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Fettered Frolic

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Fettered Frolic by Roger Hastings

Traci and Debby, two young, beautiful girls working as waitresses while waiting to be discovered by a modeling agent, go to a night club one Friday evening and meet two handsome men. The men invite them to spend the weekend at their home, built against the rocky foothill of a mountain. Little do the girls realize the bizarre and shocking games the men play with naive girls they snare in their secret lair. The men have converted their abandoned silver mine into a fiendish labyrinth of game rooms and cells, turning it into a fun and games sex paradise.

Their discovery of the truth, and the multitude of sexual adventures they are compelled to participate in opens a whole new world of exotic orgasms and intense pleasures for them. Follow Traci and Debby from pleasure chamber to cell to group games as the whores chase after ever new surprises. When danger rears its hideous head, they confront their worst nightmare. What happens next? Read Fettered Frolic and all will be revealed.

The most tragic mistake a reader can make is to assume it’s just fiction.

Includes: Male domination, female submission, bondage, discipline, dungeons, group sex.


Debby and I sat at the table, silent and watchful. We were at the narrow ends, with the length of the table between us. Our two male companions sat at the sides enjoying our company; conversing, laughing politely, attending to our every need. The food was delicious and varied, expensive and perfectly prepared. From a distance it would appear to be a normal social occasion. Then you would begin to notice the odd things that were happening.
With courteous attention the men would pick up our fork or spoon, dip it into the food, and place it carefully in our mouths. When we glanced down at our champagne glasses, the men raised them slowly to our lips while we sipped. Debby and I never touched our silverware or napkins. We kept our arms stretched straight out horizontal and level to our sides, our hands always beyond the corners of the polished wood table, quite unmoving, never using them. We couldn’t. Our wrists were cuffed to the silver chains secured to the strong metal poles rising from the floor, ending level with our shoulders. The tension on our wrists was just short of painful, but uncomfortable enough to be a constant reminder of our vulnerable predicament.
Under the table our micro-skirted bare legs were spread wide, our ankles cuffed and chained to the ring bolts in the floor, positioned wider apart than the classic design table legs. Our blouses gaped open, shamelessly refusing to conceal our lack of bras. The half-exposed nakedness of our generously jutting breasts delighted the two handsome men dining with us. When there was a momentary lull in the conversation I looked across the length of the table and spoke softly, “I’m sorry I got you into this, Debby. It sounded like a fun idea when we were giddy with champagne, but now...”
“It’s OK, Traci. Mark and David don’t look evil, just mysterious, and a little bit scary. Being held captive for a while is kind of dangerous, but—golly, it’s exciting. Do you feel it, too?” Her lip trembled as she tried to smile. “I’m scared, but gee, I’m having fun.”
Mark and David laughed quietly along with her nervous giggle. “She’s right,” David said. He leaned toward me, lifted my chin slightly with his fingertips and kissed me with a long, lingering tongue massage inside my mouth. He sat back in his chair, but his fingertips remained. They traced the curve of the heavy, leather collar locked around my neck, then drifted down to feel an erotic path between my shivering breasts. His mouth tightened to an almost cruel seriousness. “You are too trusting, my naïve and pretty little captive, and now you are both the helpless prisoners of wicked and cruel villains.”
I thought I heard more than a hint of taunting in his voice. The safety of their promises was fading, but I didn’t want to accuse them with only my imagination as evidence. Besides—I tugged at my restraints—it was useless, Debby and I were too late to say no!
“Are you girls too warm with your clothes on?” Mark asked.
Debby nodded, her face flushed with champagne and embarrassment.
This is the reason Debby and I agreed to be kept prisoners and defenseless. Debby is so shy and inhibited, but she has a healthy desperation for sex. Me, too. She never could have an orgasm with that dork of a boyfriend she clung to back in Iowa. She and I wanted sex with real men who knew how to give a woman orgasm after orgasm, and being chained this way we don’t have to feel guilty, just squirming helplessly while enjoying the excitement of being ravished.
Well, here we are, about to get our wish. We asked for it, and I hope we didn’t make a terrible mistake. We took a huge risk, handing our bodies over in captivity to a couple of strange men we met only a few hours ago.
David leaned over toward me. “How about you, Traci? Are you comfortable?” He touched my shoulder and I felt the tremble in his fingers.
I guess I was trembling, too. With only the light from the two candles on the table, this basement room was as dark and intimidating as a dungeon. This Friday evening had started out so ordinary...

Artist Credit

Cover Art © lekcej - Shutterstock.com

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