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Golden Rose

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Golden Rose by Herbert Edgar

While in agricultural school in the South of England, the randy John Beale satisfies his sexual appetites in the company of the nineteen lusty women residing in the girl’s residence. While John engages in nightly orgies, the dorm matron, Mrs. Entwhistle, watches through many cleverly positioned keyholes. After finishing college, John sets out to find the “good life” aboard the Kent Lady, which is headed toward the Far East. During a horrendous storm, the ship is destroyed, although John is able to get away before being taken down to the bottom of the ocean. He meets another survivor, Abraham, floating on a crate, which the man obsessively protects.

Several days later, the two finally reach land. Wandering off to search the island, John catches a glimpse of the beautiful and exotic Loridana while she bathes naked in the crystal waters. He is immediately struck by her beauty, and desires to have her. While the gruff Abraham zealously guards his crate, John and Loridana become embroiled in a torrid affair. 

As the  trio become more acquainted, Loridana relates the circumstances that brought her to the island.  The ship on which she was sailing was overrun by pirates, and she was fortunate to escape in a dinghy. Hiding the dinghy in a safe location, she set up camp on the opposite shore. Abraham sees Loridana’s dinghy as a way to get off the island and continue with his endeavor. With his encouragement, the three agree to take advantage of the pirates that regularly stop at the island for drunken orgies. After hijacking their ship, they’ll sail to safety on the mainland.

As the  trio’s scheme unfolds, Abraham must empty his crate of its precious contents; and John and Loridana are stunned to discover what he has so fervently guarded. Finally arriving on the other side of the island, Loridana and Abraham find to their horror that the pirates are already on shore. With eyes on the luscious female, the pirates take the pair aboard their ship. Following from behind, John watches in horror as the men prepare to ravage his lovely Loridana. Can he save her from the ruthless pirate crew? And what will become of Abraham’s valued treasure?

An Old World tale filed with romance, suspense and plenty of sizzling D/s sex.


‘Kent Lady’ was scheduled to set sail for India in twenty four hours and John just could not imagine how he would cope with weeks at sea; his prime concern being a total lack of female company for the duration of the voyage.
The desire to touch and look had developed to the extent that his need was almost insatiable. Now, twenty-seven years old, he had finally completed the course at the Agricultural College, succumbing to the ever more drastic threats of his father.
He felt exhausted, following the last six months at college, from having been obliged to study hard all day, while his appetite grew and grew until each evening he climbed out of the window of the dormitory and shinnied down the drain pipe; completing the first stage of the operation.
The girl’s residence had intelligently been established some distance from that of the boys, creating somewhat of an obstacle course for John. But there was virtually no obstacle capable of deterring him from his purpose and soon he was making his way through the already open window of the girls sleeping quarters.
There were beds for nineteen girls; each of whom had, in turn, surrendered to John’s magical attraction. The combination was extraordinary: firstly he was dashingly handsome, and secondly he just lived for sex.
Following the success of the first evening, when in combination with Gwen he had given a brilliant performance, to the delight of the other girls; John was welcomed back with tremendous enthusiasm. Finally a roster had to be established which included every girl. John realised that if he omitted the less attractive students they would become jealous and almost certainly expose his activities to the warden.
The first nineteen nights proceeded without a problem; then the delay for the girls waiting their turns caused them frustration. The only option became to have John perform with a minimum of three girls each night.

It was teeming with rain that Thursday evening, as John virtually slid down the drainpipe of the men’s dormitory, on the north side of the dark Elizabethan building. His soaked nightshirt clung to his otherwise naked body and highlighted his adornments. The discomfort went unnoticed, under the circumstances, his mind being totally engrossed with thoughts of the forthcoming event.
Once before he had revelled in a night with two partners, it had been quite an experience. Now there would be three; he could only imagine in his wildest dreams but soon he would know.
There was enormous excitement in the girl’s dormitory; all were worked up into a frenzy and found great difficulty in maintaining absolute quiet. Any unusual noise could attract the attention of the matron who, fortunately, appeared to sleep quite deeply, they concluded from previous, uncontrollable, intermittent squeals of delight - that seemed to go undetected.

