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Desired Deep Slavery - ebook

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Desired Deep Slavery by JG-Leathers

Orphaned as a teenager, Julia craves structure and a permanent arrangement in her troubled life. When she's taken by in the wealthy Alexandra von Strassen, her latent lesbian tendencies soon come to full flower and she falls head-over-heels in love with Alexandra, wanting to become hers in all conceivable ways. Soon Julia shares with Alexandra her most deeply held secret to be totally controlled, while Alexandra shares with her charge a complementary desire to possess a slave girl. Julia is now determined to be that girl.

Although Alexandra initially moves with some caution to advance their corresponding desires, once the eager Julia commits to total enslavement as spelled out in the contract she's required to sign, there is no turning back, and Alexandra moves ahead to enact her plans.

Julia's evolution as a fulltime 24/7 submissive begins with elaborately created costumes she never dreamt were possible. Not only are these unusual garments horribly restrictive, they are impossible to escape from. As surely as night follows day, rubber, steel, chains, and deep imprisonment become the norm in Julia?s circumscribed life, to say nothing of the exotic piercings, the permanently-fitted bondage appliances and the horrid work regime that follows.

To Julia's further dismay, she finds that Alexandra?s acquisitiveness is not for her alone. She'll be the first in a harem of bondage submissives, and the interactions with the mistress she loves will become all too rare. This is not what Julia envisioned when she gave herself to Alexandra! But it is too late to alter the course of her young life.

JG-Leathers creates in this new novel a stunning tale of one female's journey into total submission. In addition to the many physical restraints described in this story, graphic content also includes sensory deprivation, electro-stimulation, enemas, milking and a unique 'travel chair' equipped with an array of tortures that defy the imagination. A must read for JG-Leathers fans.

A fitting reminder to all? be careful what you wish for!

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“O-Okay,” I gulped, shivering with delicious terror at what she’d just said. How I wish, now, that I had turned and left right then and there! “Those p-p-piercings you’ve listed are pretty wild!” I gulped once more, trembling at the thought that thick steel needles would be forced through my flesh, then irremovable steel jewellery would be locked into the holes that had been created. Certainly, I’d fantasized about being pierced and wearing some nice jewellery, but to this point had not even had my ears done. What she had listed was utterly incredible, and terrifying to think that it would be done to me, and then, to top it all off, know that I’d be unable to remove the so-called jewellery, once it had been mounted in my flesh!
“Yes, they are,” she stated flatly, “But, if you truly want to be my slave girl, they’re a necessary part of your being equipped as my playmate ... and property,” she smiled serenely.
“You…you said that I’ll have my own c-cell at the new house?” I was shaking noticeably now.
“Again, correct,” she said with little emphasis. “For the most part though, at first, you’ll seldom see its inside, for you’ll stay with me in my room. Of course, you’ll always be kept on a leash, even inside the house, but most importantly, whenever you’re taken off the property. Those occasions will be few, once you’ve been fully ... ah ... equipped.”
“Ooohhh, wow!” was all I managed for a moment before speaking again. “It says that I’ll also have to wear specially made rubber and leather clothing?”
“That’s correct. I have contacts who make the clothing and the other equipment I’ve mentioned. In effect, what you’d wear would be additional means of keeping you restrained. All will be custom-made, if you accept the agreement.”
“You wrote that there’ll be other things you’ll have done to me?” I gulped again.
“Yes,” she looked at me intently. “You probably won’t like them at all, but if you sign the contract to become my slave girl, they will happen, so you’d better think long and hard about that as well. Whatever I feel like having done to you, will happen, no matter how much you may object. There will be no ‘safe words’ for you, Julia, once the Contract becomes official. I want to make that quite clear, right now, okay?”
“Very well,” I gulped, making my decision. “This is so much more than I expected, but I’m sure it’s what I really and truly want.”
“Julia, even if that’s the case right now, I still want you to think about this for another week, alright? If, next Friday night, you still want to go through with becoming my slave, and after having read through the Contract again two or three more times, then we’ll sign a preliminary agreement, okay? The actual signing will be carefully witnessed, and recorded on video the following Monday.”
“O-Okay,” I whispered, eyes gleaming, then jumped to my feet and came around the desk and hugged her hard. “But I want to sign it right now!”
“No, Julia,” she said firmly and gently, returning my hug with a smile. “I want you to be very sure about this commitment. Once it’s completed at the Lawyer’s Office, there’ll be no going back ... ever.”
“Alexandra?” I stood back and bent my head then spoke with quiet determination, “I’ve wanted this to happen for years. It’s the culmination of my dreams.”
“Well, they can come true for you, Julia, but for now, you scoot off to bed and we’ll talk of this again next week, okay?”
“Yes ma’am!” I bent down and kissed her cheek, smiled quickly at her, then turned and walked shakily down the hall to my bedroom. Once inside and undressed, I lay on the bed and masturbated frenziedly, eyes clenched closed and imagining what it would feel like to be fastened into an irremovable steel harness and know that the restraints fastened around my limbs and body could not and would not be removed. What would it be like to feel the inescapable and irresistible tug of steel rings embedded in my flesh? I shivered convulsively to the soft caress of my fingers on nipple and clitoris, finally climaxing in a wild rolling surge on the bed. My life would be so great!
During the following seven days I could hardly keep my thoughts on anything other than signing Alexandra’s Contract, but a week later I initialled the Temporary Agreement of Ownership, in effect becoming her property and slave. Alexandra made no immediate plans or moves to enact the coming removal of my freedom, but in the background, her lawyer had drawn up an iron clad agreement (as much as could be done, given the laws of the land), and so on Monday we went to his office and the formal signing away of my life was completed. Events had proceeded swiftly and a month after I first breached the topic in her bed late at night, I legally gave my life over to her in the presence of a lawyer, two witnesses, and the camera man there to make a permanent video record of the proceedings.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Desired Deep Slavery by JG-Leathers
    Reviewed by C Tracy

