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Elena's Travails - ebook

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Elena's Travails by Nigel McParr

Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia’s husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into his home to train and conquer. Victor orders Nadia to educate his bauble and make her his plaything. He binds and whips Elena, bends her to his will. Nadia helps her husband control the voluptuous woman and pleases him immensely in the bargain.

Victor and his friends compel Elena into abject submission. With Victor’s blessing, Nadia introduces Elena to feminine domination and lovemaking. While Nadia blossoms into a matron and disciplinarian, Elena sinks further into submission.

Victor arranges Elena’s marriage to his best friend’s son. Once married, Elena falls under the spell of Elizabeth, Nadia’s ruthless and beautiful girlfriend. Elena’s mother-law, a dominant matron with her own subjugation designs, encourages Elizabeth to seduce the naïve girl.

Soon after marriage, her husband has enough of her drinking and philandering. He spanks Elena trying to teach her a lesson. When that doesn’t work, he then takes her to his mother’s laundry and leaves her there. Elena’s mother-in-law has fulfilled her true desire; she now has complete control of her daughter-in-law. She detains Elena in the laundry; works, whips, and cages her. Ultimately, she accepts her subjugation and the fact her mother-in-law will never release her. Yet, somehow she still loves her.

Includes:  M/f, F/f, spanking, strapping, whipping, frontal, anal, oral sex, bondage, lesbian love making.


The Bartok mansion was dark, shuttered in silence. Snow was falling, blanketing the house and expanse of lawn in a crystalline sheen of white. Victor Bartok was away on business that night. His wife, Nadia, was alone in bed; her eyes shut tight, her knees drawn up. Her slippery buzzing plaything buried so deep her glistening fingers were barely able to hang onto it. She no longer cared. Let the damn thing disappear inside her. Nothing mattered now but her vision of Victor pulling the thick leather belt from his jeans and strapping her ass crimson. She lifted her hips, thrust them into her plaything, and screamed. Several orgasms later, she lay motionless, moaning softly to herself.
Then, the goddamn phone rang startling Nadia Bartok, shattering her reverie. Migod, it was Elena. Now what happened? Elena had drifted in and out of her life since Nadia’s wedding ten years ago. They had been neighbors in the old European neighborhood on the other side of town. Nadia had babysat Elena many times, changed her diapers, and when she was older, Nadia had taken her over her lap when she was naughty. Poor Elena, she was a little lost lamb. Nadia had become like a mother to her when her home life began to come apart. She had last seen Elena several months ago. She’d gone into a fast food restaurant for coffee and there was Elena behind the counter smiling at her. She’d always been slender, built like a stick. Now, she was voluptuous. Her uniform was gapping badly over her bust, exposing her white bra beneath. Elena couldn’t explain it other than when she turned eighteen she had really filled out. Nadia had morphed into a gorgeous young woman. Wouldn’t Victor love to get his hands on this plump dark-eyed morsel with her huge tits and a backside that would stand up to severe and frequent whippings? They’d chatted for a moment and then Nadia hadn’t seen her again.
The wretched thing was sobbing on the phone, trying to tell Nadia she had nowhere to go. Barely listening, Nadia thought back. She was thirty one. Thinking back to Elena’s birth date, Elena would have to be eighteen now. Staring out the window into the falling snow beautifully backlit by the lone street lamp at the end of their drive, peacefulness settled over Nadia. She recognized this call for what it was…a blessing, a gift, an opportunity. Was she being rewarded for submitting body and soul to Victor? She didn’t pause to ponder the question. She knew what she had to do. She would secure Victor’s blessing, then lure Elena into their home. She would present this bauble, her unsuspecting captive, a plaything to Victor. He could do with his buxom toy as he pleased. Several times, he had expressed the desire to experiment with holding a young woman in virtual captivity but it had not gone any further.
His fetish had bothered her at first, but eventually she realized two things: one, she had no say in what her husband did or didn’t do. Two, she had come to accept her bisexuality. She had never acted on it, though sometimes she ached for another woman’s body entwined with hers. Now it seemed the opportunity had been presented to her. She had to act on Victor’s behalf. Hopefully, he would leave crumbs for her.
“…drunken father called me a whore and threw me out. I lost my job at the restaurant. I have no car, nowhere to go.”
“I understand, Elena. I’m so sorry for you,” Nadia sought desperately to control her glee at Nadia’s plight. Her heart was racing as a plan quickly formed in her head. “Where are you now?”
“I’m at the Women’s Shelter.” She gave Nadia the phone number. “Help me, Nadia, please…”
Nadia spoke softly in a comforting motherly tone. “You are not to worry, my darling. Of course, I’ll help you. Nadia is here for you. She won’t ever abandon you. You are safe for the moment. You must calm down. I promise to call you back as soon as I speak to Victor.”
“Thank you, Nadia. I owe you my life.”
“Sleep tight, Elena. Think back to when I used to babysit you, how I held you in my arms when you were frightened. We’ll do that again.”
And when you are under Victor’s roof, captive in this big old mansion, my Master will take you in hand. He will teach you what he taught me, the meaning of abject submission. When he is away, you will answer to me, my darling…I will assume the matron’s whip hand and punish you for your transgressions.

Artist Credit

© Axel Bueckert

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