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Female Prey & The Elusive Prey

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Female Prey by S J Lewis

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Ready for a wild adventure, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Kimberley, hikes into the forest alone, knowing that somewhere nearby are anonymous men who will hunt her down like an animal, take her captive, and keep her as their sex toy for days on end. She is eager for the experience - in fact, she set up the game with a clandestine company that specializes in unique wilderness adventures like this one. But, just to make the experience more fun, she decides to make the hunters work before she lets them have her. Her scheme takes the men by surprise, and the days that follow are grueling for Kimberley and the posse that tails her. Maybe it's not so much fun after all, she begins to think... maybe she should call off the hunt, and go back to the resort hotel where she started - spend her week enjoying the luxury of room service…hot baths and sensuous pampering...

Unfortunately, it's too late to change her plans and she's on the run…in the thick of a game of escape and evade. While Kimberley knows the outdoors and can survive on her own, her pursuers know it better. Tired and hungry, she is finally captured, and her days of naked excitement begin. She's kept in a cell below ground...unable to tell when one day ends and another begins. She knows there is a limit to her captivity, but she has no idea when it will end. As the days go by, Kimberley learns about her captors, especially the big, strong leader of the gang she calls 'Alpha'. He's rough with his newly captured prize, and as the days goes by, Alpha's power over her increases...the things they make her do alarm her. But soon she's doing more than enduring the nudity, bondage and torrid sexual gangbangs. Perhaps, she doesn't want her adventure in the wilds to end?

The Elusive Prey by S J Lewis

Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness adventure where they’ll be trained and used as sex toys by the Dominant men who claim them—a real life fantasy fit for only the most daring. Arriving at the hamlet of Gordburg, they discover a resort town where women are caged, being readied for the market where they’ll be sold at auction. Some women are sent to Gordburg by their dominnant masters for intense training, others choose to go for the titilating adventure. The two curious women discover that many of these caged women relish their predicament. For others it's a rough challenge. For those who run this unique resort, the fantasy is not a fantasy at all, but very real!

Undeterred by what she’s seen, Barbara decides to go straight to the market for purchase—and the hard sex she expects to enjoy. Meanwhile, Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek where she’ll be pursued by both men and women intent on making her their slave toy. She wants to the feel the thrill of being captured, forcefully subdued and compelled to submit to their sexual demands. Kimberley sets out on a game of escape and evade where she becomes Elf-girl, a cunning and elusive player. While there’s no one better at dodging the hunters, Kimberly really wants to be caught, tamed and put in her place by a man powerful enough to give her the satisfaction that comes from total surrender. Can the adventurous Elf-Girl succeed in living out her dreams? Or will time run out, leaving her desperately longing for more?

A story with lots of twists, turns, hot scenes and exciting action to keep the reader turning pages.

Consensual bdsm.