    This intense thrilling story is a step by detailed step tale of Julia’s enslavement by her lover Victoria. Julia begs Victoria to put her into deep bondage, and though Victoria warns Julia of her requirements for her slaves, Julia persists. Once the process starts, Julia soon realizes that Victoria’s idea of bondage is much more than what she expected. The dental work alone turns out to be more than just braces. Even more shocking, the equipment is permanent! Is Victoria just sadistic or is Julia getting exactly what she wants?

    JG-Leathers is detailed in his description of the equipment Victoria attaches to Julia’s body. The author also describes Julia’s emotions so well that you can feel her anguish, fear and desperation. In fact, it would be easy for the reader to hate Victoria for what she has done to the poor girl.

    Let me just say here that I am not familiar with this extreme type of bondage, therefore I can only offer a novice’s opinion. Those of you who understand this sort of deep bondage may have a different experience of this novel…

    This is not a book for the timid reader! Certainly, if you can read and enjoy horror stories, you can read this unique book. There were times I could not put it down. I felt lust, desire, and arousal, especially when Julia was in the chair. That chair is to die for – for me, the most erotic equipment in the book. At times, however, the book was so intense that I had to take a long break. Fans of JG Leathers will not want to miss this one. You’re sure to enjoy it.

    Will I read another JG Leathers book? Probably, but I’ll have to read some soft erotica first, a love story perhaps.



    JG-Leathers has been deeply involved with 'the scene' (the Bdsm scene) for many years in a wide range of areas. He's a recognized author of full length novels and articles, an artist, inventor, a photographer, and a person who maintains a personal involvement in the situations and scenes he writes of. He has created his own, non-commercial web site, and for a much more in depth look into his world, it's definitely the place to visit. A full biography of JG-Leathers can be seen at http://www.jg-leathers.com/Biography/index.htm.
    JG has also authored the best-selling Chained Convict For Life: Sabrina's Biography, Diplomatic Immunity, I: Delilah's Punishment, Diplomatic Immunity, II: Kelly's Descent, and Controlling Christine, Book One, Controlling Christine, BookTwo, and Celine's Seduction To Rubber available in paperback and ebook from Pink Flamingo Publications.

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