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Experiment In Terror

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Product Description

Experiment In Terror by Lizbeth Dusseau

Rachel Linney’s college reunion is a real drag – until she unwittingly stumbles on the guest of honor, a high-powered Hollywood attorney Jackson Brandt who develops an instant fascination for the lovely college professor. A little investigation into her life reveals that Rachel writes nasty sadomasochistic sex books under the penname Marilyn Hayworth. When Jackson surprises her with his discovery, she’s furious that he would dare pry into her life. But then he makes a startling offer; proposing to make her kinky fantasies come to life.

Rachel is so captivated by this mesmerizing dominant, that she finds herself swept into his S&M world. Jackson delights in snatching Rachel from her modest life, dressing her like a whore and thrusting her into sexual situations, where she experiences the bondage, punishment and humiliation she writes about in graphic detail.

Jackson is a powerful force, often cruel and inaccessible. His continued probing into her life makes her uneasy. Yet at times he’s intensely affectionate, and the raw eroticism of her own desires make her defenseless in his presence. Rachel doesn’t know whether to love him or swear him off.

While embroiled in the tempestuous affair with Jackson, Rachel’s former lover starts harassing her. Desperately needing money, the volatile and erratic Kyle threatens to expose damning secrets from her past unless she does what he orders. But he soon reveals that he has far more in mind for his former girlfriend than simple extortion. Rachel is now unwittingly caught between two ruthless men, vulnerable to their dangerous schemes, and terrified of their powerful hold over her.


By the rising moon, my white nakedness must have looked like a new moon on the beach. I felt as risqué as I’d ever felt, openly raunchy. We rolled in the sand, kissing still, hands clamoring for flesh, though mine were not content. I wanted him naked too, I wanted to press my nose to his chest and smell his aroma, revel in the scent of his body.
But he rolled back, opened his zipper and pulled out his cock: long and hard, beckoning my mouth to suck. First, down my throat until I gagged, then I backed off working my lips and tongue over the veined flesh. I drank in his scent, quickly intoxicated by the heady stench of that beautiful organ. When he began to respond to the blowjob, I began to feel like a naked nymph from the sea, come to suck the man dry, wickedly, wantonly, a siren from the deep. He seemed to free me in a way I’ve never been free. The beach was magic. Jackson Brandt was magic. Maybe I’d cry and rant in the morning, when he tossed me out with yesterday’s trash. But for the moment, I was his sex Goddess, flagrant, daring, more willing than even Jackson Brandt expected. More willing than I expected of myself when this night began. I wanted to take him to the edge until his organ couldn’t help but erupt inside my mouth. We’d fuck later in his master bedroom, which made this just foreplay.
But, suddenly, he pushed my face away and sat up. Then he grabbed me about the waist and tossed me over. My hands and knees sank into the sand, while he lined up behind me with his freshly primed cock poised at my sex. He slapped my ass with determined force and without restraint, plumbed the depths of desires I hadn’t experienced in so long that I was almost crying from the fear and joy of it. The sting began to submerge into the orgasmic fire. I wanted more, a harder, faster, nastier spanking, and began uttering nonsense things to encourage his assault. Even as he made my ass cheeks flame with heat, he plunged his cock inside and drove it to the farthest reaches of my pulsing channel. The fucking began in earnest.
I came abruptly.
My inner channel milked his muscled cock. Blood pumped through his veins and his come shot deep inside me. The sound of his groans and the feel of his hands grabbing the same flesh he’d spanked with such earnest glee drove my climax to new places. I was used. Terrorized. Frantically in lust.
“Oh, my god,” was all I could manage to utter to the ocean’s bitter wind.
Until that moment, I hadn’t felt the chill. But I was chilled as my consciousness dawned again and I realized what I’d done. While my pretty black dress had washed out to sea, I’d given myself to a man I hardly knew.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to climb to the house naked.” He’d been down at the water’s edge looking for my clothes and found nothing.
“How about I wear your suit coat?” I suggested. He’d snatched it off the sand and now carried it over his arm.
“No, I don’t think so,” he stared down at me, no smile, though his grim dominant expression drew my attention. “I like you naked. And I think you’d love being wicked enough to climb to the house in your birthday suit.”
Protest was out of the question. He was a man in charge, one not to be toyed with or taken lightly. And since I’d willingly put myself in his hands for one night, who was I to argue? After all, he was right. I was in love with the wicked thrill of what I’d done and I didn’t want that thrill to end until my thirst for sex had finally been sated.
He’d already started up the stairs and I had to scramble after him. But once I caught up, he pulled me close inside his arm, and we climbed the rest of the way together, letting the brief feeling of oneness wash over us.

Artist Credit

© by Roman Kasperski

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Lancelot Knight on 23rd Apr 2010

    Experiment in Terror by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

    Rachael Linney is a prim and proper school teacher who at night secretly writes steamy S & M erotica. At a college party she meets Jackson Brandt, a natural Dominant, and sexual sparks fly. Rachel is finally able to experience what she has imagined for so long.

    Just when things seem to be going so well, and Rachel and Jackson are exploring the depths of her submissiveness; Rachel’s old boyfriend re-enters the scene. Kyle knows Rachel’s sordid past and threatens to reveal it to Jackson. Things turn downright nasty when Kyle kidnaps the submissive with plans to sell her into sexual slavery. He and his buddies ruthlessly use Rachael, and she must confront her own sexuality, for she finds herself turned on by such brutal treatment.

    Who or what truly is she? she wonders.

    Dusseau, as usual, tells a sparkling story, filled with plenty of kinky sex—everything from interracial to gangbangs to anal, with bondage, S & M clubs, and crops thrown in for good measure.

    And again, as usual, Dusseau’s concern is as much about the psychological aspects of submission and dominance. She is more interested in relationships and emotions than she is in merely the superficial protocol of submission.

    This is another superb novel to add to your Dusseau collection.

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