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She was packed up and back on the trail within fifteen minutes. One thing about roughing it: You were never inclined to linger over the same things you would back in civilization. As she hiked, she munched on a trail bar. It was better than nothing, but she sorely missed her usual cup of hot coffee. She had a bag of instant coffee in her backpack, but she hadn’t dared to light a fire. She knew how far the smell of wood smoke could carry. Maybe this afternoon she could risk a small fire for a hot lunch. She’d have to have at least one hot meal today, and a fire at night could not only be smelled, but also seen from some distance.
It was kind of exciting, being hunted. She had a sharp appreciation of what would happen to her if and when they caught her, and that was exciting too…if a bit scary. She grinned to herself. It was the scary part of it that helped to keep her moving.
He stood up, trying to work the kinks out of his neck. It looked like a nice clear day, and he ought to be able to pick up her trail without too much trouble. She’d surprised him so far, first in leaving the trail, and then in being able to cover so much ground. Somehow he’d never thought of an archaeologist as being an outdoor type. Oh, well. He used the radio once to contact Kurt, who’d stayed where they’d originally planned to intercept her, and found out that he’d relayed last night’s message to Lloyd, who was working his way back to that spot now. Once he arrived, Kurt could start uphill towards the upper trail. With any luck they could sandwich her today.
With any luck…he was sure she wouldn’t be easy to catch, luck or not. He shouldered his backpack and set off to pick up her trail. Starting with the footprints he’d found just before nightfall, he moved upslope, scanning the ground for any additional clues. Within twenty minutes he found where she’d camped last night, and it was a bit annoying to discover she’d been so close by. Elf-girl was elusive. He began trailing her again.
Her watch said it was time for a rest halt, and she was glad to take it. Her backpack was lighter than it had been when she started out all those days ago, but it was still a hefty weight to be carrying uphill. She sat on the trunk of a fallen tree and took a drink from her canteen. It was getting close to empty. She’d have to refill it soon, and the only source of water she knew of nearby was that ravine. The water was still running through it too swiftly for her to risk going down into it just to fill her canteen. Maybe further uphill, and later in the day, the runoff would have gone down enough for it to be safe. She huffed a bit from the effort it had taken to get here. The further up she went, the steeper the slope seemed to get. At some point she’d have to start heading west again, but that would mean striking out through the woods with no guide marks, except for the few times she could see the mountain through the trees. She had a compass, but didn’t entirely trust it. Up in the mountains there were too many things that could make that little needle move off of true north. The last thing she wanted was to start wandering in circles while her pursuers closed in.
It really was a beautiful day. Yesterday’s storm had washed all the dust out of the air, and the cooler temperatures that had followed were a welcome relief from the heat of the previous days. She didn’t know how long that would last, but she was grateful for it now.
Her five minutes were up. She walked a bit wearily uphill, guided by the sound of rushing water in the ravine to her left.
Normally, he’d be taking rest halts every so often, but he was trying to catch up with a young woman who was apparently in great physical shape, so he had to press on. The slope grew steeper the closer you got to the mountain itself, and he hoped it was slowing her down as much as it was him. At one point, he picked out a small, straight sapling and in a few minutes had made himself a walking stick, using his small axe. Maybe the help such a thing gave was mostly psychological, but he was glad to have it. He’d been able to pick up her tracks every so often, and soon realized that she was moving more or less parallel to the ravine. Was that on purpose? He rather thought so. She seemed to be at home in the woods, and keeping the ravine as a guide would keep her from getting lost. She ought to be getting very close to the upper trail now. If she took it, he could catch up with her more easily, he was sure…well, almost sure. He was developing a grudging admiration for elf-girl. When they finally captured her he was sure she’d still be a challenge. That was fine with him. He grinned wolfishly.
As he trudged uphill, he reflected that this was indeed an odd line of work for him to be in. He had a degree in civil engineering, courtesy of the G.I. bill, and could easily find work almost anywhere: Work that would keep him outdoors and active, which he liked. But what other job offered the unique challenge of hunting down women? Granted, they usually just walked right into the trap, knowing it was out there somewhere, but wanting to be trapped anyway. Trapped, held captive, used and abused. Every so often, though, one of them made you really work at it. Those were the memorable ones, the ones whose faces you could recall with perfect clarity even years later. The others...well, they tended to blur into indistinctness, faces and bodies almost interchangeable.
Finding a trail up here was a surprise. Kimberley looked up and down it carefully from cover before she ventured out onto it. There was nobody in sight. She stepped off briskly, rejuvenated by the relatively easy going. It even went pretty much the way she wanted to go, too. After a few miles, though, her enthusiasm for it began to wane. This trail might not be on her map, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t on somebody else’s. And if it was, and they were following her, they’d know that sooner or later she’d come across it. Following it, however easy a path it offered, suddenly seemed like a stupid thing to do. She’d abandoned the first trail because it was too easy and felt like a trap. Now, here she was happily hiking along another trap.
She kept walking as she thought. The trail was easy to follow, but visibility along it was never more than about fifty yards, because it dipped and wound along through the woods. What was the chance there was somebody ahead of her right now, waiting? About as good a chance, she thought, of there being somebody behind her, following. For no reason she could tell, the hairs on the back of her neck prickled. Well, it was time for another rest halt anyway, or close enough to it. She moved carefully off of the trail and into the cover of some underbrush to rest and think things out. Taking out her map, she unfolded it carefully. She studied it for a few minutes, trying to identify where she was.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Female Prey & The Elusive Prey by S J Lewis
    Reviewed by Back to Bagdad
    For outdoor activity enthusiasts, this pair of novels is extraordinary. The idea of actually hunting an athletic female submissive, followed by “to the winner go the spoils” sexual scenes, is irresistible. This fantasy comes vividly alive with SJ Lewis’ words and seems quite believable, like he was describing action he witnessed, rather than imagined. I am completely hooked.

