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Disappeared by SJ Lewis

Sarah Holmes’ life is a mess. Her husband has blown through his trust fund. When he is cut off, he turns to working with vicious drug dealers to make money, and he can’t help skimming. Now the police and the drug dealers are after him and Sarah. In desperation, she turns to Mack, a man she had wronged terribly years ago, as her last hope. At first he refuses, simply giving her money so she can drink herself into a stupor. Regretting the decision, he sends someone to get her. Saved at the last minute from a mugging or worse, Sarah is bundled onto a van and driven away. She disappears.

She awakens to find herself at an isolated vacation home near a lake. She meets her roommate, a woman her own age named Belinda. Years of self-indulgence and drinking have left Sarah a doughy mess. Belinda whips her back into shape with regular exercise, and imposes discipline with housework and tending a vegetable garden. As Sarah grows fitter, she finds her libido returning with a vengeance, but the only person she’s in regular contact with is Belinda. Belinda is a dominant. She much prefers men, but eventually she can’t resist starting an F/f relationship with Sarah.

Mack visits at long intervals, warning Sarah that she will have to stay disappeared for two years before the people looking for her give up. When he visits, Belinda takes a sadistic pleasure in throwing Sarah at him for sex. Sarah discovers that her old lover now has strong dominant tendencies of his own, and is still angry with her for what she had done. She endures painful spankings and rough sex, but finds herself becoming strongly attracted to him.

How long can Sarah stay disappeared and will Mack ever forgive her?

Includes: Lesbian sex, oral sex, D/s, bondage, spanking, rough sex.




“How is she doing?” she heard Mack ask Belinda.
“Well, she does what she’s told now, and she doesn’t whine as much about it as she did at first,” Belinda replied. “I’m still not happy that you dumped her on me with so little warning.”
“It was all on short notice,” Mack said. “I didn’t have the time to plan anything else.”
They were talking about her as if she wasn’t even here. Sarah felt a brief flash of anger that was immediately extinguished as she realized that she was in no place to complain. She kept on eating, though at a slower pace.
“So what do you plan to do with her?” Belinda asked. “It’s not like she’s a stray kitten you took in now, is she?”
“That’s true,” Mack agreed. “She looks a lot better, though.”
“Clean living, fresh air and exercise,” Belinda chuckled.
Sarah felt her cheeks burning. They were still talking about her as if she wasn’t there, and it felt humiliating. But what could she do? Storm out? She had no place to go. She took another bite of sausage, but it didn’t taste as good as it had up until then.
“How are things coming along with you?” Sarah heard Mack ask. She looked up and realized that he was talking to Belinda, not her.
“Slow,” Belinda replied. “I’ve got a couple of contacts. They’re both for part-time, but there just aren’t any full-time positions like there used to be. This is going to take longer than I hoped.”
“Well, you’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need,” Mack told her. He turned to Sarah. “Now, as for you,” he began.
Sarah put down her plastic fork with exaggerated care. Mack hadn’t raised his voice or even changed his tone, but she suddenly had an urge to run and hide.
“Yes,” she said. She was able to meet his gaze for only a brief moment before she had to look down and away.
“Do you have any idea just how much trouble you’ve caused me?”
“The police came to my place twice. The Feds were there once. And there were also some other men who stopped by, and they were all looking for you. They questioned me, they questioned anyone who was working there that night, they even tried to track down some of the customers. Fortunately, everybody gave them the same story: You came in, you talked to me for a little while, I gave you some money, and you went away.” Mack’s voice was steady and calm, yet Sarah felt as if she was being lashed with a whip.
“I’m sorry…” she began.
“The Hell you are!” Mack roared as he slammed his clenched fist down onto the table, making everything jump, including both Sarah and Belinda. “I thought you were just handing me a big line of crap, like you did back in college about how bad things had gotten for you. But no, this time you had to tell me the absolute truth! Do you have any idea in that empty head of yours just how much trouble you’ve caused me? Any idea at all?”
Sarah stared at him open-mouthed, unable to find words. She thought about telling him that he’d chosen to help her after all, so it wasn’t her fault, it was his, but the angry, angry look in his eyes kept her from saying that, or anything else
“And now I’m stuck with you,” he went on, calmly and coldly. Somehow, Sarah found that much more frightening than his anger. “So far, everybody believes that I don’t know what happened to you or where you are. So I can’t just turn you loose like I want to. You stupid, lazy, greedy little bitch!”
Sarah burst into tears and started to get up from the table, but Mack seized her wrist in one big, hard hand and kept her from getting away.
“Not this time, princess,” he said to her. “You don’t get to run away and cry.” He got to his feet, pulling her to her feet as well. “Not this time,” he growled. He dragged Sarah with him into the living room. Sarah looked back to Belinda for help, but Belinda was just sitting there, gaping foolishly, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing or how Mack was acting. Sarah felt a sudden, terrible fear, so paralyzing that she never thought of trying to resist or protest. In the back of her mind was the faint hope that he wasn’t going to really hurt her. The rest of her mind wasn’t functioning at all.
Mack sat down heavily on the couch and forced Sarah to lie across his lap. He twisted her arm up behind her so that she couldn’t struggle effectively. When she tried to kick free anyway, he trapped her legs between his, with her still face down across his lap. She felt him pull up her skirt. Then she felt him yank down her panties. And then she shrieked as his hand came down hard on her upturned ass, so hard that it felt as if an electric shock went through her body.
“I have wanted to do this to you for so long, you vicious little brat,” Mack growled. His hand came down on her ass again, and Sarah shrieked again. She could just see Belinda, still sitting at the table, still apparently in shock. There was no hope of help from her.
“You’re hurting me!” Sarah wailed.
“I know!” Mack roared just as he brought his hand down across her ass for the third time. The blow sounded like a gunshot, and Sarah shrieked once more.
“You’re hurting me!” she repeated, sobbing. “Please, please stop!” Mack spanked her again, grunting with the effort.
There was no point in begging for mercy. Sarah tried to squirm free, but Mack’s grip was too strong, and her struggles only made the arm twisted up behind her back hurt almost as much as the spanking. The next blows came in rapid succession, all over her ass, but none of them were as hard as the first three had been. She squealed and sobbed as the punishment went on and on until her ass started to feel numb. Finally, after one last resounding thwack on her bare, stinging flesh, Mack let go of her and stood up. She slid onto the floor, sobbing piteously. Mack stepped over her, ignoring her misery and her pain, and went back to the kitchen. He sat down and resumed eating as if nothing had happened.
“Uh…aren’t you going to see if she’s okay?” Sarah heard Belinda ask Mack.
“No,” Mack replied simply. “Most of that crying and sobbing is an act anyway. Her parents raised her to be a spoiled brat, and a spoiled brat is what she is. Let her alone.”
Sarah finally felt able to move. She tugged her panties back up before she staggered to her feet. She tried to glare at Mack and Belinda, but it was impossible what with her crying and blubbering and hiccupping. She tried to stride past them with what little dignity she could muster as she went into her tiny ‘room’. The most recent addition to it was an old but clean single mattress, and once she’d slammed the door behind her she threw herself down onto it and started bawling. She felt degraded, humiliated, violated and mistreated, and yet she knew that Mack had every reason to be furious with her. That knowledge only made things worse as she started to feel worthless on top of all those other feelings.

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© somamix1

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