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Feminizing The Belligerent Male - ebook

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Feminizing The Belligerent Male by Chris Bellows

The inmates at Hempstead Penitentiary find themselves under the intimidating control of resident psychologist Dr. Mary Dawson, an imposing black Domme with a personal agenda as shocking as the methods she uses to modify the behavior of the state's most violent and incorrigible convicts.

Samuel B. Perkins, age nineteen, has no idea when his incarceration begins that he'll become Dr. Dawson's newest trophy. This shrewd female will systematically turn the maladjusted malcontent into 'Sammy', her pretty maid: physically feminized, emotionally emasculated and ready to perform in whatever way the doctor desires. After numerous alterations to ensure that any shred of masculinity is stripped away, he learns to serve his mistress orally. This he enjoys. It is only when he's led on a leash through the cellblock in high-heels and make-up that Sammy balks...especially when he's driven to his knees before the likes of the notorious Harlem kingpin, Alonzo 'Money Shoes', now an influential 'guest' of Hempstead Penitentiary.

The good doctor has many ways to keep her inmates under control. But it's her 'prisoners in pink' that are the key to her well-ordered prison. Lengthy visits to Dr. Dawson's discipline chamber transform once virile males into feminized playthings. Dental modification, oral training, and other behavior and physical modifications result in prisoners who will be eager to sexually please their fellow cons, thus keeping the entire prison population satiated...all indebted to Dr. Dawsons efforts, while most respectful of her power.

Bondage, body modification, oral servitude, psychological duress, elaborate body chains, canings, enemas, forced lactation, extreme humiliation all entwine in a tantalizing story with strong, memorable characters. The neophyte to D/s erotica should avoid this as a first read. The homophobic male reader will cringe. This Chris Bellows' tale detailing domination of the hapless male by the superior Female is extreme.


“Can’t I have some clothes!”
The earnest plea comes from Mildred’s patient, apparently upset that he is ineluctably restrained completely naked before two women. The gloved right hand of the tending physician reaches out and rapidly swings to apply a loud smack to the meatiest portion of the well exposed posterior. With the crisp thwack the patient yelps yet thereafter knows to return to silence.
“Quiet! You’re not showing us anything we have not seen before... just less of it,” Mildred humorously ads.
I step to Mildred’s rear to watch over her shoulder. She is working with needle and thread to suture the results of what we encounter too often... a rectum torn by the powerful thrusts of a mammoth penis enraged by months, possibly years, of unsatiated lust, pent up hormonal imbalance and enraged frustration brought by incarceration. As the needle penetrates the sensitive pink flesh about the anus, our inmate turned patient flinches noticeably.
I smile.
Then my eyes move to the reason Mildred suggested I visit the prison infirmary. Dangling... if that is the proper term... dangling below the brownish pink circle of Mildred’s attention are a very limited set of balls and a penis that can barely be seen despite the small scrotal sac. In preparation for Mildred’s handiwork, the inmate has been well shaved about the pubes. Thus there is nothing to camouflage the diminutive organs of the rape victim. Yes, as Mildred suggested, he shows very little of what a woman would expect a male to otherwise proudly display.
“Yes, I see why you called. Can I see his summary file?”
Mildred points to a nearby table.
An inmate’s ‘summary file’ is available to all prison staff and administrators. Basically it contains an encapsulation of everything prison personnel should know about an inmate in order to best keep him incarcerated without incidents of endangerment. Biographical data, criminal background, terms of sentencing, and most importantly a history of encounters with staff and other inmates... particularly incidences of violence... are all listed. The summary file divulges everything and can make the life of a prisoner quite daunting. The merest bite, kick and scratch is permanently listed and divulged to all. An inmate’s background is an open book.
I read...
Samuel B. Perkins... age 19, 5 foot 4 in height, 125 pounds, original crime... shoplifting. Attempted escapes... scuffles with guards... fighting... have relegated a simple sentence of six months in minimum security to many years of the most stringent incarceration that the state can offer. I note that he is an orphan. Shuffled from foster home to foster home as a youth. No known family. His file suggests that his only visitor at the minimum security facility was his attorney... and that was months ago. Even his legal counsel has abandoned this malefactor who is obviously maladjusted, malcontent... well... mal everything. Newly transferred, now Samuel B. Perkins must confront me! No one will ever know what happens to Samuel B. Perkins. And if by some chance his status became known... no one would care.
Some inmates just have no luck.

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