    Both stories focus on Kimberly, who is surprisingly adept in a mountain forest environment.

    In the first, Kimberly is new to the game, but experienced in the woods. She leads her hunters on an incredible chase, but incites her chasers to “make her pay” when she is finally caught. She manages to unknowingly provide an eyeful of her beautiful, well-toned body at various intervals. The skilled, veteran hunters become more and more determined to catch her and when they do, Kimberly pays a heavy price for her “insolence.” The reader experiences the rush, first of the chase and capture, and then the brutal but arousing captivity. There is lots of punishing treatment and rough sex, with tantalizing scenes for the voyeur and even fans of female-on-female sex. This author has a real knack for making brutality sexy, when his protagonist “victim” chooses her path and ultimately her fate. The ending climaxes the story smoothly and precisely, about what I have come to expect from this author. I could not put this story down until I had it finished and it left me wanting more.

    Well, I got more with the sequel, Elusive Prey. In the second story, Kim and her good friend Barbara, another one-time gamer, decide to relive the chase. Kim decides to make her hunters earn every second they spend with her upon capture. This time, Kim knows what she wants and goes after it: A man capable of “winning” her and making her deliciously submit. Although the author follows the same general “hunt the female prey” theme as the first story, the sequel stands on its own. I loved the scenes of cowboy towns with captive slave females, caught in cages in rustic barns like animals. I imagine places like the western slope of Colorado in the summertime, with quaint mountain towns and real “westerners” who know how to abuse a sexy female slave. I will never again look at hiking mountain trails in the same manner.

    These were my second and third SJ Lewis reads and like my first, these stories are so vividly realistic, I firmly believe they would make excellent X-rated movies. Where are the producers?

    The Elusive Prey by S. J. Lewis
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight, (c) 2005

    Is The Elusive Prey meant to be a picture of the real world? Or does Lewis mean it in some sort of symbolic way, using some kind of alternative world scenario to illustrate his or her thesis? Probably a little of each is a plausible answer.

    Lewis transports the reader to a Twilight Zone-like world where vacationers can hunt women and women can choose to become the prey. The operative word of course is “choose”. As the novel opens Kimberly and Barbara are trekking to a hotel where the next day they will choose to become the wanted, the prey. Once captured, they can be used in any manner by the man or men who snare them—indeed, they can even be sold into slavery. (And what they bring from the slave sale is fastidiously deducted from their vacation expenses, of course!)

    Kimberly, having played the game before, looks forward to being captured again. The feeling of helplessness is a tremendous turn-on for her. She brings with her a friend, Barbara, who has the same fantasy of being pursued. But Kimberly has bit more of a wide-ranging fantasy, however. She wishes to become known as Elf-Girl, the elusive prey who cannot be captured, who becomes something of a legend.

    The first night Kimberly betrays Barbara to a group of four men, because she realizes she cannot achieve her goal with the somewhat dull-headed Barbara. Kimberly watches from the shadows, and gets excited and masturbates, as she observes her friend being used by the four men “like a cheap whore” Barbara later enthusiastically says.

    One of the interesting ideas of this book is that perhaps being a prey answers some women’s basic needs as much as being the hunter mentality is important to males. This might be hard-wired into our brains from a few million years of evolution, and the “vacation” is merely a response to those needs.

    However, I don’t mean to imply that The Elusive Prey is a heavy-handed tome. Quite the opposite. It is a good old fashioned adventure story as much as anything, fleetly told and briskly moving.

    S. J. Lewis is a brilliant stylist who brings the reader into Kimberly’s world of hunters and prey, of slaves and slave owners. Elf-Girl seeks to elude Greg, a master hunter who resolutely and relentlessly tracks her. She visits a mysterious place called simply The Farm, and every adventure brings her more renown and fame in the game preserve. But will she succumb to the wily hunter who seeks his elusive prey?

    I started off this review by asking if Lewis meant to suggest there actually could be such a place as depicted in The Elusive Prey. In one sense that is a foolish question. The answer to that is, as Aristotle would say—if there isn’t such a place, there should be.

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

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