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Freeing Kira - ebook

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Freeing Kira by BJ Wane

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Years after fleeing her cruel and vicious thug of a husband, Sara Andreas, now known as Kira Walker, panics when she sees her ex’s associates ransacking her houseboat looking for her. She instantly flees, hiding away on the first ship she sees. Unknowingly, the ship she stows away belongs to Gabe Rivers. A reclusive and successful author of suspense novels, he is the epitome of “tall, dark and handsome”. Kira has secretly lusted after him when she’s see him signing books at the bookstore where she works.

Gabe just so happens to see her hide and wonders what could have spooked her, but as he walks down the dock, he sees her houseboat being ransacked. When he boards his own ship, he finds Heather, one of his casual flings, naked and spread out on his bed, waiting for him. Feeling no shame, he takes her roughly, with the hidden Kira watching, then cruelly shows her the door.

After coaxing Kira from the closet, Gabe tries to extract more information about why she’s so scared and who is hunting her. She admits she has to disappear before the men find her, then she confesses that watching Gabe have sex with Heather aroused her immensely. He promptly takes advantage of her teaming desire, although he warns Kira it’s just sex and nothing more.

Once on Gabe’s island, Kira meets Will, his best friend and Alec, his cousin. The three striking men own the island, and assure her of its maximum security. They get more details of her flight from her husband and promise to help her. Although Gabe tries to keep Kira at arm’s length, he cannot resist her once he’s plundered her. Soon he must choose to send her away to his associates or keep her safe on his island where he can delight in opening her mind and body to new sexual delights.

Another fast-paced and kinky romance from BJ Wane. Includes: Oral & anal sex, spanking, flogging, St. Andrew’s Cross, lesbianism, threesomes, whipping, caning, female fruit buffet and much, much more!



Gabe Rivers leaned back indolently in the large armchair and lifted his scotch to his mouth as he laid his other hand on top of his wife’s blond head. The party taking place in his penthouse apartment carried on around him, but he turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the decadence filling his living room. Shoving aside his discontent, he concentrated on the pleasure of having Laura’s warm, wet mouth surrounding his cock, enjoying the feel of her tongue stroking his width before moving to caress the sensitive underside of his head. Taking a sip of his drink, he leaned his head back, closed his eyes and let the pleasure wash over him. The sounds of laughter, slapping flesh and guttural moans filled the room and made him wonder when he had become so jaded. At thirty seven, he was in the prime of his life, had a lucrative career as a successful suspense author and was married to a stunning, sexy woman.
Laura’s lips tightened around his engorged flesh, her head bobbed faster as she took him deeper, her tongue constantly circling, licking, caressing. Gabe felt his orgasm near and opened his eyes to see Laura reach between her spread knees to stroke herself, her eyes turned to the side and glued elsewhere. Gabe glanced in that direction and saw his cousin, Alec, fucking a woman he didn’t know while Dave, a mutual friend of Alec and him, fucked her mouth. That Laura’s attention wasn’t on him and his pleasure didn’t surprise him and didn’t deter him from gaining his release. Tightening his hand in her hair, he thrust up into her mouth as he ejaculated down her throat, his groan matching hers as she got herself off. Releasing her as soon as the tremors from his climax subsided, he took another drink before handing her the glass.
“Thank you, babe.” He watched her down the rest of his drink, her fingers still stroking her cunt, her blue eyes on him as she quickly brought herself to climax again. She had a gorgeous body and watching her kneel naked before him, her small breasts bouncing as she jerked her hips against her hand, he remembered why he married her. He was a sucker for tall, leggy blonds, and Laura had been fun and dynamite in bed, even if she wasn’t as submissive as he would have liked.
But, it didn’t take him long to discover that Laura had been more interested in his career status as a successful author whose books stayed for months on the best seller lists and were eventually made into equally successful movies than she was in him as a husband. The lifestyle that came with his success suited her more than it did him and catered to her constant need for attention. She loved the wild parties and open sex as well as the notoriety of the press. Hitting the party scene in New York and LA in between books had worked for him for a while, but had quickly gotten old. They had only been married three years and already Gabe saw the signs of Laura’s overindulgences with drugs and alcohol. They fought just that morning about her going into rehab, again, a fight Gabe was tired of having.
Laura set the glass on the floor, knelt up between his spread legs and reached up to clasp his face. “Kiss me, Gabe.”
Gabe complied, settling his lips over hers, his tongue tasting the scotch on hers as he slowly took her mouth, wishing things were different. “We have to talk, Laura,” he said when he lifted his mouth from hers.
Her mouth tightened. Laura was no dummy, she knew they couldn’t go on like they were. “Later. Let’s party tonight. You used to love to party.”
He did, but never to the extent they had been doing the past year. He enjoyed dominating when it came to sex, he enjoyed the small BDSM parties he held, he had even enjoyed sharing Laura with Alec and several of his other friends on occasion, but he never did drugs, and never drank more than two or three drinks when partying knowing all too well how easily things could get out of hand when drinking and indulging in alternative sex scenes. But as hard as he tried to rein in Laura’s excessiveness, he had failed and he knew it was because she loved the limelight and the party scene more than she loved him. She needed the constant stimulation of the adoring fans and hounding press, whereas he preferred anonymity and quiet. In fact, he was beginning to wonder if she had ever really loved him at all.
Gabe looked around the room and wondered where half these people came from. It was after one am and the party showed no signs of slowing down. He thought of the small, private island off the Georgia coast he, Alec and Will had just purchased and the plans they had for it. Suddenly he couldn’t wait to implement those plans and change the coarse of his life. Standing, he zipped up his slacks and held his hand out to Laura. “A little longer, Laura, then I’m ending this shindig.” He made sure his tone brooked no argument from her.
Two hours later Gabe was tired and irritable. Almost everyone was gone, only a few good friends were left, but he hadn’t seen Laura for a while and wondered if she slipped out with some of the others to take the party to one of New York’s clubs.
“Have you seen Laura?” he asked Alec who was sitting on the couch with his arm around Beth, an on again off again lover.
“Not since she headed upstairs a little while ago. Hasn’t she come back down?”
“I’ll run up and check. I hope she’s not puking over the toilet again. I’m not in the mood to baby her for whatever is left of the night. Are you crashing here tonight?”
“If you don’t mind. I’m beat.”
“Lock up, would you? I’ll see you in the morning.” Gabe went to the spiral staircase and wearily went upstairs, praying his wife was passed out in their bed. The door to their room was closed, but from the sounds coming from behind it, Laura wasn’t asleep. Fury and dread vied for supremacy as he grasped the door knob and swung open the door.
Gabe stared at the scene before him and wondered why he wasn’t surprised. The fact that his wife was in their bed with another man and woman and that he wasn’t shocked, surprised or even that angry told him their relationship was definitely over. Laura held her hand out to him as the other woman leaned over to suck on her breast while the man made no move to lift his head from between Laura’s spread legs.
“Gabe! Come, join us.” Laura giggled, her eyes glassy and unfocused.
Gabe knew she was high and he let his disgust show. “No, thanks, sweetheart. Our bed looks to be over crowded as it is.” Turning, Gabe went back downstairs, walked out of his penthouse and spent the remainder of the night alone in a hotel suite, more than ready to leave this life behind him.

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