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Fit For Submission

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Product Description

Fit For Submission by Rose Thornwell

Tony Sinclair is engaged to the wealthy and beautiful Lara Wiley and trying very hard to overcome his submissive past. But when his former mistress Giselle shows up to re-stake her claim, Tony starts feeling those old desires all over again. The man's newly ignited masochistic heat is not lost on Lara's younger sister, the cruel, tempestuous Miranda who decides to use Tony for her own pleasures. Tony soon finds himself caught between the savage love of two women, each trying to outdo the other in her ability to punish and degrade him.

Tony submits to a bizarre series of games and rituals; designed to break his spirit. His secretary, the cheeky Katy, tries to save him, but ultimately, Tony can bear no more and finds himself turning back to Giselle, the one woman who will accept him, naked and groveling. Only this time the rules have changed. Submissiveness is no longer a game but a savage reality, and if Tony is to survive he must come to Giselle ready to be beaten and broken, in every way found...Fit For Submission.

Contains piercing, male submissive training, anal intercourse, psychological domination, golden showers, humiliation and degradation.


Take off your clothes, Tony. This is what she was saying. The same words in his fantasy, the words he’d longed to hear Diane say. Only this time he was all grownup and it was real, very real. Her eyes traced him as he stood, his height advantage more than a little obvious. The rules, the script, however, were all hers as he pulled off the t-shirt revealing a respectable chest.
“You’re not a bad looking boy,” she appraised. “Now show me the rest.”
He stood there a moment, hands glued to his sides, military fashion.
“Don’t make me angry, Tony,” she jolted him back to reality. Again, he felt the voice, the tone was not her own. Hastily, he pulled down his shorts and underwear, stepping out of them, nude now, with the exception of shoes and socks.
These, too, Kelly wanted off of him.
“How does that feel?” she wanted to know when he’d complied with this last instruction.
Tony hesitated to answer. Barefoot on his pseudo-girlfriend’s carpet, his erect cock only partially hidden by his hands, he didn’t know what to feel…except maybe helpless, and more than a little horny.
“You want that little cunt Vicky, don’t you? Put your hands down,” she snapped, moving erratically now from topic to topic.
“Not like I want you.” Tony’s penis burst free, pointing so hard in the girl’s direction he doubted he’d ever get it back down again.
“You jerk off and think about her, don’t you?”
Tony swallowed. He was past the point of lying.
“Rub your dick. Tell me what you fantasize with Vicky the Wonder Bitch.”
He’d had no idea Kelly hated her roommate so much. This was a different side of her, as was her sexual aggressiveness. “Kelly, why are you doing this? You know I want to make love to you.”
Kelly scrambled to her knees, bare tits spilling along with mermaid-like hair. “Get out,” she hissed. “Get the fuck out. You little prick. And don’t ever come back.”
Tony went to her. “Kelly, don’t be like that…Kelly, I’m sorry, please give me another chance.”
She wriggled free of his attempts to embrace her, finally repelling him with a slash of nails across his face. “Don’t touch me,” she said, her voice suddenly cold and distant as Tony knelt there at her feet, holding his bleeding face in his hands. “Don’t ever touch me. Not unless I say to, do you understand?”
Tony nodded, sniffling, half-whimpering. Whether out of sympathy or cruelty, she gave him a few moments to cry. “I imagine Vicky tying me up,” he whispered at last. “That’s the truth,” he looked up hopefully into Kelly’s eyes. “I think about her tying me up and fucking me. Sometimes I imagine her with those white boots she has, the high heeled ones. I’m tied down, spread-eagled, naked and she walks on me, with the heels of her boots.”
“Take my shorts off,” said Kelly. “I want you to eat my pussy, right here on her bed.”
And that was precisely what Tony did, his head deep between her legs, his tongue slobbering as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm, the perfect blonde with the yellow bush and the deep seated psychological issues. Mostly she just grunted, although sometimes she’d scream out obscenities at Vicky, who was going to find an unpleasant surprise on her bed if Kelly didn’t do some heavy duty cleaning up afterward. Tony didn’t know where his stamina came from, to go that long without breathing. In those days he didn’t even know what a clit was, but somehow, with her guidance of his willing head and tongue, it worked.
Until afterwards, that is.

Artist Credit

Lena Pantiukh

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