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Educating Anna

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Product Description

Educating Anna, Spanking Erotica by Elizabeth Forster

Anna is a beautiful, eighteen year old virgin, who has been left in the care of her tutor, Peter, while her grandparents are away for a month. With so many lonely hours to kill in her gloomy old house, Anna’s dreamy mind blooms with wildly erotic fantasies of being spanked and dominated by stern and controlling men. Her thoughts soon focus on her handsome tutor, Peter, whose dominant demeanor has her fascinated and highly aroused. One day, when he becomes frustrated by her lack of concentration, he angrily takes her over his knee and soundly spanks her, an event that astounds and titillates the desiring female. Wanting more, she makes her feelings plainly known to Peter, and the tension between them quickly builds. When she baits him, he responds with another spanking and then another, igniting a torrid affair of endless sex, which ends abruptly when their tawdry behavior is discovered. Peter is dismissed from the house and Anna must begin a new chapter in her life.

Anna’s circumstances quickly change. The house and family money become hers, and once on her own, she plans to explore her sexuality to the fullest. She transforms the house to make it suitable for her lascivious pursuits, then hires a young maid ‘Mouse’ for sex and spanking. The two bring in John, a shy workman, who becomes a helpless victim to the pair’s sexy schemes. Later Anna poses nude for erotic paintings to hang in her punishment room, and the artist, George, becomes her dominant lover. She dives into the affair with eager abandon, submitting to George for the submissive thrills she loves. But at the mention of love, she's gone, ready for something new. Taking off for her apartment in Venice, she and Mouse turn themselves into public property, bringing men home for more wild nights of scorching sex play. But when erotic ‘burnout’ sets in for Anna, it will take a shocking twist of fate to bring her out of her gloomy mood and back to the sex she loves.

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“For God’s sake child!” he suddenly burst out. “Will you concentrate!” and the next second he had yanked me across his knee and with angry vehemence he was spanking my upturned bottom. I could scarcely believe this was happening but even through my shock and horror the main thing I was aware of was the masculine contact, his arm round my waist, my body pinned to his lap and of course his hand raining down on my tightly clad bottom. Protected by my jeans, such pain I felt was modest but when he released me there was a glow in my bottom I had never felt before, but more than that there was a glow in my head. He had called me ‘child’ and punished me like one, but I am eighteen with a body ripe with sexual possibility and when I was pinned across his knee he had to have been aware of that. That weird contradiction excited me beyond measure, and even with my inexperience I somehow knew that for most men, taking a young girl across their knee for a spanking is something that makes them feel horny. I was desperate to know if it had had that effect on him because being on the receiving end had certainly had that effect on me, massively so. Being spanked by him was the most physical and intimate thing that had ever happened between me and any man, and as I steadied myself back on my feet it was as if two invisible hands were spreading my legs while a third tickled the sensitive place in between. Despite feeling dizzy with arousal I had to look him in the eye and try and behave normally, though I could see that he didn’t look his usual self at all. His eyes were glittering and his breathing was heavy, but if it was from physical exertion or because he was also erotically stirred I didn’t know.
“Think yourself lucky you weren’t wearing a skirt!” he growled, and I flushed to the roots. Did he mean he would have pulled it up and spanked me with no more than just my panties to protect me? Could he even have meant he would have pulled my panties down! The thought of his hands on my bare bottom was so overwhelming I had to take hold of the back of the chair for support, but as I tried to recover myself I could see him doing the same thing. His breathing was becoming steadier and I could see him consciously calming down. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” he muttered, then went on to say that although my lethargy had driven him to it, what he had done was completely out of order, that he regretted that he had done it, and that we should both forget it had happened. Trying to keep my voice steady I said it was all my fault and I had deserved it, and hoped he couldn’t read what was going through my mind or know that because of what he’d done my body was running with juice.
And that was the end of it, until that night at least when I re-lived it all over again. For once I couldn’t wait to go to bed, but only so I could pleasure myself, arching and threshing as I stroked a moistened finger over my cleft and pleasure button till I melted and mewed at the recollection of his hands on me. For the next three days the fact that he had spanked me was the focal point of my thoughts, but despite that I worked diligently at my lessons, but before I knew it things were drifting back to where they were before. I went back to dreaming, but their eroticism had increased and they were centred on him and what he had done to me. In an effort to cope with my new restless energy I rejoined the tennis club and booked a lesson. In an unusual fit of bravado and probably needing to demonstrate my newly aroused sexuality I put on some shorts I had never seriously intended to wear in public, thin and tight and so abbreviated they showed a good half of my bottom, teaming them with the tightest tee shirt I own to show off the ripeness of my breasts, but at the last minute my courage failed me and I stayed at home.
Feeling confused and lost and a complete failure I went to my lesson with him dressed as I was for no greater reason than I couldn’t make the effort to change, but knew straight away it was a mistake. Self conscious in my skimpy clothes but with my head still teeming with sexual fantasies this was probably my worst ever lesson. I was unable to concentrate at all. I could barely understand anything he said, lost myself mid sentence when answering his questions, and failed totally to grasp the simplest concept. But if anything he was worse, his usually incisive brain clearly not functioning as it should. I could see that he was trying his best to get me working properly, but being used to seeing me in shapeless jumpers he could not keep his eyes way from the unexpected thrust of my breasts and the silky sheen of my thighs, and I found myself deliberately posing and stretching in my chair so that he could see what possibilities my body had to offer. He was struggling hard to keep the lesson on course, but my lack of concentration was making him angry and my abbreviated clothing throwing him completely of course. Suddenly he threw his book on the desk and stared at me with real frustration in his face.
“What the devil do I have to do to make you concentrate?” he barked. “Do you really want me to spank you again?”
With my heart in my mouth I took the greatest risk I have ever taken in my life and returned his gaze, locking his eyes on to mine. “Yes, Sir,” I said. “That’s exactly what I do want you to do.”
Every emotion in the world flashed across his face at my words and I would have loved to have known exactly what went through his mind at that moment. Simply my calling him ‘Sir’ on its own must have confused him.
“Forget I said that,” he said. “You know I didn’t mean it literally.”
“But I did!”
For a good minute I could almost hear his heart beating. “This is a dangerous game you’re proposing,” he said, his voice thick in his throat. “Think very carefully before you go any further.”
“I’ve thought of little else for the last three days,” I answered. “And I know I want you to.” I had no experience at all of how to manipulate men but knew I had to use such female wiles as I had to make this happen. I dropped my eyes than flashed them back up at him, wide open and innocent. “I’ve been a very naughty girl not working properly, Sir…,” I said, running a finger down the front of his shirt as I looked at him. “I really deserve to be punished. I’m sure if you put me across your knee again and gave me a proper long spanking we’d both feel a lot better for it.” It was touch and go now. Was there anything else I could say? “I mean, you’d stop feeling so cross with me, and after you’d spanked me, I’d be really obedient and do absolutely anything you told me.”

