasure to rule your daughter in similar ways,” Rupert said, in a somewhat amused but deferential tone.
Both men beamed as if that was enough to seal the contract, and they returned their attention to the submissive beauty who sat humbly at Rupert’s feet.
“May I?” Rupert finally broke the silent interlude, looking from Benito to Honoria’s breasts, while leaning forward to communicate his desire to touch her.
“By all means. Make her hurt if you so desire. She will take what you give and be glad that it pleases you.”

Artist Credit

© Michael Berkowitz, www.michaelberkowitz.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Donna T on 23rd Apr 2010

    Depravity's Child by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Donna T, (c) 2005

    This book I read in only one day. In most of Mrs. Dusseau’s books, I can identify with the main character; flow in their emotions; sense their needs; feel their longing. However, in this book, I quickly learned to hate one of the main characters – What a wonderful story that can make you feel those emotions as strongly as did I in this book.

    The marriages portrayed in this novel are certainly nothing like what I look for in a relationship. These submissive women are nothing more than chattel to their husbands, and are made to suffer extreme sexual and mental abuse.

    Antonia is given to Rupert by her father, Benito. They meet and are married the very same day. The honeymoon is wonderful and is exactly as Antonia expects it to be. Little does she realize the sadist that lies behind the good-looking exterior of the man she just married. He is cruel beyond measure… using other men to prepare her anally for himself, sleeping with other women in the very next room, confining her to only a few rooms within his home, and other events that make you hate him beyond measure.

    But as Antonio’s husband and father become ruthless and predictable, one man comes along to help free her soul. Antonia yearns to flee with her lover; however, she must stay to protect her mother whom has come to live with Antonia and Rupert. She just doesn’t realize the sacrifices her mother, Honoria, must make in order to keep her safe.

    I remained glued to this book even as I despised many of the male characters, while at the same time, I read with amazement about the extreme abuse and ridicule they heaped on their poor wives. And yet, a hero does come along… albeit for a very short time. All I can say to the villains of this story (her father and her husband)… what goes around, comes around!!!! A very satisfying ending.

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