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Girl In The Mirror

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Girl In The Mirror by Lizbeth Dusseau

“On a Friday morning in late June, the first of several extraordinary photographs appeared inside the folded pages of the latest Journal—a tawdry newsprint rag sheet catering to men looking for cheap thrills. As were all the images printed in this newspaper, this one was a salacious photograph by current standards, depicting a newly nude young woman. She was just a girl actually, but a girl old enough to know what she was doing and with the right to do it.”

Fresh off the train and looking for a place to live, Aimee happens on the brassy and vivacious Angelica, who invites her to take the vacant room in her boarding house. But this is no ordinary boarding house; its tenants are a deviant, sexual lot, and immediately sets their sights on their newest boarder. As if under a wicked spell, the waifish beauty becomes caught up in the mesmerizing world of sexual domination and surrender. Once her virginity is taken, she becomes a sex toy for Terrance—a handsome but brooding writer with a wealth of nasty desires.

Girl in the Mirror is just one of many photographs Aimee unwittingly poses for—never suspecting that her new friends would publish these naughty pictures for their own gain. The scandalous photographs cause quite a stir among the city’s male population; everyone is looking for her. When she suddenly disappears, it’s anyone’s guess if she’s been rescued from her unexpected fate or driven deeper into the submissive life she's learned to love.

Includes bondage, rough discipline, group sex, female bisexuality, and much more.

Who was this girl? And what would make this child of innocence bare herself and her sexual passions for all the world to see?


“Come ‘ere,” he said, pulling her down to him as their groins rocked together in a steady rhythm. He held her tightly, crushing her big breasts against his chest, feeling her hot nipples press into him like bullets. He could have easily climaxed in a matter of minutes, but he wanted more from her than something this sexually simple. Reaching down, he felt her ass, gave the bounty a few good squeezes, enough to make her answer with a ringing, “Ouch! You brute!”
“Take it, bitch,” he warned her.
She wriggled down on him more and squeezed her inner muscles about his prick.
He responded, squeezing her ass even harder, then he moved his fingers deep into her anal cleft to find the puckering hole of her anus. As his scheme took shape in his mind, he moistened his fingers in the messy bath where her cunt met his cock. Then with a merry determination, he inserted two, then three fingers into her asshole with little regard as to how the rude invasion felt to her.
“Yeeah!” she came up breathless as the crude entry sent a nasty jolt throughout her body.
“Humm, don’t you protest, slut,” he purred in her ear. “You love it!”
It had been some weeks since he’d been in her ass with anything—fingers, fist or cock—and she’d almost forgotten the raunchy pleasure of a good ass screw. But the more he worked the opening, jabbing his fingers deep within, the more her memory of that unique satisfaction returned. Though it was an awkward reach, in short order he managed to have made sufficient space inside her ass for his four fingers with the thumb tucked between them. He fucked her rudely then with a double penetration that made the redhead delirious and a bit mad. “Oh, oh, oh,” she panted rapidly as the two holes spasmed. Her entire body jerked crazily. She was about to come, but not quite there.
Suddenly, just before the pleasure peaked, her lover pulled his hand from her ass. While keeping her cunt firmly impaled with his cock, he grabbed her about the waist, rocked to his side, and rolled her over on her back, his hips now astride her hips.
“Gotcha now!” he rose up from her chest and pinned her hands above her head. Holding them with one hand, he then fumbled at the bedside stand for a scarf. Finding what he was hunting for, he tied her wrists together and fastened the loose end of the scarf to a slat in the metal bed frame. “There! You think you can tie me!”
“Ooo, you horrible man,” she whined, although there was little displeasure in the act. She stared up at him with eyes blazing, “Please, darling, just fuck me!”
“Oh, indeed I will.” Keeping himself propped up on his arms, he pounded her with powerful thrusts, driving his cock into her with relentless zeal.
She was oblivious to his cruelly lit eyes or the scowl on his face. She was oblivious even when he sat back on her groin and slapped her tits until both were red. Her hips thrashed back and forth; it was a rocky ride. “Yes, darling yes!” She was coming. “Harder! More! Yes, yes yes!”
“Oh, yes, you’ll get it hard, little bitch.” He pulled his cock from her pussy, leaving her groaning as her latest orgasm slipped away. Moving off, he tossed her to her stomach, and raised her hips high. While her head and chest and bound hands remained shoved to the mattress, she swayed her naughty bottom before his lust filled eyes.
“Been too long since I’ve been in your ass,” he declared, while working the hole again with his fingers. He slapped her ass cheeks, bringing a bright pink glow to the pearly surface.
If he’d started on her cold, she might have hated every smack, but not now. Now, the hurt just fueled the furnace and the furnace roared with fire.
He fingered her asshole again, this time shoving as much of his hand into her rectum as would easily go. He could have forced it all inside, but that he’d do another day.
“Yes, yes, fuck my ass!” he finally heard her cry.

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