Artist Credit

Cover Image: © kristian sekulic – Fotolia.com

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Product Reviews

  1. A guilty pleasure

    Posted by Amey on 22nd Aug 2013

    Where would we be without the anonymity of the internet without which I would not be able to post this review which says so much about my me and own sexuality.

    In my late teens a boyfriend took me over his knee, pulled down my knickers and spanked me, not realising he was making real a fantasy I’d had ever since seeing a film that included a short scene where a young bride was given similar treatment by her new husband. The two of us had amazing sex afterwards and it remains one of the most arousing moments I can ever remember and even now just thinking about it still turns me on.

    Somehow Elizabeth Forster has captured and recreated all that heady arousal in this book and I am so glad I came across it. Anna’s sexuality is awakened by being given a spanking the way I was, and the whole book is moist with Anna’s excitement at each new sexual discovery thereafter; you can almost smell her arousal at each new interlude of giving or receiving both pain and pleasure. Whatever is happening to her, Anna is not remotely a victim but a girl positively opening herself up to new ways of finding sexual satisfaction and Elizabeth Forster’s wonderful way with words makes each interlude wonderfully real. Young beautiful and sensuous, Anna is a girl in charge of her own sexual destiny, and whether she is being tethered and tongued or languorously spanking her young companion, Mouse before sweetly making it better, she is still in control.

    Admittedly I identify with Anna in a big way, but leaving that aside this is joyous bedtime reading for anyone wanting to escape to a world of perfumed penetrations and pleasurable punishments and I cannot recommend it enough.

  2. Powerful second chapter (from author's blog)

    Posted by joey on 6th May 2011

    Dear Liz (Elizabeth Forster),

    I purchased Educating Anna because I was enthralled by the prose in the short extracts I had read. Writing in English is a dying art in America. Fortunately, our English cousins excell in the use of the language.

    I read extensively: Hemingway, Steinbeck, DeMille, Connelly, Child, Patterson, Chrichton, Dickens, etc. In most novels, there is the obligatory love making scene. Sometimes from the male perspective, sometimes female. I have never read a more powerful and exquisitely detailed love making scene as the one in the second chapter of your book. As I said in one of my posts, no man could ever write with such passion and understanding. And, few people today have the command of the English language that you have including most of the popular authors I noted.

    My perception is that you are a very sensual woman that enjoys stepping outside the lines. You love to experiment and take full advantage of your feminity. At the same time, you are in total control. I view this is a positive; I like confident woman who are in control. A man may think that he is the master over you in a scene, but it is clear to me that you are the one that is in the drivers seat. But, not in a manipulative manner, I do not sense that in your writings. You are using all of your talents to maximize the pleasure of the moment.

    To me, the most sensual woman is intelligent and able to communicate using body language and verbal skills to arouse all of the senses. Liz, I sense that you are that very special woman who is a master at employing both to full advantage.

    Now that my heart has stopped pounding from the last chapter I read, I can continue reading Educating Anna.

  3. A delicious read... (from author's blog)

    Posted by Phil on 6th May 2011

    "I downloaded 'Educating Anna' a few weeks ago, but decided to keep it as a treat to read over the holiday. A treat it was, too - I thoroughly enjoyed it, and once I'd got to the end went right back and read it again.

    In its overall structure - though not in its style - it reminded me a little of Cleland's classic Fanny Hill: in particular the way your heroine, like Cleland's, finds herself in the final chapter back in the arms (or in Anna's case, across the knee) of her first love, the man who introduced her to her favourite form of erotic pleasure. Coincidence, or intentional?

    Thanks again for a delicious read!"

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