The three girls chosen for the first multi-partner session, Ruth, Florence and Elspeth, were already receiving generous attention. One girl remained on guard by the door, a further three having been selected as attendants for each of the fortunate trio. The remaining girls were assembled around the beds in a kneeling position, stark naked and with their legs spread wide apart.
Florence was the most attractive, although it had to be said she was a little plump. However, that defect, if it was a defect, had the advantage of donning her with absolutely huge breasts. In the standing position the weight caused them to hang down almost to her waist; the nipples seeming to point to her pubic hairs - hairs that were like a new, uncut lawn; fortunately sparse enough to leave the cleft in proud relief.
As John entered the room Florence was in a kneeling position with one girl laying beneath her and sucking on each of her nipples in turn; while a second held open the cheeks of her perfectly round bottom and slowly titillated the already prominent clitoris. The third took advantage of the display and intermittently utilised her tongue to bring Florence to the point of orgasm, time and time again.
Elspeth was the youngest, even so, as with the other girls, she had already spent one glorious night of passion with John; it had been the occasion of her deflowering, being her first blissful experience. Her education was continuing fast, while awaiting the arrival of John.
One of her maidens kissed her forcefully on the lips, over and over again, her tongue entering deeply then withdrawing with a sustained rhythm. The other two stroked her long, slim legs with the tips of their fingers, commencing from her toes and slowly tracing a path to the very tops of her freckled, white thighs; finishing with very light passes to her most sensitive and delicate organ, which was decorated with a good spread of ginger hair.
She had the tiniest of breasts, and yet they were sexy because, although they had developed little as regards bulk, the nipples projected like bullets and were bright red. In fact, unknown to her roommates, she had applied just a little rouge to make them even more conspicuous.
Ruth, like John, had almost finished her studies and shared one other characteristic in common with him - that of his hunger for sex. Unlike the other two it was she who devoted her very experienced attention to her handmaidens. The first was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide apart while the second knelt over her, rapidly oscillating her tongue in the exposed valley; she, in turn receiving the same attention from Ruth. The third girl, of that particular trio, moved from one to the other kissing and caressing the variously developed breasts. She was not neglected, Ruth using her free hands to fluctuate the soft flesh that shone with the dampness of her multiple orgasms.
Ruth, the most experienced of the girls, had long, thick, black hair on her head and a dense shag between her legs that, although completely smothering her cleft, acted as a magnet for John’s eyes. Maybe it inspired curiosity, creating the desire to penetrate its density to discover the hidden treasure that nestled therein. Whatever the reason it was a thing of great beauty to John.
They were ready and as John moved slowly down the isle of beds the maidens stood back and began, like an orchestra, to masturbate in both harmony and counterpoint; permitting him to devour, with his eyes, the delicious display that awaited him.
Ruth, Florence and Elspeth anticipated their destinies.
One yard short of the beds John hesitated for a moment; his great pillar thrusting forward and glistening in the subdued light of the candles that encircled the area. Nineteen pairs of eager eyes remained transfixed, in admiration of John’s champing beast, aching for their turn to have it buried within them.
John contemplated the scene. The three girls had assumed positions on their backs with their legs stretched wide apart, three hairy clefts beckoning to him. They each had their arms stretched high above their heads, emphasising the mounds of their young breasts and causing the nipples to thrust firmly upwards.
By way of greeting his partners John knelt before each girl and utilized his tongue to familiarise himself with the apex of the valleys of their legs, the hair remaining damp following his attention. He then moved to the head of the beds and, beginning with Elspeth on the right, took her hands and placed them on his mammoth; kissing her on the lips, while caressing her small firm breasts. Elspeth felt her heart beat increase to a deep and fast momentum and she pulled him toward her mouth, desperate to eat his cock.
It was too quick. There were others awaiting his attention and John gently eased her grip on him, moving to repeat the same action for each of the other two.
He next felt a desire to have the anxious hands of all three girls attend to every part of his body and he suggested that they move apart allowing him to lie on the bed between them.

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